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Chapel Field Christian HS

    Lions - Pine Bush, NY

Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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Record Types


100 Meters
1.12Mike Baker11.59c2008
2.11Ted Rosa11.64c2011
3.11Ryan Conway11.74c2010
4.11Anthony Rossi11.82a2011
5.10Ha-il Jeon11.95a2009
6.12Andrew Flemming12.04c2010
7.11Linh Phan12.14c2010
-Aaron Galvin12.14c2002
9.-Gerald Cheers12.24c2007
10.12Chris Buldoc12.34c2010
11.9Joe Baker12.64c2010
9Giovanni Gilmore12.64c2013
13.9Andy McDermott12.74c2014
14.- Ivascu12.84c2004
12Young Woo Park12.84c2009
16.9Adrienne Flemming12.94c2010
10Patrick Jacques12.94a2008
18.12David Young13.04c2007
12Lee Wakeman13.04c2008
9Isiah Binns13.04c2012
200 Meters
1.11Mike Baker24.04c2007
2.11Anthony Rossi24.07a2011
3.10Ryan Conway24.27a2009
4.10Ted Rosa24.34c2010
5.11Linh Phan24.44a2010
12Joe Baker24.44a2013
7.11Lee Wakeman24.64c2007
8.10Ha-il Jeon24.74c2009
9.12Chris Buldoc24.84c2010
10.-Aaron Galvin25.24c2002
11.11Matt McGowan25.38a2013
12.12David Young25.44c2007
13.-Gerald Cheers25.64c2007
14.12Andrew Flemming25.84a2010
15.12Patrick Jean-Joque25.94c2010
11Matt Spangler25.94c2003
17.7Louis Rosa26.04c2010
18.-Meade Deck26.28a2007
19.12Young Woo Park26.54c2009
- Ivascu26.54c2004
400 Meters
1.12Matt McGowan52.18a2014
2.11Joe Baker54.43a2012
3.10Matt Spangler54.44c2002
4.11Ryan Conway55.24c2010
5.11Anthony Rossi55.67a2011
6.11Lee Wakeman56.23a2007
7.12Adam St. Germain56.34c2009
8.-Meade Deck57.34c2007
9.-Aaron Galvin57.44c2003
10.11Joey Sgandurra57.47a2010
11.12Kyoung Jae Min57.93a2009
12.-Luke Zylstra58.04c2002
13.12Chris Buldoc58.24c2010
14.12Mike Baker59.24c2008
15.9Brock Haney59.34c2007
16.9Andy McDermott59.62a2014
17.12David Young60.14c2007
18.10Manuel Bayron60.57a2013
19.12Sam Verderami61.14c2007
11Sam Carrion61.14c2007
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Joe Baker52.64c2013
2.11Matt McGowan55.74c2013
3.12Brian Falkena56.14c2013
4.10Manuel Bayron60.04c2013
800 Meters
1.12Adam St. Germain2:00.32009
2.12Matt McGowan2:01.62a2014
3.12Brian Falkena2:09.24a2013
4.10Manuel Bayron2:14.91a2013
5.11Joey Sgandurra2:15.59a2010
6.9Brock Haney2:17.602007
7.-Luke Zylstra2:18.802003
8.9Andy McDermott2:18.83a2014
9.9Ryan Conway2:19.83a2008
10.8Josh Doro2:21.56a2014
11.11Joe Baker2:21.702012
12.12David St. Germain2:22.402007
13.-John Bast2:23.302002
14.11Ben Kelly2:24.06a2007
15.-Brian Gingras2:24.402004
16.10Jordan Negron2:25.62009
17.-Seth Bailey2:30.002004
18.9Jesse Capalbo2:30.102007
19.10David Qin2:34.04a2008
20.9Nathanial Jordan2:35.802012
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Matt McGowan2:12.002013
1500 Meters
1.10Adam St. Germain4:38.402007
2.12David St. Germain4:58.002007
3.12Sam Verderami5:14.20a2007
