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Junior Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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60 Meter Dash
1.JrTyson Wood7.27a2011
2.JrCameron Hamilton7.45a2011
3.JrAdrian Weber8.17a2011
100 Meters
1.JrKa'imi Scott10.99a2013
2.JrTyson Wood11.12a2011
3.JrCameron Hamilton11.33aw2011
4.JrAlija Sacirovic11.42aw2012
5.JrCody Moore11.52a2010
6.JrTreavone Bowie11.59a2011
7.JrRyan O'Dell11.71a2012
8.JrGarrett South11.80aw2012
9.JrBrett VanAsch11.84a2008
10.JrCaleb Kowalko11.88a2009
11.JrRoy Adams11.90a2008
12.JrNathan Stecker11.92a2012
13.JrAnthony Guzman12.03a2014
14.JrJason Aiken12.21a2008
JrWebster Moreland12.21a2010
200 Meters
1.JrKa'imi Scott21.91a2013
2.JrTyson Wood22.18a2011
3.JrJason Aiken23.13a2008
4.JrNathan Stecker23.57a2012
5.JrAlija Sacirovic23.63a2012
6.JrGarrett South23.81a2012
7.JrRobert Brewer23.82a2012
8.JrCody Moore23.85a2010
9.JrCameron Hamilton23.86a2011
10.JrCurt Lockard24.07a2008
11.JrRyan O'Dell24.10a2012
12.JrRoy Adams24.55a2008
13.JrAnthony Guzman24.57a2014
14.JrHan White-Duong25.44a2012
15.JrCaleb Kowalko25.53a2009
400 Meters
1.JrTyson Wood48.13a2011
2.JrAnton Stupnitskiy49.72a2006
3.JrKa'imi Scott49.81a2013
4.JrCurt Lockard51.15a2008
5.JrRobert Brewer51.43a2012
6.JrNathan Stecker52.97a2012
7.JrBrett VanAsch53.06a2008
8.JrJason Aiken53.97a2008
9.JrCaleb Kowalko55.09a2009
10.JrRoy Adams55.48a2008
11.JrKarim Shakalia55.69a2010
12.JrWebster Moreland55.79a2010
13.JrCody Moore55.88a2010
14.JrRobert Lopez57.63a2009
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.JrAnthony Guzman53.702014
2.JrRobert Robertson55.502015
3.JrJonnie Clark55.602014
4.JrMichael Moreland55.802015
800 Meters
1.JrAnton Stupnitskiy1:52.27a2006
2.JrCurt Lockard1:55.65a2008
3.JrRobert Brewer1:58.26a2012
4.JrJonathan Graves1:58.69a2008
5.JrHan White-Duong1:58.92a2012
6.JrSlavic Ishenin2:02.46a2012
7.JrKalen Abbott2:04.46a2005
8.JrChristopher Meeker2:04.97a2012
9.JrKarim Shakalia2:06.51a2010
10.JrRobert Lopez2:09.84a2009
11.JrJason Aiken2:10.35a2008
1500 Meters
1.JrAnton Stupnitskiy3:58.64a2006
2.JrCurt Lockard4:03.22a2008
3.JrKarim Shakalia4:07.27a2010
4.JrHan White-Duong4:09.98a2012
5.JrJonathan Graves4:09.99a2008
6.JrRobert Robertson4:21.39a2015
7.JrSlavic Ishenin4:25.62a2012
8.JrKevin Fleishman4:26.68a2012
9.JrRobert Brewer4:27.07a2012
10.JrChristopher Meeker4:31.11a2012
11.JrRobert Lopez4:39.00a2009
12.JrBrett VanAsch4:49.77a2008
13.JrNathan Stecker4:50.21a2012
14.JrCaleb Kowalko4:57.45a2009
15.JrMarcus Davis4:58.32a2010
16.JrCody Moore5:07.59a2010
17.JrRoy Adams5:12.41a2008
3000 Meters
1.JrKarim Shakalia8:57.79a2010
2.JrJonathan Graves9:15.22008
3.JrChristopher Meeker9:38.27a2012
4.JrRobert Lopez10:36.52009
5000 Meters
1.JrKalen Abbott14:47.81a2005
2.JrKarim Shakalia15:22.90a2010
3.JrJonathan Graves15:47.72008
4.JrChristopher Meeker16:13.83a2012
5.JrHan White-Duong16:30.88a2012
6.JrKevin Fleishman17:28.36a2012
10,000 Meters
