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11th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.11Javier Hylton11.34a2014
2.11Oshea Johnson11.37a2010
3.11Jimmy McClam11.53a2004
4.11Dakari Chisolm11.68a2010
5.11Travis Waller11.74c2007
6.11Andrew Campbell11.75a2014
7.11Quincy Sanders11.79a2010
8.11Jerry Onyeador11.81a2012
9.11Oshai Powers12.11a2013
10.11Damique Rose12.19a2014
11.11Nick SneadDNS2011
200 Meters
1.11Travis Waller22.94c2007
2.11Jimmy McClam23.16a2004
3.11Maurice Wright23.22a2014
4.11Donnell Young23.34a2004
5.11Oshea Johnson23.61a2010
6.11Quincy Sanders23.69a2010
7.11Javier Hylton23.90a2014
8.11Edwin Walker23.92a2012
9.11Dakari Chisolm24.22a2010
11Juwan McCants24.22a2013
11.11Oshai Powers24.46a2013
12.11Sorie Kargbo24.51a2013
13.11James Scott24.84c2009
14.11Derrick Echevarria25.29a2010
15.11Malik Murray27.30a2014
400 Meters
1.11Daryl Young48.61a2002
2.11Karl Holbert51.84c2004
3.11Travis Waller51.99a2007
4.11Garland Brooks52.14c2010
5.11Justin Bentham52.47a2012
6.11Andrew Chambers52.55a2014
7.11Jason Brandon53.30a2014
8.11Maurice Wright53.32a2014
9.11Malcolm Sykes53.46a2012
10.11Bryan Assan53.47a2012
11.11Vibert Defreitas53.94a2007
12.11Lamar Woods55.44c2007
13.11Sorie Kargbo56.48a2013
14.11Reggie Woods58.14c2008
15.11Michael RowlandDNS2008
11George EmptyFS2008
11Malik MurrayDNS2014
11Juwan McCantsDNS2013
800 Meters
1.11Garland Brooks1:56.44a2010
2.11Jerod Franklin1:56.65a2006
3.11George Empty1:58.37a2008
4.11Najee Anderson1:59.16a2011
5.11Afolabi Aromire1:59.82004
6.11Justin Bentham2:01.98a2013
7.11Troy Browne2:04.15a2009
8.11Jason Brandon2:06.43a2014
9.11Andrew Chambers2:08.35a2014
10.11Lawrence Garrett2:08.60a2009
11.11Maurice Wright2:15.39a2014
12.11Jordon Lewis2:18.62009
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Garland Brooks2:01.002010
1500 Meters
1.11Jerod Franklin4:13.41a2006
1600 Meters
1.11Jerod Franklin4:28.82a2006
2.11Christian Harrison4:30.62a2010
3.11Garland Brooks4:42.002010
4.11Troy Browne4:42.32009
5.11Justin Bentham4:49.58a2013
6.11Willie Carter5:12.72007
7.11Najee Anderson5:20.92009
8.11Lawrence Garrett5:34.52009
1 Mile
1.11Troy Browne4:46.102009
2.11Justin Bentham4:50.502012
3.11Justin BenthamDNS2013
11Garland BrooksDNS2010
3200 Meters
1.11Jerod Franklin10:27.21a2006
2.11Troy Browne10:44.62009
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Brett Brown14.28a2005
2.11Malcolm Sykes14.63a2012
3.11Damique Rose14.98aw2014
4.11Edward Anderson15.14aw2014
5.11Keenan Fenwick15.31a2006
6.11Damein Rose18.83a2013
7.11Amari JenkinsNT2011
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Malcolm Sykes38.42a2012
2.11Anthony Cuff39.28a2002
3.11Edward Anderson39.39a2014
4.11Brett Brown39.57a2005
5.11Damique Rose40.01a2014
6.11Kristopher Hinton41.72a2015
7.11Damein Rose42.24a2013
8.11Bashir Lamptey44.76a2015
9.11Juwan McCants45.14c2013
10.11Alijah Bah49.63a2013
11.11Ascene JacquesDNS2010
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Brett Brown59.05a2005
2.11Damein Rose61.63a2013
2k Steeplechase
1.11Justin Bentham7:12.76a2013