4.9Brian Falkena6:10.602010
5.11Sam Carrion6:26.97a2007
6.8Matt McGowan6:45.002010
1600 Meters
1.12Adam St. Germain4:28.68a2009
2.12Brian Falkena4:42.57a2013
3.10Manuel Bayron5:02.402013
4.-John Bast5:07.002002
5.-Brian Gingras5:09.102004
6.8Josh Doro5:11.75a2014
7.11Matt McGowan5:14.002013
8.12David St. Germain5:23.45a2007
9.9Ryan Conway5:29.002008
10.10Joey Sgandurra5:36.40a2009
11.10Nathanial Jordan5:44.002013
12.10Joe Baker5:47.002011
13.8Louis Rosa5:51.002011
14.8Evan McGowan6:11.002014
15.11Ben Kelly6:15.0a2007
16.-Seth Bailey6:18.702004
17.10Jordan Negron6:28.02009
18.11Ezra Kuliszewski6:29.02009
19.10David Qin6:36.202008
20.9Joseph Dueranberger6:55.602010
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Brian Falkena4:51.002013
2000 Meters
1.12Chris Chiarot9:20.002008
3200 Meters
1.12Adam St. Germain10:06.92a2009
2.12Brian Falkena10:28.002013
3.-John Bast11:25.002002
4.10Manuel Bayron11:28.07a2013
5.-Brian Gingras12:04.702002
6.-Andrew Lopez12:20.002002
7.9David St. Germain12:33.202004
8.10James Grieco13:01.002008
9.-Seth Bailey13:07.002004
10.10Nathanial Jordan13:07.95a2013
11.8Josh Doro13:15.002014
12.10Jordan Negron13:17.88a2009
13.7Louis Rosa14:07.94a2010
14.9Joseph Dueranberger14:08.32a2010
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Thomas Heotzler18.14c2011
2.11Zac Capalbo19.26a2007
3.9Brock Haney19.49a2007
4.12David Young19.66a2007
5.12Young Woo Park19.82a2009
6.-Dillon Bailey20.14c2002
7.12David St. Germain20.84c2007
8.12Sam Verderami20.98a2007
9.12David Qin21.25a2010
10.12Andrew Flemming21.31a2010
11.10Parry Kim21.54c2011
12.11Louis Meringolo22.87a2010
13.10Sam Dratch24.34c2011
14.11Sam Carrion25.24a2007
15.12Kyoung Jae Min26.06a2009
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Ezra Kuliszewski54.24c2009
2.12Kyoung Jae Min64.54c2009
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.12David Young67.35a2007
2.9Brock Haney67.38a2007
3.11Zac Capalbo67.64c2007
4.12Kyoung Jae Min67.88a2009
5.10Thomas Heotzler68.28a2011
6.10Anthony Rossi68.74c2010
7.-Dillon Bailey69.14c2002
8.11Chris Buldoc71.37a2009
9.- Ivascu72.64c2004
10.12Mark Heotzler73.14c2010
11.11Ezra Kuliszewski74.14c2009
10Jesse Capalbo74.14c2008
13.12Young Woo Park74.64a2009
10Sam Dratch74.64c2011
15.12David Qin76.00a2010
16.10Parry Kim78.14c2011
17.9David St. Germain88.94c2003
18.12 Edwards1:30.44c2003
2k Steeplechase
1.11Adam St. Germain6:50.002008
3k Steeplechase
1.11Adam St. Germain10:44.91a2008
2.11Andrew Flemming14:38.34a2009
3.10Ryan Conway?2009
4x100 Relay
1.Chris Buldoc
Ryan Conway
Ted Rosa
Ha-il Jeon
2.Chris Buldoc
Ryan Conway
Ted Rosa
Anthony Rossi
3.Mike Baker
Zac Capalbo
Lee Wakeman
Ben Kelly
4.David Young
Mike Baker
Lee Wakeman
Zac Capalbo
5.Joe Baker
Louis Rosa
Anthony Rossi
Joey Sgandurra
6.Robert Detz
