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Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.12Duval Gregory11.63a2010
2.10David McCallop11.94c2008
3.11Cameron Oliver12.01a2011
4.11Nick Kopchenko12.04c2011
5.11Micah Robinson12.28a2009
6.12Shing Ng12.42a2012
7.10Andre Moorehead12.44c2007
8.11Leland Moorehead12.53a2011
9.11David Brenner12.61a2010
10.11Keegan Clem12.64c2008
11Brad Henson12.64a2013
12.11Hunter Donohoe12.76a2010
13.10Phillip Viloria12.80a2010
14.9Jarred Russell13.22a2013
15.12Garrett Shankel13.34a2013
16.11Brian DentonNT2013
10Brett PalmerNT2007
9Lowghan TuffordDNS2011
200 Meters
1.12Cohl Tufford23.45a2010
2.12Duval Gregory23.48a2010
3.11Nick Kopchenko23.89a2011
4.-Nic Solozano23.96a2006
5.11Cameron Oliver24.05a2011
6.10David McCallop24.14c2008
7.11Andre Moorehead24.94c2008
8.12Shing Ng25.10a2012
9.12Jon Weinberg25.77a2010
10.11Leland Moorehead26.06a2011
11.10Phillip Viloria26.20a2010
12.12Grant Marcinko26.34a2012
13.10Micah Robinson26.64c2008
14.11Hunter Donohoe27.08a2010
15.9Jarred Russell27.24a2013
16.12Garrett Shankel28.06a2013
17.11Brad HensonNT2013
10Brett PalmerNT2007
9Lowghan TuffordNT2011
400 Meters
1.12Ben Gardner52.60a2010
2.12Trevor Marcinko53.11a2010
3.12Grant Marcinko55.49a2012
4.12Nick Kopchenko55.76a2012
5.12Josh Namin57.14c2007
6.10Andre Moorehead57.94c2007
7.10Brett Palmer58.74c2007
8.10Jon Weinberg58.84c2008
9.11Brad Henson59.02a2013
10.10JR Pavey60.34c2008
11.11Shing Ng60.49a2011
12.9Jarred Russell61.48a2013
13.12Garrett Shankel63.25a2013
14.9Lowghan Tufford68.04c2011
15.9Kyle Reed73.59a2009
16.10David McCallopNT2008
10Rett MillerNT2007
800 Meters
1.10Ben Gardner2:06.22008
2.10Trevor Marcinko2:16.52008
3.10Grant Marcinko2:23.47a2010
4.11Matthew Gillings2:25.84a2011
5.11Aaron Jakaboski2:25.94a2011
6.9Matt Supan2:29.52007
7.9Shing Ng2:32.72009
8.10Cameron Thomas2:45.72008
9.9Will Smith2:48.62009
10.9Josh VelaNT2010
10Scott SealNT2007
11Austin VickeryNT2011
1600 Meters
1.11Andre Moorehead5:04.22008
2.10Trevor Marcinko5:30.62008
3.11Aaron Jakaboski5:46.86a2011
4.11Matthew Gillings5:48.49a2011
5.11Elvis Romero5:51.02009
6.9Shing Ng6:33.02009
7.10Grant Marcinko6:37.33a2010
8.9Christian Ratcliff6:43.25a2012
9.9Josh Vela6:49.40a2010
10.9Will Smith7:15.42009
11.9Kyle ReedNT2009
9Ben GardnerNT2007
10Cameron ThomasNT2008
12Juan WarnerNT2008
11Austin VickeryNT2011
3200 Meters
1.11Elvis Romero12:22.02009
2.12Juan Warner12:45.02008
3.9Josh Vela14:59.53a2010
4.10Will Smith15:01.50a2010
5.11Aaron JakaboskiNT2011
11Austin VickeryNT2011
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Rett Miller16.14c2008
2.9Nick Kopchenko20.30a2009
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Rett Miller43.04c2008
2.11Keegan Clem46.04c2008
3.10Scott Seal50.94c2007
4.9Nick Kopchenko51.59a2009
5.10Micah RobinsonNT2008
10JR PaveyNT2008
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 44.73a2009
