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Tualatin HS

    Timberwolves - Tualatin, OR

Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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Record Types


100 Meters
1.12Kevin Dickson10.89a2005
2.12Josh Cain10.94c2002
3.12Nick Hines11.01a2014
4.12Luke Staley11.04c1999
5.10Wesley Keller11.04c2004
6.12Dustin Staley11.24c1994
7.11Taylor Altringer11.25a2010
8.12Brandon Kelly11.33a2010
9.12Eddie Masterson11.34c2006
10.12Justin Brownlie11.44c2000
11.11Sean Acosta11.50a2009
12.10Tyler Askland11.54c2004
9Sean Hamilton11.54c2004
14.12Andrew Patton11.56a2008
15.12Saif Al Rikabi11.60a2013
11Matthew Yarbrough11.60a2010
17.11Dominic Cain11.61a2014
18.11Christian Burghardt11.64c2005
19.11Phil Pauly11.68a2008
20.12Jordan Wilson11.72a2015
100 Meters - Wheelchair
1.-Kanya Sesser18.48a2011
200 Meters
1.11Taylor Altringer22.37a2010
2.11Wesley Keller22.40a2005
3.12Josh Cain22.74c2002
4.12Brandon Kelly22.81a2010
5.11Christian Burghardt22.94c2005
12Kevin Dickson22.94c2005
7.11Luke Staley22.94c1998
8.12Nick Hines23.02a2014
9.11Duncan Nyangaro23.14c1998
10.12Saif Al Rikabi23.15a2013
11.12Eddie Masterson23.16a2006
12.12Nique Reid23.37a2014
13.12Andrew Patton23.41a2008
14.12Kyle Shriver23.64c2006
15.10Tanner Hall23.65a2014
16.10Sean Hamilton23.74c2005
17.11Kyler King23.82a2011
18.9Jeremy Henshaw23.84c1995
12Austin Schaumburg23.84c2007
20.11Matthew Yarbrough23.90a2010
200 Meters - Wheelchair
1.-Kanya Sesser34.85a2011
400 Meters
1.11Taylor Altringer49.69a2010
2.12Christopher Reid49.79a2007
3.12Kyle Shriver50.37a2006
4.12Matthew Taylor50.41a2011
5.12Rigo Rodriguez50.74a2013
12Matt Onheiber50.74c2000
7.10Jeremy Henshaw50.84c1996
8.12Tyler Askland51.58a2006
9.12Andrew Patton51.84c2008
10.12Taylor Whitcher51.87a2007
11.11Billy Calder52.18a2014
12.12James O'Conner52.20a2009
13.12David Shriver52.24c2004
11Wesley Keller52.24c2005
15.12T.J. Fronius52.44a2010
16.12Kyle Gager52.56a2013
17.12Eddie Masterson52.64c2006
18.10Jefrey Williams52.74a2011
19.10Malachi Seib52.93a2014
20.10Matthew Yarbrough53.92a2009
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Taylor Altringer49.602010
2.12Andrew Patton50.12008
3.12Christopher Reid50.52007
12Rigo Rodriguez50.502013
5.12T.J. Fronius51.502010
12Kyle Gager51.502013
7.12James O'Conner51.62009
11Matthew Taylor51.602010
9.11Billy Calder51.702014
10.12Taylor Whitcher51.82007
11.12Saif Al Rikabi52.302013
11Jefrey Williams52.302012
13.10Malachi Seib52.902014
10Matthew Yarbrough52.92009
15.11Brady Brajavich53.002011
16.11Matthew Lovos53.202014
17.12Austin Schaumburg53.32007
18.12Timothy Plunkett53.42009
19.12Josh Ellisen53.72009
11Jose Secundino53.702010
400 Meters - Wheelchair
1.-Kanya Sesser74.31a2011
800 Meters
1.12Jon Titterington1:54.25a2002
2.12Chad Klein1:56.10a2004
3.12David Shriver1:56.71a2004
4.12Kyle Holland1:58.11a2000
5.11Ryan Retzlaff1:58.901993
6.12Mike Beadnell2:00.701996
7.12Chris Kapfer2:01.802000
8.12Timothy Plunkett2:01.89a2009
9.12Taylor Altringer2:02.202011
10.10Billy Calder2:02.37a2013
11.11Jeff Wheeler2:02.51a2006
12.12Justin Roisom2:02.58a2005
13.11Matthew Lovos2:03.45a2014
14.11Jose Secundino2:03.88a2010
15.12Scott Allred2:04.04a2013
16.10Will Downey2:04.11a2007
17.11Cole Brown2:04.82008
12Lane Johnson2:04.82006
19.10Christopher Reid2:05.06a2005
20.11James Stallkamp2:05.11a2010
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Patrick Kubisiak2:06.02008
2.11Cole Brown2:06.32008
3.11James Stallkamp2:06.902010
4.12Timothy Plunkett2:07.22009
5.10Will Downey2:09.12007
6.11Jose Secundino2:09.202010
7.9Michael Williams2:09.42008
8.11Dylan Moore2:09.602011
9.10Matthew Yarbrough2:10.52009
12Schyler Dickerson2:10.502010
