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    Bruins - Long Beach, CA

Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.11Tristan Smith-Mosby10.91aw2014
2.11John Harris11.05a2000
3.11Vedell Lewis11.18a2000
9Jacobi Hardy11.18a2014
5.10Andrew Harrison11.24a2013
12Jason Velasquez11.24a2014
11Joshua Kilson11.24a2014
8.9Gregory Salazar11.45a2011
9.11Stephen Sunter11.50a2013
10.12Damon Wade11.51a2012
10Jorge Velasquez11.51a2012
12.11Joshua Williams11.61a2011
12Ezell Ruffin11.61a2010
14.9Ian Issa11.67aw2015
15.12Garrion Manning11.69a2011
16.11Kevin Kilpatrick11.76a2012
17.12Marcus Porter11.79a2012
18.11Jay Mott11.89a2013
19.11Hicks Hakeem11.91a2015
20.12Raymond Rendon11.98a2013
200 Meters
1.11John Harris22.04a2000
2.12kemonie Briggs22.09a2014
3.11Tristan Smith-Mosby22.42a2014
11Vedell Lewis22.42a2000
5.11Stephen Sunter22.48a2013
6.9Christopher Hall22.59aw2014
7.9Jacobi Hardy22.77aw2014
8.12Michael Ewell22.85a2013
9.10Jason Velasquez22.90a2012
10.10Andrew Harrison22.95a2013
11.12Ezell Ruffin23.28a2010
12.11Joshua Kilson23.31a2014
11Jimmy Le23.31aw2014
14.12Garrion Manning23.34c2011
15.12Damon Wade23.46a2012
16.11Justin Cooper23.64c2011
17.9Ian Issa23.78a2015
18.10M'sai Mitchell23.87a2013
10Adrian Morales23.87a2013
20.11Kevin Kilpatrick23.91a2012
400 Meters
1.12kemonie Briggs46.92a2014
2.12Michael Ewell48.80a2013
3.12Mar'ye Harris49.26a2015
4.9Christopher Hall49.96a2014
11Chris Arechiga49.96a2009
6.11Andrew Harrison50.73a2014
7.11Justin Cooper51.26a2011
8.10Jimmy Le51.47a2013
9.12Aaron Moss51.49a2014
10.11Stephen Sunter51.95a2013
12Garrion Manning51.95a2011
12.11Daneil Russ52.33a2012
13.11M'sai Mitchell52.41a2014
14.10Adrian Morales53.57a2013
15.10Kavenaugh Maroney53.71a2015
16.11Austin Elingboe53.73a2015
17.10Coopeland Laris53.77a2013
18.12Jason Ferrero54.71a2014
19.11Kevin Kilpatrick55.31a2012
20.10Josh Rubio55.75a2012
800 Meters
1.12Copeland Laris1:55.47a2015
2.11Coopeland Laris1:56.25a2014
3.11M'sai Mitchell1:58.23a2014
4.12Aaron Moss2:00.38a2014
5.10Leon Smith2:00.55a2000
6.12Joe Burke2:02.04a2013
7.12kemonie Briggs2:02.86a2014
8.10Jacobi Hardy2:03.81a2015
9.11Joel Peralta2:04.06a2013
10.10Justin Cooper2:04.20a2010
11.9Christian Lubrin2:06.50a2013
12.12Chase Kenyon2:06.62a2014
13.10Daveill Perfecto2:08.18a2015
14.10Nic Nelson2:08.38a2014
15.11Osbaldo Gonzalez2:09.19a2013
16.12Aaron Tapia2:09.25a2012
17.12Jimmy Le2:09.64a2015
18.10Miguel Cortes2:11.81a2014
19.9Phillip Ung2:12.03a2014
20.9Sam Hite2:12.91a2013
1600 Meters
1.11Gustavo Plascencia4:23.69a2011
2.12Tony Plascencia4:31.22a2011
3.11David Mejia4:35.77a2014
4.12Marc Rodriguez4:36.17a2014
5.12Joe Burke4:37.86a2013
6.12Thomas Curran4:38.02a2010
7.12Andrew Godsil4:40.29a2010
8.9Christian Lubrin4:42.67a2013
9.10Daveill Perfecto4:44.86a2015
10.12Eddie Sanchez4:45.31a2013
11.12Osbaldo Gonzalez4:45.62a2014
12.12Coopeland Laris4:46.20a2015
13.10Mark Rodrigrez4:49.56a2013
14.9Sam Hite4:49.85a2013
