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11th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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55 Meter Dash
1.11Centrell Minter6.54c2008
11LaShawn Bullock6.54c2001
3.11Jordan Ratliffe6.72a2010
4.11Dominique Boone6.75a2010
5.11Joshua Neloms7.34c2011
6.11Lawrence Seaberry7.44c2011
7.11Andy Chang7.94c2011
100 Meters
1.11Centrell Minter10.68a2008
2.11LaShawn Bullock10.84c2001
11Marques Johnson10.84c2000
11Greg Bracey10.84a2002
11James Wright10.84c1998
11LaDon Robbins10.84c1987
7.11Berevon Wyatt10.89a2009
8.11Calvin Wallace10.94c2004
9.11Chris Krittendon11.04c1987
10.11Brent Jude11.05a2005
11.11Dominique Boone11.09a2010
12.11Jordan Ratliffe11.30a2010
13.11Aaron Jones11.41a2006
14.11Karvell Jones11.64c2008
15.11Delzone Williams11.70a2013
16.11Trevion Haynes11.83a2015
17.11Devon Jackson11.84a2013
18.11Clifton Neal11.89a2006
19.11Michael Johnson11.94c2009
11Tahjree Sloan11.94c2008
200 Meters
1.11Centrell Minter21.39a2008
2.11Greg Bracey21.65a2002
3.11Marques Johnson21.94c2000
11Tyrone Rhone21.94c1998
5.11Berevon Wyatt22.10a2009
6.11Chris Krittendon22.24c1987
7.11Tyshawn Cooper22.49a2014
8.11Michael Beckom22.66a2006
9.11Laron Wilder22.67a2005
10.11Dominique Boone22.83a2010
11.11Jordan Ratliffe23.08a2010
12.11Denzel Johnson23.30a2013
13.11Sam Cross23.47a2012
14.11Justin Reed23.54a2013
15.11Keiveon Hibbler23.70a2010
16.11Karvell Jones24.14c2008
17.11Tahjree Sloan24.18a2008
18.11Trevion Haynes24.24a2015
19.11Stephon Clinkscales24.49a2014
20.11Michael Johnson24.51a2009
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Davonte Thomas22.32008
2.11Francisco Reyes24.202011
3.11James Johnson24.802011
4.11Karvell Jones25.52008
400 Meters
1.11Greg Bracey48.20a2002
2.11Tyrone Rhone50.14c1998
3.11Jeffery Pigg50.64a2010
4.11Centrell Minter51.04c2008
5.11Auntrell White51.62a2008
6.11Sha-ron Sims52.75a2012
7.11Lyzaon Allen53.81a2015
8.11Jerome Scott54.61a2012
9.11Justin Rogers57.17a2007
10.11Clifton Neal58.41a2006
11.11Lawrence Seaberry58.62a2011
12.11Lyndell Birts59.22a2009
13.11Francisco Reyes60.24c2011
14.11Lamar Williams60.79a2014
15.11Jashawn Ford61.97a2014
16.11Lamar Rodger62.16a2014
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Jeffery Pigg49.902010
2.11Auntrell White51.32008
3.11Keiveon Hibbler56.302010
4.11Jordan Ratliffe57.002010
5.11Francisco Reyes60.002011
6.11Lawrence Seaberry71.302011
600 Meters
1.11Dominic Blockmon1:33.13a2007
800 Meters
1.11Jeffery Pigg1:55.88a2010
2.11Tevin McCoy2:03.93a2009
3.11Victor Bowen2:05.78a2010
4.11Demetrice Allen2:08.36a2007
5.11Marquis McMillian2:09.01a2013
6.11Larry Thompson2:09.61998
7.11Justin Allen2:10.64a2004
8.11Jashawn Ford2:16.41a2014
9.11Jerome Scott2:16.49a2012
10.11Demonta Cassel2:18.28a2014
11.11Johnny Williams II2:23.84a2012
12.11Breon Chappel2:28.02a2012
13.11Darryl Dauden2:32.62008
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Auntrell White2:05.32008
2.11Victor Bowen2:08.002010
3.11Darryl Dauden2:14.82008
4.11Lawrence Seaberry2:14.902011
5.11Jeffery Pigg2:15.802010
1000 Meters
1.11Jeffery Pigg2:38.66a2010
1600 Meters
1.11Victor Bowen4:49.19a2010
2.11Dominique Dukes4:51.12006
3.11Justin Allen5:04.12004