11.12William Peters2:12.302010
12.12Jeff Wheeler2:12.92007
13.11Riley Compton2:14.002010
14.10Kevin Oliver2:15.22007
15.11Anthony Terjeson2:15.602011
16.11Kevin McNaught2:17.02007
17.10Ian Harrison2:18.32008
18.9Adam Mitchell2:23.602011
19.11Chase Jepson2:27.22008
20.9Jason Cross2:40.12008
1200 Meters
1.10Timothy Plunkett3:26.32007
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Michael Williams3:25.22009
2.12Mitchell Hansen3:26.602010
3.11Timothy Plunkett3:32.42008
4.11Cade Thompson3:43.602011
1500 Meters
1.12David Shriver3:58.91a2004
2.12Kris Houghton4:03.501999
3.12Chris Kapfer4:05.90a1999
4.12Kevin Oliver4:07.83a2009
5.12Nick Jensen4:09.601998
6.10Matthew Lovos4:10.30a2013
7.12Taylor Hallvik4:10.502001
8.12Mitchell Hansen4:13.402010
9.11Timothy Plunkett4:13.44a2008
10.12Ryan Hennessy4:14.102001
11.12Brad Rentfro4:16.201995
12.12Lane Johnson4:17.42006
13.10Mark French4:19.54a2014
14.10Jeff Wheeler4:23.02005
15.10Michael Williams4:23.47a2009
16.12Riley Compton4:24.95a2011
17.10William Peters4:26.27a2008
18.9Adam Klein4:26.81a2015
19.12Dylan Moore4:26.96a2012
20.9Josh Pacheco4:27.402002
1600 Meters
1.11Patrick Kubisiak4:50.72007
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Kevin Oliver4:34.92009
2.10Nathan Love4:47.302010
3.12Riley Compton5:01.702011
1 Mile
1.12David Shriver4:18.56a2004
2.10Jeff Wheeler4:51.22005
3.12Andrew Bonica4:52.32005
4.12Nicholas Loftin5:00.32005
5.12Jake Sweeney5:24.02005
6.10Neil LaTaurette5:28.02005
7.9Patrick Kubisiak5:33.82005
8.9Evan Styner5:34.02005
2400 Meters
1.-Relay Team 6:41.00a2012
3000 Meters
1.12Kevin Oliver8:48.48a2009
2.12Taylor Hallvik8:59.24a2001
3.12Chris Kapfer9:00.902000
4.11Matthew Lovos9:01.702014
5.10Mark French9:08.16a2014
6.12Kris Houghton9:09.001998
7.11Lane Johnson9:14.34a2005
8.11Timothy Plunkett9:19.44a2008
9.12David Shriver9:24.55a2004
10.9Adam Klein9:27.002015
11.12Andrew Bonica9:27.26a2005
12.10Michael Williams9:30.06a2009
13.10Jeff Wheeler9:30.22005
14.12Mitchell Hansen9:31.74a2010
15.10Nathan Love9:35.502010
16.12Jason Cross9:37.58a2011
17.9Josh Pacheco9:40.902002
18.9Mike Beadnell9:41.501993
19.9Jason Stallkamp9:52.26a2013
20.9Nick Jensen9:52.501995
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Terrence Lowery14.67a2009
2.12Anthony Cook15.36a2009
3.12Zachary McMahon15.64a2011
4.11Brady Brajavich15.76a2011
5.12Robert Ellis15.81a2014
6.11Hayden Olson15.97a2010
7.12Erik Green16.17a2010
8.12Jason Broome16.25a2007
9.12Anthony Burden16.36a2004
10.12Beau Bateman16.49a2005
11.11Aaron Kersey16.54c1993
12.12Luke Peterson16.64c1997
13.11Wesley Keller16.74c2005
14.11Cole Gerke17.02a2014
15.12Omar Cuevas17.06a2007
16.10Andrew Patton17.14c2006
17.11Gator Pizer17.16a2013
18.10Tanner Hall17.37a2014
19.11Spencer Bateman17.53a2011
20.11Conor Nagata17.81a2010
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Andrew Patton39.54c2008
2.12Beau Bateman40.33a2005
3.11Brady Brajavich41.20a2011
4.12Robert Ellis41.34a2014
5.12Anthony Cook41.49a2009
6.11Terrence Lowery41.92a2009
7.11Ben Kennedy42.34c2001
8.12Wesley Keller42.44c2006
9.11Gator Pizer42.58a2013
10.12Anthony Burden42.64c2004
11.12Andy Lee43.04c2002
12.11Kelly Kindrick43.14c1994
13.12Omar Cuevas43.36a2007
14.11Zachary McMahon43.68a2010
15.12Matt Greco43.76a2006
16.12Austin Hunsdon44.75a2013
17.11Spencer Bateman45.06a2011
18.11Conor Nagata45.17a2010
19.11Cole Gerke45.24c2014
20.11Erik Green45.50a2009
4x100 Relay
1.Eddie Masterson
Wesley Keller
Christian Burghardt
Kevin Dickson
2.Eddie Masterson
Christian Burghardt
Tyler Askland
Wesley Keller
3.Christian Burghardt
Wesley Keller
Tyler Askland
Kevin Dickson
4.Jefrey Williams
Zachary Salton
Nick Hines
Saif Alkikahi
5.Duncan Nyangaro
Adam Shearer
Randy Kaiser
