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12th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.12Justin Harris10.67a2010
2.12DeAngelo Stapleton10.92aw2013
12Dominique Mosley10.92a2014
4.12Adonis Harrison11.12aw2013
5.12Nathan Reynante11.35a2014
6.12Dennis Andrews11.40a2010
7.12*Carl McGirt11.45a2000
8.12Kenyatta Johnson11.76a2012
9.12Delvin Batiste11.86aw2013
10.12Tre Johnson12.04aw2013
11.12Charles Beal12.05a2012
200 Meters
1.12Justin Harris21.51a2010
2.12Dominique Mosley21.69a2014
3.12DeAngelo Stapleton22.34aw2013
4.12*Carl McGirt22.51a2000
5.12Dennis Andrews22.86a2010
6.12Nathan Reynante22.90a2014
7.12Adonis Harrison23.16aw2013
8.12Devontae Riggins23.31a2011
9.12Myles Conner23.51aw2012
10.12Devon Lueveno23.86aw2010
11.12Adam Bushnell27.32aw2013
400 Meters
1.12*Carl McGirt48.68a2000
2.12Nathan Reynante51.51a2014
3.12Cameron Gordien51.67a2009
4.12Myles Conner52.12a2012
5.12Cameron Moore53.84a2010
6.12Adam Bushnell54.09a2013
7.12Jonathon Carter55.24a2010
8.12Luis Del Valle55.34a2013
9.12Kyle Kennedy56.20a2012
10.12Trevor Patterson56.60a2013
11.12James Gomez62.47a2012
12.12Ferrell Marshall67.45a2012
13.12Marquise Harper2012
12Christain Powell2012
800 Meters
1.12Ryan Gamboa1:52.65a2007
2.12Michael Sindicich1:55.61a2010
3.12Tyler Brady1:56.53a2009
4.12Alex Greenburg1:58.37a2005
5.12Cameron Moore2:01.47a2010
6.12Josh Luther2:03.30a2014
7.12Adam Yarnel2:04.27a2012
8.12Jason Prieto2:07.07a2011
9.12Kyle Kennedy2:13.90a2012
10.12Kevin Dumler2:19.72a2011
11.12Andrew Herbst2:23.61a2013
12.12Alex Calderon2:38.66a2014
13.12Matthew Llanes2:43.81a2014
14.12Daniel MatuszakNT2011
1600 Meters
1.12Tyler Brady4:12.30a2009
2.12Alex Greenburg4:12.69a2005
3.12Albert Davila4:22.62a2007
4.12Nick Johnson4:24.60a2009
5.12Cameron Moore4:28.07a2010
6.12Jason Prieto4:30.72a2011
7.12Andrew Herbst4:43.90a2013
8.12Kevin Dumler4:51.65a2011
9.12Adam Yarnel4:54.25a2012
10.12Gus Briseno5:19.52a2011
11.12Matthew Llanes5:25.47a2014
1 Mile
1.12Michael Sindicich4:28.89a2010
3200 Meters
1.12John Guzman9:37.12a2009
2.12Jason Prieto9:48.97a2011
3.12Vince Jouvin10:13.00a2010
4.12Andrew Herbst10:54.21a2013
5.12Josh Luther11:01.37a2014
6.12Kevin Dumler11:16.61a2011
7.12Gus Briseno12:00.54a2011
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Jeffrey Larson15.34a2012
2.12*Paul Nurri15.51a2000
3.12Mikal Nichols15.96a2010
4.12Jonathan Gardea16.37a2012
5.12Anthony Hall16.56aw2013
6.12Luay Naji16.93a2014
7.12Joey Delgado17.56a2011
8.12James Johnson17.63a2013
110m Hurdles - 42"
1.12Luay Naji16.93a2014
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12*Paul Nurri40.63a2000
2.12Darian Harris41.06a2009
3.12Jonathan Gardea43.19a2012
4.12Kyle Kennedy43.20a2012
