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North Tahoe MS Free

    Lakers - Tahoe City, CA

7th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.7Dwight Deniz12.88a2010
2.7Nathan Lutz13.80a2012
3.7Edgar Negrete13.86a2012
4.7Riley Hacker14.10a2014
5.7Dalton Lamberth14.51a2014
6.7Jackson Schmidt14.65a2010
7.7Tim Barton15.25a2012
8.7Nick Feige17.22a2012
9.7Mason WittelsDNS2011
200 Meters
1.7Riley Hacker28.90a2014
2.7Rodrigo Mendoza31.21a2011
3.7Joe Pierce31.98a2014
4.7Allan Quintas32.15a2014
5.7Jackson Schmidt33.84a2010
6.7Jack Lemke34.32a2010
7.7James Palacio35.82a2010
8.7Kobi Hudson40.46a2011
9.7Hunter SpanierDNS2012
7Edgar NegreteDNS2012
400 Meters
1.7Joe Pierce66.23a2014
2.7Colton Nordby75.83a2012
3.7Jackson Schmidt76.63a2010
4.7Alex Przybyslawski77.14a2011
5.7James Palacio78.86a2010
6.7Ryan Heisinger1:31.52a2011
7.7Nick Joslin1:32.85a2011
8.7Aidan TippinsDNS2014
800 Meters
1.7Alex Whitham2:40.00a2014
2.7Troy Kalange3:01.402010
3.7Carson GraceyDNS2012
7Nick FeigeDNS2012
7Aidan TippinsDNS2014
1600 Meters
1.7Corey Joslin5:55.84a2014
2.7Dylan Syben6:01.09a2011
3.7Jake Inclan6:30.84a2013
4.7Austin Nall6:32.502010
5.7Cameron Goldstone6:37.96a2011
6.7Brett Hurt6:44.38a2012
7.7Tobin Johnson7:08.34a2012
8.7Carson GraceyDNS2012
3200 Meters
1.7Cameron Goldstone12:46.08a2011
2.7Tobin Johnson13:48.98a2012
80m Hurdles - 30"
1.7Edgar Negrete14.17a2012
2.7Nathan Lutz14.68a2012
3.7Ryan Conner15.66a2010
4.7Miles Brandt16.86a2010
5.7Sam Keechler18.94a2010
80m Hurdles - 33"
1.7Dwight Deniz13.75a2010
200m Hurdles - 30"
1.7Carson Gracey32.41a2012
2.7Nathan Lutz33.72a2012
3.7Tim Barton34.79a2012
4.7Troy Kalange34.80a2010
5.7Kevin Caravelli38.30a2012
6.7Bob Andrews40.49a2010
7.7Kobe RobbinsDNS2014
7Marcus SteeleDNS2014
7Mason WittelsDNS2011
Shot Put - 6lb
1.7Alex Przybyslawski22' 10.502011
2.7Dylan SybenDNS2011
Shot Put - 8lb
1.7Michael Jeffers35' 4.002010
7Mitchell Myers35' 4.002010
3.7Dalton Lamberth26' 9.002014
4.7Colton Nordby24' 0.002012
5.7Jake Inclan20' 4.002013
6.7Corey JoslinDNS2014
7Hunter SpanierDNS2012
Discus - 1kg
1.7Nick Joslin60' 3.002011
Discus - 1.6kg
1.7Michael Jeffers93' 1.002010
2.7Mitchell Myers87' 2.002010
3.7Dalton LamberthDNS2014
High Jump
1.7Dwight Deniz4' 10.002010
2.7Dylan Syben4' 4.002011
3.7Miles Brandt4' 0.002010
7Brett Hurt4' 0.002012
5.7Colton NordbyNH2012
7Alex PrzybyslawskiNH2011
7Rodrigo MendozaNH2011
Long Jump
1.7Tobin Johnson12' 3.502012
2.7Edgar Negrete12' 2.002012
3.7Kevin Caravelli11' 5.002012
4.7Reid Davis10' 4.002010
5.7Nick Feige10' 3.002012
6.7Nick Joslin8' 10.002011
7.7Allan QuintasDNS2014
7Alex WhithamDNS2014
Triple Jump
1.7Mitchell Myers27' 10.002010
2.7James Palacio25' 8.002010
3.7Austin Nall24' 8.002010
4.7Jack Lemke20' 7.502010
5.7Sam Keechler20' 5.002010
6.7Ryan Heisinger20' 1.002011
7.7Kobi Hudson19' 5.002011
8.7Rodrigo Mendoza16' 4.002011
9.7Nick FeigeDNS2012
7Hunter SpanierDNS2012
7Tim BartonDNS2012
7Mason WittelsDNS2011
7Marcus SteeleDNS2014