Luke Staley
6.Taylor Altringer
Brandon Kelly
Matthew Yarbrough
Kevin Connelly
7.Nick Hines
Dominic Cain
Zach Eberle
Grant Nielsen
8.Kyle Gager
Nick Hines
Rigo Rodriguez
Saif Al Rikabi
9.Sean Acosta
Andrew Patton
Taylor Altringer
Phil Pauly
10.Brogan Perry
Kevin Dickson
Josh Cain
11.Jesse Clemente
Phil Pauly
Christopher Reid
Taylor Whitcher
12.Brett Ramona
Jon Titterington
Ben Kennedy
Josh Cain
13.Relay Team 44.70a2000
14.Nick Hines
Zachary Salton
Bao Phuong
Matthew Taylor
15.Cole Williams
Taylor Altringer
Kong Phuong
Sean Acosta
16.Matt Case
Matt Greco
Christian Burghardt
Tyler Askland
4x200 Relay
1.Eddie Masterson
Wesley Keller
Christian Burghardt
Kevin Dickson
2.Sean Hamilton
Christian Burghardt
Kyle Shriver
Jesse Clemente
3.Jesse Clemente
Austin Schaumburg
Christopher Reid
Taylor Whitcher
4.Matt Case
Wesley Keller
Christian Burghardt
Eddie Masterson
5.Brandon Kelly
Matthew Yarbrough
Jefrey Williams
Kevin Connelly
6.Nick Hines
Kyler King
Zachary Salton
Bao Phuong
7.Alex Fonseca
Jares Camacho
T.J. Fronius
Josh Ellisen
8.Josh Ellisen
Ryan Darling
Alek Poti
T.J. Fronius
9.Relay Team 1:56.87a2012
4x400 Relay
1.Emery Choun
Rowen Means
Kyle Holland
Matt Onheiber
2.Taylor Altringer
Jefrey Williams
Matthew Taylor
T.J. Fronius
3.Tyler Askland
Kyle Shriver
Christopher Reid
Wesley Keller
4.James O'Conner
Andrew Patton
Christopher Reid
Taylor Whitcher
5.Eddie Masterson
Tyler Askland
Lane Johnson
Kyle Shriver
6.Tyler Askland
David Shriver
Kyle Shriver
Chad Klein
7.Taylor Altringer
T.J. Fronius
James O'Conner
Andrew Patton
8.Rigo Rodriguez
Billy Calder
Scott Allred
Kyle Gager
9.Brady Brajavich
Matthew Taylor
Jefrey Williams
Taylor Altringer
10.Nate Hawley
Troy Cerny
Dae Ho Kim
Ryan Retzlaff
11.Cole Williams
Taylor Altringer
Matthew Yarbrough
Josh Ellisen
12.Robert Ellis
Billy Calder
Malachi Seib
Matthew Lovos
13.Rigo Rodriguez
Saif Alkikahi
Kyle Gager
Jefrey Williams
14.Christian Burghardt
Matt Case
Joe Brinkman
Tyler Askland
4x800 Relay
1.Justin Roisom
Christopher Reid
Jeff Wheeler
Lane Johnson
2.Jeff Wheeler
Will Downey
Neil LaTourette
Lane Johnson
3.Schyler Dickerson
James Stallkamp
Jose Secundino
William Peters
4.Schyler Dickerson
William Peters
Patrick Kubisiak
Michael Williams
5.Schyler Dickerson
William Peters
James Stallkamp
Matthew Yarbrough
6.Jeff Wheeler
Andrew Bonica
Nicholas Loftin
Alex Sander
7.Cole Brown
Kevin McNaught
William Peters
Kevin Oliver
8.Riley Compton
Dylan Moore
Anthony Terjeson
Adam Mitchell
SMR 400-200-200-400m
1.Relay Team 2:56.10a2012
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Timothy Plunkett
Michael Williams
Matthew Taylor
Kevin Oliver
2.Kevin Oliver
Timothy Plunkett
Cole Brown
Matthew Yarbrough
3.Chad Klein
Beau Bateman
David Shriver
Lane Johnson
4.Cole Brown
Will Downey
Patrick Kubisiak
Timothy Plunkett
5.Mitchell Hansen
Riley Compton
Nathan Love
Nathan Gardner
6.Riley Compton
Anthony Terjeson
Dylan Moore
Saif Alkikahi
7.Gary Roberson
Andrew Patton
Timothy Plunkett
Patrick Kubisiak
4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39"
1.Relay Team 53.58a2006
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Adam Dittman54' 7.001997
2.12Dennis Ranck54' 6.502008
3.12Jordan Franco49' 3.002000
4.12Jered Richter46' 11.502010
5.12Ben Dittman46' 10.001997
6.12Bob Tan46' 4.001994
7.11Sean Acosta46' 0.752009
8.12Trevor Hutchins45' 9.001998
9.10Garrison Saina45' 8.502013
10.12Lance Acosta45' 5.002011
11.11Taylor Runkel44' 7.752009
12.10Grant Nielsen44' 1.002014
13.12Dan Lancaster44' 0.752004
14.12Steve Finlayson43' 10.52004
15.11James Porter42' 10.502013
16.11Dan Smith42' 5.52004
17.10Corey Olson42' 0.52004
18.11Jefrey Williams41' 7.502012
19.10Aaron Russell41' 6.52005
