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9th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.9Larry Ragsdale11.84c2005
2.9CJ Manning11.94c2012
3.9Nathan Green12.14c2005
4.9Tyler Stevens12.41a2013
5.9Cole Valentine12.54c2004
6.9Moises Mendoza12.64c2006
7.9Jay Tetone12.80a2011
8.9Sam Winter12.84c2006
9.9Wade Lorensen13.14c2005
10.9Ross Gaynor13.24a2014
11.9Jarred Miller13.37a2005
12.9Vince Nguyen13.46a2011
13.9Jeremy Free13.48a2011
14.9Jordan Sussman13.66a2010
15.9Harlan Mechling13.74c2006
16.9Lance Tausaga13.84c2006
17.9Ben Green13.86a2004
18.9Anthony Miller13.94c2004
19.9Ryan Burgess15.84c2004
200 Meters
1.9CJ Manning25.43a2012
2.9Jordan Rubenstein25.44c2013
3.9Cole Valentine25.54c2004
4.9Nathan Green25.59a2005
5.9Moises Mendoza25.81a2006
6.9Tyler Stevens25.97a2013
7.9Myles Hodge26.31a2011
8.9Wade Lorensen26.44c2005
9.9Jay Tetone27.38a2011
10.9Logan Miller27.64c2012
11.9Vince Nguyen27.84c2011
12.9Jeremy Free28.41a2011
13.9Ben Green29.23a2004
14.9Brett Latva30.34c2006
15.9Matt Cortez31.54c2005
16.9Ryan Burgess33.04c2004
400 Meters
1.9Steven Paul54.54c2005
2.9Moises Mendoza55.26a2006
3.9Nathan Green57.04c2005
4.9Jordan Rubenstein57.10a2013
5.9Tyler Blind58.19a2014
6.9Caleb Renno58.34c2002
7.9Tyler Stevens58.84c2013
8.9Skylar McClahanan58.87a2014
9.9Vince Nguyen62.03a2011
10.9Myles Hodge62.60a2011
11.9Jay Tetone63.55a2011
12.9Jonathan Mason63.74a2012
13.9Jeremy Free64.34c2011
14.9Jordan Sussman66.55a2010
15.9Jordan Rich67.75a2011
16.9Matt Cortez69.44c2005
800 Meters
1.9Tyler Blind2:15.302014
2.9Caleb Renno2:17.102002
3.9Myles Hodge2:20.602011
4.9Steven Paul2:24.26a2005
5.9Wade Lorensen2:26.63a2005
6.9Ben Green2:27.52004
7.9Nick Hoezle2:28.302010
8.9Dakota Fortney2:30.102012
9.9Vince Nguyen2:34.002011
10.9Steven Barfield2:39.86a2012
11.9Matt Cortez2:43.02005
12.9Joshua Allan2:43.68a2011
13.9Jordan Rich2:47.13a2011
14.9Jeremy Free2:51.902011
15.9Soloman Zook2:52.55a2011
16.9Brett Latva3:16.72006
1500 Meters
1.9Tyler Blind4:59.53a2014
2.9Nick Hoezle5:05.502010
3.9Dakota Fortney5:14.202012
4.9Wade Lorensen5:21.02005
5.9Vince Nguyen5:25.30a2011
6.9Ben Green5:32.12004
7.9Billy Dillard5:36.52006
8.9Joshua Allan5:37.81a2011
9.9Jordan Rich5:37.84a2011
10.9Brett Latva5:49.86a2006
11.9Soloman Zook6:08.302011
1 Mile
1.9Myles Hodge5:51.002011
2.9Jordan Rich6:06.002011
3.9Joshua Allan6:21.05a2011
4.9Brett Latva6:26.20a2006
3000 Meters
1.9Ben Green10:54.78a2004
2.9Tyler Blind11:21.72a2014
3.9Jordan Rich11:48.002011
4.9Vince Nguyen11:51.802011
5.9Soloman Zook13:05.002011
6.9Zach ParkerDNS2014
9Brian WatermanSCR2012
9Dakota FortneySCR2012
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.9Sam Winter17.85a2006
2.9Ben Green20.14c2004
3.9Jeremy FreeDQ2011
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.9Larry Ragsdale43.47a2005
2.9Sam Winter44.54a2006
3.9Wade Lorensen49.24c2005
4.9Ben Green49.84c2004
Shot Put - 12lb
1.9Lance Tausaga35' 1.52006
2.9Jonathan Mason33' 1.002012
3.9Cody Kinney30' 10.002011
4.9Anthony Miller29' 92004
5.9Steven Barfield29' 6.502012
6.9Jarred Houston29' 62007
7.9Kade Doyle28' 0.002011
8.9Matt Brock27' 10.002010
9Ross Gaynor27' 10.002014
10.9David Mier25' 2.52006
11.9Sam Sandoval25' 0.002013
12.9John Johann24' 3.502013
13.9Joshua Allan23' 9.002011
14.9Anthony Stephens23' 2.502013
15.9Seth Kitchens16' 10.002014
