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12th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.12Bob Alliston10.70a1978
2.12Gailon Gentry10.80a1970
3.12Morgan Hurt10.90a2002
12Calvin Dunham10.90a1965
5.12Doug Williams11.00a1966
12Mike Alliston11.00a1978
12Rick Matthes11.00a1978
8.12*David Whitmore11.92a2014
9.12Ryan Melville12.34a2008
10.12Colin Bushbaum12.45a2010
11.12Daniel Contreras12.54c2012
12.12Kyle Stanley12.86a2011
13.12Thane Pierson12.94c2012
14.12Cody Johnson13.24c2012
15.12Justin Hill14.44c2012
200 Meters
1.12Bob Alliston22.10a1978
2.12Gailon Gentry22.50a1970
3.12Malcom McPhee22.60a1967
4.12Calvin Dunham22.70a1965
12Dan Jaeger22.70a1988
6.12Craig Tyler22.80a1989
7.12Brad Freeze23.00a1997
8.12*David Whitmore23.59a2014
9.12Derek Huck25.54c2012
10.12Ryan Melville25.64c2008
11.12Colin Bushbaum26.00a2010
12.12Cody Johnson26.27a2012
13.12Kyle Stanley26.94c2011
14.12Thane PiersonNT2012
12Justin HillSCR2012
400 Meters
1.12Hans Hurt50.00a2000
2.12Brad Freeze50.60a1997
3.12Ty Schrindel51.20a1972
4.12Randy Wilbanks52.50a1969
5.12Gailon Gentry52.70a1968
6.12Mike Yearout52.80a1983
12Robert Johnson52.80a1969
12Barry Rozenkranz52.80a1974
9.12Jeff Breshers52.90a1984
10.12*Daniel Whitmore54.11a2014
11.12Zach Halstead58.44c2008
12.12Justin Hill61.54c2012
13.12Ryan Melville62.04c2008
800 Meters
1.12Chris O'Brien1:58.6a2003
2.12Josh Mattson1:58.7a1994
12Phil Grahlfs1:58.7a2002
4.12Gerry Holman2:00.1a1978
5.12Kelly Mattson2:00.88a1989
6.12Gary Van Hess2:01.8a1974
7.12Travis Watkins2:02.0a1989
8.12Paul Kauzlarich2:02.1a1964
12Chris Sutton2:02.1a2004
10.12Mike Stillwaugh2:03.5a1986
11.12Andy Breymeyer2:09.02007
12.12*Justin Warner2:17.72a2014
13.12John Rosarios2:33.02008
1500 Meters
1.12Justin Warner4:43.74a2014
1600 Meters
1.12Josh Mattson4:20.03a1994
2.12Brett Carter4:22.80a2002
3.12Isaac Love4:31a.02004
4.12Gerry Holman4:31.6a1978
5.12Paul Kauzlarich4:40a.01964
6.12Roger Howell4:41a.01979
7.12Gregg Gentry4:44a.01974
8.12Gary Lounsbury4:44.5a1958
9.12Charles Costs4:45a.01990
10.12Don Baun4:45.7a1948
11.12Justin Warner4:55.76a2014
12.12Steven Bentz5:19.102006
13.12Dominic Changala5:35.49a2012
14.12Andrew Douglas5:35.55a2013
15.12Zach Halstead5:53.02008
16.12John Rosarios6:25.02008
17.12Alex Montes De Oca7:00.50a2013
3000 Meters
1.12Justin Warner10:22.31a2014
2.12Andrew Douglas11:09.92a2013
3200 Meters
1.12Justin Warner11:02.36a2014
2.12Andrew Douglas11:44.79a2013
3.12Phillip Doehle12:16.702006
4.12John Rosarios13:42.02008
5.12Alex Montes De Oca14:24.98a2013
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Steve Cochran14.64c1971
2.12Graig Bowhay14.94c1979
3.12Jim Sedge15.04c1972
4.12Doug Williams15.14c1966
5.12Matt Williams15.20a1987
6.12Harold Dobie15.54c1962
7.12Ron Clark15.64c1973
12Jim Wilbanks15.64c1967
9.12Rikki Rainville16.10a1992
10.12Josh Simmons16.13a2005
11.12*David Whitmore16.21a2014
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Matt Williams40.20a1987
2.12Kailan Dunn40.50a2003
3.12Steve Young41.04c1984
4.12Mike Jones41.82a1999
5.12Nick Creach42.20a1995
6.12Craig Bowhay42.74c1978
7.12David Mansfield43.04c1989
8.12Josh Simmons43.28a2005
9.12Rick Andrews43.74c1985
10.12Brad Freeze43.84a1995
2k Steeplechase