2.Relay Team 47.54c2011
3.Rett Miller
Brett Palmer
Ben Gardner
Josh Namin
4.Relay Team 48.12a2010
5.JR Pavey
Micah Robinson
Keegan Clem
Jon Weinberg
4x200 Relay
1.Ben Gardner
Trevor Marcinko
Cohl Tufford
Duval Gregory
2.Relay Team 1:34.13a2009
3.Ben Gardner
Andre Moorehead
Cohl Tufford
Jon Weinberg
4.Cameron Oliver
Shing Ng
Grant Marcinko
Nick Kopchenko
5.Relay Team 1:51.36a2012
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 3:33.73a2009
2.Ben Gardner
Trevor Marcinko
Cohl Tufford
Grant Marcinko
3.Ben Gardner
Rett Miller
Cohl Tufford
Andre Moorehead
4.Ben Gardner
Rett Miller
Josh Namin
Matt Supan
5.Cameron Oliver
Shing Ng
Nick Kopchenko
Grant Marcinko
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Cedric Craine42' 52009
2.10Leland Moorehead36' 8.002010
3.12Micah Robinson35' 10.502010
4.11David Brenner35' 5.002010
5.10Will Baker30' 9.52007
6.9David LawrenceND2009
9Matt SupanND2007
9Cameron ThomasND2007
9Chris SmytheND2008
10Kyle BrownND2008
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Leland Moorehead133' 5.002011
2.12Cedric Craine106' 22009
3.12Micah Robinson92' 3.002010
4.10David Brenner87' 82009
5.12Juan Warner68' 72008
6.10Kyle BrownND2008
9Cameron ThomasND2007
9David LawrenceND2009
10Will BakerND2007
9Lowghan TuffordND2011
High Jump
1.9Nick KopchenkoNH2009
10Trevor MarcinkoNH2008
10Jon WeinbergNH2008
Long Jump
1.11Rett Miller20' 9.52008
2.12Ben Gardner19' 10.752010
3.11Andre Moorehead18' 72008
4.12Trevor Marcinko17' 7.002010
5.11Jarred Russell17' 6.502015
6.12Duval Gregory17' 2.002010
11Hunter Donohoe17' 2.002010
8.10Jon Weinberg15' 02008
9.9Matt Supan14' 12007
10.10Nick KopchenkoND2010
11Cameron OliverND2011
Triple Jump
1.12Ben Gardner40' 2.502010
2.12Trevor Marcinko36' 9.002010
3.11Hunter Donohoe35' 0.752010
4.11Matthew GillingsND2011


100 Meters
1.11Sarah Gentry12.44c2008
2.10Haley Gatlin13.12a2012
3.12Courtney Middlekoop13.13a2014
4.10Micah Russell13.94a2010
5.11Sam Emerson14.34c2008
6.12Grace Tolson14.51a2013
7.11Emily Kendal14.54c2007
8.9Kalyn Norwood14.82a2009
9.10Chi Him Ng14.94c2007
10.12Allison Leggeri15.26a2009
11.9Nia Norwood15.58a2013
12.9Joy Anna GatlinNT2007
11Stevie HarrisNT2007
12Bailey ClampittDNS2011
11Jennifer WiseNT2013
200 Meters
1.12Sarah Gentry25.96a2009
2.11Haley Gatlin27.61a2013
3.11Bailey Clampitt29.20a2010
4.9Grace Tolson29.83a2010
5.11Chi Him Ng30.24c2008
6.9Kalyn Norwood30.38a2009
7.9Taylor Gomaa30.44c2009
8.9Micah Russell30.54c2009
9.11Sam Emerson30.64c2008
10.9Minaz Zad31.30a2013
11.12Sara Leonard31.57a2013
12.9Nia Norwood32.17a2013
13.12Allison Leggeri32.66a2009
14.11Stevie Harris33.64c2007
15.11Jennifer WiseNT2013
400 Meters
1.12Sarah Gentry58.34a2009
2.9Haley Gatlin65.53a2011
3.12Sara Leonard68.63a2013
4.11Bailey Clampitt69.67a2010
5.11Rachel Ellington69.84c2011
6.9Minaz Zad70.50a2013
7.12Amy Leonard70.64c2009
8.10Sam Emerson72.84c2007
