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    Lutes - Tacoma, WA

Sophomore Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.SoI.V. Reeves10.90a2011
2.SoMarqui Makupson11.20a2013
3.SoNate Jackson11.41a2009
4.SoShaun Bradley11.45a2014
5.SoBarrett Bollen11.50a2010
6.SoBrady Daly11.68a2015
7.SoColin Alexander11.80a2010
8.SoJoshua Hoare11.89a2015
9.SoDavid Fisher11.97a2011
10.SoChris Edgecomb12.13a2014
11.SoAlex Holden11.9h2011
12.SoJoseph Mungai12.20a2012
13.SoJordan Adamson12.26a2011
14.SoChester Holt12.92a2010
15.SoTaylor Astel13.07a2011
200 Meters
1.SoI.V. Reeves22.32a2011
2.SoIgnacio Ibarra22.64a2014
3.SoBarrett Bollen23.00a2010
4.SoBrady Daly23.15a2015
5.SoDavid Fisher23.61a2011
6.SoShaun Bradley23.75a2014
7.SoNate Jackson23.76a2009
8.SoJoshua Hoare24.22a2015
9.SoNolan Adams25.75a2007
10.SoJoshua Olsen26.10a2012
400 Meters
1.SoColin Alexander49.93a2010
2.SoBarrett Bollen50.24a2010
3.SoIgnacio Ibarra50.39a2014
4.SoDavid Fisher50.51a2011
5.SoJoseph Mungai54.93a2012
800 Meters
1.SoOrion Bras1:59.63a2010
2.SoTyler Nugent2:05.86a2004
3.SoChris Ramirez2:06.18a2008
4.SoMark Manske2:06.36a2008
5.SoColin Alexander2:07.23a2010
6.SoNolan Adams2:09.66a2007
7.SoBrendon Bonnell2:18.85a2015
1500 Meters
1.SoJohn Phillips4:14.56a2010
2.SoSean Andrascik4:17.63a2010
3.SoOrion Bras4:17.84a2010
4.SoMark Manske4:20.34a2008
5.SoKenneth Chilcoat4:20.90a2006
6.SoEgan Dunning4:21.08a2015
7.SoBarrett Bollen4:23.87a2010
8.SoBrendon Bonnell4:29.13a2015
9.SoCharlie Mogen4:30.00a2015
10.SoJordan Steves4:33.78a2013
11.SoJoseph Mungai4:36.90a2012
12.SoColin Alexander4:50.01a2010
13.SoMatthew Beal4:57.49a2010
5000 Meters
1.SoAlan DenAdel15:41.53a2012
2.SoJohn Phillips16:42.34a2010
3.SoKolter Grigsby16:44.11a2011
4.SoAlex Martin17:05.15a2010
10,000 Meters
1.SoKolter Grigsby34:19.17a2011
2.SoCharlie Mogen34:37.20a2015
3.SoAustin Martin35:28.53a2010
110m Hurdles - 42"
1.SoAlan Bell15.39a2013
2.SoJon Payne15.53a2003
3.SoJeffrey Tolman15.90a2011
4.SoColin Alexander17.62a2010
5.SoBarrett Bollen18.04a2010
6.SoJoseph Mungai19.07a2012
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.SoJon Payne53.91a2003
2.SoBarrett Bollen56.13a2010
3.SoColin Alexander57.02a2010
4.SoAlan Bell57.56a2013
5.SoChris Edgecomb57.91a2014
6.SoNathan Karle1:10.27a2011
3k Steeplechase
1.SoSean Andrascik10:09.34a2010
2.SoEgan Dunning10:31.79a2015
3.SoNolan Adams10:32.44a2007
4.SoAlex Martin10:32.94a2010
5.SoKolter Grigsby10:47.48a2011
6.SoBrendon Bonnell11:03.98a2015
7.SoNathaniel Allen-Slaba11:18.47a2011
8.SoMatthew Beal11:33.58a2010
Shot Put - 12lb
1.SoJeff Nielsen13.65m 2008
Shot Put - 16lb
1.SoKyle Peart15.71m 2012
2.SoLucas Hatton15.08m 2015
3.SoTevon Stephens-Brown14.99m 2013
4.SoRyan Ransavage14.86m 2011
5.SoMichael Johnson14.27m 2004
6.SoBrendan Peterson13.74m 2013
7.SoJeff Nielsen13.04m 2008
8.SoConor McNeill12.93m 2009
9.SoJackson Pierce12.07m 2013
10.SoJoel Ramos11.29m 2010
11.SoBarrett Bollen10.34m 2010
12.SoColin Alexander9.70m 2010
13.SoChester Holt9.09m 2010
14.SoJoseph Mungai8.31m 2012
Discus - 2kg
1.SoDan Haakenson45.29m 2003
2.SoMycal Ford45.17m 2010
3.SoMichael Johnson44.27m 2004
4.SoRyan Ransavage43.36m 2011
5.SoKyle Peart42.89m 2012
