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10th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.10Miguel Mendoza11.72a2015
2.10Scott Goodwin11.84c2011
10Skyler Wells11.84c2014
4.10Caine Carr11.98a2012
5.10Alex McAra12.24c2014
10Saul Gonzales12.24c2014
10Russell Alfaro12.24c2008
8.10Gunnar Trygstad12.44c2010
10Tyler Bushmiller12.44a2010
10.10Tristan Picotte12.45a2012
11.10Tyler Turner12.74c2011
12.10Kevin Braden12.80a2008
13.10John Johnson12.84c2009
14.10Will Hara12.94c2007
10Cameron Keller12.94c2013
16.10Gabe Nessa13.02a2015
17.10Chris Horn13.94c2012
10Andrew Hoang13.94c2011
19.10Steven Fry14.14c2013
20.10Ben Krumholz14.34c2010
200 Meters
1.10Miguel Mendoza24.38a2015
2.10Saul Gonzales24.50a2014
3.10Caine Carr24.86a2012
4.10Scott Goodwin25.04c2011
5.10Derek Moore25.24a2008
6.10Alex McAra25.54c2014
10Skyler Wells25.54a2014
8.10Gunnar Trygstad25.71a2010
9.10Tyler Bushmiller25.74c2010
10.10Will Hara25.94c2007
11.10John Johnson25.94c2009
12.10Cameron Keller26.17a2013
13.10Gabe Nessa26.24a2015
14.10Nate Paro26.44c2007
15.10Tristan Picotte27.64c2012
16.10Anthony Hernandez27.74c2010
17.10Chris Horn28.14c2012
18.10Shayd Wells28.34c2011
19.10Nick Falley28.44c2013
20.10Kevin Braden29.94c2008
400 Meters
1.10Caine Carr56.34c2012
2.10Tyler Bushmiller56.39a2010
3.10Miguel Mendoza56.51a2015
4.10Saul Gonzales56.54c2014
5.10Scott Goodwin56.70a2011
6.10Skyler Wells57.04c2014
7.10Derek Moore58.44c2008
8.10Gabe Nessa59.26a2015
9.10Dylan Hearn59.44c2009
10.10Ben Grover60.24c2010
10Tyler Turner60.24c2011
12.10Steven Fry60.94c2013
13.10Chris Miller61.14c2008
14.10Will Hara61.24c2007
15.10Anthony Hernandez61.64c2010
16.10*Hunter Dianovich63.04c2015
17.10Chris Horn64.14c2012
18.10John Johnson65.04c2009
19.10Ben Krumholz65.24c2010
20.10Nick Falley68.04c2013
800 Meters
1.10Dylan Hearn2:20.92009
2.10Ben Grover2:22.402010
3.10Derek Moore2:24.42008
4.10John Johnson2:24.82009
5.10Anthony Hernandez2:26.202010
6.10Tyler Niiranen2:27.302012
7.10Gunnar Trygstad2:29.802010
8.10Thomos Burkhart2:36.602010
9.10*Alex Marcisz2:47.902015
10.10*Hunter Dianovich2:52.002015
1600 Meters
1.10Ben Grover4:53.50a2010
2.10Derek Moore5:15.02008
3.10Dylan Hearn5:18.72009
4.10Tyler Niiranen5:27.902012
5.10Thomos Burkhart5:45.902010
6.10Jeremy Holland6:00.902013
7.10Alex Marcisz6:16.04a2015
8.10Alex Horn7:00.702014
1 Mile
1.10Ben Grover5:03.48a2010
3200 Meters
1.10Ben Grover10:29.64a2010
2.10Derek Moore11:36.92008
3.10Dylan Hearn11:47.02009
4.10Nate Paro12:45.42007
5.10Jeremy Holland13:10.902013
6.10John Johnson13:15.32009
7.10Thomos Burkhart13:33.802010
8.10Kasen Foy13:55.702010
9.10*Alex Marcisz14:39.602015
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Alex McAra16.11a2014
2.10Sebastian Makinson16.88a2007
3.10Nate Paro17.86a2007
4.10Kasen Foy18.41a2010
5.10Eric Shepard19.14c2011
6.10Stefan Dycus19.74c2011
7.10John Johnson21.34c2009
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Alex McAra42.13a2014
2.10Nate Paro44.50a2007
3.10Tristan Picotte47.17a2012
4.10Kasen Foy47.50a2010
5.10Sebastian Makinson48.58a2007
6.10John Johnson50.94c2009
7.10Eric Shepard53.54c2011
8.10Stefan Dycus55.54c2011