Giovanni Gilmore
Ricky Li
Charles Tan
4x200 Relay
1.Chris Buldoc
Ryan Conway
Andrew Flemming
Anthony Rossi
2.Joe Baker
Manuel Bayron
Brian Falkena
Matt McGowan
3.David Young
Jesse Capalbo
Brock Haney
Lee Wakeman
4.Ha-il Jeon
Kyoung Jae Min
Young Woo Park
Ryan Conway
5.Mike Bolduc
Ryan Conway
David Qin
Jesse Capalbo
4x400 Relay
1.Joe Baker
Matt McGowan
Brian Falkena
Manuel Bayron
2.Lee Wakeman
Mike Baker
Chris Chiarot
Adam St. Germain
3.John Messmer
Luke Zylstra
Matt Spangler
Aaron Galvin
4.Kyoung Jae Min
Andrew Flemming
Anthony Rossi
Adam St. Germain
5.David St. Germain
Meade Deck
Lee Wakeman
Mike Baker
6.Louis Meringolo
Adrienne Flemming
Joey Sgandurra
Joseph Dueranberger
4x800 Relay
1.Joe Baker
Manuel Bayron
Brian Falkena
Matt McGowan
2.David St. Germain
Lee Wakeman
Adam St. Germain
Brock Haney
3.Joe Baker
Manuel Bayron
Matt McGowan
Brian Falkena
4.Ezra Kuliszewski
Joey Sgandurra
Jordan Negron
Andrew Flemming
5.Brian Gingras
Dillon Bailey
Andrew Lopez
John Bast
6.Manuel Bayron
Joseph Dueranberger
Matt McGowan
Joey Sgandurra
7.Gladstone Bramble
Brian Falkena
Matt McGowan
Louis Rosa
8.Ryan Conway
James Grieco
Chris Chiarot
David Qin
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Ryan Conway
Ha-il Jeon
Ted Roosa
Anthony Rossi
2.David Young
Meade Deck
Mike Baker
Jesse Capalbo
3.Manual Bayron
Adrienne Flemming
Joseph Dueranberger
Anthony Rossi
4.Giovanni Gilmore
Nathanial Jordan
Ricky Li
Manuel Bayron
5.Jae-Heum Park
Lee Min
Adrienne Flemming
Parry Kim
6.Ocalla Walters
Ryan Conway
Jesse Capalbo
David Qin
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Mike Baker
Ben Kelly
Lee Wakeman
Adam St. Germain
2.Andrew Flemming
Ezra Kuliszewski
Young Woo Park
Adam St. Germain
3.Mike Baker
Zac Capalbo
Lee Wakeman
Ben Kelly
4.Anthony Rossi
Linh Phan
Andrew Flemming
Joey Sgandurra
5.Tyler Senkbeil
Giovanni Gilmore
Andy McDermott
Josh Doro
6.Isiah Binns
Nathanial Jordan
Manuel Bayron
Matt McGowan
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Manuel Bayron
Joe Baker
Matt McGowan
Brian Falkena
2.Ryan Conway
Kyoung Jae Min
Jordan Negron
Adam St. Germain
3.Manuel Bayron
Joe Baker
Matt McGowan
Brian Falkena
4.Lee Wakeman
David Young
Meade Deck
Adam St. Germain
5.Adam St. Germain
Zac Capalbo
David Qin
James Grieco
4x300 Shuttle Hurdles - 39"
1.Relay Team 62.502011
2.David Young
Jesse Capalbo
Adam St. Germain
ghost ghost
Shot Put - 8lb
1.9Thomas Heotzler36' 7.002010
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Robert Detz53' 8.002014
2.12Joe Baker41' 5.502013
3.12Patrick Jean-Joque41' 2.002010
4.12Shaun Rhoades41' 0.002004
5.11Mike Gentile39' 10.002014
6.-Gerald Cheers38' 10.002007
7.10David Cohen37' 11.252007
8.10Trevor Greco36' 8.002007
9.12James Braunius35' 9.002011
10.11Matt McCaffrey35' 2.252009