6.SoNigel Anselmi42.22m 2010
7.SoTevon Stephens-Brown40.69m 2013
8.SoLucas Hatton39.64m 2015
9.SoConor McNeill35.87m 2009
10.SoJackson Pierce35.49m 2013
11.SoColin Alexander34.50m 2010
12.SoJoel Ramos34.34m 2010
13.SoJeff Nielsen33.86m 2008
14.SoBarrett Bollen31.77m 2010
15.SoBrian Price28.35m 2008
16.SoJoseph Mungai21.80m 2012
Javelin - 800g
1.SoErik Swartout60.87m 2015
2.SoMichael Hatlen54.68m 2015
3.SoBrian Price42.01m 2008
4.SoBjorn Berkedal37.26m 2010
5.SoBarrett Bollen36.26m 2010
6.SoColin Alexander35.25m 2010
7.SoChester Holt31.93m 2010
8.SoJoseph Mungai23.50m 2012
High Jump
1.SoTyler Faust1.81m 2008
2.SoJoseph Mungai1.78m 2012
SoJoshua Olsen1.78m 2012
4.SoColin Alexander1.73m 2010
5.SoTaylor Astel1.68m 2011
6.SoBarrett Bollen1.58m 2010
Pole Vault
1.SoChester Holt4.47m 2010
2.SoIgnacio Ibarra4.43m 2014
3.SoColin Alexander3.80m 2010
4.SoBarrett Bollen3.74m 2010
5.SoJoseph Mungai2.74m 2012
Long Jump
1.SoJoseph Mungai6.20m 2012
2.SoShaun Bradley5.98m 2014
3.SoColin Alexander5.63m 2010
4.SoBrady Daly5.53m 2015
5.SoTaylor Astel5.49m 2011
6.SoBarrett Bollen5.45m 2010
7.SoChester Holt5.29m 2010
8.SoSteven McDonald5.21m 2011
9.SoJoshua Hoare4.94m 2015
10.SoTyler Faust4.93m 2008
Triple Jump
1.SoI.V. Reeves13.51m 2011
2.SoJoseph Mungai12.68m 2012
3.SoSteven McDonald12.35m 2011
4.SoShaun Bradley11.72m 2014
5.SoMarqui Makupson11.39m 2013
Hammer - 16lb
1.SoKyle Peart55.65m 2012
2.SoRyan Ransavage53.65m 2011
3.SoConor McNeill52.72m 2009
4.SoDan Haakenson51.92m 2003
5.SoMichael Johnson51.71m 2004
6.SoJoel Ramos47.38m 2010
7.SoLucas Hatton45.44m 2015
8.SoTevon Stephens-Brown45.30m 2013
9.SoMycal Ford45.04m 2010
10.SoJackson Pierce44.42m 2013
11.SoNigel Anselmi43.30m 2010
12.SoJeff Nielsen40.41m 2008
13.SoBrian Price36.42m 2008
14.SoBjorn BerkedalFOUL2010
Decathlon Score
1.SoBarrett Bollen56502010
2.SoColin Alexander53372010
3.SoJoseph Mungai46202012


100 Meters
1.SoChelsea Putnam12.61a2010
2.SoLakia Arceneaux12.72a2009
3.SoKatheryn Jahnsen12.75a2011
4.SoNicole Dandridge12.83a2015
5.SoAmanda Wilson12.91a2014
6.SoMadison Sehlke12.98a2011
7.SoMadison Keele13.61a2012
8.SoOlivia Raymond13.81a2015
9.SoNicole Jones14.19a2011
10.SoTiffany Boyd14.36a2012
11.SoAngela Kern14.56a2012
12.SoLeah Johnson14.57a2015
13.SoHeidi Johnson14.97a2015
200 Meters
1.SoLakia Arceneaux25.90a2009
2.SoChelsea Putnam26.20a2010
3.SoAmanda Wilson26.36a2014
4.SoNicole Dandridge26.41a2015
5.SoKatheryn Jahnsen26.53a2011
6.SoMadison Guscott26.65a2014
7.SoMadison Sehlke26.98a2011
8.SoMadison Keele27.47a2012
9.SoEmalie Gauntz27.64a2015
10.SoTaryn Dee27.90a2014
11.SoLeah Johnson29.90a2015
12.SoMadelyn Bernard30.18a2014
400 Meters
1.SoAmanda Wilson59.42a2014
2.SoMadison Guscott1:00.72a2014
3.SoEmalie Gauntz1:01.33a2015
4.SoTaryn Dee1:03.05a2014
5.SoChiara Rose-Witt1:05.49a2011
6.SoMadison Sehlke1:06.06a2011
7.SoMorgan Trask1:09.28a2009
800 Meters
1.SoMichelle Hegg2:29.92a2008
2.SoChiara Rose-Witt2:32.22a2011
3.SoKatheryn Jahnsen2:33.33a2011
4.SoMorgan Trask2:52.43a2009
1500 Meters
1.SoShailee Woodard5:11.45a2015
2.SoTaryn Dee5:11.98a2014
5000 Meters
1.SoLexie Miller18:40.23a2008
2.SoAshley Jamieson18:47.54a2004
3.SoCandace Attwood20:35.28a2009
4.SoErica Johnson20:48.48a2010