15.9Christian Vazquez4:49.88a2011
16.10Joel Peralta4:50.53a2012
17.12Andy Garcia4:54.74a2012
18.10Isreal Hernandez4:55.25a2014
19.10Nic Nelson4:55.49a2014
20.12James Yanez4:57.54a2014
3200 Meters
1.11David Mejia9:56.57a2014
2.11Ken Rivero10:06.72a2015
3.11Marc Rodriguez10:08.06a2013
4.11Jesse Crosthwaite10:23.72a2014
5.10Joel Peralta10:31.65a2012
6.9Nolan Ridgeway10:38.77a2013
7.12Andy Garcia10:53.96a2012
8.10Sam Hite10:54.72a2014
9.12Joel Perez10:56.06a2012
10.12James Yanez10:56.65a2014
11.12Angel Monterrosas11:00.81a2012
12.9Arturo Gonzale11:02.17a2014
13.9Josh Madrid11:05.35a2014
14.12Osbaldo Gonzalez11:13.78a2014
15.11Jonathan Gonzalez11:14.90a2012
16.10Angel Valente11:17.86a2014
17.12Joseph Martinez11:28.30a2012
18.12Andres Alcocer11:32.15a2012
19.10Michael Espinoza11:37.82a2014
20.10William Yuth11:39.57a2013
5000 Meters
1.11David Lopez16:45.97a2014
110m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Bayron Manuel14.18a2013
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Bayron Manuel13.92a2014
2.12Gavin Couvrey15.05a2009
3.12Seth George15.23a2010
4.12Keeshan Beckles15.41a2014
5.12Dakota Botello15.45a2010
6.11Gregory William15.85a2014
7.11Marcus Porter15.91a2011
8.10Isaiah Small16.15a2015
9.11William Gregory16.49a2013
10.12Keanu Nicholas16.65a2014
11.11Daneil Russ16.80aw2012
12.10M'sai Mitchell18.62a2013
13.11Dylan Oberhaus18.75a2015
14.10Adrian Morales19.85aw2012
15.10Abraham CotoSCR2010
12Johannes BoydNT2012
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Bayron Manuel37.72a2014
2.12Gavin Couvrey39.38a2009
3.12Seth George40.11a2010
4.11Leandre Atkins41.14a2000
5.12Dakota Botello41.25a2010
6.11Gregory William41.36a2014
7.11Marcus Porter42.05a2011
8.11Keeshan Beckles42.65a2013
9.10Isaiah Small42.70a2015
10.11Daneil Russ42.88a2012
11.11Adrian Morales43.20a2014
12.12Keanu Nicholas43.74a2014
13.10M'sai Mitchell44.47a2013
14.11William Gregory45.59a2013
15.10Austin Elingboe46.40a2014
16.11Dylan Oberhaus46.94a2015
17.10Christain Guzman47.79a2013
18.11Sebastian Aguirre49.41a2014
19.12Johannes BoydNT2012
10Abraham CotoDNS2010
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 41.98a2014
2.Relay Team 42.84a2013
3.Darrell Robinson
Chris Arechiga
Jemari Roberts
Ezell Ruffin
4.Relay Team 43.37a2015
5.Relay Team 43.45a2000
6.Justin Cooper
Kevin Kilpatrick
Garrion Manning
Damon Wade
7.Phillip Wilson
Darrell Robertson
Chris Arechiga
Ezell Ruffin
8.Relay Team 44.64a2012
4x200 Relay
1.Tristan Smith-Mosby
Jason Velasquez
kemonie Briggs
Bayron Manuel
2.Stephen Sunter
Michael Ewell
kemonie Briggs
Bayrone Manuel
3.Mar'ye Harris
Christopher Hall
Jacobi Hardy
Austin Elingboe
4.Chris Arechiga
Kareem Issac
Phillip Wilson
Ezell Ruffin
5.Chris Arechiga
Ezell Ruffin
Darrell Robertson
Phillip Wilson
6.Relay Team 1:32.40a2011
7.Relay Team 1:34.17a2012
4x400 Relay
1.Michael Ewell
Jason Velasquez
kemonie Briggs
Stephen Sunter
2.Christopher Hall
Jason Velasquez