11.10Giovanni Gilmore34' 6.002014
12.10Thomas Heotzler33' 7.002011
13.11Mike Baker33' 5.002007
14.12Mark Heotzler31' 5.502010
15.12Joey Sgandurra31' 5.002011
16.10Patrick Jacques30' 3.002008
17.10Ryan Conway29' 0.52009
18.12David Qin28' 8.002010
19.11Ezra Kuliszewski27' 11.52009
20.11Sam Carrion27' 9.002007
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Robert Detz140' 10.002014
2.12Shaun Rhoades132' 5.002004
3.12Patrick Jean-Joque116' 0.002010
4.12James Braunius109' 1.002011
5.12Mark Heotzler106' 4.002010
6.12David Cohen105' 92009
7.12Trevor Greco103' 52009
8.11Mike Gentile96' 11.002014
9.9Jesse Capalbo91' 4.002007
10.10Giovanni Gilmore90' 2.002014
11.10Patrick Jacques89' 5.002008
12.10Thomas Heotzler88' 8.002011
13.- Lennon85' 3.002003
14.12Louis Meringolo84' 0.002011
15.11Matt McCaffrey81' 112009
16.9Charles Tan79' 6.002013
17.12David St. Germain74' 1.002007
18.12David Qin70' 0.002010
19.-Gerald Cheers67' 3.002007
20.12Joey Sgandurra65' 11.002011
Javelin - 800g
1.12Joe Baker151' 1.002013
2.11Matt McGowan78' 6.002013
3.10Mike Gentile76' 8.002013
4.10Adrienne Flemming67' 0.002011
5.9Charles Tan65' 0.002013
6.10Sam Dratch64' 5.002011
High Jump
1.11Ben Kelly5' 8.002007
2.-Brian Gingras5' 4.002003
-Dillon Bailey5' 4.002002
12Matt McGowan5' 4.002014
5.10Joe Baker5' 3.002011
6.12David St. Germain5' 2.002007
9Jesse Capalbo5' 2.002007
8.11Chris Buldoc5' 12009
10Ryan Conway5' 12009
10.-Seth Bailey5' 0.002004
12Zac Capalbo5' 0.002008
12.12Mike Bolduc4' 10.002008
11Louis Meringolo4' 10.002010
14.12Sam Verderami4' 9.872007
15.-Meade Deck4' 8.002007
9Thomas Heotzler4' 8.002010
17.11Sam Carrion4' 0.032007
18.8Manuel Bayron3' 6.002010
19.12Ben Kelly5' 6.002008
Pole Vault
1.-Travis Holwoth7' 6.002002
2.9Sam Verderami6' 6.002004
Long Jump
1.11Mike Baker19' 10.002007
2.12Joe Baker19' 7.502013
3.11Ryan Conway18' 7.502010
4.12Matt McGowan17' 10.002014
5.11Ted Rosa17' 7.002011
6.11Lee Wakeman17' 5.502007
7.12Young Woo Park17' 42009
8.10Matt Spangler17' 3.502002
9.8Louis Rosa17' 3.002011
10.11Linh Phan16' 11.502010
11.10Ha-il Jeon16' 9.752009
12.-Brian Gingras16' 3.502004
13.9Thomas Heotzler16' 2.502010
14.12Mike Bolduc16' 0.002008
- Ivascu16' 0.002004
16.12David St. Germain15' 7.002007
17.9Isiah Binns15' 6.002012
18.10Sam Dratch15' 2.002011
10Joey Sgandurra15' 22009
20.9Andy McDermott14' 9.752014
Triple Jump
1.11Lee Wakeman38' 10.252007
2.10Ryan Conway38' 52009
3.12Young Woo Park38' 1.752009
4.12Ben Kelly37' 7.002008
5.10Thomas Heotzler35' 8.002011
6.10Adrienne Flemming35' 3.752011
7.10Adam St. Germain35' 3.252007
8.11Matt McGowan35' 2.752013
9.12Joe Baker34' 4.002013
10.12Mark Heotzler34' 0.002010
11.12Mike Bolduc33' 10.002008
12.12Sam Verderami31' 0.002007
-Seth Bailey31' 0.002004
14.10Sam Dratch30' 9.752011
15.10Tyler Senkbeil30' 6.002014
