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9th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.9Logan Moose11.70a2013
2.9Ryan Franz11.84c2012
3.9Joe Evans11.96a2011
4.9Tyler Gaddy12.14c2007
5.9Ryley Grey12.24c2010
9George Tomal12.24c2012
7.9Jake Promitas12.74c2010
8.9Chance Hurley12.78a2012
9.9Levi Vinson12.79a2013
10.9Steven Howell12.88a2009
11.9Ryan Bell12.90a2014
12.9Zarak Scruggs12.96a2014
13.9Alec Weller13.24c2011
9Jason Fillbach13.24c2010
15.9Caceres-Padilla Brian13.34a2014
16.9Zach Fairhart13.84c2010
17.9Chase Ketter14.24c2010
200 Meters
1.9Ryan Franz25.25a2012
2.9Ryley Grey25.85a2010
3.9Tyler Gaddy26.14c2007
4.9Steven Howell26.24c2009
5.9Chase Ketter26.34c2010
6.9Derick Bell26.52a2013
7.9Joe Evans26.64c2011
8.9Levi Vinson26.84c2013
9.9Nick Fairhart26.94c2007
10.9Ryan Bell27.00a2014
11.9Zarak Scruggs27.33a2014
12.9Alec Weller27.74c2011
13.9Caceres-Padilla Brian28.26a2014
14.9Jake Promitas28.44c2010
15.9Jason Fillbach29.54c2010
16.9Jeffrey PattersonDNF2011
400 Meters
1.9Derick Bell57.75a2013
2.9Tyler Gaddy58.84c2007
3.9Jake Promitas59.73a2010
4.9Freddy Bauman60.64c2009
5.9Nick Fairhart60.84a2007
6.9Jason Fillbach61.44c2010
7.9Lucas Hatton64.34c2010
8.9Marcos Sanchez64.94c2011
9.9Charles Trinidad65.54c2011
10.9Chase Ketter66.04c2010
11.9Zach Pate67.51a2007
12.9Luke Pate67.70a2013
800 Meters
1.9Freddy Bauman2:17.65a2009
2.9Ron Roberts2:20.47a2013
3.9Cody Wilson2:22.02008
4.9Hunter Donaldson2:26.10a2014
5.9Oscar Trinidad2:27.16a2010
6.9Zeke Fisher2:30.47a2012
7.9Ashton Bright2:36.28a2012
8.9Aaron Wilson2:43.00a2011
9.9Owen Matthew2:58.50a2014
10.9Eli Olson3:00.89a2011
1600 Meters
1.9Ron Roberts4:59.23a2013
2.9Cody Wilson5:12.14a2008
3.9Oscar Trinidad5:27.70a2010
4.9Aaron Wilson5:28.69a2011
5.9Austin Hayes5:33.75a2010
6.9Nick Phipps5:34.49a2010
7.9Quinn Habeck5:37.98a2009
8.9Zeke Fisher5:42.53a2012
9.9Ashton Bright5:44.09a2012
10.9Eli Olson5:50.302011
11.9Jake Hamilton6:07.02008
12.9Owen Matthew6:27.102014
3200 Meters
1.9Ron Roberts11:00.52a2013
2.9Cody Wilson11:25.67a2008
3.9Aaron Wilson11:33.24a2011
4.9Austin Hayes12:04.20a2010
5.9Freddy Bauman12:17.02009
6.9Quinn Habeck12:24.92009
7.9Nick Phipps12:35.002010
8.9Oscar Trinidad12:36.402010
9.9Eli Olson12:51.002011
10.9Dalton Lasnier14:33.22009
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.9Jeffrey Patterson16.84c2011
2.9Luke Pate18.25a2013
3.9Jason Fillbach27.94c2010
4.9Michael SayerDQ2014
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.9Jeffrey Patterson42.92a2011
2.9Luke Pate50.14c2013
3.9Tyler Gaddy50.94c2007
3k Steeplechase
1.9Cody Wilson12:28.92008
Shot Put - 12lb
1.9Justin Kaelin42' 11.252012
2.9Bryce Wells37' 72008
3.9Johnathan Warner36' 9.502012
4.9Joe McLean34' 6.52009
5.9Ryan Antonson32' 11.502014
6.9Zach Fairhart32' 7.002010
7.9Lucas Hatton32' 0.002010
8.9Keegan Brady31' 52009
9.9Hayden Bauman30' 6.002014
10.9James Elms29' 3.252009
11.9Brindle Newman29' 3.002014