5.SoRebekah Blakney21:10.90a2010
10,000 Meters
1.SoAshley Jamieson38:37.58a2004
2.SoBethany De Vilbiss39:35.07a2005
3.SoLauren McDonald39:43.9h2008
4.SoRebekah Blakney42:56.03a2010
5.SoCandace Attwood43:23.85a2009
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.SoFaven Araya15.61a2007
2.SoTaryn Dee16.33a2014
3.SoMadelyn Bernard16.67a2014
4.SoDesiree Domini16.88a2015
5.SoHannah Walton17.40a2013
6.SoKatheryn Jahnsen18.32a2011
7.SoKarissa Jackson18.56a2015
8.SoPaige Runco18.66a2015
9.SoMadeline Smith20.10a2015
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.SoCarrie Larsen62.50a2002
2.SoFaven Araya63.03a2007
3.SoTaryn Dee1:05.84a2014
4.SoDesiree Domini1:07.54a2015
5.SoHannah Walton1:12.31a2013
6.SoDana Prior1:13.08a2011
7.SoKarissa Jackson1:13.25a2015
8.SoMadeline Smith1:13.66a2015
9.SoErica Johnson1:14.59a2010
10.SoMadelyn Bernard1:15.26a2014
11.SoPaige Runco1:18.09a2015
3k Steeplechase
1.SoLexie Miller11:30.73a2008
2.SoMadeline Smith13:16.71a2015
Shot Put - 4kg
1.SoMarisa Gonzalez12.17m 2014
2.SoSamantha Potter11.63m 2012
3.SoTaylor Hacker11.27m 2007
4.SoDominique Jackson10.55m 2014
5.SoMegan Wochnick10.45m 2005
6.SoJasmine Wallace10.26m 2010
7.SoKatheryn Jahnsen9.98m 2011
8.SoKelsey Ryneski8.46m 2012
9.SoKelly Fenton7.94m 2009
10.SoJorgina Moore7.74m 2012
Discus - 1kg
1.SoSamantha Potter41.60m 2012
2.SoMegan Wochnick39.27m 2005
3.SoDominique Jackson35.86m 2014
4.SoMarisa Gonzalez29.82m 2014
5.SoJasmine Wallace29.12m 2010
6.SoTaylor Hacker25.88m 2007
7.SoStephanie McFarland25.09m 2012
8.SoErin Buzzard21.94m 2012
9.SoKelsey Ryneski20.04m 2012
Javelin - 600g
1.SoStephanie McFarland40.02m 2012
2.SoAyla Mull39.84m 2011
3.SoKarin Hatch39.24m 2008
4.SoKelly Fenton35.84m 2009
5.SoChelsea Nelson34.75m 2013
6.SoKatheryn Jahnsen33.76m 2011
7.SoMarisa Gonzalez29.48m 2014
Javelin - 600g-2002
1.SoRochelle Weems38.18m 2001
High Jump
1.SoPaige Runco1.48m 2015
2.SoNicole Jones1.46m 2011
3.SoKelsey Smith1.41m 2009
4.SoKatheryn Jahnsen1.37m 2011
Pole Vault
1.SoOlivia Raymond3.31m 2015
2.SoNicole Jones3.18m 2011
3.SoAngela Kern2.74m 2012
4.SoHeidi JohnsonNH2015
Long Jump
1.SoChelsea Putnam5.54m 2010
2.SoLakia Arceneaux5.31m 2009
3.SoTiffany Boyd4.92m 2012
4.SoKatheryn Jahnsen4.80m 2011
5.SoTaryn Dee4.77m 2014
6.SoMadison Sehlke4.73m 2011
7.SoMadelyn Bernard4.62m 2014
8.SoMadison Keele4.47m 2012
9.SoBrady Tsukamaki4.41m 2009
10.SoEmalie Gauntz4.37m 2015
11.SoDana Prior4.33m 2011
12.SoShelley Pahlow3.54m 2009
Triple Jump
1.SoMadelyn Bernard10.58m 2014
2.SoTiffany Boyd10.49m 2012
3.SoLakia Arceneaux10.46m 2009
4.SoChelsea Putnam10.39m 2010
5.SoMadison Keele10.18m 2012
6.SoBrady Tsukamaki9.84m 2009
7.SoNicole Jones9.69m 2011
8.SoMadison Sehlke9.65m 2011
Hammer - 4kg
1.SoTaylor Hacker49.91m 2007
2.SoMegan Wochnick49.20m 2005
3.SoLeslie Seelye45.52m 1999
4.SoDominique Jackson45.43m 2014
5.SoJasmine Wallace45.02m 2010
6.SoJorgina Moore44.28m 2012
7.SoLakia Arceneaux40.04m 2009
8.SoSamantha Potter37.05m 2012
9.SoKelly Fenton34.87m 2009
10.SoErin Buzzard33.58m 2012
11.SoKelsey Ryneski32.93m 2012
12.SoAyla Mull32.82m 2011
Heptathlon Score
1.SoKatheryn Jahnsen3716.002011
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