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7th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.7Chris Bethea11.94c2008
2.7Shakem Bradley12.14c2012
3.7Marcus Smith12.24c2007
4.7Montrevel Dunbar12.34c2008
5.7Matthew Jackson12.64c2008
6.7Nathanel Nelson12.84c2009
7.7Clifford Barrett12.94c2009
8.7Walter Roberson13.24c2009
7Dexter Weathers13.24c2010
10.7Alec Cook13.34c2011
7Myron White13.34c2011
12.7Rashad Gorman13.54c2008
13.7Calvin Rowland13.64c2009
7Marlon White13.64c2010
15.7Geric Mack13.74c2010
7Zach Stroupe13.74c2012
17.7Zafir Kelly13.94c2012
18.7Will Bowman14.14c2008
19.7Steven Clark14.24c2008
20.7Nasym Nathanel14.34c2008
200 Meters
1.7Montrevel Dunbar25.04c2008
2.7Marcus Smith25.94c2007
3.7Shakem Bradley26.24c2012
4.7Chris Bethea26.54c2008
5.7Austin Brooker27.04c2009
6.7Alec Cook27.14c2011
7.7Myron White27.34c2011
7Clifford Barrett27.34c2009
9.7Dione Louden27.54c2009
10.7Matthew Jackson27.64c2008
11.7Rashad Gorman27.64c2008
12.7Nathanel Nelson28.14c2009
13.7Billy Stallings28.24c2012
14.7Zach Stroupe28.34c2012
15.7Ronnie Jamison28.54c2011
16.7Dexter Weathers28.64c2010
17.7Walter Roberson29.04c2009
18.7Geric Mack29.14c2010
19.7Calvin Rowland29.44c2009
20.7Zacchaeus Heyward29.84c2011
300 Meters
1.7Dione Louden53.49a2009
2.7Austin Brooker56.73a2009
3.7Calvin Rowland58.03a2009
4.7Austin Addison58.55a2009
5.7Walter Roberson59.10a2009
6.7Alex Cloud63.60a2009
400 Meters
1.7Shakem Bradley55.14c2012
2.7Marlon White57.34c2010
3.7Rashad Gorman62.44c2008
4.7Zacchaeus Heyward64.24c2011
5.7Clifford Barrett64.54c2009
6.7Nathanel Nelson66.04c2009
7.7Zach Stroupe66.14c2012
8.7Geric Mack66.44c2010
9.7Austin Brooker66.54c2009
10.7Dexter Weathers68.54c2010
11.7Christian Free70.14c2012
12.7Nasym Nathanel71.14c2008
13.7Walter Roberson72.04c2009
14.7Steven Clark73.14c2008
7Zafir Kelly73.14c2012
16.7Calvin Rowland75.44c2009
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.7Marlon White55.702010
2.7Andrew Poston63.002010
3.7Marcus Smith64.02007
4.7Rashad Gorman67.02008
800 Meters
1.7Grayson Miller2:36.62009
2.7Matthew Deans2:38.02008
3.7Jaylin Gathers2:39.402011
4.7Rakish Taylor2:41.02007
5.7Alex Cloud2:42.02009
6.7Jantzen Raymond2:43.02009
7Clayvon Wren2:43.02007
8.7Patrick Duggan2:44.002010
9.7Ian Madson2:45.702010
10.7David Mansfield2:47.002011
11.7Austin Addison2:48.32009
12.7Robert Whalen2:49.002011
13.7Hayes Selby2:53.002011
14.7Dra' Lewis2:58.002011
15.7Billy Stallings3:06.002012
7Will Burnside3:06.002011
17.7Greg Moody3:08.02008
1600 Meters
1.7Jantzen Raymond5:39.02009
2.7Patrick Duggan5:49.002010
3.7Grayson Miller5:52.02009
4.7Ian Madson5:59.002010
5.7Hayes Selby6:01.002011
6.7David Mansfield6:03.002011
7.7Robert Whalen6:10.002011