1.12Steven Bentz8:38.502006
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Jake Callaghan61' 2.252013
2.12MIke Gillespie55' 11.001972
3.12Zack Hatten54' 9.752005
4.12Don Dunham54' 2.251970
5.12Doyle Dilley53' 1.001967
6.12Jake Wilcox51' 42009
7.12John Williams50' 8.251993
8.12John Blanchard49' 6.001982
9.12Jeff Webb49' 2.501974
10.12Greg Stotsenberg49' 1.001967
11.12Matt Mayer48' 4.001999
12.12Mike Glover48' 3.001968
13.12Matt Hatchell47' 9.502012
14.12Thad Callaghen46' 11.252008
15.12Cody Kass44' 11.252008
16.12Josiah Meadows43' 9.002011
17.12Jesse Gylling43' 0.502010
18.12*Jake Moon41' 8.002014
19.12Bryan Jones40' 92008
20.12Tanner Young37' 6.002012
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Dolye Dilley168' 8.001968
2.12Jake Wilcox164' 82009
3.12Dale Tester153' 2.001964
4.12Don Dunham152' 2.001970
5.12Rod Matthes150' 3.001972
6.12Bryan McLaughlin148' 3.001995
7.12John Blanchard147' 11.001982
8.12Jake Callaghan145' 3.002013
9.12Josiah Meadows137' 2.002011
10.12Thad Callaghen124' 22008
11.12Jesse Gylling115' 6.002010
12.12*Jake Moon113' 7.002014
13.12Logan Roberts106' 42009
14.12Bryan Jones99' 22008
15.12Cody Kass96' 112008
16.12Marlon Lincoln76' 2.002011
17.12Tanner Young61' 3.002012
Javelin - 800g
1.12Cody Kass157' 62008
2.12Justin Hill151' 6.002012
3.12Jake Wilcox147' 32009
4.12Cody Johnson146' 10.002012
5.12Bryan Jones142' 52008
6.12Thad Callaghen139' 72008
7.12Derek Huck128' 9.002012
8.12Trevor Bailey127' 3.002011
9.12Marlon Lincoln121' 9.002011
10.12Kyle Stanley121' 0.002011
11.12Caleb Snyder115' 10.002014
12.12Matt Hatchell115' 9.002012
13.12Jake Wilcox106' 9.002006
14.12Logan Roberts102' 72009
15.12Josiah Meadows100' 9.002011
16.12Tanner Young86' 11.002012
17.12Jesse Gylling77' 9.002010
High Jump
1.12Matt Williams6' 10.001986
2.12Thane Pierson6' 8.002012
3.12Dave Eller6' 4.501977
4.12Jeff Miller6' 4.001979
12Matt Johnson6' 4.001985
12John Allen Hires6' 4.001995
7.12Terry Klomp6' 3.001984
12Larry Russell6' 3.001977
9.12Matt Muzzuncini6' 2.002001
12Josh Simmons6' 2.002005
11.12Derek Huck5' 8.002012
12.12Trevor Bailey5' 2.002011
Long Jump
1.12Steve Young21' 5.501984
2.12Jim Wilbanks21' 5.001967
3.12Jeff Champoux21' 3.251993
4.12Bob Alliston21' 3.001978
5.12Harold Dobie20' 11.001962
6.12Thane Pierson20' 10.752012
7.12Larry Russell20' 9.001977
8.12Steve Miles20' 8.001995
9.12Jim Spence20' 5.001964
10.12Dave Eller20' 2.001976
11.12Casey Sanford20' 0.752001
12.12Derek Huck17' 10.502012
12Colin Bushbaum17' 10.502010
14.12Ryan Melville17' 72008
15.12Kyle Stanley16' 0.502011
16.12Daniel ContrerasDNS2012
Triple Jump
1.12Greg Gray44' 7.001988
2.12Doug Lewis43' 6.501979
3.12Rob Pringle43' 4.001995
4.12Thane Pierson43' 1.002012
5.12Larry Russell42' 9.501977
6.12Matt Williams42' 8.001986
7.12Allan Woodall42' 2.001974
8.12Lindsey Wilbanks41' 10.001981
9.12Chris Holt41' 4.251990
10.12Matt Johnson41' 1.001986
11.12Trevor Bailey33' 3.502011
12.12Kyle Stanley31' 2.502011


100 Meters
1.12Chris Gilmore12.10a1988
2.12Delaney Romero12.66a2013
3.12Leslie Spooner12.88a1976
4.12Lori Russell12.90a1978
12Lynette Miller12.90a1977
12Mandy Rouleau12.90a1995
7.12Jennifer Cadden13.00a1988
8.12Stephanie McKenna13.62a2008
