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12th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.12Nick Wells11.07a2013
2.12Regan Buol11.34c2008
3.12Collin Green11.63a2010
12Caden Sparks11.63a2014
5.12Anthony Dove11.67a2011
6.12Austin May12.00a2013
7.12Josh Miller12.05a2012
8.12Xavier Russell12.09a2014
9.12James Mower12.11a2011
10.12Connar Enos12.23a2012
11.12Logan Liebel12.41a2012
12.12Sean Hayes12.45a2014
13.12Austin Shirey12.53a2011
14.12Sonny Frye13.05a2012
15.12Shane Adams13.64a2012
12Jacob Farley13.64c2014
17.12RJ HansonDQ2012
200 Meters
1.12Nick Wells22.38a2013
2.12Anthony Dove22.80a2011
3.12Devin Liebel22.84a2013
4.12Collin Green23.15a2010
5.12Regan Buol23.24c2008
6.12Caden Sparks23.29a2014
7.12Kramer Green23.44c2010
12James Mower23.44c2011
9.12Adam McBarron23.98a2009
10.12Michael Madden24.01a2010
11.12Austin May24.26a2013
12.12Josh Miller24.35a2012
13.12Xavier Russell24.86a2014
14.12Ronnie Russell25.09a2009
15.12Logan Liebel26.14a2012
16.12Connar Enos26.23a2012
17.12Jacob Farley28.03a2014
18.12RJ Hanson30.41a2012
19.12Michael ApataNT2012
400 Meters
1.12Collin Green49.84a2010
2.12Nick Wells49.93a2013
3.12Marcus Dickson49.97a2012
4.12Anthony Dove51.72a2011
5.12Austin May52.66a2013
6.12Kody Gould53.01a2012
7.12Josh Miller53.20a2012
8.12Adam McBarron53.31a2009
9.12Austin Shirey54.54a2011
10.12Michael Madden55.18a2010
11.12Cody Suveges55.71a2014
12.12Tyler Cash56.11a2012
13.12Andrew Lehto58.10a2008
14.12Mike Fueston61.44c2014
800 Meters
1.12Marcus Dickson1:49.33a2012
2.12Mat Dickson1:57.93a2010
3.12Kody Gould1:59.90a2012
4.12Nate Lenhart2:04.97a2012
5.12Chris Fisher2:05.37a2013
6.12Wesley Fueston2:05.44a2013
7.12Andrew Lehto2:09.02008
8.12Casey Zimmer2:10.92009
9.12Ronnie Russell2:13.22009
10.12Mike Fueston2:24.07a2014
11.12Chase Neuman2:28.18a2011
12.12Authur Scholes2:29.97a2013
13.12Shane Markus2:35.67a2011
14.12Kevin Mattox2:36.40a2014
1500 Meters
1.12Kody Gould4:03.40a2012
2.12Chris Fisher4:12.91a2013
1600 Meters
1.12Marcus Dickson4:01.77a2012
2.12Kody Gould4:16.62a2012
3.12Chris Fisher4:24.70a2013
4.12Wesley Fueston4:34.94a2013
5.12Mat Dickson4:39.102010
6.12Sterling Frye4:46.53a2010
7.12Casey Zimmer4:55.72009
8.12Chase Neuman5:23.35a2011
9.12Authur Scholes5:28.88a2013
10.12Brandon Davis5:33.84a2011
11.12Joe Hazen5:36.42009
12.12Shane Markus5:41.43a2011
13.12Kevin Mattox6:10.24a2014
1 Mile
1.12Marcus Dickson4:03.18a2012
3000 Meters
1.12Chris Fisher9:17.62a2013
2.12Wesley Fueston9:24.75a2013
3200 Meters
1.12Marcus Dickson9:04.91a2012
2.12Kody Gould9:26.13a2012
3.12Chris Fisher9:39.45a2013
4.12Wesley Fueston9:54.70a2013
5.12Shane Markus10:13.44a2011
6.12Sterling Frye10:17.802010
7.12Andrew Lehto11:20.62008
8.12Casey Zimmer11:25.42009
9.12Joe Hazen12:39.22009
10.12Brandon Davis12:44.42a2011
11.12Kevin Mattox12:58.90a2014
12.12Authur Scholes13:03.402013
5000 Meters
1.12Wesley FuestonDNS2013
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Devin Liebel13.98a2013
2.12Kramer Green15.79a2010
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Devin Liebel37.53a2013
2.12Kramer Green38.93a2010
3.12Michael Madden41.55a2010
4.12Josh Miller42.87a2012