20.10Robert Kennedy41' 5.52007
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Dennis Ranck150' 12008
2.10Jordan Franco145' 6.001998
3.10Will Snow144' 0.001998
4.11Sean Maloney140' 02009
5.11Jered Richter137' 32009
6.10Garrison Saina130' 5.002013
7.12Mike Holton128' 112005
8.11Cam Carillo128' 2.001997
9.12Phil Smith127' 2.001997
10.11Lance Acosta126' 5.002010
11.11Taylor Runkel123' 92009
12.12Austin Balfour121' 0.002014
13.12Nick Hansen119' 10.002011
14.11Kurt Hanson119' 22005
15.11David Spackman118' 32004
16.9Jason GrosJacques114' 11.752006
17.11James Porter114' 3.002013
18.11Ben Andrews112' 62007
19.9Dave Howard111' 1.001996
20.11Ryan Larson109' 92005
Javelin - 800g
1.12Shaun Donaghue183' 5.002002
2.12Alex Ponce173' 6.002013
3.12Nate White161' 72004
4.12Rowdy Pizer160' 7.002010
5.12Ben Andrews157' 12008
6.12Riley Watts156' 4.002010
7.11Matt Biddle155' 92006
8.11Casey Knuth155' 72004
9.10Corey Olson154' 02004
10.10Jered Richter148' 32008
11.12Blake Arellano147' 10.002010
12.12Mark Toda146' 10.002014
13.12Jonathan Erickson146' 12008
14.12Mitch Thaler141' 7.52007
15.11Mike Holton140' 42004
16.11John Matthew Shepherd139' 11.002012
17.11Adam Sadek139' 32006
18.9Jared Richtor138' 92007
19.11Wyatt Ramseyer138' 72006
20.11Ryan Wisner138' 4.002013
High Jump
1.11Kevin Dickson6' 82004
2.11Ryan Wisner6' 6.002013
12Dave Williams6' 6.001995
11Luke Peterson6' 6.001994
5.9Ryan McKee6' 2.001997
12Kadeem Kirsten6' 22006
7.12Eddie Scheckman6' 02005
11Jacob Bowe6' 02006
12Jason Brown6' 0.001997
12Eric Hollis6' 0.002000
11Cameron Ericksen6' 0.002011
12.9Jacob Randall5' 10.001998
12Kevin Orme5' 102006
10Brady Brajavich5' 10.002010
11Beau Blades5' 102009
12Durant Abernethy5' 10.002013
17.10Luke Twenge5' 8.002012
10Tanner Hall5' 8.002014
10Larry Floyd5' 82004
11Jordan Boyd5' 8.002010
Pole Vault
1.12Cameron Ericksen15' 0.002012
2.12Jeff Dart14' 02005
3.12Jonathan Erickson13' 62008
12Jacob Cravinho13' 62005
12Jacob Randall13' 6.002001
6.12Brook Peterson13' 0.001995
12Matthew Taylor13' 0.002011
12Brian Peterson13' 0.002000
9.12Zachary McMahon12' 6.002011
12Blake Arellano12' 6.002010
11Gary Cerny12' 6.001993
12.12Matt Budge12' 0.001995
13.12Durant Abernethy11' 6.002013
14.11Zach Eberle11' 0.002014
15.11Jon Skoglund10' 62007
11Cole Gerke10' 6.002014
12Logan Work10' 6.002014
18.10Nicholas Arellano10' 0.002012
9Tyler Baker10' 0.001994
12Richard Soteros10' 0.002012
Long Jump
1.12Kevin Dickson23' 11.00w2005
2.12Larry Floyd21' 62006
3.12Krieg Holland20' 11.252003
4.10Luke Twenge20' 9.752012
5.11Jordan Wilson20' 9.252014
6.11Jefrey Williams20' 8.752012
7.12Brett Ramona20' 8.502001
8.12Thomas Porter20' 7.501999
9.12Ryan Danilson20' 4.002000
12Gus Erickson20' 4.001998
11.11Brady Brajavich20' 3.502011
12.12Dan Negra19' 11.501997
13.10Phil Pauly19' 112007
14.12Oyvind Albert19' 8.502010
15.10Jacob Bowe19' 7.52005
16.12Andrew Patton19' 5.752008
17.12Kong Phuong19' 5.252009
18.11Casey Knuth19' 52004
12Devare Good19' 5.002011
20.12Beau Kennedy19' 4.502013
Triple Jump
1.12Krieg Holland45' 0.502003
2.12Thomas Porter45' 0.001999
3.12Larry Floyd43' 6.752006
4.11Gus Erickson42' 8.001997
5.12Beau Kennedy42' 7.252013
6.12Dan Negra42' 2.501997
7.10Jefrey Williams41' 3.252011
8.12Dave Williams40' 0.501995
9.12Brian Peterson40' 0.252000
10.11Matthew Porter40' 02004
12Ryan Danilson40' 0.002000
12.10Nate Wisler39' 11.502014
13.10Jordan Wilson39' 11.002013
12Eddie Scheckman39' 112005
11Naoki Minato39' 11.002011
16.12Oyvind Albert39' 10.252010
17.9Matthew Asay39' 4.752011
18.12Jon Skoglund39' 2.52008
19.12Austin Schaumburg39' 0.52007
20.11Phil Pauly38' 9.52008


100 Meters
1.12Erin Ennis12.46a2010
2.11Danielle Nyangaro12.54c1998
3.9Ariana Pumpelly12.65a2012
4.9Stefanie McDougall12.84c1997