1.JrKarim Shakalia32:07.31a2010
2.JrKevin Fleishman33:40.17a2012
3.JrChristopher Meeker33:41.71a2012
100m Hurdles - 39"
1.JrBrett VanAsch16.06a2008
2.JrRoy Adams16.26a2008
110m Hurdles - 42"
1.JrGarrett South14.78aw2012
2.JrRyan O'Dell15.36a2012
3.JrWebster Moreland16.12a2010
4.JrBrett VanAsch16.35a2008
JrRoy Adams16.35a2008
6.JrTodd Penman16.64c2006
7.JrCaleb Kowalko16.99a2009
8.JrNathan Stecker17.98a2012
9.JrCody Moore19.24a2010
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.JrGarrett South55.53a2012
2.JrTodd Penman55.76a2006
3.JrBrett VanAsch58.36a2008
4.JrRobert Robertson61.01a2015
5.JrAnthony Guzman61.91a2014
6.JrNathan Stecker62.01a2012
2k Steeplechase
1.JrRobert Robertson6:24.62a2015
3k Steeplechase
1.JrJonathan Graves9:47.89a2008
2.JrKalen Abbott9:56.05a2005
3.JrRobert Robertson9:59.26a2015
4.JrHan White-Duong10:52.84a2012
Shot Put - 16lb
1.JrAdrian Weber12.61m 2011
2.JrWebster Moreland12.09m 2010
3.JrBrett VanAsch11.62m 2008
4.JrHunter Leonard10.58m 2013
5.JrRoy Adams10.51m 2008
6.JrCody Moore10.43m 2010
7.JrCaleb Kowalko9.78m 2009
8.JrSpencer Thomas9.24m 2013
9.JrNathan Stecker8.72m 2012
Discus - 2kg
1.JrAdrian Weber44.82m 2011
2.JrHunter Leonard38.68m 2013
3.JrBrett VanAsch36.83m 2008
4.JrCody Moore34.18m 2010
5.JrCaleb Kowalko33.02m 2009
6.JrRoy Adams29.49m 2008
7.JrNathan Stecker28.63m 2012
8.JrWebster MorelandDNF2010
Javelin - 800g
1.JrBobby Waldie54.75m 2015
2.JrRoy Adams54.66m 2008
3.JrJosh Reznick52.25m 2015
4.JrHunter Leonard51.23m 2013
5.JrAdrian Weber48.46m 2011
6.JrBrett VanAsch45.57m 2008
7.JrCody Moore45.56m 2010
8.JrNathan Stecker42.20m 2012
9.JrCaleb Kowalko39.28m 2009
10.JrSpencer Thomas37.95m 2013
11.JrTyson Wood30.00m 2011
12.JrWebster MorelandDNF2010
High Jump
1.JrWebster Moreland2.06m 2010
2.JrTreavone Bowie2.03m 2011
3.JrMichael Moreland1.90m 2015
4.JrJosh Reznick1.85m 2015
5.JrCaleb Kowalko1.84m 2009
6.JrBrett VanAsch1.83m 2008
7.JrRoy Adams1.82m 2008
8.JrNathan Stecker1.68m 2012
9.JrCody Moore1.61m 2010
Pole Vault
1.JrConnor Streed4.57m 2014
2.JrNathan Stecker4.40m 2012
3.JrJonnie Clark4.30m 2014
4.JrCaleb Kowalko4.27m 2009
5.JrSpencer Thomas4.26m 2013
6.JrCody Moore4.20m 2010
7.JrBrett VanAsch3.67m 2008
8.JrRoy Adams2.95m 2008
9.JrWebster MorelandDNF2010
Long Jump
1.JrWebster Moreland7.02m 2010
2.JrCameron Hamilton6.76m 2011
3.JrJosh Reznick6.63m 2015
4.JrRoy Adams6.08m 2008
5.JrCody Moore5.96m 2010
6.JrBrett VanAsch5.92m 2008
7.JrCaleb Kowalko5.84m 2009
8.JrNathan Stecker5.82m 2012
9.JrTreavone Bowie5.65m 2011
10.JrSpencer ThomasDNF2013
JrMichael MorelandND2015
Triple Jump
1.JrWebster Moreland14.40m 2010
2.JrLaron Daniels13.44m 2015
3.JrJosh Reznick13.07m 2015
4.JrRoy Adams12.22m 2008
5.JrMichael MorelandFOUL2015
Decathlon Score
1.JrCaleb Kowalko56682009
2.JrBrett VanAsch56512008
3.JrNathan Stecker54192012
4.JrCody Moore52292010


100 Meters
1.JrChristi Avery12.51aw2013
2.JrErin Adams13.06a2012
3.JrZaira Sanchez13.16a2014
4.JrKiki McDonagh13.21a2014
