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10th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.10Briley Cameron11.26a2012
2.10Isaac Messenger11.30a2011
3.10Avery Walker11.60a2014
4.10Daniel French11.74c2013
5.10Patrick Golding12.01a2010
6.10Dominick Rose12.14c2014
7.10Demetrius McCoy12.19a2014
8.10Isaiah Foster12.24c2014
9.10Jacob Hiebert12.34c2015
10Kenner Milliren12.34a2012
11.10Eric Rose12.64c2007
10JimJack Davenport12.64c2008
13.10Cody Warren13.28a2014
200 Meters
1.10Briley Cameron23.23a2012
2.10Avery Walker24.14c2014
3.10Daniel French24.44c2013
4.10Isaac Messenger24.69a2011
5.10Dominick Rose25.05a2014
6.10Kyle Welsh25.14c2009
7.10Nathan Bischoff25.34c2009
8.10Torey Spaulding25.64c2009
9.10Isaiah Foster25.74c2014
10.10Demetrius McCoy25.96a2014
11.10JimJack Davenport26.14c2008
12.10Jacob Hiebert27.73a2015
400 Meters
1.10Torey Spaulding55.14c2009
2.10Kyle Welsh56.07a2009
3.10Demetrius McCoy57.04a2014
4.10Nathan Bischoff58.04c2009
5.10Mykhail Lembke58.14c2015
6.10Dominick Rose58.34c2014
7.10Avery Walker60.15a2014
8.10JimJack Davenport61.84c2008
9.10Nicholas Dix63.06a2014
800 Meters
1.10Micheal Jagelski2:09.64a2015
2.10Demetrius McCoy2:14.22a2014
3.10Torey Spaulding2:21.02009
4.10Nathan Bischoff2:29.12009
5.10Nicholas Dix2:35.502014
6.10Devin Bischoff2:40.002011
7.10Will Bowdish2:40.502011
8.10Riley Kauffman2:51.00a2009
1000 Meters
1.10Dalton Jaekel3:02.12a2009
2.10Riley Kauffman3:53.89a2009
1500 Meters
1.10Asa Israel4:17.60a2007
2.10Micheal Jagelski4:39.28a2015
3.10Will Bowdish5:13.102011
4.10Ricky Shurtleff5:32.67a2014
5.10Nicholas Dix5:38.32a2014
1600 Meters
1.10Micheal Jagelski4:57.27a2015
2.10Dalton Jaekel5:11.77a2009
3.10Will Bowdish5:28.15a2011
4.10Drew Bowdish5:47.40a2013
5.10Nicholas Dix5:49.107a2014
6.10Ricky Shurtleff5:56.70a2014
7.10JD Malatare6:13.02a2014
8.10Devin Bischoff6:21.68a2011
2000 Meters
1.10Riley Kauffman8:39.49a2009
3000 Meters
1.10Ricky Shurtleff9:37.82a2014
2.10Asa Israel10:03.73a2007
3.10Will Bowdish11:44.202011
3200 Meters
1.10Will Bowdish11:51.202011
2.10Ricky Shurtleff12:28.902014
3.10Dalton Jaekel12:53.02009
4.10Riley Kauffman14:56.00a2009
5.10Nicholas DixNT2014
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Brian Golding15.31a2014
2.10Mykhail Lembke17.80a2015
3.10Patrick Golding18.01a2010
4.10Jordan Brokaw18.04c2013
5.10Kyle Welsh18.64c2009
6.10Braydon Ross20.84c2010
7.10Brady Conway22.60a2010
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Brian Golding39.33a2014
2.10Patrick Golding43.76a2010
3.10Jordan Brokaw43.80a2013
4.10Mykhail Lembke44.12a2015
5.10Kyle Welsh46.64c2009
6.10Braydon Ross47.47a2010
7.10Jair GarciaDQ2012
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Braydon Ross44' 2.002010
2.10Eric Dohrman39' 52006
3.10Joseph Steele37' 5.002013
4.10Mason Steen35' 6.502013
5.10Dustyn Stelter34' 4.502015
6.10Tyson Batte31' 8.002013
7.10Jacob McElravy27' 92007
8.10Demetrius McCoy26' 10.002014
9.10Kenny Edmonds26' 7.002014