100 Meters
1.7Bridget Schroepher14.53a2010
2.7Allie Doyle14.85a2010
3.7Kacy Wright15.12a2012
4.7Sabina Morganti-Cansetta15.46a2013
5.7Katie Butterfield15.50a2012
6.7Piper Joubert15.78a2012
7.7Eva Lund16.32a2014
8.7Mariead Allen16.34a2014
9.7Camille Syben16.36a2013
10.7Sara Trimm16.37a2010
11.7Torrie Goldstone16.47a2012
12.7Salome Sanchez16.62a2014
13.7Michelle Gomez16.93a2011
14.7Kristen Gallant16.98a2012
15.7Krista Conn17.06a2010
16.7Christine Steele17.26a2012
17.7Kelsey Colmenero17.34a2010
18.7Carly Moore17.71a2011
19.7Isabelle Schenone18.50a2010
20.7Kaya WilliamsDNS2011
200 Meters
1.7Catie Turner30.21a2014
2.7Mara White33.01a2012
3.7Ali Drian33.26a2012
4.7Mariead Allen34.17a2014
5.7Jordan Briggs34.44a2011
6.7Jacs Mellor34.59a2013
7.7Bonnie Goslin37.35a2010
8.7Grace LindemannDNS2010
7Kaya WilliamsDNS2011
7Melony LongDNS2012
7Alondra GuerreroDNS2014
7Eva LundDNS2014
400 Meters
1.7Amy Jo Hurt70.58a2014
2.7Mara White74.32a2012
3.7Aliana Hill76.90a2014
4.7Lindsey Twomey79.45a2012
5.7Sofia Sanchez79.94a2014
6.7Katie Butterfield79.96a2012
7.7Dana McConnell84.29a2010
8.7Sara TrimmDNS2010
7Mariela Angel EstradaDNS2014
800 Meters
1.7Aliana Hill2:58.80a2014
2.7Quinn Lehmkuhl3:06.53a2012
3.7Kyla Pierce3:14.30a2012
4.7Francesca English3:28.502010
5.7Brianna Kissman3:36.35a2013
6.7Ingrid Roske3:40.702010
7.7Grace Lindemann3:54.902010
7Anne Souza3:54.902010
9.7Dana McConnellDNS2010
7Leanne StewardDNS2014
1600 Meters
1.7Sofia Sanchez5:54.15a2014
2.7Quinn Lehmkuhl6:18.92a2012
3.7Tara Gallant6:36.602010
4.7Ingrid Roske7:43.802010
5.7Picabo Fraas7:52.902010
6.7Camryn TurnerDNS2012
80m Hurdles - 30"
1.7Sage Chador15.84a2010
2.7Francesca English16.84a2010
3.7Jillian Argiris17.09a2012
4.7Savannah McMorrow17.13a2012
5.7Gwen Wattenmaker18.12a2014
6.7Tara Gallant18.21a2010
7.7Katie Plexico18.70a2013
8.7Ronnie Goldstone19.16a2012
9.7Emma Bryan19.49a2014
10.7Picabo Fraas19.59a2010
11.7Alissa LeFerrier20.27a2012
200m Hurdles - 30"
1.7Kacy Wright34.86a2012
2.7Sophia Hudson37.32a2013
3.7Allie Doyle37.41a2010
4.7Dana McConnell38.27a2010
5.7Lindsey Twomey38.60a2012
6.7Valencia Covell41.73a2011
7.7Tara Gallant42.55a2010
8.7Ali Drian42.78a2012
9.7Picabo Fraas43.13a2010
10.7Bonnie Goslin43.35a2010
11.7Amanda HudsonDNS2010
7Aliana HillDNS2014
7Gwen WattenmakerDNS2014
7Kristen GallantDNS2012
Shot Put - 6lb
1.7Jordan Briggs24' 5.502011
2.7Kelsey Colmenero23' 7.002010
3.7Michelle Grijalva23' 3.002012
4.7Savannah McMorrow21' 8.002012
5.7Krista Conn21' 1.002010
6.7Melony Long21' 0.002012
7.7Camille Syben20' 4.002013
8.7Bonnie Goslin16' 10.002010
9.7Ronnie Goldstone16' 9.002012
10.7Abii Johnson16' 6.002010
7Aiyana Fraas16' 6.002013
12.7Isabelle Schenone15' 3.002010
13.7Alondra GuerreroDNS2014
7Salome SanchezDNS2014
7Sara TrimmDNS2010
7Eva LundDNS2014
7Emma BryanDNS2014
7Catie TurnerDNS2014
7Mariela Angel EstradaDNS2014
Discus - .75kg
1.7Jordan Briggs54' 10.002011
2.7Kaya Williams41' 10.002011
Discus - 1kg
1.7Michelle Grijalva61' 8.002012
2.7Kelsey Colmenero55' 3.002010
3.7Savannah McMorrow45' 10.002012
4.7Melony Long42' 5.002012
5.7Krista Conn39' 2.002010
6.7Torrie Goldstone38' 0.002012
7.7Jacs Mellor35' 10.002013
8.7Abii Johnson30' 5.002010
9.7Isabelle Schenone24' 11.002010
10.7Leanne StewardDNS2014
7Hannah SpanierDNS2013
7Alondra GuerreroDNS2014
7Salome SanchezDNS2014
High Jump
1.7Allie Doyle4' 2.002010
2.7Kyla Pierce4' 0.002012
7Jillian Argiris4' 0.002012
4.7Savannah McMorrow3' 8.002012
7Sage Chador3' 8.002010
7Francesca English3' 8.002010
7.7Abii Johnson3' 6.002010
8.7Lindsey Twomey3' 4.002012
7Katie Plexico3' 4.002013
10.7Valencia CovellDNS2011
7Amanda HudsonNH2010
Long Jump
1.7Amy Jo Hurt13' 9.502014
2.7Bridget Schroepher11' 4.002010
3.7Piper Joubert11' 3.502012
4.7Amanda Hudson11' 2.502010
5.7Carly Moore10' 7.002011
6.7Sabina Morganti-Cansetta10' 6.002013
7.7Sophia Hudson9' 3.002013
8.7Christine Steele8' 3.002012
9.7Allie DoyleDNS2010
Triple Jump
1.7Katie Butterfield24' 7.502012
2.7Alissa LeFerrier24' 3.002012
3.7Ingrid Roske23' 0.002010
4.7Kyla Pierce22' 3.502012
5.7Dana McConnell20' 0.002010
6.7Brianna Kissman19' 6.502013
7.7Anne Souza19' 5.002010
8.7Christine Steele17' 3.002012
9.7Ella CarrDNS2014
7Sara TrimmDNS2010
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