16.9Isiah Binns30' 5.002012
17.8Josh Doro30' 1.752014
Hammer - 12lb
1.11Robert Detz114' 6.002014
Pentathlon Score (Outdoor)
1.12David St. Germain20172007
2.12Sam Verderami17492007
3.10James Braunius13162009
4.11Ezra Kuliszewski11162009


100 Meters
1.12Kally Vellenga13.18a2013
2.11Maggie McDermott13.34c2014
3.11Candace Vellenga13.74c2012
11Angel Kelly13.74c2008
5.-Jessica Johnson14.54c2003
-Amber Kelly14.54c2008
7.12Sarah Girardin14.54c2009
8.9Kiera Michel14.64c2011
9.11Tina Remine14.73a2009
10.-Felicia Ryan14.84c2003
11.10Susie Krupp15.03a2014
12.7Gabby Palazzo15.04c2014
12Ashley Elia15.04c2008
12Lorie Messmer15.04c2007
15.-Melissa Baldo15.14c2002
12Lorie Messimer15.14c2008
17.9Niki Yadov15.31a2013
18.9Sarah Shafer15.44c2010
19.12Courtney Vellenga15.54c2010
10Debbie Schafer15.54c2008
200 Meters
1.12Jessica Shook26.74c2007
2.11Maggie McDermott27.28a2014
3.12Kally Vellenga27.94c2013
4.12Shaina St. germain28.34a2008
5.12Candace Vellenga28.59a2013
6.11Angel Kelly29.04c2008
7.11Sarah Girardin29.24c2008
8.11Heather St. Germain29.64c2012
9.9Kiera Michel29.84c2011
10.12Ashley Elia30.34c2008
11.12Courtney Vellenga30.54a2010
11Tina Remine30.54c2009
13.-Melissa Baldo31.04c2002
14.10Susie Krupp31.11a2014
15.12Lorie Messmer31.14c2007
16.-Felicia Ryan31.24c2002
11Nicole Robertson31.24c2008
18.11Kristen Baker31.34a2010
19.12Megan McGowan31.44c2014
20.7Gabby Palazzo31.81a2014
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Candace Vellenga28.04c2013
2.12Kally Vellenga30.14c2013
400 Meters
1.11Maggie McDermott59.91a2014
2.12Sarah Girardin60.87a2009
3.-Christina Billman64.14c2003
4.12Jessica Shook64.92a2007
5.12Shaina St. germain64.94c2008
6.11Megan McGowan65.54c2013
7.11Heather St. Germain65.84c2012
8.12Tina Remine68.70a2010
9.10Angel Kelly69.94c2007
10.9Niki Yadov70.64c2013
11.11Ashley Elia70.73a2007
12.10Candace Vellenga71.16a2011
13.7Gabby Palazzo71.24a2014
14.11Kristen Baker71.51a2010
15.9Kally Vellenga71.94c2010
-Felicia Ryan71.94c2003
17.- Green72.14c2003
18.11Courtney Vellenga72.97a2009
19.12Lorie Messimer73.14c2008
20.11Nicole Robertson73.24c2008
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Heather St. Germain62.94c2013
2.11Megan McGowan65.002013
3.10Maggie McDermott65.14c2013
4.12Candace Vellenga67.002013
800 Meters
1.12Heather St. Germain2:27.58a2013
2.12Megan McGowan2:27.80a2014
3.12Shaina St. germain2:31.05a2008
4.11Justine Vonderheide2:39.10a2010
5.10Abby Hastings2:41.86a2013
6.10Sarah Girardin2:49.88a2007
7.11Courtney Vellenga2:51.12009
8.9Maggie McDermott2:56.202010
9.12Ha Dao3:00.24a2014
10.12Victoria Rossi3:02.002010
11.9Niki Yadov3:04.82a2013
12.12Ashley Walter3:06.22009
13.9Jaime Morrow3:07.002010
14.9Ellysia Martin3:08.302010
15.10Katie Thompson3:09.002007
16.10Ana Wakeman3:12.002007
17.-Danielle Schmid3:14.602002