5.12Austin Shirey43.10a2011
6.12Austin May46.54a2013
7.12Andrew Lehto50.24c2008
8.12Spencer Wilson61.94c2014
9.12Shane Adams62.31a2012
10.12Chris Fisher63.37a2013
2k Steeplechase
1.12Chris Fisher6:07.702013
3k Steeplechase
1.12Chris Fisher9:58.102013
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Blake Maresh52' 5.502012
2.12Caleb Murphy47' 7.502010
3.12Grant Peckham46' 92009
4.12Scott Anderson45' 3.502013
5.12Blake Halvorson42' 10.002010
6.12Trevor Christie42' 4.002013
7.12David Meagher42' 2.002011
8.12Scott Smith42' 0.252010
9.12Trevor Schoon41' 6.002014
10.12Blake O'Connor40' 7.002010
11.12Brian Mitchell38' 11.502012
12.12Duggan Young36' 1.502014
13.12Ben France34' 11.252010
14.12Carson Swart33' 11.002014
15.12Jake Board31' 1.252011
16.12Shane Adams25' 5.502012
17.12Joe PendonDNS2012
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Grant Peckham143' 92009
2.12Caleb Murphy132' 10.002010
3.12Trevor Christie129' 3.002013
4.12Scott Smith126' 2.002010
5.12Trevor Schoon120' 2.002014
6.12Blake Maresh118' 3.002012
7.12Blake Halvorson118' 0.002010
8.12Scott Anderson115' 11.002013
9.12Brian Mitchell114' 3.002012
10.12David Meagher110' 10.002011
11.12Ben France104' 7.002010
12.12Carson Swart101' 0.002014
13.12Joe Pendon97' 0.002012
14.12Duggan Young94' 9.002014
15.12Blake O'Connor94' 3.002010
16.12RJ Hanson75' 10.002012
17.12Jake Board75' 9.002011
18.12Chris Fisher59' 10.002013
19.12Marcus Dickson45' 0.752012
Javelin - 800g
1.12Sean Hayes169' 0.002014
2.12Todd Paine-Walsh156' 8.002010
3.12Grant Peckham144' 82009
4.12Scott Anderson142' 2.002013
5.12Blake Halvorson139' 6.002010
6.12Michael Madden139' 0.002010
7.12Doug Mays-Scriven135' 1.002010
8.12Blake Maresh131' 2.002012
9.12Duggan Young122' 2.002014
10.12Trevor Christie118' 5.002013
11.12Joe Pendon102' 2.002012
12.12Austin Shirey98' 4.002011
13.12RJ Hanson97' 9.002012
14.12Brandon Davis86' 11.002011
15.12Brian Mitchell57' 0.002012
16.12Shane Adams53' 4.002012
17.12Carson SwartND2014
12Andrew LehtoDNS2008
High Jump
1.12Devin Liebel6' 2.002013
2.12Mat Dickson5' 8.002010
12Blake Halvorson5' 8.002010
12Aaron Toman5' 8.002010
5.12Kramer Green5' 4.002010
6.12Matt LeBlueDNS2010
12Marcus DicksonNH2012
12James MowerNH2011
12Tyler CashNH2012
12Logan LiebelNH2012
Pole Vault
1.12Austin Shirey13' 9.002011
2.12Zach Landry12' 62007
3.12Aaron Toman12' 0.002010
4.12Spencer Wilson11' 6.002014
12Sonny Frye11' 6.002012
6.12Jacob Farley6' 0.002014
Long Jump
1.12Doug Mays-Scriven18' 5.502010
2.12Regan Buol18' 42008
3.12Hunter Chadwick18' 2.502010
4.12Austin May18' 0.002013
5.12Nick Wells17' 9.252013
6.12Michael Madden17' 8.502010
7.12James Mower17' 1.002011
8.12Logan Liebel16' 1.502012
9.12Spencer Wilson12' 11.002014
10.12Matt LeBlue12' 6.252010
11.12Brandon Davis11' 9.002011
12.12Josh WoodsDNS2010
12Xavier RussellND2014
12Jacob FarleyND2014
12Michael ApataND2012
Triple Jump
1.12Hunter Chadwick38' 6.002010
2.12Regan Buol37' 8.52008
3.12Michael Madden37' 3.502010
4.12James Mower37' 0.002011
5.12Logan Liebel35' 7.002012
6.12Shane Adams29' 8.002012
7.12Matt LeBlue27' 5.002010
8.12Caleb MaursethND2013


100 Meters