16.9Jordan SussmanND2010
Discus - 1.6kg
1.9Lance Tausaga110' 92006
2.9Matt Brock90' 1.002010
3.9Kade Doyle76' 9.002011
4.9Anthony Miller70' 32004
5.9Ross Gaynor67' 10.002014
6.9Anthony Stephens67' 3.002013
7.9Steven Barfield66' 10.002012
8.9Sam Sandoval65' 7.002013
9.9John Johann63' 0.002013
10.9Joshua Allan60' 3.002011
11.9Seth Kitchens48' 9.002014
12.9Cody Kinney38' 2.002011
13.9Jarred HoustonND2007
Javelin - 800g
1.9Anthony Miller118' 112004
2.9Sam Sandoval106' 9.002013
3.9David Mier103' 32006
4.9Lance Tausaga95' 82006
5.9Jarred Houston93' 52007
6.9Jordan Sussman93' 0.002010
7.9Ross Gaynor92' 0.002014
8.9Steven Barfield90' 3.002012
9.9Skylar McClahanan78' 9.002014
10.9Anthony Stephens77' 7.002013
11.9John Johann76' 3.002013
12.9Joshua Allan74' 4.002011
13.9Kade Doyle72' 4.002011
14.9Seth Kitchens66' 8.002014
15.9Matt Brock60' 3.002010
16.9Cody KinneyDNS2011
High Jump
1.9Steven Paul5' 82005
2.9Matt Brock4' 10.002010
3.9Jordan SussmanSCR2010
9Myles HodgeDNS2011
9Jonathan MasonNH2012
Pole Vault
1.9Joshua Allan9' 0.002011
9Jonathan Mason9' 0.002012
3.9Jordan Rubenstein8' 6.002013
Long Jump
1.9Joshua Allan18' 3.002011
2.9Harlan Mechling17' 7.752006
3.9Jarred Miller17' 62005
4.9Myles Hodge16' 9.502011
5.9Steven Paul16' 82005
6.9Cole Valentine16' 6.52004
7.9Tyler Stevens15' 10.502013
8.9Nathan Green13' 92005
9.9Matt Cortez13' 2.52005
10.9Anthony Stephens11' 5.502013
11.9Ryan Burgess9' 102004
Triple Jump
1.9Harlan Mechling36' 3.752006
2.9Josh Coronado35' 11.002002
3.9Jarred Miller35' 52005
4.9Cole Valentine35' 42004
5.9Tyler Stevens33' 6.002013
6.9Jonathan Mason33' 5.502012
7.9Logan Miller33' 2.752012
8.9Jordan Rubenstein32' 11.502013
9.9Matt Cortez31' 12005


60 Meter Dash
1.9Rebeckah Kaberline8.94c2007
2.9Paige Ragsdale9.14c2007
3.9Kiah MillerNT2007
100 Meters
1.9Halona Jackson13.14c2013
2.9Amanda Brooks13.32a2011
3.9Kayla Johnson13.40a2008
4.9Paige Ragsdale13.66a2007
5.9Rebeckah Kaberline13.96a2007
6.9Kasondra Eldred14.44c2005
7.9Victoria Johnson14.80a2014
8.9Aleena Anderson14.87a2006
9.9Taysha Hodge14.94c2010
10.9Savanna Hoyle15.24a2012
11.9Roxi Holmes15.44c2004
12.9Kayla Nolan15.94c2005
200 Meters
1.9Halona Jackson27.29a2013
2.9Kayla Johnson29.04c2008
3.9Kirstin Wood29.34c2002
4.9Paige Ragsdale29.64c2007
5.9Amanda Brooks29.74c2011
6.9Rebeckah Kaberline30.24c2007
7.9Savanna Hoyle30.87a2012
8.9Kasondra Eldred31.09a2005
9.9Taysha Hodge31.44c2010
10.9Rachel Miller32.22a2009
11.9Aleena Anderson32.61a2006
12.9Aundrea Miller32.63a2014
13.9Roxi Holmes32.94c2004
14.9Kelcie Yeoman33.03a2005
15.9Erin Byrne33.30a2009
16.9Ashley Barto37.99a2009
400 Meters
1.9Halona Jackson61.85a2013
2.9Rebeckah Kaberline70.00a2007
3.9Raesha Yeoman70.59a2005
4.9Aleena Anderson70.80a2006
5.9Kayla Johnson71.14c2008
6.9Erin Byrne73.10a2009
7.9Sierra Chiverton73.54c2006
8.9Paige Ragsdale74.23a2007
9.9Alia Parker74.43a2013
10.9Michelle Lapierre74.44a2005
11.9Edilet Rodriguez76.45a2011
12.9Samantha Milner76.74c2011
13.9Tammy Huntamer81.24c2006
14.9Ashley BartoSCR2009
800 Meters
1.9McKenzie Yeoman2:39.42006
2.9Trinidy LaRue2:40.82006
3.9Brianna Loucks2:41.60a2008
4.9Samantha Milner2:44.902011
5.9Michelle Lapierre2:45.82005
6.9Sierra Chiverton2:48.70a2006
7.9Casey Robertson2:58.02008
8.9Callie Harland3:00.92007
9.9Erin Byrne3:01.02009
10.9Roza Jonas3:01.60a2014