4.11Larry Thompson5:06.01998
5.11Amitabh Kavanaugh5:12.82001
6.11Tevin McCoy5:16.92009
7.11Chaunsey Weightman5:27.02009
8.11Deangelo Lee5:53.97a2015
9.11Darryl Dauden6:08.02008
10.11Adrian Lewis8:18.702010
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Jeffery Pigg4:50.702010
2.11Victor Bowen5:03.002010
3.11Rasell Holt5:37.502010
3200 Meters
1.11Dave Jones10:41.32004
2.11Victor Bowen10:47.19a2010
3.11Jeffery Pigg11:19.002010
4.11Amitabh Kavanaugh11:59.82001
5.11Aron Wilder14:26.99a2013
55m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Lawrence Seaberry10.64c2011
55m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Alvester Phillips7.74c1997
2.11Devan Carroll8.11a2010
3.11Fred Kyles8.14c1986
4.11Davonte Thomas8.54c2008
5.11Francisco Reyes10.74c2011
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Jeremy Dallas14.54c2001
2.11Berevon Wyatt14.70a2009
3.11Walt Gilbert14.74c2002
4.11Devan Carroll14.88a2010
5.11Davonte Thomas15.25a2008
6.11Sir G' Albritton15.60a2005
7.11Francisco Reyes15.84a2011
8.11Deontay Vann19.85a2012
9.11Lawrence Seaberry59.01a2011
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Dave Whitten38.84c1997
2.11Willie Lamar39.34c1988
3.11Justin Rogers40.33a2007
4.11Devan Carroll40.42a2010
5.11Fred Kyles41.24c1986
6.11Lonnie Satterfield43.19a2005
7.11Francisco Reyes43.82a2011
8.11Tevin McCoy48.34c2009
9.11Lawrence Seaberry59.03a2011
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Cymone Thornton46' 4.52004
2.11Darryl Dixon45' 6.002010
3.11Michael Davis-Scott41' 11.002010
4.11Deontay Vann38' 7.002012
5.11Lyndell Birts38' 6.52009
6.11Alonzo Alexander37' 6.002010
7.11Geordell Joshua37' 12009
8.11Travon Thomas34' 10.002011
9.11Chris McCleland34' 2.002013
10.11Steven Payton33' 42009
11.11Shaquille Cole32' 1.002010
12.11Scott Mathis30' 10.502012
13.11Jerome Greenhill29' 4.002011
11Berevon Wyatt29' 42009
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Cymone Thornton145' 112004
2.11Juan Robinson134' 2.002004
3.11Adrian Battles122' 2.002004
4.11Lyndell Birts121' 92009
5.11Geordell Joshua93' 82009
11Jemar Coles93' 8.002013
7.11Deontay Vann92' 3.002012
8.11Steven Payton88' 112009
9.11Berevon Wyatt82' 42009
10.11Chris McCleland80' 1.002013
11.11Adrian Lewis74' 6.002010
12.11Scott Mathis53' 10.002012
13.11Jovonta MoodyND2015
High Jump
1.11Shakil Lea6' 7.002010
2.11Justin Reed6' 4.002013
11Michael Rush6' 42002
4.11Kortez Pickett6' 2.002013
5.11Devan Carroll6' 0.002010
11Calvin Wallace6' 02004
11Brandon Smith6' 02005
8.11Michael Weems5' 102008
11Keiveon Hibbler5' 10.002010
10.11Michael Johnson5' 42009
Pole Vault
1.11Travis Jones12' 02004
2.11Dallas Evans11' 6.002011
3.11DeRoyce Carter10' 02004
11Steve Robinson10' 02004
5.11Todd Clayton9' 62009
11Kenneth Scott-Nappier9' 6.002010
7.11Yia Yang9' 02004
11Rasell Holt9' 0.002010
9.11Larry Williams8' 6.002010
11Derrick McAfee8' 62008
Long Jump
1.11Calvin Wallace23' 82004
2.11Jordan Ratliffe21' 10.002010
3.11Dominique Lewis21' 9.502012
4.11Dominique Johnson21' 5.002004
5.11Centrell Minter21' 2.252008
6.11Dominique Boone20' 10.002010
7.11Martell Harris20' 8.002005
8.11Kortez Pickett20' 0.502013
9.11Clifton Neal19' 42006
10.11Elijah Allen19' 3.002013
11.11James Johnson19' 0.002011