18.9Janet Deck3:15.002010
-Clare Wilkinson3:15.002007
20.11Kim Soward3:16.002007
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Abby Hastings2:42.002013
2.12Heather St. Germain3:36.002013
1500 Meters
1.8Heather St. Germain5:22.31a2009
2.8Megan McGowan5:22.902010
3.10Abby Hastings5:24.002013
4.11Shaina St. germain5:30.202007
5.11Justine Vonderheide5:32.002010
6.-Danielle Schmid5:49.902003
7.-Bethany Theodore6:16.002002
8.12Ha Dao6:22.69a2014
9.9Janet Deck6:34.002010
10.12Victoria Rossi6:43.002010
11.9Ellysia Martin6:44.002010
12.10Ana Wakeman6:55.78a2007
13.11Ashley Walter7:04.002008
14.10Katie Thompson7:10.002007
15.9Jaime Morrow7:11.002010
16.-Clare Wilkinson7:13.80a2007
17.11Debbie Shafer7:24.02009
18.9Emily Krump7:33.902010
19.9Anna Wakeman8:12.002008
20.9Kathleen Parks8:33.02009
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Megan McGowan5:58.002013
3000 Meters
1.11Justine Vonderheide11:32.302010
2.8Heather St. Germain11:38.90a2009
3.9Megan McGowan11:43.202011
4.11Shaina St. germain12:10.21a2007
5.10Abby Hastings12:11.24a2013
6.-Danielle Schmid12:45.302002
7.-Christina Billman13:36.002002
8.11Katie Thompson14:17.002008
9.12Ha Dao15:38.002014
10.10Ana Wakeman15:49.002007
11.9Emily Krump15:59.002010
12.9Janet Deck16:07.002010
13.9Anna Wakeman16:44.002008
14.-Clare Wilkinson17:06.76a2007
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Megan McGowan17.47aw2014
2.12Sarah Girardin18.34c2009
3.12Katie Thompson20.56a2009
4.11Candace Vellenga20.64c2012
5.11Nicole Robertson21.14c2008
6.12Ashley Walter21.24c2009
7.12Debbie Shafer21.65a2010
8.9Ellysia Martin22.34c2010
9.7Rachel Capalbo23.80a2009
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Sarah Girardin54.94c2009
2.12Katie Thompson59.04c2009
3.12Ashley Walter62.24c2009
4.7Rachel Capalbo77.84c2009
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Sarah Girardin63.66a2007
2.12Candace Vellenga78.50a2013
3.8Megan McGowan80.44c2010
4.12Jessica Shook81.14c2007
5.11Nicole Robertson82.94c2008
6.12Katie Thompson84.14c2009
7.11Kristen Baker84.81a2010
8.-Sarah Miller88.34c2003
9.12Courtney Vellenga89.25a2010
10.9Ellysia Martin1:33.74c2010
11.11Ashley Walter1:36.14c2008
12.7Rachel Capalbo1:40.74c2009
2k Steeplechase
1.10Megan McGowan7:39.71a2012
2.11Shaina St. germain9:23.002007
3.12Katie Thompson9:45.6a2009
4.10Ashley Walter10:08.902007
5.9Emily Krump11:02.37a2010
4x100 Relay
1.Kally Vellenga
Candace Vellenga
Heather St. Germain
Maggie McDermott
2.Kally Vellenga
Candace Vellenga
Heather St. Germain
Maggie McDermott
3.Shaina St. germain
Sarah Girardin
Angel Kelly
Ashley Elia
4.Candace Vellenga
Kally Vellenga
Kiera Michel
Maggie McDermott
5.Sarah Girardin
Jessica Shook
Shaina St. germain
Lorie Messmer
6.Susie Krupp
Maggie McDermott
Megan McGowan
Gabby Palazzo