5.12Luay Naji44.72a2014
6.12Anthony Hall45.25a2013
7.12Jorge MejiaNT2011
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Guillermo Godinez54' 1.752008
2.12Christain Powell50' 6.752012
3.12Kenyatta Johnson50' 6.692012
4.12Nafe Lokotui46' 0.002013
5.12Darrell Schaffer45' 1.002010
6.12Delvin Batiste43' 5.002013
7.12Andrew Carrasco43' 3.002013
8.12Andy Lewis41' 3.252013
9.12Taloa Otuafi39' 5.752013
10.12Erick Hunt39' 4.002014
11.12Marquise Harper37' 4.002012
12.12Fred Green34' 10.002011
13.12Ainslie Neubert34' 3.002014
Shot Put - 16lb
1.12Ainslie Neubert32' 3.002014
2.12Anthony Gomez29' 0.002014
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Darrell Schaffer143' 1.002010
2.12Andrew Carrasco139' 9.002013
3.12Kenyatta Johnson121' 11.002012
4.12Ainslie Neubert115' 11.002014
5.12Taloa Otuafi110' 4.002013
6.12Nafe Lokotui103' 10.002013
7.12Andy Lewis95' 6.002013
8.12Anslie Nuebert93' 2.002013
9.12Anthony Gomez81' 5.002014
10.12Marquise Harper81' 1.002012
11.12Fred Green71' 5.002011
Discus - 2kg
1.12Ainslie Neubert112' 1.002014
2.12Anthony Gomez77' 5.002014
High Jump
1.12Taylor Hobson6' 8.002007
12Aaron Hale6' 8.002010
3.12Mitchell Haag6' 72009
4.12James Johnson6' 0.002013
5.12Charles Beal5' 6.002012
6.12Cory SimsNH2010
Pole Vault
1.12Cameron Savage14' 82009
2.12Hunter Fernandez14' 6.002014
3.12Michael Mackey14' 0.002010
4.12James Gomez13' 3.002012
5.12Jeffrey Larson11' 6.002012
6.12Trevor Akiyoshi11' 0.002013
7.12Christopher Park9' 0.002013
8.12Eric WatleyNH2007
Long Jump
1.12Taylor Hobson22' 7.502007
2.12Aaron Hale20' 7.002010
3.12Cory Sims20' 4.252010
4.12Jeffrey Larson20' 3.002012
5.12Charles Beal19' 5.002012
6.12Matt Hulet19' 42009
7.12Jonathan Gardea18' 11.502012
8.12Stace Woodward18' 8.002011
9.12Nathan Reynante17' 5.002014
10.12Russell BoucherFOUL2013
Triple Jump
1.12Matt Hulet44' 1.52009
2.12Brian Haith44' 0.002005
3.12Aaron Hale42' 5.752010
4.12Elijah Arnold42' 1.122009
5.12Freddy Gladney40' 6.002007
6.12Stace Woodward40' 3.502011
7.12Jonathan Gardea40' 0.002012
8.12Jeffrey Larson39' 11.502012
9.12Charles Beal39' 0.002012
10.12Jonathon Carter37' 9.002010


100 Meters
1.12Brittney Myricks12.86a2011
2.12Jennica Smith12.94a2010
3.12Kyllie Harris13.23a2013
4.12Karina Payton13.34a2012
5.12Rebekah Lizama13.37a2014
6.12Pamela Diala13.79a2012
7.12Elizabeth Claustro13.91a2011
8.12Cathlene Wheeler14.49a2011
9.12Vaniah Hemenway14.94c2012
200 Meters
1.12Brittney Myricks26.18a2011
2.12Jacqueline Houch27.08aw2013
3.12Whitney Purdy27.40a2010
4.12Karina Payton27.46a2012
5.12Rebekah Lizama27.62aw2014
6.12Arielle Bray27.93a2012
7.12Kyllie Harris28.02aw2013
8.12Jennifer HartsburnNT2011
400 Meters
1.12Paige Bushnell58.68a2011