12.11Justin Reed18' 9.502013
13.11Marquise Howard16' 11.252013
14.11Jomo Hill16' 102009
15.11Joshua Neloms16' 2.002011
16.11Lawrence Seaberry14' 3.002011
Triple Jump
1.11Dominique Johnson47' 0.52004
2.11Dave Whitten46' 5.251997
3.11Walt Gilbert45' 22002
4.11Dominique Lewis45' 0.502012
5.11Keiveon Hibbler44' 7.502010
11Nick Polk44' 7.52004
7.11LaShawn Bullock44' 4.52001
8.11Devan Carroll44' 2.002010
9.11Shakil Lea43' 1.752010
10.11Berevon Wyatt42' 52009
11.11Kortez Pickett42' 3.502013
12.11Lonnie Satterfield40' 9.002005
13.11Sir G' Albritton40' 5.002005
14.11Dallas Evans40' 4.002011
15.11Michael Weems39' 6.752008
16.11Marquise Howard39' 5.252013
17.11Justin Rogers39' 32007
18.11James Johnson39' 0.002011
19.11Marqis McVicker34' 6.502010
20.11Lawrence SeaberryND2011


100 Meters
1.11Venus Washington12.61a2002
2.11Ashanti Benson12.73a2008
3.11Alexandria Morton13.17a2006
4.11Naya Goodman13.29a2015
5.11Rakeyia Hart13.30a2010
6.11Chelan Landry13.31a2009
7.11Thanique McKinney13.79a2011
200 Meters
1.11Samara White24.96a2009
2.11Ashanti Benson26.18a2008
3.11Latoya Parr26.94c2001
4.11Genzavia Smith27.29a2014
5.11Naya Goodman28.23a2015
6.11Asiyunna Griffin29.99a2015
7.11Angelene Smith30.63a2010
400 Meters
1.11Samara White58.55a2009
2.11Genzavia Smith60.11a2014
3.11Toni Holt62.76a2009
4.11Zoriah Banks65.26a2014
5.11Donneisha Smith65.62a2005
6.11Asiyunna Griffin70.77a2015
7.11Jacklin Jones70.80a2010
8.11Pamela McLemore70.99a2011
9.11Artanyia Bell76.79a2009
800 Meters
1.11Christina Danzy2:39.42a2008
2.11Alaysha Burton2:44.90a2013
3.11Patice Robertson2:58.00a2008
4.11Karmerin Carter2:59.70a2013
5.11Tatanisha Allen3:08.45a2010
1600 Meters
1.11Takarra Austin6:12.63a2010
2.11Tatanisha Allen7:22.12a2010
3200 Meters
1.11Takarra Austin16:04.52a2010
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Sherice Hewitt14.99a2009
2.11Sherice Hewett15.34aw2009
3.11Yetunda Moore16.87a2011
4.11Shaneequa Smith19.43a2005
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Sherice Hewitt47.34a2009
2.11Toni Holt53.46a2009
3.11Shaneequa Smith57.07a2005
4.11Donneisha Smith57.08a2005
5.11Dina Holifield57.96a2005
6.11Sparkle Lee59.15a2006
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Melinda Williams34' 2.502014
2.11Tandranesha Williams33' 1.502013
3.11Tanginique McAdory25' 10.002010
4.11Nicole Johnson24' 1.002011
Discus - 1kg
1.11Melinda Williams97' 10.002014
2.11Nicole Johnson66' 4.002011
3.11Tandranesha Williams59' 9.002013
High Jump
1.11Alize Souter5' 2.002013
2.11Dina Holifield4' 10.002005
3.11Chelan Landry4' 82009
4.11Zoriah Banks4' 6.002014
11Akia Andrews4' 6.002015
6.11Tanginique McAdory4' 4.002010
7.11Takisha WillsonNH2012
11Victoria KomanoNH2012
Pole Vault
1.11Jacklin Jones6' 6.002010
Long Jump
1.11Rakeyia Hart16' 3.752010
2.11Tiffany Lamb15' 3.002009
3.11Talmeeya Gilbert14' 10.752009
4.11Telmeeya Gilbert14' 9.252009
5.11Teairra Luckett13' 4.502012
6.11Joselyn Goodloe11' 11.002014
7.11Kila PittsND2015
Triple Jump
1.11Sherice Hewitt36' 72009
2.11Sherice Hewett35' 5.252009
3.11Alize Souter33' 9.752013
4.11Takisha Willson33' 9.002012
5.11Donneisha Smith31' 7.502005
6.11Tiffany Lamb29' 7.002009
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