kemonie Briggs
Coopeland Laris
3.Christopher Hall
Mar'ye Harris
Copeland Laris
M'sai Mitchell
4.Relay Team 3:20.67a2001
5.Relay Team 3:22.93a2000
6.Chris Arechiga
Seth George
Sean Gray
Max Muehler
7.Relay Team 3:25.002011
8.Relay Team 3:26.79a2009
9.Michael Ewell
Damon Wade
Daneil Russ
Kevin Kilpatrick
4x800 Relay
1.kemonie Briggs
Ma'sai Mitchall
Coopeland Laris
Aaron Moss
2.Relay Team 8:01.77a2015
3.Max Muehler
Sean Gray
Gustavo Plascencia
Kamren Robinson
4.Relay Team 8:05.77a2011
5.Relay Team 8:24.62a2013
6.Joseph Martinez
Aaron Tapia
Tonny Lindsey
Barragan Marco
4x1600 Relay
1.Relay Team 18:50.90a2011
2.David Mejia
Marc Rodriguez
Aaron Moss
Chase Kenyon
3.Relay Team 19:03.42a2013
4.Relay Team 19:18.55a2015
5.Relay Team 19:23.91a2010
6.Joe Burke
Aaron Tapia
Li Hul
Nathanael Gastelum
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Relay Team 1:36.67a2015
2.Damon Wade
Joshua Williams
Marcus Porter
Justin Cooper
3.Relay Team 1:40.50a2013
4.Josh Rubio
Irie Hines
Qown Johnson
Justin O'Keefe
5.Relay Team 1:41.13a2014
6.Relay Team 1:43.28a2011
Swedish 100-200-300-400m
1.Relay Team 2:06.24a2013
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Andrew Harrison
Tristan Smith-Mosby
kemonie Briggs
Coopeland Laris
2.Austin Elingboe
Jacobi Hardy
Christopher Hall
M'sai Mitchell
3.Justin Cooper
Gustavo Plascencia
Damon Wade
Aaron Tapia
4.Chris Arechiga
Max Muehler
Phillip Wilson
Ezell Ruffin
5.Chris Arechiga
Kareem Issac
Ezell Ruffin
Phillip Wilson
6.Relay Team 3:41.76a2013
7.Dimitrius Stallings
Michael Ewell
Johannes Boyd
Aaron Tapia
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Relay Team 10:50.64a2013
2.Relay Team 10:52.12a2014
3.Darryl Garcia
Sean Gray
Gustavo Plascencia
Kamren Robinson
4.Relay Team 11:00.24a2011
5.Johannes Boyd
Abraham Coto
Andres Alcocer
Joseph Martinez
6.Marc Rodriguez
Wyatt Hodges
Nic Nelson
Phillip Ung
4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 30"
1.Keeshan Beckles
Ma'sai Mitchall
Gregory William
Bayron Manuel
2.Relay Team 63.22a2013
3.Keeshan Beckles
Marcus Porter
Bayrone Manuel
Gregory William
Shot Put - 10lb
1.9Unaite Leiataua41' 9.002012
2.10Lorenz Tellez39' 3.002012
3.9Harrison Truong38' 2.502013
4.10Ian Burns37' 7.002012
5.9Joseph Espinoza32' 4.002013
9Cole Erskine32' 4.002013
7.9Tom Pool32' 2.002013
9Alec Zamora32' 2.002013
9.9Mark Duross27' 3.502013
10.10Cesar Navarette27' 0.002013
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Joel Bitonio50' 4.52009
2.11John Keith43' 10.252000
3.10Lorenz Tellez40' 3.002012
4.9Unaite Leiataua39' 8.772012
5.12Greg Keith38' 11.722012
6.12J'Quan Hawkins38' 8.002013
7.12Jaren Leary38' 4.002014
8.10Ian Burns37' 9.152012
9.10Alec Zamora37' 9.002014
10.10Joseph Espinoza36' 7.002014
11.10Eric Connolly35' 7.952012
12.-Jack Vanderplodg35' 4.002011
13.12Ben Gerber35' 2.002015
14.11Justin Horn34' 6.002013
15.9Hector Castrurita32' 11.672012
16.-Daniel Velasquez31' 11.502011
