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12th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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40 Meter Dash
1.12Justus Mora4.84a2010
40 Yard Dash
1.12Anthony PaccellaDNS2012
100 Meters
1.12Justus Mora10.85a2010
2.12Aaron Cross10.98a2010
3.12Cody Clifford11.07a2009
4.12Gannon Stevens11.22a2013
5.12Austin Rauh11.23a2011
6.12Shamir Geisinger11.50a2014
7.12Sullivan Stevens11.51a2010
8.12Aaron Stave11.61a2011
9.12Julian Reed11.62a2014
10.12Kenny Matthews11.64a2012
11.12Chis Moreland11.74c2014
12.12Austin Brenner11.78a2011
13.12Zach Ransom11.94c2009
14.12Levi McDonald11.96a2012
15.12Kris Caughie12.04c2010
16.12Anthony Paccella12.44c2012
17.12Trent Williams12.63a2013
18.12Travis Anukam12.94c2013
19.12Dallin Dold13.04c2008
20.12Steven Linares14.14c2013
200 Meters
1.12Cody Clifford22.19a2009
2.12Justus Mora22.23a2010
3.12Aaron Cross22.34a2010
4.12Aaron Stave22.54c2011
5.12Shamir Geisinger22.56aw2014
6.12Austin Rauh22.94c2011
7.12Gannon Stevens23.25a2013
8.12Chis Moreland23.73a2014
9.12Austin Brenner23.84a2011
10.12Kenny Matthews24.07a2012
11.12Levi McDonald25.14a2012
12.12Dallin Dold25.74c2008
13.12Devin Sumrall26.00a2008
14.12Travis Anukam26.95a2013
15.12Steven Linares28.63a2013
16.12Ron TurgeonDNS2012
12Trevor LoganDNS2010
400 Meters
1.12Cody Clifford48.42a2009
2.12Austin Rauh48.73a2011
3.12Shamir Geisinger49.41a2014
4.12Julian Reed52.81a2014
5.12Justin Baehler53.15a2014
6.12Moises Avaloa54.55a2012
7.12Sam Preciado55.64c2014
8.12Brady Flinchum60.35a2008
9.12Anthony Paccella62.29a2012
10.12Travis Anukam65.28a2013
11.12Aaron StaveDNS2011
12Gage ThomasDNS2013
800 Meters
1.12Josh Briggs1:54.40a2011
2.12Reagan Chipman1:58.89a2011
3.12Moises Avaloa2:06.61a2012
4.12Justin Baehler2:07.002014
5.12Jared Stimac2:09.002014
6.12Adam Herriage-Todaro2:11.62007
7.12Jake Flemming2:11.65a2012
8.12Grant Dieter2:11.702014
9.12Nathan Richardson2:16.02008
10.12Juan Macias2:18.11a2011
11.12Troy Petersen2:28.002013
12.12Gage Thomas2:40.002013
13.12Herbert MelendezDNS2012
1500 Meters
1.12Grant Dieter4:26.702014
2.12Jared Stimac4:40.202014
3.12Lucas Holladay4:56.30a2011
4.12Garrett Dieter5:24.27a2013
1600 Meters
1.12Josh Briggs4:34.51a2011
2.12Grant Dieter4:43.35a2014
3.12Travis Heitzenrader4:43.62a2014
4.12Jared Stimac4:51.25a2014
5.12Moises Avaloa4:51.69a2012
6.12Adam Herriage-Todaro5:07.42007
7.12Troy Petersen5:08.84a2013
8.12Lucas Holladay5:14.002011
9.12Juan Macias5:17.002011
10.12Ben Dold5:23.902011
11.12Brady Flinchum5:35.02008
12.12Gage Thomas5:51.002013
13.12Garrett Dieter5:52.53a2013
14.12Jake FlemmingNT2012
12Justin Baehler2:07.002014
3000 Meters
1.12Grant Dieter10:04.902014
3200 Meters
1.12Grant Dieter10:02.47a2014
2.12Travis Heitzenrader10:23.58a2014
3.12Jake Flemming10:40.56a2012
4.12Reagan Chipman10:41.702011
5.12Lucas Holladay10:45.002011
6.12Josh Briggs10:47.53a2011
7.12Troy Petersen11:07.21a2013
8.12Evan Harris11:37.002011
9.12Adam Herriage-Todaro11:46.22007
10.12Garrett Dieter11:58.01a2013
11.12Juan Macias12:05.11a2011