7.Felicia Ryan
Melissa Baldo
Amy Millham
Christina Billman
8.Kristen Baker
Maggie McDermott
Candace Vellenga
Tina Remine
9.Tina Remine
Debbie Shafer
Kristen Baker
Cortney Vellenga
4x200 Relay
1.Maggie McDermott
Megan McGowan
Candace Vellenga
Kally Vellenga
2.Kally Vellenga
Maggie McDermott
Candace Vellenga
Heather St. Germain
3.Jessica Shook
Shaina St. germain
Ashley Elia
Sarah Girardin
4.Kristen Baker
Maggie McDermott
Tina Remine
Kally Vellenga
5.Katie Thompson
Ashley Walter
Tina Remine
Amber Kelly
4x400 Relay
1.Maggie McDermott
Megan McGowan
Candace Vellenga
Heather St. Germain
2.Megan McGowan
Heather St. Germain
Candace Vellenga
Maggie McDermott
3.Kristen Baker
Sarah Girardin
Katie Thompson
Megan McGowan
4.Jessica Shook
Shaina St. germain
Ashley Walter
Ashley Elia
5.Felicia Ryan
Melissa Baldo
Amy Millham
Christina Billman
6.Shaina St. germain
Nicole Robertson
Sarah Girardin
Angel Kelly
7.Maggie McDermott
Susie Krupp
Gabby Palazzo
Megan McGowan
8.Kiera Michel
Heather St. Germain
Justine Vonderheide
Megan McGowan
9.Maggie McDermott
Debbie Shafer
Candace Vellenga
Courtney Vellenga
4x800 Relay
1.Heather St. Germain
Maggie McDermott
Megan McGowan
Justine Vonderheide
2.Heather St. Germain
Abby Hastings
Maggie McDermott
Megan McGowan
3.Megan McGowan
Justine Vonderheide
Katie Thompson
Heather St. Germain
4.Janet Deck
Maggie McDermott
Megan McGowan
Heather St. Germain
5.Jessica Shook
Shaina St. germain
Katie Thompson
Sarah Girardin
6.Shaina St. germain
Heather St. Germain
Anna Wakeman
Justine Vonderheide
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Megan McGowan
Heather St. Germain
Candace Vellenga
Kally Vellenga
2.Kally Vellenga
Candace Vellenga
Maggie McDermott
Heather St. Germain
3.Lorie Messmer
Ashley Elia
Jessica Shook
Shaina St. germain
4.Ashley Walter
Katie Thompson
Nicole Robertson
Shaina St. germain
5.Tina Remine
Kally Vellenga
Candace Vellenga
Maggie McDermott
6.Kristen Baker
Tina Remine
Debbie Shafer
Ashley Walter
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Kally Vellenga
Candace Vellenga
Maggie McDermott
Megan McGowan
2.Angel Kelly
Ashley Elia
Sarah Girardin
Heather St. Germain
3.Kally Vellenga
Candace Vellenga
Heather St. Germain
Abby Hastings
4.Lorie Messmer
Ashley Elia
Jessica Shook
Shaina St. germain
5.Brook Vandam
Kally Vellenga
Janet Deck
Heather St. Germain
6.Sarah Girardin
Tina Remine
Katie Thompson
Cortney Vellenga
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Abby Hastings
Maggie McDermott
Heather St. Germain
Megan McGowan
2.Heather St. Germain
Sarah Girardin
Shaina St. germain
Justine Vonderheide
Justine Vonderheide
Maggie McDermott
Megan McGowan
Heather St. Germain
4.Sarah Girardin
Megan McGowan
Heather St. Germain
Justine Vonderheide
4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 36"