17.10Cata Chiv31' 9.892012
18.10Jack Veit31' 4.382012
19.11Cesar Navarette30' 11.002014
20.10Dillon Tankersler30' 10.002013
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Lorenz Tellez126' 3.002013
2.-Marcus Preston113' 7.002014
3.11Ian Burns104' 5.002013
4.12J'Quan Hawkins96' 9.502013
5.11Jaren Leary90' 7.502013
6.10Eric Connolly89' 1.692012
7.10Jack Veit86' 4.002012
8.-Nick Garcia85' 0.002011
-Jose Damian85' 0.002011
10.-Jack Vanderplodg81' 4.002011
11.9Unaite Leiataua75' 2.002012
12.10Tonny Lindsey72' 0.002011
13.10Bill Lopez58' 8.002012
14.9Hector Castrurita58' 7.002012
15.10Jack O'halloran57' 7.002012
16.9Cesar Navarette53' 8.002012
17.9Tom Pool52' 11.002013
18.10Nick Meyer41' 11.002012
19.10Cata ChivND2012
11Connor MaloneyDQ2012
High Jump
1.11Keeshan Beckles5' 8.002013
2.11Gregory William5' 6.002014
3.11Michael Ewell5' 5.752012
4.11Stephen Sunter5' 4.002013
5.12Li Hul5' 2.002013
6.9M'sai Mitchell5' 1.812012
7.9Austin Hall4' 10.002013
8.10Jeremiah Crespin4' 8.002013
9.9Justin O'KeefeNH2012
12Dimitrius StallingsNH2012
11Chris JianninoDNS2011
12Jarone NelsonDNS2011
Pole Vault
1.12Rith South14' 6.002008
2.12Tyler Tashima13' 62009
3.11Max Lindberg12' 6.002012
4.12Zarrick Santos11' 11.702012
5.10Devin Miller11' 9.002015
6.11Sonny Tran9' 6.002011
11Luis Ramirez9' 6.002013
8.9Bryce Hatch9' 0.002014
10Dylan Oberhaus9' 0.002014
9Andrew Bankson9' 0.002013
11.9Emari Bennent8' 6.002015
12.9Nathtra Sokhom8' 0.002015
9Ian Girling8' 0.002012
12Abe Flores8' 0.002013
15.11Corleone Ham7' 11.672012
16.10Christain Guzman7' 6.002013
9Addison Hogrolius7' 6.002015
9Dillon Biggerstaff7' 6.002013
19.9Angel Valente7' 0.002013
9Justin Marty7' 0.002012
Long Jump
1.12kemonie Briggs22' 1.502014
2.12Deon Smith21' 3.002007
3.9Ian Issa20' 8.502015
4.9Gregory Salazar20' 7.502011
5.12Ronnie Yat20' 6.502010
6.12Garrion Manning20' 4.002011
7.10Jorge Velasquez20' 1.342012
8.11Jason Velasquez19' 7.002013
9.11Josh Rubio19' 5.502013
10.12Dakota Botello19' 4.502010
11.10Isaiah Small18' 10.002015
12.12Li Hul18' 8.002013
13.11Jaren Leary18' 2.002013
14.11Hicks Hakeem17' 10.002015
15.12Joshua Kilson17' 5.502015
16.-Bradon Cote17' 5.252010
17.10Jeremiah Crespin17' 1.002013
18.12Dimitrius Stallings16' 11.942012
19.9Andre Brown16' 9.502013
20.10Tristan Smith-Mosby15' 8.002013
Triple Jump
1.12Steve Paysinger46' 6.002000
2.12Dimitrius Stallings45' 8.502012
3.12Seth George43' 1.502010
4.12Ronnie Yat43' 0.002010
5.9Gregory Salazar42' 4.002011
6.11Gregory William40' 6.002014
7.12Li Hul38' 8.002013
8.-Darren Ng36' 11.002011
9.10Jeremiah Crespin34' 6.002013
10.10Jaren LearyND2012


100 Meters
1.10Ebony Collins11.50a2005
2.12Shelese Williams11.73a2007
3.12Imani Pearson11.80aw2013
4.11Alycia Presley11.86aw2009
5.12Tiana Hood11.87a2005
6.12Ashleigh Chambers11.91a2014
7.12De Ana Carson11.99a2006
8.-Tasia Smith12.25a2006
9.12Gecobi Pittman12.31aw2010
10.-Erika Woods12.44a2006
11.11Angel Tate12.52a2000