12.12Royce Prince12:53.02008
13.12Gage Thomas13:38.74a2013
14.12Jared StimacDNS2014
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Sullivan Stevens14.66a2010
2.12Anthony Paccella17.01a2012
3.12Josh Gil19.43a2013
4.12Dallin Dold19.66a2008
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Sullivan Stevens38.42a2010
2.12Anthony Paccella43.57a2012
3.12Reagan Chipman44.14c2011
4.12Dallin Dold45.64c2008
5.12Jacob Gil48.64c2011
6.12Josh Gil48.87a2013
7.12Austin BrennerDNS2011
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Jeff Nielsen52' 1.252007
2.12Mitch McLane47' 102008
3.12Max Main45' 0.752014
4.12Branden Baca44' 7.752008
5.12Matt Bagwell43' 32008
6.12Mike Peak41' 11.002013
7.12Alex Bradshaw41' 3.502010
8.12Chad Robinson40' 11.002013
12Zach Cotter40' 112008
10.12Trevor Logan39' 9.002010
11.12Jeff Churchill39' 6.252009
12.12Casey Cruess38' 102008
13.12Jerrad Cossio37' 10.752009
14.12Nick Glatthar36' 8.002013
15.12Tre Rogers36' 0.52008
16.12James McCloud34' 6.52008
17.12Jeff Webb31' 22008
18.12Mitch Anderson30' 4.002010
19.12Brian Brucklacher27' 6.52008
20.12Jeremey Swanson25' 7.002012
JV Shot Put
1.12Casey Cruess42' 12008
2.12James McCloud35' 82008
3.12Jeff Webb34' 11.52008
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Mitch McLane143' 92008
2.12Jeff Nielsen141' 102007
3.12Mike Peak137' 3.002013
4.12Zach Cotter134' 62008
5.12Kyle Mendenhall133' 4.002013
6.12Matt Bagwell124' 42008
7.12Nick Glatthar124' 3.002013
8.12Max Main124' 0.002014
9.12Chad Robinson120' 1.002013
10.12Alex Bradshaw114' 1.002010
11.12Trevor Logan110' 0.002010
12.12Jeff Churchill107' 62009
13.12Casey Cruess104' 112008
14.12Tre Rogers104' 22008
15.12Jerrad Cossio103' 82009
16.12Richie Seitzinger102' 11.002010
17.12James McCloud101' 92008
18.12Jeff Webb100' 52008
19.12Branden Baca98' 112008
20.12Brian Brucklacher96' 8.52008
High Jump
1.12Trent Williams6' 0.002013
2.12Levi McDonald5' 10.002012
3.12Dallin Dold5' 82008
12Devin Sumrall5' 82008
12Vance Lively5' 8.002013
6.12Xavier Fortner5' 6.002010
7.12Trevor Logan5' 4.002010
12Julian Reed5' 4.002014
9.12Jalen Dixon5' 2.002010
10.12Anthony Paccella4' 10.002012
11.12Reagan ChipmanDNS2011
Pole Vault
1.12Anthony Paccella12' 0.002012
2.12Brian Brucklacher11' 02008
12Brady Flinchum11' 02008
4.12Justin Stucki10' 62009
5.12Kenny Matthews10' 0.002012
12Kris Caughie10' 0.002010
7.12Ben Dold7' 0.002011
8.12Royce Prince6' 62008
Long Jump
1.12Vance Lively20' 3.002013
2.12Trent Williams20' 1.252013
3.12Xavier Fortner19' 10.002010
4.12Dallin Dold17' 02008
5.12Jalen Dixon16' 2.002010
6.12Steven Linares13' 10.002013
7.12Kenny MatthewsND2012
12Aaron StaveDNS2011
Triple Jump
1.12Xavier Fortner40' 10.252010
2.12Jalen Dixon39' 8.002010
3.12Brian Brucklacher33' 62008
4.12Royce Prince25' 7.752008
5.12Brady Flinchum23' 72008


40 Meter Dash
1.12Laura VossDNS2011
100 Meters
1.12Laura Voss12.45a2011
2.12Arianna James12.65a2010
3.12Jessica Fralick13.14a2010
4.12Alexa Anderson13.24c2007
5.12Shannise Mora13.30aw2013
6.12Rachel Martin13.64a2010
7.12Shannise Mora13.74c2010
8.12Kylie Stevens13.77a2009