5.JrKatie Annas13.57a2009
6.JrDanielle Ricco13.70aw2010
7.JrCaitlin Morgan14.89a2010
200 Meters
1.JrChristi Avery25.50a2013
2.JrErin Adams25.97a2012
3.JrZaira Sanchez27.10a2014
4.JrKiki McDonagh27.18a2014
5.JrDanielle Ricco28.46a2010
6.JrEricka Hicks29.37a2011
7.JrDeborah O'Dell30.22a2013
8.JrCaitlin Morgan30.28a2010
9.JrStephanie Cooley30.38a2009
400 Meters
1.JrErin Adams58.76a2012
2.JrZaira Sanchez61.05a2014
3.JrStephanie Cooley66.24a2009
4.JrEricka Hicks67.74a2011
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.JrZaira Sanchez60.102014
2.JrMatice Dameron62.202014
800 Meters
1.JrMatice Dameron2:28.36a2014
2.JrEricka Hicks2:29.68a2011
3.JrJennifer Tina2:32.26a2013
4.JrKayla Winkle2:38.29a2011
5.JrKiki McDonagh2:39.09a2014
6.JrLeah Ballard2:39.72a2011
7.JrStephanie Cooley2:41.51a2009
8.JrDanielle Ricco2:41.55a2010
9.JrCaitlin Morgan2:57.70a2010
1000 Meters
1.JrLeah Ballard3:22.90a2011
2.JrEricka Hicks3:32.43a2011
1500 Meters
1.JrJessica Kepfer5:13.64a2014
2.JrEricka Hicks5:14.11a2011
3.JrJennifer Tina5:15.24a2013
4.JrKayla Winkle5:22.89a2011
3000 Meters
1.JrKayla Winkle11:28.33a2011
2.JrEricka Hicks12:11.02a2011
5000 Meters
1.JrJennifer Tina19:33.60a2013
2.JrKayla Winkle20:04.49a2011
3.JrEricka Hicks21:43.66a2011
10,000 Meters
1.JrJessica Kepfer40:16.40a2014
2.JrLeah Ballard41:21.79a2011
3.JrKayla Winkle41:59.78a2011
Half Marathon
1.JrJessica Kepfer1:33:35.0a2014
1.JrJessica Kepfer3:25:11.60a2014
2.JrLeah Ballard3:33.002011
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.JrErin Kinney15.33a2006
2.JrKiki McDonagh15.63a2014
3.JrKatie Annas15.82a2009
4.JrDanielle Ricco17.46aw2010
5.JrCaitlin Morgan18.82aw2010
6.JrDeborah O'Dell21.28a2013
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.JrKatie Annas67.45a2009
2.JrDanielle Ricco70.69a2010
3k Steeplechase
1.JrJennifer Tina12:27.22a2013
2.JrMatice Dameron12:33.11a2014
Shot Put - 4kg
1.JrKristen Swim11.64m 2014
2.JrCaitlin Morgan11.39m 2010
3.JrKiki McDonagh11.12m 2014
4.JrDanielle Ricco8.57m 2010
5.JrGrace Hamilton8.39m 2013
Discus - 1kg
1.JrKristen Swim31.11m 2014
2.JrGrace Hamilton28.61m 2013
3.JrKiki McDonagh24.58m 2014
4.JrJill Peoples23.61m 2009
Javelin - 600g
1.JrJill Peoples40.59m 2009
2.JrKiki McDonagh31.10m 2014
3.JrMatice Dameron26.88m 2014
4.JrKristen Swim26.75m 2014
5.JrDanielle Ricco25.10m 2010
6.JrCaitlin Morgan23.23m 2010
High Jump
1.JrDeborah O'Dell1.65m 2013
2.JrErin Kinney1.61m 2006
3.JrCaitlin Morgan1.42m 2010
4.JrKiki McDonagh1.37m 2014
5.JrChristi Avery1.32m 2013
6.JrDanielle Ricco1.24m 2010
Pole Vault
1.JrMatice Dameron2.90m 2014
Long Jump
1.JrKiki McDonagh5.14m 2014
2.JrDeborah O'Dell4.90m 2013
3.JrCaitlin Morgan4.44m 2010
4.JrDanielle Ricco4.32m 2010
Triple Jump
1.JrDeborah O'Dell10.37m 2013
Hammer - 4kg
1.JrKristen Swim38.44m 2014
2.JrGrace Hamilton32.81m 2013
Heptathlon Score
1.JrKiki McDonagh38732014
2.JrDanielle Ricco31812010
3.JrCaitlin Morgan29252010
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