12.9Kierra King12.64a2014
13.10Olivia Hudson12.69a2008
10Re'onna Taylor12.69a2011
12Jordyn Overby12.69a2013
16.12Elijah McDonald12.77a2014
17.12Aqueelah Muhammad12.81a2012
18.10Alecia Robinson13.01a2012
19.12Ashley Peoples13.23aw2012
20.11Yogledi Quevedo13.26aw2012
200 Meters
1.10Ebony Collins23.64a2005
2.12Tiana Hood23.86a2005
3.12Shelese Williams24.03a2007
4.11DeAna Carson24.49a2005
5.11Angele Cooper24.56aw2007
6.12Ashleigh Chambers24.66aw2014
7.12Imani Pearson24.94a2013
8.11Nyjah Cousar25.06a2008
9.12Alycia Presley25.33a2010
10.10Kiana Johnson25.36a2006
11.11Angel Tate25.37a2000
12.12Kelly Smith25.40a2000
13.12Gecobi Pittman25.88a2010
14.-Nyjan Cousar25.94a2006
15.12Kaila Hawkins26.02aw2013
16.10Re'onna Taylor26.10a2011
17.12Rabia Hawes26.11a2014
18.10Olivia Hudson26.17a2008
19.11Shiane Galloway26.18a2013
20.11Jordyn Overby26.20a2012
400 Meters
1.11Ebony Collins54.24a2006
2.12Angel Tate54.41a2001
3.11Angele Cooper54.50a2007
4.11Lashinda Demus55.12a2000
5.10Tiana Hood55.38a2003
6.11Shelese Williams55.69a2006
7.12Kaila Hawkins56.47a2013
8.12Nyjah Cousar56.71a2009
9.9Ashley Freeman57.39a2000
10.12Christina Smith57.52a2010
11.12Rabia Hawes58.19a2014
12.9Mackenzie Hill58.23a2000
13.11Ashleigh Chambers58.41a2013
14.11Jordyn Overby59.71a2012
15.12Imani Pearson60.36a2013
16.11Alecia Robinson60.49a2013
17.10Ashley Sinkler60.57a2010
18.10Tiarra Scott60.74a2013
19.10Yogledi Quevedo61.23a2011
20.12Ashley Peoples61.26a2012
800 Meters
1.12Ashley Freeman2:08.86a2003
2.12Christina Smith2:13.00a2010
3.12Marina Young2:14.32a2005
4.12Christina Smith2:17.72a2010
5.10Anna Hernandez2:18.39a2010
6.10Christy Williams2:21.03a2008
7.12Timera Pearson2:22.47a2015
8.-Paula Parker2:22.73a2006
9.10Ashley Sinkler2:22.94a2010
10.12Jordyn Overby2:23.14a2013
11.12Rene Mendiola2:24.102011
12.-Nyjan Cousar2:26.12a2006
13.10Emani Bennent2:26.17a2014
14.10Ingrid Escobedo2:26.52a2012
15.-Devonna Hancock2:27.64a2006
16.12Essini Howard2:28.09a2014
17.11Courtney Lewis2:28.85a2008
18.9Monica Rodriguez2:30.07a2012
19.12Jackie Nava2:30.16a2015
20.12Kendall Elliott2:30.84a2014
1000 Meters
1.12Kendall Elliott3:40.46a2014
2.12Diana Mejia3:51.89a2014
3.11Sierra Raby4:05.34a2014
1600 Meters
1.11Ingrid Escobedo5:17.98a2013
2.9Haley Kirk5:26.22a2008
3.9Aunica Cesena5:29.71a2013
4.-Samantha Prochnow5:33.48a2006
5.11Alexandra Grageda5:33.82a2010
6.-Jamie Emery5:34.98a2006
7.9Julia Welsch5:35.05a2010
8.12Estefany Laguna5:37.65a2014
9.11Montse Gorostieta5:39.20a2014
10.12Emily Welsch5:41.40a2010
11.12Anna Hernandez5:41.44a2012
12.9Monica Rodriguez5:42.26a2012
13.-Aine Brown5:44.11a2006
14.11Jackie Nava5:44.47a2013
15.12Kendall Elliott5:46.40a2014
16.12Isabel Calderas5:51.45a2013
17.11Bree Johnson5:52.28a2010
18.10Stephanie Eggers5:52.34a2014
19.10Dylan Senske5:53.90a2008
20.10Mariah Taylor5:55.30a2013
3200 Meters
1.9Glennis Scott11:29.31a2000
2.9Aunica Cesena11:34.34a2013
3.11Montse Gorostieta11:39.54a2014
