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10th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.10Jared Fullmer11.64c2006
10Tyler Weaver11.64c2011
3.10Styrling Morris11.93a2014
4.10Deran Weaver11.94c2013
5.10Clint Smith12.04c2007
6.10Peter Whitworth12.06a2015
7.10Dylan Bybee12.34c2008
10Dallas Evans12.34c2010
9.10Ryan Larson12.54c2009
10.10Tayson Bullock12.64a2014
11.10Justin Viehweg12.67a2012
12.10Fernando Mendoza12.74c2013
13.10Brandon Smedley12.94c2013
10Dustin Wheatley12.94c2008
15.10Parker Stucki13.01a2014
16.10Bailey Lynn13.04c2010
10Zach Myler13.04c2011
18.10Jeff Huckstep13.14c2009
19.10Riley McQuivey13.37a2014
20.10Ammon Marshall13.44c2014
200 Meters
1.10Tyler Weaver22.84c2011
2.10Deran Weaver24.54a2013
3.10Justin Shaffer24.94c2009
4.10Ryan Larson25.14c2009
5.10Brandon Smedley25.40a2013
6.10Ammon Marshall25.58a2014
7.10Jeff Huckstep26.14c2009
8.10Dallas Evans26.54c2010
10Casey James26.54c2010
10.10Tayson Bullock26.87a2014
11.10Fernando Mendoza27.22a2013
12.10Parker Stucki27.27a2014
13.10Rees Thomas28.14c2009
14.10Chyler Bullock28.94c2009
15.10Kelby Andersen29.64c2010
16.10Bailey LynnNT2010
10Steve CoburnNT2010
10Dylan BybeeNT2008
10Dustin WheatleyNT2008
10Riley BrownNT2007
400 Meters
1.10Tyler Weaver50.18a2011
2.10Jared Fullmer52.44c2006
3.10Justin Shaffer57.34c2009
4.10Shawn Buxton59.94c2009
5.10Joseph Stoddard61.14c2007
6.10Peter Whitworth64.24c2015
7.10Parker Stucki65.22a2014
8.10Tanner Beutler66.60a2014
9.10Tyler HammerNT2011
10Steve CoburnNT2010
800 Meters
1.10Styrling Morris2:17.002014
2.10Fernando Mendoza2:18.70a2013
3.10Lance Walters2:28.62007
4.10Justin Shaffer2:30.02009
5.10Kelby Andersen2:31.102010
6.10Jeremy Housel2:35.002010
7.10Wes Ercanbrack2:36.002010
10Tanner Beutler2:36.002014
9.10Kaden Laga2:37.502010
10.10Aaron BrownNT2007
10Josh TreasureNT2007
10Brandon SmedleyNT2013
1600 Meters
1.10Kelby Andersen5:36.102010
2.10Jeremy Housel5:55.502010
3.10Tanner Beutler6:11.00a2014
4.10Kaden Laga6:17.002010
5.10Trinity Sharbono6:47.502010
6.10Wes ErcanbrackNT2010
10Lance WaltersNT2007
10Joseph StoddardNT2007
10Josh TreasureNT2007
10Landon FonnesbeckNT2007
3200 Meters
1.10Kelby Andersen12:23.002010
2.10Trinity Sharbono15:33.002010
100m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Ryan Larson26.24c2009
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Styrling Morris18.11a2014
2.10Dallas Evans19.94c2010
3.10Ammon Marshall21.39a2014
4.10Andrew Anderson22.04c2010
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Shawn Buxton50.14c2009
2.10Andrew Anderson52.34c2010
3.10Deran Weaver52.74c2013
4.10Dallas Evans53.44c2010
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Josh Dalley44' 2.52006
2.10Riley Brown34' 52007
3.10Wes Morris32' 3.002010
4.10Karl Hunt30' 62009
5.10Tristan Worley28' 0.502011
6.10Kylor Sheppick27' 8.002011
7.10Bryce Shaffer27' 72007
8.10Andrew Anderson27' 3.002010
9.10Zach Myler26' 0.002011
10.10Jack Wynn25' 5.502014
11.10Dylan Ware23' 62009
12.10Hadley Morrison22' 4.002011
13.10Joe Linford18' 3.002011
14.10Larramie TrippND2010
10Tyler BrownND2012
10Jared JohnsonND2012
10Cameron ShurtliffND2012
10Cameron ShurtliffND2013
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Josh Dalley112' 02006
2.10Riley Brown109' 12007
3.10Karl Hunt87' 02009
4.10Bryce Shaffer83' 02007
5.10Kylor Sheppick76' 0.002011
6.10Larramie Tripp71' 4.002010
7.10Andrew Anderson71' 0.002010
8.10Tristan Worley68' 3.002011
9.10Jack Wynn67' 0.002014
10.10Wes Morris65' 0.002010
11.10Dylan Ware61' 112009
12.10Joe Linford60' 0.002011
13.10Steve CoburnND2010
10Jared JohnsonND2012
10Tyler BrownND2012
10Cameron ShurtliffND2012
High Jump
1.10Styrling Morris5' 8.002014
2.10Justin Viehweg5' 6.002012
10Richard Bitton5' 62007
4.10Shawn Buxton5' 42009
5.10Bryce ShafferNH2007
10Clint SmithNH2007
10Landon FonnesbeckNH2007
10Riley McQuiveyNH2014
Long Jump
1.10Dylan Bybee19' 9.752008
2.10Ammon Marshall18' 4.002014
3.10Dustin Wheatley17' 8.52008
4.10Shawn Buxton17' 52009