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Caleb Bridge46' 6.502013
2.10Tim Poplin45' 8.502014
3.10Alex Horn40' 7.502014
4.10Seth Bridge40' 3.002015
5.10Daniel Fruh37' 10.002013
6.10Cameron Keller37' 7.502013
7.10Ethan Moyer37' 5.002014
8.10Nick Poplin33' 11.52007
9.10Maurice Alfaro32' 7.252009
10.10Robby Patton31' 112009
11.10Chris Miller31' 102008
12.10Will Hara31' 42007
13.10Tyler Reed30' 1.002010
14.10Nick Falley29' 8.002013
15.10Tyler Reed29' 62009
16.10Chris Watson29' 0.002010
17.10Corwin Siverts28' 6.002011
18.10Sebastian DiFranco27' 1.502011
19.10Scott Gann27' 02008
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Caleb Bridge152' 9.002013
2.10*Seth Bridge135' 6.002015
3.10Alex Horn118' 3.002014
4.10Tim Poplin115' 7.002014
5.10Daniel Fruh113' 6.002013
6.10Chris Miller109' 62008
7.10Ethan Moyer102' 2.002014
8.10Chris Watson97' 8.002010
9.10Hunter Dianovich89' 1.002015
10.10Nick Falley73' 9.002013
11.10Tyler Reed72' 52009
12.10Carson Ketter71' 0.002012
13.10Scott Gann69' 52008
14.10Sebastian DiFranco67' 3.002011
15.10Nick Poplin66' 112007
16.10Corwin Siverts64' 4.002011
Javelin - 800g
1.10Maurice Alfaro131' 02009
2.10Nate Paro128' 102007
3.10Carson Ketter122' 1.002012
4.10Kevin Braden105' 112008
5.10Chris Miller103' 92008
6.10Robby Patton103' 52009
7.10Daniel Fruh102' 1.002013
8.10Ethan Moyer94' 9.002014
9.10Alex Horn94' 5.002014
10.10Gunnar Trygstad90' 10.002010
11.10Sebastian DiFranco86' 7.002011
12.10Steven Fry85' 5.002013
13.10Stefan Dycus80' 1.002011
14.10Thomos Burkhart79' 11.002010
15.10Tyler Reed78' 9.002010
16.10Tyler Niiranen73' 7.002012
17.10Caleb Bridge73' 2.002013
18.10Hunter DianovichDQ2015
High Jump
1.10Tyler Bushmiller5' 8.002010
2.10Sebastian Makinson5' 62007
3.10Scott Goodwin5' 4.002011
4.10Kasen Foy5' 0.002010
5.10Ben Krumholz4' 10.002010
10Will Hara4' 102007
7.10Steven Fry4' 8.002013
8.10Tyler NiiranenNH2012
10Alex MarciszNH2015
Pole Vault
1.10Brian Muller12' 12006
2.10Tyler Turner9' 6.002011
3.10Tyler Niiranen6' 6.002012
10Gunnar Trygstad6' 6.002010
5.10Tyler ReedNH2009
Long Jump
1.10Russell Alfaro19' 62008
2.10Saul Gonzales18' 9.002014
3.10Tyler Bushmiller18' 8.252010
4.10Maurice Alfaro18' 02009
5.10Skyler Wells17' 8.002014
6.10Caine Carr17' 1.002012
7.10Sebastian Makinson17' 02007
8.10Steven Fry16' 5.002013
9.10Derek Moore15' 112008
10.10Kevin Braden15' 82008
11.10Shayd Wells15' 4.002011
12.10Anthony Hernandez15' 3.002010
13.10Tyler Niiranen15' 0.002012
14.10Ben Krumholz14' 2.502010
15.10Andrew Hoang13' 8.002011
16.10Eric Shepard12' 11.752011
Triple Jump
1.10Russell Alfaro42' 0.252008
2.10Maurice Alfaro37' 32009
3.10Sebastian Makinson36' 12007
4.10Steven Fry35' 5.002013
5.10Kevin Braden33' 32008
6.10Derek Moore32' 62008
7.10Carson Ketter32' 3.502012
8.10Stefan Dycus31' 5.002011
9.10Shayd Wells31' 3.502011
10.10Eric Shepard31' 0.002011


100 Meters
1.10Kasidee Towery13.74a2015
2.10Lexi Joyce13.77a2007
3.10Jenna Vogler14.04c2014
4.10Melia Atkins14.12a2015
5.10Chloe Werner14.54c2011
6.10Ania Marcisz14.60a2013
7.10Quay Sotomish14.64a2012
8.10Miquie Pinnell14.94c2013
9.10Margot Fresquez15.24c2011
10.10Leeanna Mong15.74c2008
11.10Tehya Pillsbury15.84c2013