4.9Haley Kirk12:06.97a2008
5.9Julia Welsch12:16.37a2010
6.-Laguna Estephany12:28.57a2011
7.11Alexandra Grageda12:32.37a2010
8.9Christina Kirchhoff12:35.54a2008
9.12Anna Hernandez12:41.70a2012
10.10Ingrid Escobedo12:49.01a2012
11.-Ashley Hebelman13:00.36a2006
12.10Estefany Laguna13:01.30a2012
13.10Stephanie Eggers13:10.00a2014
14.9Yajaira Rocha13:24.53a2014
15.12Aydee Melgar13:38.54a2012
16.9Dara Khonmony13:46.20a2012
17.11Jackie Nava13:58.43a2012
18.10Megan Montague14:00.35a2013
19.10Kendall Elliott14:03.52a2012
20.9Jocelyn Madero14:04.31a2012
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Alycia Presley16.11a2008
2.9Kiana Delmonico19.25a2008
3.10Fabrina EspinozaDNS2008
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Lashinda Demus13.39aw2001
2.12Mackenzie Hill13.92a2003
3.11Ebony Collins14.01a2006
4.11DeAna Carson14.09aw2005
5.12Elijah McDonald14.19a2014
6.12De Ana Carson14.35a2006
7.12Aqueelah Muhammad14.98a2012
8.12Kathleen Ballweber15.20a2014
9.12Kelly Smith15.48a2000
10.12Danielle Harper15.97a2000
11.9Aqeelah Whitfield16.03aw2009
12.10Corinne Washington16.12aw2014
13.11Kaelin Davis16.31a2013
14.12Asia James16.36aw2014
15.12Ashley Warren16.55a2012
16.11Rabia Hawes17.01a2013
17.10Diana Long17.56a2013
18.9Tamia Evans18.44a2013
19.-Savannah Malcolm19.32a2006
20.12imunique Grandberry22.09a2012
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Ebony Collins40.10a2005
2.12Mackenzie Hill41.31a2003
3.12Nyjah Cousar41.70a2009
4.12Dianna Gooden43.43a2003
5.11Lashinda Demus43.89a2000
6.12Kelly Smith44.64a2000
7.12Kathleen Ballweber44.67a2014
8.11Fabrina Espinoza45.15a2009
9.12Aqueelah Muhammad45.73a2012
10.10Alycia Presley45.77a2008
11.12Danielle Harper46.62a2000
12.-Tesia Smith46.95a2006
13.-Savannah Malcolm47.98a2006
14.12Elijah McDonald48.09a2014
15.12Alecia Robinson48.11a2014
16.12Asia James48.24a2014
17.10Corinne Washington48.84a2014
18.10Diana Long49.91a2013
19.11Ashley Warren50.55a2011
20.12Dannielle Morgan50.78a2011
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 44.84a2005
2.Relay Team 45.19a2006
3.Relay Team 45.40a2001
4.Relay Team 46.10a2003
5.Chrisandra Smith
Shelese Williams
Olina Hudson
Angele Cooper
6.Relay Team 46.91a2009
7.Relay Team 47.12a2000
8.Relay Team 47.17a2008
9.Relay Team 47.44a2013
10.Alycia Presley
Gecobi Pittman
Fabrina Espinoza
Olivia Hudson
11.Relay Team 48.02a2012
12.Relay Team 48.27a2011
13.Rabia Hawes
Ashleigh Chambers
Elijah McDonald
Kelcey Robinson
14.Relay Team 51.55a2015
4x200 Relay
1.Nyjah Cousar
Angele Cooper
Olivia Hudson
Shelese Williams
2.Relay Team 1:39.21a2010
3.Imani Pearson
Kaila Hawkins
Ashleigh Chambers
Rabia Hawes
4.Ashley Peoples
Aqeelah Whitfield
Fabrina Espinoza
Chaylene Bruggeman
5.Imani Pearson
Ashleigh Chambers
Jordyn Overby
Kaila Hawkins
6.Rabia Hawes
Ashleigh Chambers
Kathleen Ballweber
Elijah McDonald
7.Re'onna Taylor
Imani Pearson
Ashleigh Chambers
Ashley Sinkler