11Jamie Barton12.84c1993
6.10Nicole LaTourette12.91a2014
7.9Jordan Anderson13.00a2014
8.9Rosie Matthews13.02a2007
9.11Sarah McDowell13.03a2012
10.12Michelle MacGillivray13.04c2001
11.12Sarah Price13.07a2008
11Laura Taylor13.07a2013
13.11Meaghan Cichoke13.16a2009
14.11Jamie Trano13.17a2004
15.10Aryana Harvey13.18a2013
16.10Emily Leonard13.23a2014
17.12Rosemary Mathews13.24a2010
12Sarah Robertson13.24c1997
19.11Karina Moreland13.29a2015
20.9Ashley Shay13.34c2005
100 Meters - Wheelchair
1.12Kanya Sesser18.48a2011
2.10Jasmine Alvarez38.30a2014
200 Meters
1.9Ariana Pumpelly25.08aw2012
2.12Erin Ennis25.89a2010
3.11Danielle Nyangaro25.94c1998
4.11Jamie Barton26.24c1993
5.9Stefanie McDougall26.44c1997
6.12Michelle MacGillivray26.64c2001
7.10Meghan Brohoski26.74a2009
12Sarah Robertson26.74c1997
12Kelly Craft26.74c1997
10.11Jasmine Gilmore26.81a2014
11.12Jamie Burg26.84c2006
11Heather Chase26.84c1993
13.9Rosie Matthews26.93a2007
14.11Aryana Harvey27.09a2014
15.11Rosemary Mathews27.19a2009
16.9Jordan Anderson27.24c2014
17.10Nicole LaTourette27.29a2014
18.10Sarah McDowell27.31a2011
19.12Sarah Price27.43a2008
20.11Laura Taylor27.50a2013
200 Meters - Wheelchair
1.12Kanya Sesser34.85a2011
2.10Jasmine Alvarez84.70a2014
400 Meters
1.9Ariana Pumpelly56.58a2012
2.11Jamie Barton57.54c1993
3.12Erin Ennis57.65a2010
4.11Stefanie McDougall58.80a1999
5.10Nicole LaTourette59.51a2014
6.9Meghan Armstrong59.84c2001
7.12Jamie Burg59.98a2006
8.12Michelle MacGillivray60.02a2001
9.11Nikki Beck60.14c2001
10.12Kristin Coffman60.33a2012
11.11Chelsey Bowman60.52a2004
12.11Jasmine Gilmore60.89a2014
13.10Emily Leonard61.00a2014
14.11Melissa Arndorfer61.04c2008
15.9Laura Taylor61.25a2011
16.9Meghan Brohoski62.74c2008
17.9Mallory Freed62.84c2001
18.11Kaileigh Cushing63.18a2007
19.9Mikaela Anderson63.54c2008
20.9Sarah McDowell63.60a2010
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Ariana Pumpelly57.402012
2.10Nicole LaTourette57.902014
12Erin Ennis57.902010
4.12Kristin Coffman58.202012
5.11Laura Taylor60.602013
6.10Melissa Arndorfer60.72007
7.9Jasmine Gilmore60.802012
8.9Meghan Brohoski60.92008
10Emily Leonard60.902014
10.10Sarah McDowell61.202011
11.10Tori Bryant61.302011
12.12Sarah Price61.62008
13.12Emily Wheeler62.102010
14.11Morgan Johnstone62.302010
15.11Kaileigh Cushing62.52007
16.9Mikaela Anderson62.82008
17.10Karina Moreland63.002014
18.10Jessie Barry63.32007
19.11Meaghan Cichoke63.52009
20.9Marissa Senger63.72007
400 Meters - Wheelchair
1.11Kanya Sesser67.14a2010
800 Meters
1.10Kristin Coffman2:12.66a2010
2.12Stefanie McDougall2:15.77a2000
3.12Meghan Armstrong2:16.72004
4.12Nikki Beck2:18.48a2002
5.10Kelly MacDonald2:20.101995
6.12Lauren Brownrigg2:20.402000
7.12Emily Wheeler2:20.702010
8.11Rachelle Geyer2:22.02a2002
9.11Morgan Johnstone2:22.12a2010
10.9Devon Frazier2:22.32a2005
11.11Mallory Freed2:24.82a2003
12.12Jamie Burg2:26.52006
13.9Alexandria Cross2:28.002010
14.9Elizabeth Vogeltanz2:28.12006
15.9Tess Piete2:29.401999
16.11Anna Bosley2:29.45a2009
17.9Emily Leonard2:29.82a2013
18.9Jeanette Jones2:31.52004
19.12Chelsey Bowman2:32.03a2005
20.10Ariana Pumpelly2:32.85a2013
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Morgan Johnstone2:27.82009
2.11Anna Bosley2:28.82009
3.10Emily Wheeler2:31.02008
4.10Elizabeth Vogeltanz2:31.42007
5.12Devon Frazier2:31.82008
6.12Kelsey Stilson2:35.12008
7.11Erica Brabeck2:37.42007
8.9Stephanie Galluzzo2:39.12008
9.9Joanna Preston2:40.02008
10.10Jillian Eberhard2:41.52008
11.9Tausha Rene2:41.72009
12.10Emily Barry2:45.002011
13.11Lynnette Arbuckle2:55.82007
14.10Lauren Morris2:58.62008
15.11Kaley Lieuallen3:00.22008
16.9Hannah Bryant3:01.82007
17.12Eileen Chadbourne3:21.02008