12.10Mikayla Nicholson17.44c2011
13.10Cheresse WeidmanDQ2007
200 Meters
1.10Jenna Vogler28.50a2014
2.10Lexi Joyce28.71a2007
3.10Paola Robles28.82a2013
4.10Kasidee Towery29.33a2015
5.10Quay Sotomish30.19a2012
6.10Melia Atkins30.50a2015
7.10Ania Marcisz31.04c2013
8.10Tehya Pillsbury31.44c2013
9.10Margot Fresquez32.34c2011
10.10Miquie Pinnell33.09a2013
11.10Leeanna Mong34.24c2008
12.10Kasey Hearn35.17a2013
13.10Mikayla Nicholson35.44c2011
14.10Gabbie Makinson35.64c2008
15.10*Summer Irvin38.94c2015
16.10Rose OldsDNS2007
400 Meters
1.10*Reilly Moore67.04c2015
2.10Paola Robles67.94c2013
3.10Jenna Vogler68.34c2014
4.10Kasey Hearn73.84a2013
5.10Ania Marcisz73.94c2013
6.10Quay Sotomish74.34c2012
7.10Margot Fresquez76.24c2011
8.10Noelle Trygstad77.44a2014
9.10Leeanna Mong77.94c2008
10.10Mikayla Nicholson79.34c2011
800 Meters
1.10Reilly Moore2:45.69a2015
2.10Kasey Hearn2:49.05a2013
3.10Ashley Krusemark2:57.68a2014
4.10*Olivia Harnagy3:17.202015
5.10Mikayla Nicholson3:42.66a2011
1600 Meters
1.10Kasey Hearn6:33.802013
2.10Ashley Krusemark6:38.702014
3.10Olivia Harnagy7:09.04a2015
3200 Meters
1.10Alyssa Dianovich13:48.02006
2.10*Olivia Harnagy15:51.402015
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Chloe Werner17.34c2011
10Gabbie Makinson17.34aw2008
3.10Quay Sotomish18.14c2012
4.10Noelle Trygstad18.74c2014
5.10*Summer Irvin22.14c2015
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Chloe Werner53.45a2011
2.10Quay Sotomish53.64c2012
3.10*Kasidee Towery54.94c2015
4.10Noelle Trygstad58.94c2014
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Cheresse Weidman38' 62007
2.10Crystal Lynch34' 5.502011
3.10Elizabeth Thatcher34' 52008
4.10Olivia Fruh30' 8.502014
5.10Melanie Hahn29' 92009
6.10Nannette Fruh28' 6.002015
7.10*Winnie Fruh28' 2.002015
8.10Gabbie Makinson26' 32008
9.10Koral Frost25' 1.002011
10.10Rose Olds24' 102007
11.10Rachel Owen20' 5.002011
12.10Leeanna Mong18' 92008
13.10Brittany Bishop17' 02009
Discus - 1kg
1.10Tashia DeLaCruz125' 02006
2.10Elizabeth Thatcher121' 112008
3.10Crystal Lynch108' 11.002011
4.10Cheresse Weidman93' 42007
5.10Nannette Fruh92' 5.002015
6.10Olivia Fruh84' 3.002014
7.10*Winnie Fruh82' 10.002015
8.10Koral Frost82' 0.002011
9.10Melanie Hahn65' 112009
10.10Rachel Owen61' 3.002011
11.10Rose Olds59' 42007
12.10*Jenna Lee49' 3.002015
13.10Brittany Bishop40' 02009
14.10Melia AtkinsDNF2015
Javelin - 600g
1.10Crystal Lynch69' 7.002011
2.10Koral Frost69' 0.002011
3.10Rose Olds60' 12007
4.10Rachel Owen50' 8.002011
5.10*Jenna Lee36' 5.002015
High Jump
1.10Gabbie Makinson4' 52008
2.10Miquie Pinnell4' 0.002013
3.10Leeanna MongNH2008
10Elizabeth ThatcherDQ2008
Pole Vault
1.10Elizabeth Thatcher7' 62008
2.10Koral Frost6' 6.002011
3.10Gabbie Makinson6' 02008
Long Jump
1.10Quay Sotomish13' 10.002012
2.10Gabbie Makinson13' 12008
3.10Margot Fresquez12' 4.002011
4.10Paola Robles12' 1.002013
5.10Miquie Pinnell11' 4.002013
6.10Ania Marcisz10' 10.002013
7.10Rachel Owen9' 10.002011
8.10Tehya PillsburyDQ2013
10Leeanna MongDQ2008
Triple Jump
1.10Tehya Pillsbury25' 1.002013
2.10Olivia Harnagy22' 10.502015
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