8.7Rakish Taylor6:19.02007
9.7Matthew Deans6:25.02008
10.7Quinn Frontz6:26.02007
11.7Dra' Lewis6:31.002011
12.7Will Burnside6:33.002011
13.7Greg Moody6:46.02008
14.7Billy Stallings6:47.002012
100m Hurdles - 39"
1.7Marlon White15.24c2010
2.7Nathanel Nelson17.14c2009
3.7Dione Louden17.24c2009
4.7Matthew Jackson17.44c2008
5.7Calvin Rowland17.54c2009
6.7D' Aries Nelson18.14c2009
7.7Austin Brooker18.44c2009
8.7Matthew Deans19.34c2008
9.7Norman Thatch20.24c2012
10.7Christian Free22.94c2012
Shot Put - 8lb
1.7Jalen Bell27' 1.002011
Shot Put - 12lb
1.7Jonaris Riley35' 102007
2.7Joey Stowers33' 62009
3.7Joseph Ishmael32' 12008
4.7John Christy29' 112007
5.7Tyler McBeth29' 9.602012
6.7Hunter Herring23' 5.002012
Discus - 1kg
1.7Jalen Bell76' 4.002011
Discus - 1.6kg
1.7Jonaris Riley110' 02007
2.7Joey Stowers89' 102009
3.7Tyler McBeth77' 8.002012
4.7Joseph Ishmael77' 22008
5.7John Christy56' 92007
6.7Hunter Herring52' 5.002012
High Jump
1.7Thomas Machine4' 42008
7Grayson Miller4' 42009
Pole Vault
1.7Andrew Poston11' 0.002010
2.7Jantzen Raymond7' 62009
3.7Bobby Modzel7' 02007
4.7Grayson Miller6' 62009
Long Jump
1.7Chris Bethea18' 7.52008
2.7Ronnie Jamison16' 2.502011
3.7Myron White15' 0.002011
4.7Geric Mack14' 11.002010
5.7Dexter Weathers13' 8.002010
6.7Will Bowman12' 92008
7.7Zacchaeus Heyward11' 10.002011
Triple Jump
1.7Ronnie Jamison31' 0.002011
2.7Myron White28' 7.002011
3.7Will Bowman28' 62008


100 Meters
1.7Zora Garreck13.24c2009
2.7Maddie Johnson13.64c2010
3.7Aveion Woods13.74c2012
4.7Tantalea Jackson13.84c2010
7Shakira Sherman13.84c2007
6.7Amber Johnson13.94c2007
7.7Kimberly Goodwin14.04c2012
7Kameyah Stanton14.04c2012
9.7Alexis Brooker14.14c2007
7Jer'Nasia Coleman14.14c2012
11.7Amari Davis14.34c2010
7Ashley Best14.34c2010
7Brandi Taylor14.34c2009
14.7Celeste Green14.44c2010
15.7Olivia Wright14.54c2008
16.7Meka McGill14.54c2007
17.7Desiree McCray14.64c2007
7Madison Chavis14.64c2012
7De'Arion Johnston14.64c2012
20.7Ashlon Tribble14.74c2011
200 Meters
1.7Jer'Nasia Coleman28.24c2012
7Aveion Woods28.24c2012
3.7Zora Garreck28.44c2009
4.7Tantalea Jackson28.94c2010
7Shakira Sherman28.94c2007
6.7Celeste Green29.84c2010
7.7Alexis Brooker29.94c2007
8.7Ashley Best30.14c2010
9.7Kameyah Stanton30.24c2012
7De'Arion Johnston30.24c2012
11.7Amari Davis30.34c2010
12.7Desiree McCray30.64c2007
13.7Meka McGill30.84c2007
14.7Kimberly Coleman30.94c2008
7Olivia Wright30.94c2008
16.7Whitney Carter31.14c2010
17.7Madison Chavis31.94c2012
18.7Taliyah McBride33.04c2008
19.7Kimberly Goodwin33.24c2012
7Michaela Woodruff33.24c2012
300 Meters
1.7Asia Clea64.29a2009
2.7Brandi Taylor64.42a2009
400 Meters
1.7Shakira Sherman62.54c2007
2.7Jasmine Miller69.44c2009
3.7Aveion Woods70.14c2012