800 Meters - Wheelchair
1.11Kanya Sesser2:27.39a2010
1200 Meters
1.11Kelsey Stilson4:02.12007
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Morgan Johnstone3:56.702010
2.10Stephanie Galluzzo4:01.92009
3.11Elizabeth Vogeltanz4:08.42008
1500 Meters
1.11Meghan Armstrong4:35.84a2003
2.12Kelly MacDonald4:40.6a1997
3.12Emily Wheeler4:44.11a2010
4.12Lauren Brownrigg4:47.93a2000
5.9Alexandria Cross4:49.82a2010
6.11Jaime Fairchild4:52.201993
7.10Kristin Coffman4:52.402010
8.9Tess Piete4:54.701999
9.11Colleen Godfrey4:56.03a2003
10.12Kelsey Stilson4:57.98a2008
11.9Devon Frazier4:58.10a2005
12.10Jeanette Jones5:02.39a2005
13.9Erica Brabeck5:06.25a2005
14.9Hannah Points5:06.26a2005
15.11Rachelle Geyer5:09.38a2004
16.9Stephanie Galluzzo5:09.86a2008
17.11Morgan Johnstone5:10.002010
18.9Kate Intile5:11.85a2014
19.10Elizabeth Vogeltanz5:16.22007
20.12Kayla Moore5:20.11a2013
1500 Meters - Wheelchair
1.10Kanya Sesser5:02.44a2009
1600 Meters
1.11Devon Frazier5:28.22007
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Stephanie Galluzzo5:33.52008
2.12Keeley Tillotson5:45.52009
3.12Heidi Patton6:16.802011
1 Mile
1.12Colleen Godfrey5:19.42a2004
2.12Rachelle Geyer5:43.72005
3.11Erin Mckeighan6:02.02005
3000 Meters
1.12Meghan Armstrong9:53.21a2004
2.10Emily Wheeler10:13.17a2008
3.12Kelly MacDonald10:31.601997
4.12Lauren Brownrigg10:35.18a2000
5.11Jaime Fairchild10:35.401993
6.12Kelsey Stilson10:35.72008
7.11Alexandria Cross10:42.19a2012
8.9Hannah Points10:46.00a2005
9.12Carol Swope10:51.901996
10.10Kristin Coffman10:52.602010
11.11Colleen Godfrey10:55.85a2003
12.9Tess Piete11:05.701999
13.9Megan Laib11:09.001996
14.9Devon Frazier11:12.12005
15.11Morgan Johnstone11:12.75a2010
16.12Kayla Moore11:13.16a2013
17.9Stephanie Galluzzo11:17.92008
18.12Keeley Tillotson11:21.92009
19.12Rachelle Geyer11:22.86a2005
20.11Kate Alexander11:27.52005
3000 Meters - Wheelchair
1.10Kanya Sesser10:29.47a2009
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Jaime Rainbolt15.84c1999
2.12Maddie Anderson16.12a2011
3.11Kristi Workman16.21a2013
4.12Kelly Millager16.36a2009
5.10Ellee Masterson16.56a2007
6.10Rachel Wisler16.66a2010
7.10Samantha Child16.94c2005
8.10Elizabeth Parker17.47a2014
9.12Rachel Bruce17.48a2010
10.10Katy Pelissier17.52a2004
11.10Julie Morgan17.54c2000
12.12Kate Skoglund17.57a2010
13.12Emily Flener17.64c2006
14.12Mary Howard17.74a2011
11Alexis Bowden17.74c2000
16.9Meghan Armstrong17.84c2001
12Kyla Boswell17.84a2014
18.9Gabrielle Correa18.02a2011
19.10Hannah Smargiassi18.19a2010
20.10Julie Arndorfer18.27a2008
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Kristi Workman47.70a2012
2.10Katy Pelissier49.40a2004
3.10Samantha Child49.42a2005
4.9Rachel Wisler49.48a2009
5.12Heidi Whitney49.74c1998
6.9Erica Bruce49.79a2010
7.11Rachel Bruce49.84a2009
8.11Jaime Rainbolt50.04c1998
9.10Ellee Masterson50.34c2007
10.10Julie Arndorfer50.64c2008
11.12Maddie Anderson50.69a2011
12.11Emily Flener50.91a2005
13.9Meaghan Eby51.04c1999
14.9Kelly Millager51.40a2007
15.10Morgan McMasters51.70a2014
16.9Allison Ohm52.04c1996
17.11Myranda Johnson52.06a2014
18.10Jordyn Brenneman52.31a2010
19.9Keana Apau52.41a2008
20.11Mia de Haan52.84c2014
4x100 Relay
1.Jasmine Gilmore
Ariana Pumpelly
Aryana Harvey
Laura Taylor
Michelle MacGillivray
Stefanie McDougall
Jamie Cherry
Danielle Nyangoro
3.Meaghan Cichoke
Meghan Brohoski
Rosemary Mathews
Erin Ennis
4.Meghan Brohoski
Sarah McDowell
Erin Ennis
Rosemary Mathews
5.Jasmine Gilmore
Aryana Harvey
Jordan Anderson
Laura Taylor
6.Jasmine Gilmore
Ariana Pumpelly
Aryana Harvey
Laura Taylor
Heather Chase
Jorie Girod
Jamie Barton
8.Emily Wisler
Laura Taylor
Clara DeFontes
Sarah McDowell
9.Sarah Robertson
Jamie Cherry
Jamie Rainbolt