1.12Cassidy France12.58aw2012
2.12Cassidy Kunst13.15a2014
3.12Alysa Aashiem13.20a2011
4.12Johnna Coughlin13.35a2013
5.12Kristine Brons13.40a2009
200 Meters
1.12Cassidy France26.31a2012
2.12Johnna Coughlin27.27a2013
3.12Kristine Brons27.52a2009
4.12Alysa Aashiem28.27a2011
5.12Cassidy Kunst28.53a2014
6.12Jade Crawford29.08a2014
7.12Kara Monteiro29.84c2008
8.12Kristen Brown30.54a2010
9.12Kelly Coyle31.89a2012
10.12Ariana HuthmacherNT2010
400 Meters
1.12Carley McCutchen60.06a2010
2.12Kristine Brons60.88a2009
3.12Jessica Lindner67.24c2010
4.12Kara Monteiro67.84c2008
5.12Josie Becker68.30a2008
6.12Ariana Huthmacher69.34a2010
7.12Kristen Brown70.72a2010
8.12Hillary Mower71.86a2009
800 Meters
1.12Lauryn Wate2:23.76a2012
2.12Josie Becker2:24.27a2008
3.12Ashley LLapitan2:31.52009
4.12Ariana Huthmacher2:40.00a2010
1500 Meters
1.12Lauryn Wate4:50.68a2012
1600 Meters
1.12Lauryn Wate5:04.24a2012
2.12Josie Becker5:19.29a2008
3.12Ashley LLapitan5:36.02009
4.12Cathryn Hallett6:07.22008
3200 Meters
1.12Lauryn Wate11:06.37a2012
2.12Ashley LLapitan11:42.79a2009
3.12Cathryn Hallett13:01.32008
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Carley McCutchen15.14a2010
2.12Jade Crawford15.23a2014
3.12Jessica Lindner16.63a2010
4.12Cassidy Kunst17.98a2014
5.12Kristine Brons18.78a2009
6.12Alysa Aashiem19.60a2011
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Carley McCutchen44.97a2010
2.12Cassidy Kunst47.09a2014
3.12Alysa Aashiem49.83a2011
4.12Cassidy France49.91a2012
5.12Jessica Lindner50.44a2010
6.12Rebecca Kunselman62.33a2013
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Gabrielle Sandsness33' 8.002014
2.12Mikaela Kilcup32' 0.002012
3.12Antoinette Scholes30' 0.502010
4.12Alysa Aashiem29' 5.002011
5.12Sierra Gulla29' 1.002011
6.12Andrea Entz24' 2.502014
7.12Brandy Barr23' 1.002014
8.12Kaitlin Williams22' 9.002013
9.12Rachel Williams21' 6.002013
10.12Katy FlaniganND2014
Discus - 1kg
1.12Antoinette Scholes108' 8.002010
2.12Gabrielle Sandsness95' 4.002014
3.12Mikaela Kilcup92' 3.002012
4.12Sierra Gulla87' 5.002011
5.12Ashley Burger74' 1.002013
6.12Andrea Entz68' 10.002014
7.12Brandy Barr60' 4.002014
8.12Rebecca Kunselman59' 10.002013
9.12Rachel Williams59' 1.002013
10.12Kaitlin Williams55' 7.002013
Javelin - 600g
1.12Alysa Aashiem115' 0.002011
2.12Antoinette Scholes86' 5.002010
3.12Sierra Gulla80' 6.002011
4.12Ashley Burger75' 9.002013
5.12Mikaela Kilcup72' 3.002012
6.12Brandy Barr58' 10.002014
7.12Andrea Entz52' 1.002014
8.12Anna Hermans47' 11.002013
9.12Cierra Jansen45' 9.002013
10.12Katy FlaniganND2014
High Jump
1.12Jade Crawford5' 0.002014
12Carley McCutchen5' 0.002010
3.12Hillary Mower4' 62009
12Cassidy Kunst4' 6.002014
Pole Vault
1.12Kelly Coyle9' 6.002012
2.12Brandy BarrNH2014
Long Jump
1.12Carley McCutchen15' 5.502010
2.12Rebecca Kunselman14' 1.002013
3.12Cierra Jansen13' 10.002013
4.12Jade Crawford13' 7.502014
5.12Ashley Burger11' 7.752013
6.12Cassidy KunstND2014
Triple Jump
1.12Jade Crawford33' 7.502014
2.12Cassidy Kunst30' 10.002014
3.12Rebecca Kunselman28' 8.002013
4.12Cierra Jansen26' 1.002013
5.12Brandy BarrND2014
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