5.10Peter Whitworth17' 4.502015
6.10Clint Smith17' 2.52007
7.10Styrling Morris16' 10.002014
8.10Christian Landes16' 82008
9.10Deran Weaver16' 3.502013
10.10Tayson Bullock16' 0.002014
11.10Richard Bitton15' 10.52007
12.10Brandon Smedley15' 2.502013
13.10Daniel Whitaker14' 6.52007
14.10Aaron Brown14' 42007
15.10Riley McQuivey13' 11.002014
16.10Landon FonnesbeckND2007
10Tyler HammerND2011
Triple Jump
1.10Christian Landes37' 10.252008
2.10Brandon Smedley37' 3.002013
3.10Dylan Bybee36' 62008
4.10Ammon Marshall36' 3.002014
5.10Dustin Wheatley36' 02008
6.10Peter Whitworth33' 7.702015


100 Meters
1.10Brinn Peck13.64c2015
2.10Angie Morris13.84c2010
3.10Piercly Burmester13.94c2009
4.10SheriaDia Thomas14.04c2010
10Ashley Case14.04c2006
6.10Alyssa Harmon14.16a2013
7.10Paige Vorwaller14.28a2015
8.10Janelle Wright14.34c2008
9.10Rylee Belnap14.44c2015
10.10Abby Williams14.54c2007
11.10ShyAnn Mikesell14.74c2011
12.10Ashlynn Marshall14.78a2015
13.10Kathryn Taylor15.03a2012
14.10Breanne Morris15.04c2013
10Kylie Hancock15.04c2013
16.10Jillian Murray15.14c2008
10Matracea McBride15.14c2009
18.10Kathryn Taylor15.79a2013
19.10Rachel Ercanbrack16.04c2015
20.10Madisen MortensenNT2013
200 Meters
1.10Brinn Peck28.22a2015
2.10Piercly Burmester28.54c2009
3.10Abby Williams28.64c2007
4.10Angie Morris28.94c2010
5.10Cianna Aagard29.04c2015
6.10Ashley Case29.34c2006
7.10Alyssa Harmon29.54c2013
8.10SheriaDia Thomas29.74c2010
9.10ShyAnn Mikesell29.84c2011
10.10Kylie Hancock31.14c2013
11.10Breanne Morris31.64c2013
12.10Matracea McBride31.84c2009
13.10Kathryn Taylor31.99a2012
14.10Rachel Ercanbrack33.04c2015
15.10Madison Traini33.64c2015
16.10Madisen MortensenNT2012
10MacKenzie HammerNT2012
10Jillian MurrayNT2008
10Janelle WrightNT2008
400 Meters
1.10Amanda Marshall63.08a2011
2.10Abby Williams63.94c2007
3.10Alyssa Harmon67.48a2013
4.10Cianna Aagard69.11a2015
5.10Melina Christensen70.11a2015
6.10Jessica Dunn70.14c2011
7.10Kathryn Taylor70.51a2012
8.10Matracea McBride70.54c2009
9.10Madisan Stucki72.04a2013
10.10Rachel Ercanbrack73.14a2015
11.10Madison Traini75.44c2015
12.10Paige Vorwaller76.14c2015
13.10Jillian MurrayNT2008
800 Meters
1.10Kassidy Burmester2:31.93a2015
2.10Chelsea Day2:43.802011
3.10Rachel Ercanbrack2:46.58a2015
4.10Melina Christensen2:59.002015
5.10Madison Traini3:00.002015
6.10Sydnee Lish3:01.002015
7.10Willow JohnsonNT2010
10Nicole HillNT2010
1600 Meters
1.10Kassidy Burmester5:35.25a2015
2.10Madisan Stucki6:33.55a2013
3.10Laura Hansen6:37.32006
4.10Sydnee Lish7:11.002015
3200 Meters
1.10Kassidy Burmester11:49.87a2015
2.10Laura Hansen14:26.22006
3.10Madisan StuckiNT2013
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Katie Anderson18.60a2014
2.10Ashlynn Marshall19.53a2015
3.10Janelle Wright19.94c2008
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Katie Anderson53.98a2014
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Faith Lolofie34' 11.002013
2.10Sarah Viehweg33' 1.002010
3.10Kayla Johnson26' 1.002013
4.10Starr Evangelista24' 8.002014
5.10Jordyn Galloway23' 52009
6.10Nicole HillND2010
10Willow JohnsonND2010
Discus - 1kg
1.10Faith Lolofie101' 8.002013
2.10Sarah Viehweg73' 1.002010
3.10Starr Evangelista71' 4.002014
4.10Jordyn Galloway70' 82009
5.10Kayla Johnson61' 0.002013
6.10Nicole HillND2010
10Willow JohnsonND2010
10Carly LagaND2006
High Jump
1.10Brinn Peck4' 8.002015
2.10Brinn Peck4' 10.002015
3.10Breanne Morris4' 6.002013
4.10Paige Vorwaller4' 4.002015
10Katie Anderson4' 4.002014
10Sarah Viehweg4' 4.002010
Long Jump
1.10Rylee Belnap15' 4.002015
2.10Amanda Marshall15' 0.752011
3.10Cianna Aagard14' 8.002015
4.10Janelle Wright14' 4.52008
5.10Ashlynn Marshall13' 9.002015
6.10Katie Anderson13' 7.002014
7.10Jessica Dunn12' 10.002011
8.10Abby Williams12' 72007
9.10Jillian Murray11' 112008
10.10Carly LagaND2006
10SheriaDia ThomasND2010
10Kathryn TaylorND2012
Triple Jump
1.10Rylee Belnap32' 9.752015
2.10Ashlynn Marshall30' 11.002015
3.10Jillian Murray27' 4.752008
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