8.Tajanique King
Angelica Hill
Lauryn Johnson
Arielle Williams
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 3:35.72a2001
2.Relay Team 3:37.01a2003
3.Relay Team 3:37.14a2006
4.Relay Team 3:39.27a2005
5.Imani Pearson
Ashleigh Chambers
Kaila Hawkins
Rabia Hawes
6.Ashley Sinkler
Christina Smith
Imani Pearson
Alycia Presley
7.Relay Team 3:49.12a2009
8.Relay Team 3:50.49a2007
9.Relay Team 3:51.20a2000
10.Jordyn Overby
Ashleigh Chambers
Imani Pearson
Kaila Hawkins
11.Ashleigh Chambers
Kathleen Ballweber
Rabia Hawes
Alecia Robinson
12.Relay Team 3:54.32a2008
13.Relay Team 3:56.06a2011
14.Corinne Washington
Guadalupe Soto
Timera Pearson
Angelica Hill
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 9:37.35a2006
2.Emani Bennent
Ingrid Escobedo
Essini Howard
Corinne Washington
3.Anna Hernandez
Rene Mendiola
Breauna Thompson
Leta Bishop
4.Relay Team 10:04.34a2011
5.Anna Hernandez
Courtney Lewis
Sessyon Crawford
Karryssa Fenderson
6.Relay Team 10:04.55a2008
7.Relay Team 10:10.69a2015
8.Anna Hernandez
Brittany Lowe
Monica Rodriguez
Ashley Peoples
9.Relay Team 10:22.85a2013
4x1600 Relay
1.Haley Kirk
Alexandra Grageda
Emily Welsch
Julia Welsch
2.Julia Welsch
Emily Welsch
Anna Hernandez
Britney Lowe
3.Relay Team 22:54.01a2014
4.Relay Team 23:46.63a2011
5.Relay Team 23:55.66a2015
6.Relay Team 24:19.00a2013
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Ashley Peoples
Aqeelah Whitfield
Samantha Watts
Ashley Warren
2.Relay Team 1:54.80a2015
3.Denise Clark
Lauren Collins-fluker
Sharon Curtis
Diane Flores
4.Skai Warren
Aniyah Williams
Aajah Grant
Dionne Blackshear
5.Relay Team 1:58.41a2011
6.Relay Team 2:00.32a2014
7.Relay Team 2:02.16a2013
Swedish 100-200-300-400m
1.Relay Team 2:22.83a2013
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Alycia Presley
Olivia Hudson
Nyjah Cousar
Christina Smith
2.Alycia Presley
Destiny Hardy
Ashley Sinkler
Christina Smith
3.Kathleen Ballweber
Ashleigh Chambers
Rabia Hawes
Corinne Washington
4.Shiane Galloway
Alecia Robinson
Yogleidi Quevedo
Ingrid Escobedo
5.Aqueelah Muhammad
Yogleidi Quevedo
Ashley Peoples
Anna Hernandez
6.Relay Team 4:17.82a2011
7.Relay Team 4:21.41a2015
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Relay Team 13:12.62a2014
2.Relay Team 13:23.41a2013
3.Relay Team 13:39.23a2012
4.Julia Welsch
Courtney Patterson
Christina Kirchhoff
Christal Hale
5.Daria Raby
Sami Fraga
Kayla Gatamaitan
Destiny Uriarte
6.Relay Team 14:06.06a2011
4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 30"
1.Kathleen Ballweber
Rabia Hawes
Asia James
Elijah McDonald
2.Aqeelah Whitfield
Fabrina Espinoza
Alycia Presley
Nyjah Cousar
3.Relay Team 66.70a2013
4.Kaelin Davis
Asia James
Aqueelah Muhammad
Ashley Warren
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Sowo Varney38' 7.252000
2.10Angeline Agaiava34' 5.002014
3.12Sae Arpu34' 0.002015
4.9Nicole Gragson32' 9.002000
5.10Tenille William31' 4.002012