9.12Jacqueline Perkins14.04c2007
12Amanda O'Farrell14.04c2011
11.12Chalene Lair14.14a2011
12.12Jordan Ferro14.24c2009
13.12Nezhla Ramilo14.34c2007
14.12Alexis Lopez14.53aw2013
15.12McKenna Bush15.05a2013
200 Meters
1.12Laura Voss25.44a2011
2.12Arianna James27.15a2010
3.12Shannise Mora28.13a2013
4.12Shannise Mora28.34c2010
5.12Jessica Fralick28.44c2010
6.12Genee' Beeson28.65a2007
7.12Kylie Stevens29.21a2009
8.12Venicia Thomas29.64c2007
9.12Chalene Lair29.78a2011
10.12Rachel Martin30.14c2010
11.12Nezhla Ramilo30.34c2007
12.12Stephanie King30.60a2012
13.12Alexis Lopez30.73a2013
14.12Jordan Ferro31.24c2009
15.12Megan Little31.44c2008
16.12Chrissy Beebe32.14c2013
17.12McKenna Bush32.24c2013
400 Meters
1.12Laura Voss59.14a2011
2.12Anna Preciado64.54c2011
3.12Tiffany Lang66.12a2009
4.12Alexa Anderson66.14c2007
5.12Amanda O'Farrell66.27a2011
6.12Alexis Lopez66.34c2013
7.12Genee' Beeson68.24c2007
8.12Stephanie King69.65a2012
9.12Heather Azcarate70.24c2014
10.12Nezhla Ramilo70.84c2007
11.12Madison McHenry71.35a2013
12.12Gianna Wise75.14c2010
13.12Chrissy BeebeDNS2013
12Ashley MitchellDNS2010
800 Meters
1.12Katie Peters2:26.72a2013
2.12Anna Preciado2:32.47a2011
3.12Heather Azcarate2:37.91a2014
4.12Amanda O'Farrell2:42.43a2011
5.12Tiffany Lang2:45.03a2009
6.12Chrissy Beebe2:46.80a2013
7.12Gianna Wise2:55.13a2010
8.12Ashley Mitchell2:59.50a2010
9.12Melyssa Gelles3:01.02008
1500 Meters
1.12Katie Peters5:04.91a2013
2.12Chrissy Beebe6:00.37a2013
3.12Kaitlyn Lattimer6:02.51a2009
1600 Meters
1.12Katie Peters5:16.12a2013
2.12Anna Preciado5:24.70a2011
3.12Kristin Kosak6:12.02008
4.12Chrissy Beebe6:17.53a2013
5.12Kaitlyn Lattimer6:32.02009
6.12Ashley Mitchell6:37.10a2010
7.12Gianna Wise6:40.62a2010
8.12Stephanie King7:05.002012
9.12Melyssa Gelles7:16.02008
3000 Meters
1.12Katie Peters12:02.53a2013
2.12Kaitlyn LattimerDNS2009
3200 Meters
1.12Anna Preciado11:37.70a2011
2.12Katie Peters12:44.402013
3.12Kristin Kosak14:08.82008
4.12Kaitlyn Lattimer14:20.42009
5.12Lydia Curiel15:34.702013
6.12Chrissy BeebeDNS2013
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Megan Little18.14a2008
2.12McKenna Bush18.53a2013
3.12Madison McHenry19.74c2013
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Madison McHenry50.22a2013
2.12Kristin Kosak54.84c2008
3.12Megan Little55.34c2008
4.12McKenna Bush57.02a2013
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Karah Rose30' 4.252010
2.12Alexa Anderson29' 72007
3.12Jacqueline Perkins28' 0.52007
4.12Shelby Combs23' 2.252011
5.12Mikaela Hall22' 9.002013
Discus - 1kg
1.12Alexa Anderson112' 82007
2.12Karah Rose100' 3.002010
3.12Chrissy Beebe80' 5.002013
4.12Mikaela Hall75' 7.002013
5.12Shelby Combs75' 0.002011
High Jump
1.12Venicia Thomas4' 112007
2.12Megan Little4' 62008
Pole Vault
1.12Alexa Anderson10' 92007
2.12McKenna Bush7' 0.002013
3.12Kayla HommeDQ2011
Long Jump
1.12Alexa Anderson16' 6.52007
2.12Tiffany Lang14' 32009
3.12Megan Little13' 112008
4.12Jacqueline Perkins13' 62007
5.12Jessica FralickDNS2010
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