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Robert Moore49' 5.52006
2.11Martin Kangah Jr.46' 11.002013
3.11Daquan Gordon46' 0.002012
4.11Donte Condrey38' 3.842012
5.11*NanaKofi Appiah37' 1.002015
6.11Anthony Williams36' 4.002015
7.11Kevin Jones34' 0.002007
8.11Denzel Stanback30' 72008
9.11Jonathan Smith30' 42008
10.11Phil Coleman30' 32009
11.11Ascene JacquesND2010
11Christopher SennND2010
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Martin Kangah Jr.136' 11.002013
2.11*NanaKofi Appiah136' 6.002015
3.11Robert Moore130' 32006
4.11Donte Condrey126' 11.622012
5.11Daquan Gordon114' 7.002012
6.11Anthony Williams106' 8.002015
7.11Jonathan Smith96' 5.52008
8.11Denzel Stanback93' 42008
9.11Phil Coleman77' 102009
10.11Kevin Jones54' 2.502007
11.11Ascene JacquesND2010
11Christopher LabidouND2010
Long Jump
1.11Vibert Defreitas21' 2.752007
2.11Jerry Onyeador20' 6.462012
3.11Bradley Brown17' 9.002005
4.11Edwin Walker17' 5.502012
5.11*Jeffrey Onyeador17' 1.752015
6.11Amari Jenkins15' 11.502011
7.11Dakari ChisolmND2010
11Sorie KargboND2013
11Ascene JacquesND2010
11Thomas LawrenceND2010
Triple Jump
1.11Jerry Onyeador42' 2.75w2012
2.11Jeffrey Onyeador41' 7.002015
11Vibert Defreitas41' 7.002007
4.11*Kristopher Hinton38' 9.502015


100 Meters
1.11Corryn Hurrington11.81a2009
2.11Lorraine Graham12.34c2009
3.11Crystal Godette12.87a2012
4.11Briana Bailey12.88a2012
5.11Noelle Smith12.97a2009
6.11Ebony Fentry13.18a2010
7.11Danielle Coker13.23a2013
8.11Jamiece Hargrove13.26a2012
9.11Charmaine Jones13.44a2004
10.11Tiffany Harley14.14a2003
11.11Waquesha Canty14.37a2006
12.11Monique Reed14.76a2006
13.11Sierra Williams14.88a2014
14.11Shanece Pratt15.79a2003
200 Meters
1.11Corryn Hurrington24.96a2009
2.11Jamiece Hargrove25.77a2012
3.11Briana Bailey25.87a2012
4.11Chanel Beaudoin25.91a2010
5.11Aliyah Nickens26.22a2011
6.11Dara Jones26.30a2004
7.11Alexus Williams26.49a2014
8.11Noelle Smith27.04c2009
9.11Crystal Godette27.11a2012
10.11Danielle Coker27.29a2013
11.11Brittany Ogunmokun27.34c2007
12.11Monique Reed28.25a2006
13.11Ragime Young28.78a2012
14.11Candice Bowlding29.82a2014
400 Meters
1.11Corryn Hurrington56.98a2009
2.11Ambria Alexander57.71a2004
3.11Alexus Williams58.40a2014
4.11Aliyah Nickens58.43a2011
5.11Brittany Ogunmokun58.85a2007
6.11Dara Jones60.51a2004
7.11Shannon Wade62.24c2004
8.11Imani Matthews62.55a2013
9.11Aiesha Marshall62.84c2009
10.11Danielle Gaynor63.04c2009
11.11Olukemi Adeniji65.20a2011
12.11Monique Reed65.35a2006
13.11Deborah Labidou66.86a2014
14.11Camille Washingon69.14c2009
15.11Jackie Jones71.00a2014
16.11Candice Bowlding72.56a2014
17.11Chonece Milner74.56a2006
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Chanel Beaudoin62.002010
2.11Sarah Tanveer68.002010
800 Meters
1.11Olukemi Adeniji2:20.36a2011
2.11Imani Matthews2:21.08a2013
3.11Denae Ford2:23.12009
4.11Smith Denise2:25.23a2006
5.11Tnay Williams2:25.80a2009
6.11Denise Smith2:26.16a2006
7.11Ciara Scott2:27.33a2012
8.11Danielle Gaynor2:29.55a2009
9.11Shannon Wade2:31.12a2004
10.11Alexis Baynes2:31.93a2014
11.11Dara Kelly2:32.72a2012
