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11th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.11Darryl Simons10.94c2006
2.11Darin Dooley11.74c2009
11Jacob Sutherin11.74c2013
4.11Jordan Kidman11.84c2007
5.11Spencer Dye11.87a2013
6.11Lance Howell11.94c2010
11Austin Johnson11.94c2015
8.11Gabe Nii12.04c2009
9.11Daren Snyder12.14c2007
10.11Randy Searle12.24c2006
11Kody Fellows12.24c2009
11Carson Kantack12.24c2015
11Rollin Sutherin12.24c2015
14.11Daniel Cook12.29a2007
15.11Matthew Orme12.34c2015
11Jessie Higley12.34a2010
17.11Aaron Adams12.35a2010
18.11Brandon Park12.54c2009
19.11Dylan Morrill12.61a2010
20.11Brayden Wheeler12.62a2009
200 Meters
1.11Tyrel Dial22.44c2006
2.11Darryl Simons22.64c2006
3.11Darin Dooley22.71a2009
4.11Daren Snyder23.64c2007
5.11Jacob Sutherin23.74c2013
6.11Daniel Cook24.14c2007
7.11Bo Evans24.16a2009
8.11David Searle24.43a2015
9.11Aaron Adams25.00a2010
10.11Gabe Nii25.04c2009
11.11Austin Stewart25.14c2015
11Marcus Gillespie25.14c2015
13.11Kody Fellows25.24c2009
14.11Ethen Frost25.35a2015
15.11Derek Morrill25.41a2010
16.11Brayden Wheeler25.44c2009
17.11Jessie Higley25.45a2010
18.11Matthew Orme25.80a2015
19.11Dylan Morrill25.86a2010
20.11Brandon Park25.94c2009
400 Meters
1.11Tyrel Dial50.14c2006
2.11David Searle51.95a2015
3.11Bo Evans54.34c2009
4.11Marcus Gillespie54.59a2015
5.11A.J Hansen55.04c2007
6.11Austin Stewart55.60a2015
7.11Chase Barrow55.84c2015
8.11Hendrik Berger55.92a2014
9.11Matthew Orme56.22a2015
10.11Cody Fowler56.64c2007
11.11Mark Crandall57.34c2015
12.11Lance Howell59.24c2010
13.11Josh Wells60.24c2007
14.11Carson Kantack60.46a2015
15.11Bruce Kotter61.07a2010
16.11Cameron Archibald61.74c2007
17.11Eli Dial62.04c2015
18.11Brandon Winward62.27a2014
19.11Stanton Tawzer62.36a2009
20.11T.J Osburn62.44c2006
800 Meters
1.11David Searle1:59.15a2015
2.11Austin Stewart2:06.302015
3.11Mark Crandall2:07.602015
11Robert Roy2:07.62006
5.11Cody Fowler2:09.02007
6.11Daniel Crain2:10.26a2009
7.11Chase Barrow2:12.002015
8.11Hendrik Berger2:16.402014
11A.J Hansen2:16.42007
10.11Jake Dye2:20.49a2009
11.11Eric Dye2:22.87a2010
12.11Eric Monsewillo2:23.22009
13.11Brandon Winward2:23.36a2014
14.11Hans Haroldsen2:37.02009
15.11Max Allred2:40.42007
16.11Tyson CoxNT2007
1500 Meters
1.11Brandon Winward5:37.402014
1600 Meters
1.11Austin Stewart4:35.46a2015
2.11Mark Crandall4:40.09a2015
3.11David Searle4:55.102015
4.11Tyson Cox4:56.82007
5.11Cody Fowler5:04.32007
6.11Brandon Cox5:06.00a2011
7.11Robert Roy5:10.02006
8.11Brandon Winward5:14.69a2014
9.11Jake Dye5:21.55a2009
10.11T.J Osburn5:31.92006
11.11Eric Monsewillo5:32.93a2009
12.11Hans Haroldsen6:09.62009
13.11Michael Cook8:15.92008
14.11Max AllredNT2007
11Cody JohnsonNT2010
11Chase BarrowNT2015
3200 Meters
1.11Austin Stewart9:49.8ha2015
2.11Mark Crandall10:06.56a2015
3.11Tyson Cox10:45.92007
4.11Brandon Cox11:17.47a2011
5.11Brandon Winward11:20.28a2014
6.11T.J Osburn11:46.12006
7.11Max Allred12:36.22007
8.11Robert RoyNT2006
11Hans HaroldsenDNS2009
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Travis Maynard15.24c2006
2.11Josh (Taylor) Wilson16.38a2010
3.11Josh Leal17.08a2012