6.11Anette Alvarez27' 2.002014
7.9Tiarra Scott25' 4.002012
8.-Latica Williams24' 4.002011
9.9Alyssa Krueger24' 2.002013
10.10Brea Ratchford23' 2.002012
11.12Apolonia Garbutt22' 0.002011
9Brea Brewer22' 0.002011
13.-Shakeisha Whindam21' 9.002011
14.9Cierra Davis20' 0.002011
15.-Mary Failing19' 1.002011
16.10Karina Araujo16' 6.002014
17.12Chaylene BurggamonDNS2012
Discus - 1kg
1.9Nicole Gragson108' 7.002000
2.10Angeline Agaiava97' 1.002014
3.11Sae Arpu93' 10.002014
4.10Tenille William83' 4.392012
5.10Stephanie Leon70' 5.002014
6.11Anette Alvarez67' 11.002014
7.10Brea Ratchford63' 8.962012
8.12Apolonia Garbutt63' 3.002011
9.-Shakeisha Whindam63' 0.002011
10.10Karina Araujo60' 5.002014
11.-Mary Failing58' 0.002011
9Cierra Davis58' 0.002011
13.9Alyssa Krueger57' 2.002013
14.9Tiarra Scott41' 0.002012
High Jump
1.12Kaelin Davis5' 9.002014
2.12Dannielle Morgan5' 2.002011
3.10Malaysia Gilbert4' 6.002015
9Emily Comstock4' 6.002015
10Arielle Williams4' 6.002015
6.9Samantha ReinhardtDNS2011
12TiAuna SimonNH2012
11Rene MendiolaDNS2010
10Chaylene BurggamonDNS2010
Pole Vault
1.12Dara Brown10' 82009
2.12Sarah Ruegg10' 3.002012
3.12Lucy Phan10' 0.082011
4.11Samantha Hing10' 02009
10Chaylene Burggamon10' 0.002010
6.12Amber Hines9' 1.002007
7.12Rejina Hernandez8' 6.002014
8.11Palkin Li8' 02008
9.9Loretta Hing7' 11.672012
10.10Asia James7' 6.002012
11.10Imani Jerome7' 5.762012
12.11Nneka Aruoma7' 0.002012
9Cynthia Howard7' 0.002015
12Tajanique King7' 0.002015
15.9Sarah Birong6' 6.002014
16.9Sydney Arellano6' 0.002014
17.9Valeria Rojas5' 6.002014
11Estefany Laguna5' 6.002013
19.10Abigail HernandezDQ2012
10Destiny UriarteNH2015
Long Jump
1.10Olivia Hudson19' 1.25w2008
2.12Fabrina Espinoza19' 0.25w2010
3.11DeAna Carson18' 7.00w2005
4.12De Ana Carson18' 4.502006
5.11Kaelin Davis17' 2.002013
6.12Chaylene Burggamon17' 0.332012
7.11Nyjah Cousar16' 7.52008
8.-Cherelle Whyte16' 5.002006
9.10Kierra King15' 9.252015
10.12Elijah McDonald15' 6.752014
11.12Imani Pearson15' 2.502013
12.12Kathleen Ballweber15' 1.002014
13.11Aajah Grant15' 0.002011
14.12Karrisa Fenderson14' 9.502010
15.11Ashley Warren13' 11.252011
16.10Kelcey Robinson13' 1.002011
17.10Janae Smith13' 0.502012
18.10Imani Jerome13' 0.002012
19.11Rabia Hawes12' 11.002013
20.12imunique Grandberry12' 4.002012
Triple Jump
1.12Olivia Hudson38' 11.752010
2.12Fabrina Espinoza38' 4.252010
3.9Chaylene Burggamon36' 10.752009
4.11Sessyon Crawford36' 9.52008
5.11Kaelin Davis35' 6.002013
6.-Cherelle Whyte35' 4.502006
7.11Gabby Dubois34' 5.502007
8.12Kathleen Ballweber34' 4.002014
9.11Angele Cooper34' 0.002007
10.-Savannah Malcolm33' 10.752006
11.10Aajah Grant33' 5.252010
12.12Karrisa Fenderson33' 2.502010
13.-Barryssa Fenderson33' 1.502010
14.11Aqueelah Muhammad32' 6.002011
15.11Ashley Warren31' 2.002011
16.10Kelcey Robinson29' 2.002011
17.10Janae Smith28' 1.002012
18.12imunique GrandberryND2012
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