1.Relay Team 65.02009
4x300 Shuttle Hurdles - 36"
1.Jessica Shook
Sarah Girardin
Ashley Walter
ghost1 ghost1
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Megan McGowan30' 1.002014
2.12Alida Falkena26' 3.002012
3.-Morgan Oppenheimer26' 0.252003
4.12Crissy Cohen25' 6.252011
5.10Susie Krupp24' 9.252014
6.-Ruth McCoy24' 5.502008
7.-Sarah Miller23' 5.752004
8.12Lauren Johnson23' 0.002011
9.-Kelly Pushman22' 11.002007
10.10Angel Kelly22' 5.002007
11.12Kim Soward21' 7.502008
12.12Ashley Walter21' 72009
13.10Brianna Keller21' 42009
14.12Jinah Choi21' 3.502008
15.8Rachel Capalbo21' 0.502010
16.-Bobbie Newnam20' 11.002002
17.12Ha Dao20' 10.502014
18.12Debbie Shafer18' 2.002010
19.12Victoria Rossi17' 11.002010
20.10Kelsey Farrel16' 3.502010
Discus - 1kg
1.-Sarah Miller78' 0.002004
2.12Alida Falkena76' 11.002012
3.10Susie Krupp75' 9.002014
4.11Crissy Cohen73' 9.002010
5.11Kim Soward66' 0.002007
6.-Kelly Pushman61' 8.502007
7.8Rachel Capalbo60' 8.002010
8.10Brianna Keller58' 4.002009
9.12Jinah Choi56' 3.002008
10.12Ha Dao55' 9.002014
11.-Ruth McCoy54' 1.002008
12.-Morgan Oppenheimer53' 2.002002
13.-Bobbie Newnam51' 6.002002
14.10Kelsey Farrel50' 8.002010
12Debbie Shafer50' 8.002010
16.12Lauren Johnson49' 5.002011
17.-Page Grass44' 11.502007
18.-Paige Grass43' 9.002008
19.11Ashley Elia41' 2.502007
Javelin - 600g
1.12Candace Vellenga67' 2.002013
2.12Lauren Johnson40' 0.002011
High Jump
1.12Megan McGowan5' 0.242014
2.-Bethany Theodore4' 8.002003
3.12Candace Vellenga4' 2.002013
4.11Angel Kelly3' 10.002008
-Amber Kelly3' 10.002008
6.10Katie Thompson3' 8.002007
10Ashley Walter3' 8.002007
Pole Vault
1.-Kristin Ziegelbauer4' 2.002002
Long Jump
1.12Megan McGowan15' 9.502014
2.10Kally Vellenga15' 0.502011
3.12Heather St. Germain14' 10.502013
4.12Tina Remine14' 3.502010
5.-Bethany Theodore13' 9.002003
6.9Ellysia Martin12' 10.252010
7.10Kristen Baker12' 62009
8.12Jessica Shook12' 4.252007
9.12Ashley Walter12' 3.252009
10.12Katie Thompson12' 1.52009
11.12Lorie Messimer12' 0.502008
12.9Sarah Shafer11' 11.002010
13.10Angel Kelly11' 10.002007
14.11Courtney Vellenga11' 92009
15.9Crissy Cohen11' 7.002008
9Maggie McDermott11' 7.002012
17.11Debbie Shafer11' 62009
18.12Lorie Messmer11' 4.002007
19.11Justine Vonderheide11' 1.002010
20.9Candace Vellenga10' 11.002010
Triple Jump
1.12Sarah Girardin34' 3.52009
2.12Megan McGowan31' 6.502014
3.12Shaina St. germain30' 5.752008
4.11Kristen Baker28' 0.002010
5.-Bethany Theodore27' 7.752003
6.9Ellysia Martin26' 9.502010
7.10Ashley Walter24' 10.752007
8.9Jaime Morrow22' 11.002010
9.-Kelly Pushman21' 8.752007
10.10Courtney Vellanga10' 1.002008
Pentathlon Score (Outdoor)
1.12Megan McGowan27312014
2.-Sarah Miller17432004
3.12Ashley Walter11892009
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