Stefanie McDougall
10.Jaime Rainbolt
Stefanie McDougall
Jamie Cherry
Diane Nyangaro
Marissa True
Tyler Morrison
Sarah Price
Meghan Brohoski
12.Tyler Morrison
Rosie Matthews
Kaileigh Cushing
Erin Ennis
13.Alex Terry
Chelsey Bowman
Natalie Budge
Jamie Trano
14.Ashley Shay
Chelsey Bowman
Sarah Price
Jamie Trano
15.Jamie Burg
Melanie Schafer
Sarah Price
Melissa Arndorfer
4x200 Relay
1.Meghan Brohoski
Sarah Price
Tyler Morrison
Marissa True
2.Erin Ennis
Rosie Matthews
Alexandrea Olson
Sarah Price
3.Meghan Brohoski
Emily Wisler
Rosemary Mathews
Tyler Morrison
4.Ashley Shay
Chelsey Bowman
Sarah Price
Emily Flener
5.Amanda Bateman
Chelsey Bowman
Alex Terry
Jamie Trano
6.Melissa Arndorfer
Sarah Price
Kaileigh Cushing
Kendra Young
7.Tori Bryant
Sarah Jacobson
Annie Payne
Tressa Burton
8.Rosemary Mathews
Rachel Bruce
Taylor Ponds
Courtney Thomas
4x400 Relay
1.Nikki Beck
Lauren Brownrigg
Jamie Cherry
Stefanie McDougall
2.Laura Taylor
Jasmine Gilmore
Kristin Coffman
Ariana Pumpelly
3.Chelsey Bowman
Mallory Freed
Amanda Bateman
Meghan Armstrong
4.Nikki Beck
Chelsea Bowman
Michelle MacGillivray
Meghan Armstrong
5.Meghan Brohoski
Kristin Coffman
Erin Ennis
Sarah McDowell
6.Chelsey Bowman
Mallory Freed
Rachelle Geyer
Meghan Armstrong
7.Jasmine Gilmore
Emily Leonard
Karina Moreland
Nicole LaTourette
8.Chelsey Bowman
Mallory Freed
Rachelle Geyer
Meghan Armstrong
9.Kelly Craft
Kelly MacDonald
Jamie Cherry
Stefanie McDougall
10.Mikaela Anderson
Meghan Brohoski
Emily Wheeler
Melissa Arndorfer
11.Meghan Brohoski
Emily Wheeler
Erin Ennis
Meaghan Cichoke
12.Tori Bryant
Laura Taylor
Kristi Workman
Kristin Coffman
13.Kaileigh Cushing
Emily Wheeler
Jessie Barry
Melissa Arndorfer
14.Jasmine Gilmore
Laura Taylor
Kristi Workman
Ariana Pumpelly
15.Relay Team 4:12.001998
16.Samantha Child
Jamie Trano
Devon Frazier
Chelsey Bowman
17.Melissa Arndorfer
Jessica Medvec
Jessie Barry
Jamie Burg
18.Jackie Brewer
Anna Plame
Kelly Rentfro
4x800 Relay
1.Rachelle Geyer
Erica Brabeck
Jeanette Jones
Devon Frazier
2.Jamie Burg
Devon Frazier
Erica Brabeck
Kate Alexander
3.Anna Bosley
Joanna Preston
Morgan Johnstone
Jillian Eberhard
4.Kelsey Stilson
Erica Brabeck
Elizabeth Vogeltanz
Devon Frazier
5.Jeanette Jones
Lindsay Hallvik
Erin Mckeighan
Kate Alexander
6.Anna Bosley
Elizabeth Vogeltanz
Jillian Eberhard
Tausha Rene
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Colleen Godfrey
Jeanette Jones
Mallory Freed
Rachelle Geyer
2.Devon Frazier
Kelsey Stilson
Elizabeth Vogeltanz
Emily Wheeler
3.Stephanie Galluzzo
Morgan Johnstone
Marissa Miller
Emily Wheeler
4.Devon Frazier
Jessie Barry
Elizabeth Vogeltanz
Stephanie Galluzzo
5.Keeley Tillotson
Mikaela Anderson
Stephanie Galluzzo
Morgan Johnstone
6.Kate Alexander
Rachelle Geyer
Jeanette Jones
Hannah Points
7.Kelsey Stilson
Jessica Medvec
Kate Alexander
Hannah Points
8.Emily Barry
Jordyn Brenneman
Heidi Patton
Stephanie Galluzzo
4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 36"
1.Relay Team 53.86a2006
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Kaley Soderquist36' 5.752005
2.11Amanda Chambers36' 52007
3.12Tauna Soderquist35' 62007
12Danielle Guy35' 6.002001
5.12Keri Holland35' 5.502002
6.11Whitney Harris34' 11.502010
7.12Alyssa Boring34' 4.502011
8.12Becky Thomas33' 11.002001
9.12Katie Morrice33' 5.502002
10.12Sharon Gardner33' 52006
11.12Tracie Williams32' 10.501994
12.12Sammi Lang32' 9.002002
13.12Sarah Gallager32' 6.752006
14.9Sofie Ortiz32' 4.502013
15.10Kristin Hein31' 112004
16.9Hailey Levasa31' 102004
12Lydia Hoffee31' 102005
18.10Whittney Harris31' 82009
19.9Hannah Bryant31' 5.52007
20.9Alyssa Workman30' 7.002015
Shot Put - Wheelchair
1.9Kanya Sesser8' 9.52008
Discus - 1kg