10.10Mike AtkinsND2006
10Everett McGirtND2007
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Braydon Ross128' 7.002010
2.10Joseph Steele123' 10.002013
3.10Mason Steen93' 4.002013
4.10Dustyn Stelter85' 6.002015
5.10Tyson Batte81' 7.002013
6.10Eric Dohrman78' 82006
7.10Jacob McElravy74' 02007
8.10Mike AtkinsND2006
10Everett McGirtND2007
10Demetrius McCoyND2014
10Jair GarciaND2012
Javelin - 800g
1.10Braydon Ross154' 9.002010
2.10Drew Bowdish118' 5.002013
3.10JimJack Davenport105' 32008
4.10Raymond Miller98' 3.002011
5.10Tyson Batte95' 7.002013
6.10Will Bowdish95' 0.002011
7.10Jair Garcia89' 6.002012
8.10Joseph Steele88' 5.002013
9.10Devin Bischoff86' 5.002011
10.10Everett McGirt76' 32007
11.10Dustyn Stelter75' 5.002015
12.10Nick Hurt74' 02006
13.10Jacob McElravy69' 42007
14.10Demetrius McCoyND2014
10Lukas MiddletonND2012
High Jump
1.10Kenner Milliren5' 8.002012
2.10Patrick Golding5' 4.002010
10Brady Conway5' 4.002010
4.10Raymond Miller5' 2.002011
5.10Jordan Brokaw5' 0.002013
6.10Mykhail Lembke4' 9.002015
7.10Jacob HiebertNH2015
10Tyler HunzikerDNS2007
Pole Vault
1.10Braydon Ross10' 6.002010
2.10Kenner Milliren10' 0.002012
3.10Brady Conway9' 6.002010
4.10Asa Israel9' 02007
5.10Patrick Golding8' 6.002010
6.10Nick Hurt8' 02006
7.10Jeremy Wolf7' 02006
8.10Devin BischoffNH2011
Long Jump
1.10Isaac Messenger20' 8.25w2011
2.10Briley Cameron18' 1.502012
3.10Brady Conway17' 7.002010
10Avery Walker17' 7.002014
5.10Nathan Bischoff16' 10.52009
6.10Jacob Hiebert16' 6.002015
7.10Patrick Golding16' 4.002010
8.10Kenner Milliren16' 2.502012
9.10Braydon Ross15' 9.502010
10.10Isaiah Foster15' 8.752014
11.10Mykhail Lembke15' 8.502015
12.10Cody Warren15' 6.502014
13.10Joseph Steele13' 0.252013
14.10Tyler HunzikerND2007
Triple Jump
1.10Isaac Messenger40' 8.002011
2.10Isaiah Foster37' 7.252014
3.10Eric Rose37' 42007
4.10Patrick Golding36' 6.252010
5.10Mykhail Lembke35' 1.502015
6.10Nathan Bischoff34' 10.252009
7.10Avery Walker34' 10.002014
8.10Demetrius McCoy34' 1.002014
9.10Raymond MillerND2011


100 Meters
1.10Rachel Disch12.84c2015
2.10Billie Jo Risheim13.55a2012
3.10Katelyn McGraw13.59a2014
4.10Sarah Lancaster14.03a2010
5.10Mollie Barthlow14.08a2006
6.10Zoey Jagelski14.25a2012
7.10Andrea Keffeler14.28a2010
8.10Suzanna Bilderback14.39a2015
9.10Carlee Wheelon15.00a2010
10.10Maddie Bartz15.11a2014
11.10Dana McKune15.41a2013
200 Meters
1.10Rachel Disch27.22a2015
2.10Zoey Jagelski28.24c2012
3.10Billie Jo Risheim28.92a2012
4.10Ocean Bryan28.99a2015
5.10Mollie Barthlow29.25a2006
6.10Katelyn McGraw29.51a2014
7.10Nadia Smith30.84c2015
8.10Sierra Simmons31.78a2013
9.10Carlee Wheelon32.06a2010
10.10Moriah Clark33.24c2009
11.10Lexy Knowlton33.59a2010
400 Meters
1.10Ocean Bryan64.38a2015
2.10Irene Goble68.64c2009
3.10Kylie Montgomery69.61a2010
4.10Audrey Dressel71.64c2011
5.10Nichole Seward73.84c2011
6.10Nadia Smith74.09a2015
7.10Carlee Wheelon75.22a2010
8.10Lulu Almaguer76.21a2015
9.10Dana McKune77.22a2013
600 Meters