12.9Charles Trinidad29' 1.002011
13.9Hunter Donaldson28' 4.002014
14.9Levi Vinson28' 3.002013
15.9Jobe Reinicke27' 11.002011
16.9Garret Brady27' 0.052008
17.9Max Hisdale27' 0.002014
18.9Leon Brooks26' 8.002012
19.9Derek Brown26' 4.502014
20.9Kaleb Hornick24' 2.002014
Discus - 1.6kg
1.9Justin Kaelin121' 2.002012
2.9Nick Fairhart110' 02007
3.9Lucas Hatton105' 10.002010
4.9Johnathan Warner105' 0.002012
5.9Joe McLean101' 3.52009
6.9Charles Trinidad85' 5.002011
7.9Bryce Wells84' 92008
8.9Levi Vinson84' 0.002013
9.9James Elms82' 62009
10.9George Tomal82' 3.002012
11.9Zach Vandersluis79' 0.002014
12.9Keegan Brady74' 32009
13.9Brindle Newman73' 1.002014
14.9Jacobi McGee66' 8.002014
15.9Leon Brooks66' 4.002012
16.9Derek Brown66' 3.002014
17.9Marcos Sanchez63' 9.002011
18.9Spencer Vaneaton63' 7.002014
19.9Jobe Reinicke56' 2.002011
20.9Max Hisdale52' 2.002014
Javelin - 800g
1.9George Tomal152' 0.002012
2.9Ryan Antonson134' 10.002014
3.9Nick Fairhart126' 92007
4.9Zach Fairhart124' 6.002010
5.9Johnathan Warner117' 6.002012
6.9Keegan Brady108' 52009
7.9Joe McLean105' 32009
8.9Zach Vandersluis102' 0.002014
9.9Bryce Wells100' 11.52008
10.9James Elms97' 102009
11.9Levi Vinson97' 6.002013
12.9Lucas Hatton83' 2.002010
13.9Charles Trinidad83' 1.002011
14.9Derek Brown83' 0.002014
15.9Max Hisdale75' 0.002014
9Kaleb Hornick75' 0.002014
17.9Jobe Reinicke70' 1.002011
18.9Leon Brooks70' 0.002012
19.9Justin KaelinND2012
High Jump
1.9Logan Moose6' 0.002013
2.9Ryley Grey5' 6.002010
9Joe Evans5' 6.002011
9Steven Howell5' 62009
5.9Thomas Ridgway5' 4.002012
6.9Jake Promitas5' 2.002010
7.9Nick Fairhart5' 02007
Pole Vault
1.9Steven Howell10' 62009
2.9Michael Sayer9' 0.002014
Long Jump
1.9Logan Moose20' 6.002013
2.9Chance Hurley18' 3.502012
3.9Joe Evans18' 0.002011
4.9Steven Howell17' 92009
5.9Thomas Ridgway17' 7.002012
6.9Ryley Grey17' 5.002010
7.9Jake Promitas16' 10.002010
8.9Zarak Scruggs16' 9.002014
9.9Tyler Gaddy16' 0.52007
10.9Zach Pate15' 42007
11.9Marcos Sanchez15' 1.002011
12.9Alec Weller14' 10.002011
13.9Quinn Habeck14' 4.52009
14.9Ashton Bright12' 6.002012
15.9Caceres-Padilla Brian12' 4.252014
Triple Jump
1.9Zach Fairhart38' 3.502010
2.9Zarak Scruggs38' 2.002014
3.9Zach Pate31' 7.752007
4.9Chase Ketter30' 1.002010


100 Meters
1.9Brailee VandenBoom13.18a2013
2.9Alexa Graddy13.35a2013
3.9Hannah Welfringer13.68a2010
4.9Natasha Henley13.82a2014
5.9Alexandria Phillips13.84c2012
6.9Machaela Graddy14.05a2011
7.9Jordan Bennett14.52a2007
8.9Hannah Reulbach14.64c2012
9.9Lacy Caldwell14.81a2007
9Mackenzie Glisson14.81a2009
11.9Hana Gebhardt14.94c2009
12.9Alexis Thompson-mchenry15.00a2014
13.9Alissa Austin15.03a2012
14.9Megan Finke15.64c2010
15.9Sarah Fisher15.85a2008
16.9Kaisha Fender15.98a2011
17.9Machaela Keyes16.44c2012
18.9Cassidy Tobin16.94a2014
200 Meters
1.9Brailee VandenBoom27.23a2013
2.9Alexa Graddy27.65a2013
3.9Machaela Graddy27.68a2011
4.9Madison Tobin28.62a2012
5.9Mia Snyder28.84c2013
6.9Hannah Welfringer28.87a2010