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Travis Maynard40.24c2006
2.11Bo Evans42.41a2009
3.11Josh Leal45.94a2012
4.11Josh (Taylor) Wilson48.26a2010
5.11Eli Dial49.09a2015
6.11Daniel CrainNT2009
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Randy Searle43' 92006
2.11McKenzie Lund42' 10.002010
3.11Kade Robertson42' 42009
4.11Andy Lockhart41' 6.52007
5.11Michael Cook39' 32008
6.11Dusty Ballard35' 4.002010
7.11Garrett Smith34' 7.002012
8.11Vince Landon34' 6.002011
9.11Josh Calderwood33' 2.502014
10.11Justin Stanger31' 62007
11.11Wesley Killpack30' 11.002013
12.11Chase Wray29' 22006
13.11Trystan Villeneuve29' 0.002014
14.11Van Stonehocker28' 42009
15.11Nathan WeeksND2010
11Trevor SmithND2013
11Justin AckermanND2014
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11McKenzie Lund129' 8.002010
2.11Michael Cook121' 22008
3.11Andy Lockhart109' 12007
11Randy Searle109' 12006
5.11Vince Landon107' 2.002011
6.11Chase Wray101' 62006
7.11Josh Calderwood101' 3.002014
8.11A.J Hansen99' 102007
9.11Dusty Ballard95' 5.002010
10.11Justin Stanger90' 22007
11.11Garrett Smith88' 9.002012
12.11Trystan Villeneuve86' 9.002014
13.11Van Stonehocker77' 22009
14.11Wesley Killpack76' 7.002013
15.11Nathan WeeksND2010
11Trevor SmithND2013
11Justin AckermanND2014
High Jump
1.11David Searle5' 6.002015
11Spencer Dye5' 6.002013
11Bruce Kotter5' 6.002010
4.11A.J Hansen5' 42007
5.11AJ Ruiznh2009
11Michael PyrahNH2011
11Mark CrandallNH2015
11Chase BarrowNH2015
Pole Vault
1.11Rollin Sutherin13' 6.002015
2.11Spencer Dye12' 0.002013
3.11Takoda Bingham11' 0.002014
4.11Michael Pyrah8' 0.002011
11Jacob Bingham8' 02006
6.11Dylan MorrillNH2010
11Derek MorrillNH2010
Long Jump
1.11Gabe Nii20' 1.252009
2.11Ethen Frost19' 6.752015
3.11Austin Johnson19' 1.002015
4.11Austin Wilde18' 5.002011
5.11Rollin Sutherin17' 9.252015
6.11Bruce Kotter17' 6.252010
7.11Jake Murdoch17' 1.752012
8.11Daniel Crain17' 0.52009
9.11Aaron Adams16' 7.002010
10.11Josh Calderwood14' 7.752014
11.11AJ Ruiz14' 72009
12.11Brandon Cox14' 3.002011
13.11Colin Anderson14' 02006
14.11Michael Pyrah12' 5.002011
15.11Tyler KillpackND2013
11Devin NiiND2007
11Zach MorganND2009
11Eric MonsewilloND2009
11Brayden WheelerND2009
Triple Jump
1.11Jordan Kidman41' 5.52007
2.11Austin Wilde38' 0.502011
3.11Jake Murdoch36' 5.502012
4.11Bruce Kotter36' 1.502010
5.11A.J Hansen32' 102007
6.11Cameron Archibald32' 72007
7.11Josh Wells31' 12007


100 Meters
1.11Naomi Anderson13.34c2006
2.11Angie Kidman13.74c2009
11Holly Dooley13.74c2014
4.11Mikayla Cowley13.94c2007
11Allison Porter13.94c2007
11Ashley Nielsen13.94c2008
7.11Maria Franco14.05a2013
8.11Tracie Ceja14.24c2011
9.11Indigo Young14.40a2013
10.11Cassidy Wilde15.04c2011
11.11Gwen Bushnell15.34c2007
12.11Michela Schwartz15.64c2006
11Kayla Nielsen15.64c2008
14.11Stacy Knight15.74c2007
15.11Sarah Dial16.14c2009
16.11Mariya Mushimova18.78a2012
17.11Erica BradshawNT2007
200 Meters
1.11Angie Kidman26.73a2009
2.11Klarissa Andersen27.84c2015
3.11Hannah Hanson28.46a2015
4.11Ashley Nielsen28.84c2008
5.11LeAnn Larkin29.14a2015
11Brooke Wright29.14c2015
7.11Allison Porter29.34c2007
11Misty McCormick29.34c2006