1.10Irene Goble2:00.96a2009
800 Meters
1.10Lulu Almaguer2:52.002015
2.10Nadia Smith2:53.102015
3.10Irene Goble2:54.12009
4.10Addie Christensen3:00.502008
5.10Nichole Seward3:00.602011
1500 Meters
1.10Addie Christensen6:15.702008
2.10Ariella Davenport6:39.70a2010
3.10Kailyn O'leary6:52.602012
4.10Kyla Crawford7:06.102011
1600 Meters
1.10Addie Christensen6:20.00a2008
2.10Irene Goble6:49.76a2009
3.10Nadia Smith6:52.75a2015
4.10Kailyn O'leary7:15.002012
5.10Ariella Davenport7:35.002010
3000 Meters
1.10Ariella Davenport15:05.17a2010
3200 Meters
1.10Addie Christensen13:45.52008
2.10Ariella Davenport15:42.49a2010
3.10Zoey Jagelski16:36.12a2012
4.10Kailyn O'leary17:06.102012
5.10Sofia Casimiro17:44.39a2012
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Lexy Knowlton18.19a2010
2.10Suzanna Bilderback18.25a2015
3.10Ocean Bryan18.34c2015
4.10Sarah Lancaster19.01a2010
5.10Hannah Swigart19.44c2007
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Ocean Bryan47.46a2015
2.10Krystal Giese53.96a2006
3.10Suzanna Bilderback56.24c2015
4.10Lexy Knowlton56.64a2010
5.10Sarah Lancaster58.07a2010
6.10Hannah Swigart58.19a2007
7.10Addie Christensen62.44c2008
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Sadie Shattuck34' 11.252009
2.10Kylie Montgomery31' 2.002010
3.10Sylvia Goudy25' 7.002015
4.10Nikki Williams25' 2.52007
5.10Sierra Simmons24' 8.002013
6.10Tiffany Chipman24' 22007
7.10Sienna Gray23' 7.002010
8.10Andrea Keffeler22' 6.002010
9.10Carlee Wheelon22' 3.252010
10.10Sarah Lancaster21' 2.002010
11.10Audrey Dressel21' 0.002011
12.10Ashley DeRushe15' 3.252008
Discus - 1kg
1.10Nadia Smith89' 10.002015
2.10Sadie Shattuck83' 6.762009
3.10Nikki Williams80' 62007
4.10Sofia Casimiro78' 9.002012
5.10Tiffany Chipman72' 42007
6.10Sylvia Goudy69' 8.002015
7.10Nichole Seward55' 8.002011
8.10Ariella Davenport51' 3.002010
9.10Ashley DeRushe35' 62008
Javelin - 600g
1.10Sadie Shattuck86' 52009
2.10Nikki Williams82' 12007
3.10Sienna Gray80' 4.002010
4.10Sofia Casimiro79' 4.002012
5.10Audrey Dressel75' 5.002011
6.10Kailyn O'leary61' 7.002012
7.10Carlee Wheelon60' 6.002010
8.10Hannah Brokaw60' 52007
9.10Sylvia Goudy57' 9.002015
10.10Ashley DeRushe28' 8.52008
11.10Andrea KeffelerND2010
High Jump
1.10Maddie Bartz4' 10.002014
2.10Audrey Dressel4' 4.002011
3.10Katelyn McGrawNH2014
10Hannah SwigartNH2007
Pole Vault
1.10Hannah Swigart6' 02007
2.10Hannah BrokawNH2007
Long Jump
1.10Andrea Keffeler15' 7.002010
2.10Billie Jo Risheim13' 4.002012
3.10Sierra Simmons13' 0.502013
4.10Audrey Dressel12' 11.002011
5.10Lexy Knowlton12' 5.752010
6.10Suzanna Bilderback12' 4.502015
7.10Ariella Davenport10' 9.002010
8.10Moriah Clark10' 8.252009
9.10Hannah Brokaw10' 42007
Triple Jump
1.10Andrea Keffeler31' 8.002010
2.10Suzanna Bilderback30' 6.752015
3.10Addie Christensen28' 6.002008
4.10Maddie Bartz28' 5.502014
5.10Karli Stevens26' 9.502012
6.10Carlee Wheelon26' 5.752010
7.10Hannah BrokawND2007
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