7.9Natasha Henley28.92a2014
8.9Alexandria Phillips29.30a2012
9.9Jordan Bennett30.09a2007
10.9Alissa Austin30.35a2012
11.9Hana Gebhardt30.44c2009
12.9Lacy Caldwell30.51a2007
13.9Mackenzie Glisson31.07a2009
14.9Gwendolyn Hayes31.54c2013
15.9Kaisha Fender31.94c2011
16.9Megan Finke33.14c2010
17.9Sarah Fisher35.16a2008
400 Meters
1.9Machaela Graddy63.05a2011
2.9Madison Tobin65.26a2012
3.9Sarah Litzenberger66.25a2014
4.9Kaisha Fender75.34c2011
800 Meters
1.9Nicole Brankline2:31.09a2010
2.9Emma Vuksich2:34.22a2013
3.9Sarah Litzenberger2:35.01a2014
4.9Jacquelyn Christoph2:41.72a2013
5.9Emily Padgett2:44.08a2014
6.9Rhoda Boettcher2:52.48a2010
7.9Theresa Pollard2:54.30a2011
8.9Kayla Wood2:56.93a2008
9.9Rebecca Pederson3:00.702010
10.9Kelsea Stillwagon3:33.42007
1600 Meters
1.9Emma Vuksich5:34.10a2013
2.9Nicole Brankline5:52.66a2010
3.9Jacquelyn Christoph5:55.51a2013
4.9Tayler Cearley5:57.06a2012
5.9Emily Padgett6:03.00a2014
6.9Theresa Pollard6:14.50a2011
7.9Rhoda Boettcher6:31.602010
8.9Kelsea Stillwagon8:01.22007
1 Mile
1.9Emma Vuksich5:45.49a2013
3200 Meters
1.9Nicole Brankline12:44.10a2010
2.9Rhoda Boettcher12:56.08a2010
3.9Tayler Cearley12:57.05a2012
4.9Theresa Pollard13:09.97a2011
5.9Emily Padgett13:26.59a2014
6.9Emma Vuksich13:28.47a2013
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Mia Snyder17.42a2013
2.9Kayla Wood17.84c2008
3.9Audrey Madison18.27a2014
4.9Lexi Bourgeois19.02a2007
5.9Rebecca Weller19.27a2008
6.9Brailee VandenBoom19.80a2013
7.9Rebecca Jahner20.49a2012
8.9Gwendolyn Hayes21.08a2013
9.9Alissa Austin23.04c2012
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Kayla Wood51.12a2008
2.9Audrey Madison53.68a2014
3.9Rebecca Weller54.89a2008
4.9Gwendolyn Hayes58.84c2013
5.9Lexi Bourgeois61.70a2007
6.9Hannah Reulbach62.92a2012
7.9Rebecca Jahner63.32a2012
8.9Rebecca Pederson71.44c2010
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Daisey Newman35' 0.502012
2.9Courtney Fairhart30' 0.252008
3.9Rebecca Pederson23' 10.002010
4.9Hannah Kelly22' 0.502010
5.9Sarah Fisher19' 12008
Discus - 1kg
1.9Courtney Fairhart116' 52008
2.9Daisey Newman86' 2.002012
3.9Jacquelyn Christoph84' 2.002013
4.9Hannah Kelly63' 3.502010
5.9Sarah Fisher46' 82008
Javelin - 600g
1.9Courtney Fairhart107' 92008
2.9Daisey Newman105' 1.002012
3.9Sarah Fisher63' 62008
4.9Cassidy Tobin61' 3.002014
5.9Hannah Kelly53' 8.002010
High Jump
1.9Brailee VandenBoom4' 8.002013
2.9Kayla Wood4' 62008
3.9Jordan Bennett4' 02007
Pole Vault
1.9Lexi Bourgeois7' 62007
2.9Cassidy Tobin6' 0.002014
Long Jump
1.9Natasha Henley15' 9.502014
2.9Machaela Graddy14' 10.502011
3.9Hana Gebhardt14' 102009
4.9Hannah Welfringer13' 8.002010
5.9Lexi Bourgeois13' 02007
6.9Alissa Austin12' 7.002012
9Alexis Thompson-mchenry12' 7.002014
8.9Sarah Litzenberger12' 3.502014
9.9Megan Finke12' 0.002010
10.9Kaisha Fender10' 4.002011
Triple Jump
1.9Lexi Bourgeois28' 9.52007
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