2.12Deana Bryden60.47a2011
3.12Elizabeth Claustro61.10a2011
4.12Summer McCrady62.09a2007
5.12Rebekah Lizama65.71a2014
800 Meters
1.12Elizabeth Claustro2:17.89a2011
2.12Deana Bryden2:31.79a2011
3.12Sara Fabela3:10.11a2012
4.12Pamela Diala3:10.86a2012
1600 Meters
1.12Margot Stert5:24.03a2011
2.12Deana Bryden7:07.47a2011
3.12Cassandra Garcia7:20.03a2011
3200 Meters
1.12Margot Stert12:45.80a2011
2.12Cassandra GarciaNT2011
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Jasmine Ogbonna16.05aw2011
2.12Tara Valadez16.51a2012
3.12Arielle Bray16.92a2012
4.12Paige Bushnell17.64a2011
5.12Sara Fabela18.91a2012
6.12Vaniah Hemenway19.24cw2012
7.12Katie Carvalho19.70a2013
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Paige Bushnell44.75a2011
2.12Arielle Bray50.88a2012
3.12Rebekah Lizama51.52a2014
4.12Jasmine Ogbonna51.77a2011
5.12Pamela Diala55.89a2012
6.12Vaniah Hemenway58.49a2012
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Liuaki Tovi38' 6.002010
2.12Deana Wahba32' 6.002011
3.12Kimiko Sumling31' 0.252013
4.12Samanta Snow28' 9.002014
5.12Jordan Robusto28' 8.252007
6.12Brittany Jackson28' 3.002011
7.12Desiree Johnson25' 4.002011
8.12Jordyn Corrington24' 7.002013
9.12Salina Cadena24' 1.002011
10.12Tiffany Chechitelli22' 10.002013
11.12Mara Williams20' 9.752011
Discus - 1kg
1.12Liuaki Tovi106' 0.002010
2.12Jordan Robusto98' 6.002007
3.12Rebecca Dixon96' 10.002007
4.12Jordyn Corrington93' 5.002013
5.12Deana Wahba92' 3.002011
6.12Samanta Snow82' 1.002014
7.12Brittany Jackson72' 2.252011
8.12Ariel Sriruksa63' 8.002012
9.12Tiffany Chechitelli58' 11.002013
10.12Salina Cadena57' 1.002011
11.12Kimiko Sumling42' 0.002013
High Jump
1.12Cara Ablett4' 8.002011
12Kate Castruita4' 8.002010
3.12Christina Tucker4' 6.002014
4.12Kathy Baker4' 4.002011
5.12Jennifer HartsburnNH2011
Pole Vault
1.12Nicole Larson12' 1.002010
2.12Stacey Vanderpool12' 0.002005
3.12Arielle Bray10' 3.002012
4.12*Jenny Moore10' 0.002000
5.12Ariel Sriruksa9' 0.002012
6.12Christina Lobo8' 1.002014
7.12Sahar Rahebi7' 6.002012
Long Jump
1.12Jennica Smith17' 2.252010
2.12*Jenny Moore17' 0.752000
3.12Ariel Sriruksa16' 3.252012
4.12Prisca Diala16' 2.002014
5.12Pamela Diala15' 8.002012
6.12Amanda Pullinger15' 0.252013
7.12Tai Hanson14' 10.002007
8.12Christina Tucker14' 6.502014
9.12Jasmine OgbonnaND2011
Triple Jump
1.12*Jenny Moore37' 6.752000
2.12Jennica Smith36' 4.502010
3.12Prisca Diala36' 1.252014
4.12Jasmine Ogbonna35' 6.002011
5.12Tai Hanson34' 11.75w2007
6.12Christina Tucker33' 0.002014
7.12Pamela Diala32' 11.752012
8.12Kate Castruita32' 2.252010
9.12Jennifer Hartsburn29' 2.002011
10.12Taylor Franklin28' 4.252010
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