11Kristy Gulbransen29.34c2008
10.11Mikayla Cowley29.44c2007
11.11Maria Franco29.53a2013
12.11Shelby Dufur29.64c2009
13.11Janelle Harker30.67a2008
14.11Sarah Dial30.96a2009
15.11Jayme Gregory32.14c2009
16.11Gwen Bushnell32.24c2007
17.11Cassidy Wilde32.34c2011
18.11Stacy Knight32.44c2007
19.11Michela Schwartz34.24c2006
20.11Erica BradshawNT2007
400 Meters
1.11LeAnn Larkin61.39a2015
2.11Klarissa Andersen62.20a2015
3.11Hannah Hanson62.72a2015
4.11Kristy Gulbransen64.14c2008
5.11Cambria Hassell66.14c2014
6.11Marley Dye66.84a2015
7.11Holly Dooley67.34c2014
8.11Indigo Young69.13a2013
9.11Mikayla Cowley72.34c2007
10.11Stacy Knight75.44c2007
11.11Janelle Harker78.14c2008
12.11Michela SchwartzNT2006
11Tracie CejaNT2011
11Laura PyrahNT2013
800 Meters
1.11Klarissa Andersen2:21.25a2015
2.11LeAnn Larkin2:24.78a2015
3.11Cambria Hassell2:28.76a2014
4.11Aylee Andersen2:45.97a2015
5.11Megan McLeish2:57.03a2011
6.11Stacy Knight2:57.72007
7.11Julie Martinez2:58.56a2014
8.11Sarah Dial3:20.02009
1500 Meters
1.11Julie Martinez6:32.502014
1600 Meters
1.11Klarissa Andersen5:27.04a2015
2.11Cambria Hassell5:45.602014
3.11LeAnn Larkin5:54.102015
4.11Lynzi Coronado6:13.52007
5.11Aylee Andersen6:29.102015
6.11Julie Martinez6:49.102014
7.11Micki Albertson6:58.02006
8.11Kayla Nielsen7:16.02008
9.11Megan McLeish7:46.002011
3200 Meters
1.11Klarissa Andersen11:40.14a2015
2.11Cambria Hassell12:05.56a2014
3.11Lynzi Coronado13:13.02007
4.11Kayla Nielsen17:26.02008
5.11Micki AlbertsonNT2006
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Holly Dooley16.35a2014
2.11Shelby Dufur16.59a2009
3.11Janelle Harker16.94a2008
4.11Cassidy Wilde17.24c2011
5.11Whitney Wilson18.64c2007
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Whitney Wilson48.04c2007
2.11Holly Dooley48.10a2014
3.11Shelby Dufur48.36a2009
4.11Indigo Young51.99a2013
5.11Taylor Young52.29a2014
6.11Janelle Harker52.84c2008
7.11LeAnn Larkin53.04c2015
8.11Cassidy Wilde53.37a2011
9.11Deidre WilsonNT2012
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Deidre Wilson38' 1.002012
2.11Brecklyn Hobbs33' 5.002014
3.11Lindsey Jensen31' 82006
4.11Sarah Bird31' 62006
5.11Jacqueline Wilson28' 6.002015
6.11Sage Wood19' 3.002013
Discus - 1kg
1.11Deidre Wilson122' 6.002012
2.11Sarah Bird111' 112006
3.11Jacqueline Wilson101' 1.002015
4.11Lindsey Jensen98' 82006
5.11Mikayla Cowley89' 72007
6.11Brecklyn Hobbs62' 10.002014
7.11Sage Wood55' 5.002013
High Jump
1.11Shelby Dufur5' 22009
2.11Gwean Marlow5' 0.002014
3.11Allison Porter4' 62007
4.11Michela Schwartz4' 42006
5.11Laura PyrahNH2013
11Klarissa AndersenNH2015
11LeAnn LarkinNH2015
Pole Vault
1.11Marley Dye9' 6.002015
2.11Taylor Young8' 3.002014
3.11Jayme Gregory7' 02009
Long Jump
1.11Angie Kidman15' 6.252009
2.11Hannah Hanson15' 5.502015
3.11Micki Albertson14' 5.752006
4.11Michela Schwartz14' 1.252006
5.11Misty McCormick13' 92006
6.11Stacy Knight11' 72007
7.11Gwen BushnellND2007
11Mariya MushimovaND2012
11Megan JensenND2012
11Indigo YoungSCR2013
Triple Jump
1.11Cassidy Wilde26' 1.002011
2.11Jayme Gregory26' 02009
3.11Gwean MarlowND2014
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