9.12Kelly Snyder13.94c2011
10.12Megan Melville14.04c2012
11.12Claire Boutillier14.08a2010
12.12Dawn Dobie5:07.04c1989
200 Meters
1.12Kelly Paulinsky26.30a1982
2.12Delaney Romero26.50a2013
3.12Angie Thomas26.90a1995
12Carla Jaeger26.90a1982
5.12Stephanie Dixon27.20a1989
6.12Alli Huwe27.50a2005
7.12Krystal Huber28.04c1997
8.12Stephanie McKenna28.27a2008
9.12Kelly Snyder28.84c2011
10.12Maegan Changala29.74c2007
11.12Claire Boutillier30.54c2010
300 Meters
1.12Stephanie McKenna47.64c2008
2.12Megan Melville51.99a2012
400 Meters
1.12Stacie Barr60.20a1978
2.12Caitlin O'Dever Lewis61.00a2004
3.12Nicole Phipps61.40a2003
4.12Vickie Cannon61.50a1977
5.12Angela Cyr68.94c2007
6.12Megan Melville69.34c2012
7.12*Madilyn Paul70.30a2014
8.12Lauren Brewington71.86a2011
800 Meters
1.12Lauren Brewington2:39.702011
1000 Meters
1.12Lauren Brewington3:40.87a2011
1600 Meters
1.12Lauren Brewington5:42.59a2011
2.12Annika Love7:02.02009
3.12*Isabel IbarraDQ2014
2000 Meters
1.12Lauren Brewington7:48.65a2011
3200 Meters
1.12Jackie Van De Brake11:51.3a1978
2.12Carol Lewis11:59.7a1980
3.12Lauren Brewington12:20.54a2011
4.12Anne Turner12:33a.01982
5.12Karolyn Tinsley12:44.7a1982
6.12Jennifer Schneider13:04.9a1995
7.12Jenna Hall13:27.1a1994
8.12Laura Shinn13:33.6a1982
9.12Mary Hughes13:41.6a1977
10.12Katie Moore13:44.92a2005
11.12Sarah Chase13:56a.02001
12.12*Isabel IbarraDQ2014
2k Steeplechase
1.12Katie Moore9:39.002006
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Lona Joslin40' 9.501981
2.12Kelsie Taylor38' 7.002012
3.12Carrie Huffines36' 10.002000
4.12Kayce Blomberg36' 6.001995
5.12Britta Dale35' 6.001997
6.12Lana Jones34' 2.501990
7.12Becky Gray33' 9.751991
8.12Ali Tabor32' 7.002006
9.12Emalie Islas31' 5.002014
10.12Lexus Bogardus30' 6.752011
11.12Leah Ferguson28' 32007
12.12Keria Alexander22' 11.502014
13.12Arriana Barajas21' 9.002014
14.12Alicia Anthony14' 3.002006
15.12Isabel IbarraDQ2014
Discus - 1kg
1.12Brenda Brisky118' 9.001979
2.12Lexus Bogardus113' 8.002011
3.12Brenda Phillips113' 0.001988
4.12Wendy Olsen111' 4.001995
5.12Kelsie Taylor108' 2.002012
6.12Jessica Farris107' 5.002011
7.12Sara Shanks104' 9.001991
8.12Carrie Huffines102' 8.002000
9.12Kim VanDeBrake102' 6.001980
10.12Nicole Pierce98' 10.001999
11.12Amy Tabor97' 10.002005
12.12Ali Tabor88' 1.002006
13.12Leah Ferguson80' 52007
14.12*Emalie Islas74' 8.002014
Javelin - 600g
1.12Kelsie Taylor132' 8.002012
2.12Jessica Farris109' 11.002011
3.12*Emalie Islas108' 10.002014
4.12Keria Alexander82' 6.002014
5.12Leah Ferguson65' 72007
6.12Ali Tabor57' 4.002006
7.12Arriana Barajas46' 3.002014
8.12Isabel IbarraDQ2014
High Jump
1.12Katie Moore4' 8.002006
2.12Jessica Farris3' 10.002011
Long Jump
1.12Delaney Romero18' 1.252013
2.12Alli Huwe18' 0.502005
3.12Chris Gilmore17' 6.251988
4.12Hanna King16' 2.002005
5.12Kelsie Baird16' 1.502005
6.12Devone Agnew16' 0.751980
7.12Kim VanDeBrake16' 0.001988
8.12Kelly Snyder15' 3.252011
9.12Claire Boutillier14' 0.002010
10.12Stephanie McKenna13' 82008
11.12Keria Alexander11' 7.002014
Triple Jump
1.12Kelly Snyder34' 9.002011
2.12Claire Boutillier33' 9.502010
3.12Delaney Romero32' 10.002013
4.12Jessica Farris25' 8.252011
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