12.11Jackie Jones2:34.08a2014
13.11Asha Jones2:34.42004
14.11Sarah Tanveer2:35.002010
15.11Alexus Williams2:39.74a2014
16.11Shannon Hill2:42.32004
17.11Deborah Labidou2:49.50a2014
18.11Ameera Teal2:53.12009
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Chanel Beaudoin2:38.002010
2.11Sarah Tanveer2:45.002010
1500 Meters
1.11Denise Smith5:15.02a2006
1600 Meters
1.11Asia Lewis5:37.82009
2.11Alexis Baynes5:39.05a2014
3.11Smith Denise5:45.78a2006
4.11Danielle Gaynor5:46.72009
5.11Tnay Williams5:47.42009
6.11Sarah Tanveer5:49.72a2010
7.11Jackie Jones5:56.92a2014
8.11Camille Washingon6:02.92009
9.11Deborah Labidou6:48.25a2014
10.11Danitra Savoy7:06.38a2003
1 Mile
1.11Asia Lewis5:51.402009
3200 Meters
1.11Denise Smith12:31.46a2006
2.11Tnay Williams12:39.82009
3.11Asia Lewis13:08.62009
4.11Alexis Baynes13:54.62a2014
5.11Stephanie Lipscomb14:20.32007
40m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Lorraine Graham61.54c2009
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Lorraine Graham13.92a2009
2.11Tiffany Nesfield14.15a2003
3.11Imani Colbert14.24c2007
4.11JoAnne Pitman15.01a2009
5.11Sierra Williams18.15a2014
6.11Atiya StewartDNS2011
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Lorraine Graham43.15a2009
2.11Tiffany Nesfield43.56a2003
3.11Dyonne Hicks47.14a2015
4.11Imani Matthews49.31a2013
5.11Jean Udo49.51a2011
6.11Briana Bailey49.54c2012
7.11Sierra Williams51.33a2014
8.11Nelana James53.67a2015
9.11Atiya Stewart54.52a2011
10.11Jamiece Hargrove54.87a2012
11.11Tishana Dorn55.64c2009
12.11Tnay WilliamsDNS2009
11JoAnne PitmanDNS2009
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Imani Matthews68.26a2013
2k Steeplechase
1.11Tnay Williams8:05.00a2009
2.11Dara KellyDNS2012
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Brelyn Finley40' 8.752009
2.11Jojuan Gross40' 8.002010
3.11Sue Izevbigie35' 4.252004
4.11Kayla Harley30' 4.962012
5.11Sharita Moore30' 3.52009
6.11*Alanna Hunt30' 1.002015
7.11Jaida Jenkins29' 6.502012
8.11Eileen Martin27' 10.752015
9.11M'Balu Conteh27' 7.002012
10.11Tiarra Eittison23' 12009
11.11Mia Reed23' 0.002007
12.11Briana Debrew18' 11.002013
Discus - 1kg
1.11Brelyn Finley109' 0.52009
2.11*Daiysa Burrell107' 8.002015
3.11Jojuan Gross105' 7.002010
4.11Sharita Moore104' 92009
5.11Kayla Harley102' 5.002012
6.11M'Balu Conteh87' 5.002012
7.11Bria Scott82' 6.502012
8.11Eileen Martin78' 1.002015
9.11Mia Reed76' 9.002007
11Sue Izevbigie76' 92004
11.11Tiarra Eittison52' 92009
High Jump
1.11Lorraine Graham5' 22009
11Heather Patton5' 2.002004
3.11Victoria Jones5' 02003
4.11Shannon Wade4' 102004
5.11Savon Manley4' 5.502005
6.11Jean Udo4' 4.002011
7.11Tishana DornNH2009
11Kayla McDonaldNH2014
Long Jump
1.11Lorraine Graham18' 5.52009
2.11Jean Udo15' 10.002011
3.11Jamiece Hargrove15' 6.002012
4.11JoAnne Pitman15' 22009
5.11Briana Bailey15' 0.752012
6.11Cameron Wilcher13' 5.252015
7.11Nelana James13' 3.252015
8.11Ebony FentryND2010
Triple Jump
1.11Heather Patton37' 4.002004
2.11Sharita MooreND2009
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