4.7Jer'Nasia Coleman71.34c2012
5.7Ashley Best72.14c2010
7Kimberly Coleman72.14c2008
7Brandi Taylor72.14c2009
8.7Ashlon Tribble72.24c2011
9.7Elisabeth Herbert73.14c2008
10.7Whitney Carter73.24c2010
11.7Celeste Green74.14c2010
12.7Aliyah Johnson76.14c2011
13.7Victoria Malloy77.34c2012
14.7Amber Clea78.14c2008
15.7Kimberly Goodwin83.14c2012
7Kameyah Stanton83.14c2012
17.7Michaela Woodruff87.14c2012
18.7De'Arion Johnston88.14c2012
19.7Selene Means89.14c2008
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.7Amber Johnson69.02007
2.7Amari Davis76.002010
3.7Maddie Johnson78.002010
7Shakira Sherman78.02007
800 Meters
1.7Lauren Holliday2:42.002012
2.7Phylisha Mace2:46.02009
3.7Mary Grace Hutchinson2:49.52008
4.7Krysten Moody2:50.02007
5.7Savannah Radenbaugh2:51.02007
6.7Alexa Vega2:53.002010
7.7Julia Diggs3:00.002010
7Alessandra Malmquist3:00.002011
9.7Emily Kaye Turbeville3:04.002010
7Sarah Sams3:04.02007
11.7Jaynie Buford3:06.002010
12.7Janay Chisolm3:06.92008
13.7Rachel Waters3:08.02009
7Brianna Kennedy3:08.002012
15.7Alexis Stewart3:12.002010
16.7Emily Faber3:16.002010
17.7Abigail Hutchinson3:17.002011
18.7Kelsey Oliver3:18.02009
19.7Kaitlyn Rose3:21.002010
20.7Bailey Smith3:23.002011
1600 Meters
1.7Lauren Holliday5:53.002012
2.7Alessandra Malmquist6:00.002011
3.7Mary Grace Hutchinson6:09.82008
4.7Phylisha Mace6:10.12009
5.7Savannah Radenbaugh6:11.02007
6.7Julia Diggs6:24.002010
7.7Emily Kaye Turbeville6:25.502010
8.7Krysten Moody6:33.02007
9.7Jaynie Buford6:41.002010
10.7Alexa Vega6:47.002010
11.7Abigail Hutchinson6:48.002011
12.7Brianna Kennedy6:51.002012
7Elisabeth Herbert6:51.02008
14.7Janay Chisolm6:53.02008
15.7Sarah Sams6:55.02007
16.7Emily Faber7:07.002010
7Rachel Waters7:07.02009
18.7Bailey Smith7:24.002011
19.7Kelsey Oliver7:25.02009
7Kayla Wendland7:25.002012
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.7Maddie Johnson18.84c2010
2.7Amber Johnson19.04c2007
3.7Jasmine Miller20.44c2009
4.7Desiree McCray20.44c2007
5.7Madison Chavis20.54c2012
6.7Amari Davis21.14c2010
Shot Put - 4kg
1.7Tyra Folks20' 42009
2.7Kirsten Pugh19' 102009
3.7Kelly Plemens12' 102007
Discus - 1kg
1.7Tyra Folks51' 12009
2.7Kirsten Pugh42' 42009
High Jump
1.7Taylor Treacy4' 62007
2.7Jasmine Miller4' 42009
3.7Rachel Waters3' 102009
4.7Meka McGill3' 82007
Pole Vault
1.7Kelsey Oliver5' 62009
7Victoria Malloy5' 6.002012
Long Jump
1.7Alexis Brooker13' 62007
2.7Kimberly Coleman13' 02008
3.7Olivia Wright12' 9.52008
4.7Taliyah McBride11' 62008
5.7Celeste Green11' 0.002010
6.7Meka McGill10' 7.52007
7.7Makenzie Wagner10' 7.002010
Triple Jump
1.7Kimberly Coleman28' 32008
2.7Taliyah McBride26' 92008
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