1.12Danielle Guy121' 8.002001
2.12Becky Thomas112' 10.002001
3.12Courtney Roby-Sage111' 0.002000
4.12Amanda Chambers108' 62008
5.10Emily Lobbato105' 92009
6.12Becca Stevens105' 82004
7.12Kelly Taylor102' 7.001997
8.9Azzhaley Reynolds99' 8.002011
9.12Sammi Lang99' 2.002002
10.12Lydia Hoffee98' 1.52005
11.11Jennifer Johnson95' 5.001994
12.11Lexxy Johnson92' 112007
13.9Jennifer Ask89' 10.001995
14.12Alexandra Johnson89' 02008
15.12Katie Peoples88' 12004
16.12Sharon Gardner87' 8.752006
17.9Alyssa Workman87' 3.002015
18.9Athena Erickson86' 7.002014
19.9Hailey Levasa85' 92004
20.11Kayla Shepard85' 02007
Discus - Wheelchair
1.9Kanya Sesser28' 52008
Javelin - 600g
1.11Sarah Yant123' 7.002002
2.11Jasmine Suyematsu122' 3.002013
3.12Kristin Hein114' 112006
4.12Tauna Soderquist109' 02007
5.12Keri Holland107' 8.002002
6.12Alyssa Boring103' 4.002011
7.11Corinne Wilcox101' 32009
8.10Amanda Jenson101' 02004
9.11Hayley LeBray98' 4.002010
10.12Katie Divine98' 22005
11.12Monica Pleitez97' 0.002011
12.12Kristina Wright96' 2.002002
13.11Lexxy Johnson95' 62007
14.12Alexandra Johnson94' 82008
15.11Whitney Harris94' 3.002010
16.11Kayla Shepard88' 112007
17.10Krista Frederick88' 2.002011
18.10Whittney Harris87' 12009
19.12Kaley Soderquist86' 32006
20.9Janelle Decker83' 2.002012
High Jump
1.12Kelly Millager5' 72009
2.10Kristin Coffman5' 5.002010
11Maddie Anderson5' 5.002010
4.11Heather Fritts5' 2.002002
5.10Alexa Stevens5' 12007
12Kelly Craft5' 1.001997
7.9Tori Bryant5' 0.002010
8.9Jennifer Whitman4' 10.001994
11Megan Danilson4' 10.002003
9Meghan Brohoski4' 102008
10Michelle Lillibridge4' 10.002001
10Tegan Bracha4' 10.002013
13.10Kelsey Allred4' 82008
10Haley Fisher4' 82007
9Abrielle Anderson4' 8.002013
9Myranda Johnson4' 8.002012
12Kyla Boswell4' 8.002014
18.10Samantha Child4' 62005
19.9Chelsea Beebe4' 4.002002
9Alexa Derby4' 42007
Pole Vault
1.12Laura Taylor12' 8.002014
2.12Kate Skoglund11' 0.002010
3.11Lauren Balsiger10' 3.002013
4.12Kate McLendon9' 8.001995
5.9MacKenzie Andrews9' 6.002012
11Heather Wisner9' 6.002011
7.12Sara Springer9' 0.002000
8.12Damaris Means8' 6.001997
12Kelly Reuther8' 6.002002
10.9Nicole Krill8' 0.002010
10Miranda Barnes8' 02007
10Malory Turner8' 0.002010
10Laura D'Ambrosio8' 02007
12Holly Hahn8' 0.002003
11Dani Johnson8' 0.001997
-Katie Ham8' 0.002001
17.12Kelsey Schopp7' 92006
18.12Stephanie Heuser7' 62006
10Amanda Johnson7' 6.002011
10Emily Teters7' 62006
Long Jump
1.11Emily Wisler18' 1.502012
2.12Laura Taylor17' 9.252014
3.11Megan Danilson17' 8.252003
4.11Jamie Barton17' 1.001993
5.10Karina Moreland16' 7.502014
6.9Nikki Beck16' 5.001999
7.11Melanie Schafer16' 4.752006
8.12Mindy Beck16' 3.001998
9.9Sarah McDowell16' 1.002010
10.9Jazmine Kendell15' 11.52004
11.11Deanna Schneider15' 11.001996
12.12Birdie Wermy15' 10.002001
13.9Briana Kadel15' 9.001993
14.11Meaghan Cichoke15' 82009
15.12Heather Fritts15' 7.752004
16.9Abrielle Anderson15' 2.752013
17.9Amanda Morris15' 1.502013
12Kyla Boswell15' 1.502014
19.12Juliet Ben-Jumbo15' 12007
20.11Emily Leonard15' 0.502015
Triple Jump
1.11Emily Wisler37' 2.502012
2.10Karina Moreland37' 0.502014
3.11Megan Danilson35' 0.252003
4.9Nikki Beck34' 9.501999
5.11Heather Fritts34' 3.252002
6.12Mindy Beck34' 0.501998
7.9Briana Kadel33' 7.501993
11Melanie Schafer33' 7.52006
9.11Birdie Wermy33' 5.002000
10.9Deanna Schneider33' 0.501995
11.12Rosilyn Koupal32' 6.001996
12.11Rebecca Peterson32' 2.252004
13.10Emily Leonard32' 2.002014
14.10Tegan Bracha31' 5.752013
15.9Jazmine Kendell31' 5.52004
16.12Lauren Kleven30' 102009
17.11Miyuki Blatt30' 5.752008
18.9Birdy Wermy30' 5.501998
19.10Kendal Johnson30' 5.002014
20.12Rachel Bruce30' 3.002010
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