11.9Alia Parker3:03.83a2013
12.9Edilet Rodriguez3:05.002011
1500 Meters
1.9Erin Byrne6:39.02009
2.9McKenzie Yeoman5:06.62a2006
3.9Casey Robertson5:16.54a2008
4.9Michelle Lapierre5:25.37a2005
5.9Brianna Loucks5:27.41a2008
6.9Samantha Milner5:39.10a2011
7.9Callie Harland5:42.62007
8.9Roza Jonas6:05.89a2014
9.9Erin Byrne6:18.52a2009
10.9Edilet Rodriguez6:19.68a2011
11.9Alia Parker6:35.07a2013
12.9Hiede UngerNT2007
1600 Meters
1.9Michelle Lapierre6:09.5a2005
1 Mile
1.9McKenzie Yeoman5:40.40a2006
2.9Casey Robertson5:48.42008
3.9Samantha Milner6:39.002011
4.9Edilet Rodriguez6:55.002011
5.9Callie HarlandNT2007
3000 Meters
1.9Casey Robertson11:10.86a2008
2.9McKenzie Yeoman11:18.71a2006
3.9Michelle Lapierre12:02.47a2005
4.9Callie Harland12:57.02007
5.9Sierra Chiverton13:34.02006
6.9Erin Byrne13:52.83a2009
7.9Taylor Byrne14:32.502012
8.9Brianna LoucksNT2008
9Rainie ArrantsSCR2012
3200 Meters
1.9Callie Harland14:55.52007
2.9Hiede UngerNT2007
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Rebeckah Kaberline17.82a2007
2.9Amanda Brooks18.20a2011
3.9Kayla Johnson19.24c2008
4.9Theresa Frederick19.46a2011
5.9Trinidy LaRue20.24c2006
6.9Aleena Anderson20.73a2004
7.9Natasha Elkins27.44a2011
8.9Aleena AndersonNT2006
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Amanda Brooks54.48a2011
2.9Theresa Frederick55.26a2011
3.9Aleena Anderson56.34c2004
4.9Rebeckah Kaberline56.74c2007
5.9Trinidy LaRue56.86a2006
6.9Aleena Anderson57.14c2006
7.9Callie Harland59.24c2007
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Aleena Anderson30' 10.52004
2.9Kayla Johnson30' 62008
3.9Alex LaFlamme28' 0.002012
4.9Kara Tyler24' 8.52008
5.9Courtney Thompson22' 6.002014
6.9Kasondra Eldred21' 42005
7.9Natasha Elkins20' 1.002011
Discus - 1kg
1.9Kayla Johnson93' 02008
2.9Kara Tyler78' 102008
3.9Aleena Anderson71' 102004
4.9Courtney Thompson69' 8.002014
5.9Alex LaFlamme64' 0.002012
6.9Natasha Elkins58' 3.002011
7.9Roxi Holmes36' 52004
8.9Ashley BartoSCR2009
Javelin - 600g
1.9Alex LaFlamme90' 10.002012
2.9Kayla Johnson77' 52008
3.9Aleena Anderson71' 10.52004
4.9Kara Tyler66' 22008
5.9Courtney Thompson63' 9.002014
6.9Aundrea Miller60' 1.002014
9Natasha Elkins60' 1.002011
8.9Roxi Holmes54' 8.52004
9.9Samantha Milner41' 5.002011
10.9Kelcie Yeoman38' 42005
11.9Taysha Hodge35' 4.002010
12.9Kiah Miller17' 22007
High Jump
1.9Theresa Frederick4' 6.002011
9Raesha Yeoman4' 62005
3.9Taysha Hodge4' 4.002010
4.9Kelcie Yeoman4' 22005
5.9Samantha MilnerNH2011
9Natasha ElkinsNH2011
9Edilet RodriguezNH2011
9Amanda BrooksNH2011
9Callie HarlandSCR2007
9Hiede UngerSCR2007
Pole Vault
1.9Theresa Frederick7' 6.002011
Long Jump
1.9Savanna Hoyle14' 4.002012
2.9Rachel Miller13' 62009
9Theresa Frederick13' 6.002011
4.9Rebeckah Kaberline13' 12007
5.9Victoria Johnson12' 11.002014
6.9Roza Jonas12' 6.002014
7.9Edilet Rodriguez12' 3.502011
8.9Taysha Hodge12' 2.502010
9.9Hiede Unger12' 22007
10.9Alia Parker12' 1.502013
11.9Kayla Johnson12' 0.52008
12.9Aundrea Miller11' 9.002014
13.9Trinidy LaRue11' 8.52006
14.9Kelcie Yeoman11' 52005
15.9Kayla Nolan9' 10.752005
Triple Jump
1.9Halona Jackson33' 5.252013
2.9Savanna Hoyle28' 0.002012
3.9Rachel Miller27' 1.52009
4.9Raesha Yeoman26' 32005
5.9Kayla Nolan22' 4.52005
6.9Taysha HodgeSCR2010
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