9.9Brianna Crews79.16a2009
10.9Jennifer Wise80.34c2011
11.9Amanda Northern83.73a2009
12.9Anna Lee85.14c2007
13.9Allie JohnsonDNS2010
9Grace TolsonDNS2010
9Nia NorwoodNT2013
11Chi Him NgNT2008
800 Meters
1.11Amy Leonard2:30.12008
2.10Libby Johnston2:42.32007
3.10Sara Leonard2:42.52a2011
4.12Rachel Ellington2:49.80a2012
5.9Jennifer Wise2:53.73a2011
6.10Joy Anna Gatlin3:13.22008
7.12Chi Him Ng3:20.16a2009
8.9Amanda Northern3:30.72009
9.9Anna LeeNT2007
11Allison LeggeriNT2008
1600 Meters
1.11Allison Leggeri6:44.32008
2.9Jessie Namin7:23.82009
3.11Rachel Ellington7:36.79a2010
4.11Chrissy CorbettNT2011
9Jennifer WiseNT2011
9Rachel CoatsNT2007
9Amanda NorthernDQ2009
10Robin ClarkNT2007
10Anna LeeNT2008
3200 Meters
1.10Anna Lee17:17.02008
2.11Rachel EllingtonNT2010
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.-Liz Laubenberg16.78aw2004
2.11Joy Anna Gatlin22.27a2009
100m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Joy Anna Gatlin22.04c2009
2.12Chi Him Ng23.84c2009
3.12Allison LeggeriNT2009
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Courtney Middlekoop49.38a2014
2.9Kacey Middlekoop49.61a2015
3.-Liz Laubenberg49.68a2004
4.12Joy Anna Gatlin50.40a2010
5.12Allison LeggeriNT2009
12Chi Him NgNT2009
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 53.35a2009
2.Bailey Clampitt
Micah Russell
Grace Tolson
Allie Johnson
3.Grace Tolson
Sara Leonard
Minaz Zad
Haley Gatlin
4.Relay Team 56.74c2007
4x200 Relay
1.Bailey Clampitt
Micah Russell
Allie Johnson
Joy Anna Gatlin
2.Relay Team 1:56.05a2009
3.Grace Tolson
Sara Leonard
Minaz Zad
Haley Gatlin
4.Joy Anna Gatlin
Stevie Harris
Emily Kendal
Chi Him Ng
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 4:27.81a2009
2.Bailey Clampitt
Joy Anna Gatlin
Allie Johnson
Sara Leonard
3.Grace Tolson
Sara Leonard
Haley Gatlin
Minaz Zad
4.Sam Emerson
Sarah Gentry
Amy Leonard
Libby Johnston
5.Sam Emerson
Chi Him Ng
Amy Leonard
Allison Leggeri
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Kalyn Norwood26' 4.52009
2.10Catherine Fitch21' 2.52007
3.11Chrissy Corbett15' 1.002011
4.9Emma SellersND2007
9Grace TolsonND2010
9Rachael McGowenND2009
Discus - 1kg
1.9Kalyn Norwood71' 02009
2.9Rachael McGowenND2009
9Grace TolsonND2010
11Chrissy CorbettND2011
High Jump
1.9Kacey Middlekoop4' 4.002015
2.10Kelsey MiddelkoopNH2010
10Libby JohnstonNH2007
12Joy Anna GatlinNH2010
Long Jump
1.12Courtney Middlekoop16' 8.502014
2.11Haley Gatlin15' 0.002013
3.12Grace Tolson13' 10.752013
4.10Sarah Gentry13' 8.52007
5.9Allie Johnson13' 2.502010
6.10Kelsey Middelkoop12' 10.752010
7.11Emily Kendal12' 5.252007
8.12Sam Emerson12' 22009
9.11Bailey Clampitt11' 10.502010
10.9Taylor Gomaa11' 9.252009
11.11Chi Him Ng11' 02008
12.9Amanda Northern9' 92009
Triple Jump
1.9Amanda NorthernND2009
9Taylor GomaaND2009
10Kelsey MiddelkoopND2010
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