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Raymond HS

    Seagulls - Raymond, WA

Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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Record Types


100 Yard Dash
1.11Terry Stark10.01968
2.12Leo Rubstello10.11942
100 Meters
1.9Jesse Buchanan11.11992
2.10Rayce Newman11.42a2013
3.9Rayce Newman11.52a2012
4.12Carte Bisbee11.62a2013
5.12Kevin Newman12.10a2009
6.11Alex Sida11.882013
12Ally Phansisay11.902014
8.10Elliott Murdock12.19a2014
9.11Alec Oatfield12.25a2012
10.11Anthony Hua12.28a2007
11.10Allen Phouthachack12.29a2010
12.10Darol Ratsavongsy12.31a2012
13.10Terry Broten12.102014
14.11Roger Vongmixay12.39a2008
15.12Joey Singharath12.41a2013
16.12Stephen Clevenger12.42a2014
17.10Andrew Hamilton12.172011
18.11Marcus Lundy12.48a2012
19.11Grant Camenzind12.402013
20.12Neal Riley12.502014
200 Meters
1.11Jesse Buchanan22.82a1994
2.10Rayce Newman23.25a2013
3.12Carte Bisbee23.95a2013
4.11Ally Phansisay24.31a2013
5.10Terry Broten24.82a2014
6.11Maurice Alfaro24.62010
7.11Darol Ratsavongsy24.90a2013
8.9Elliott Murdock25.002013
9.9Ben Meade25.39a2012
10.12Kevin Newman25.172009
11.12Joey Singharath25.56a2013
12.10James Hamilton25.62a2014
13.10Jayce Freeman25.78a2014
14.10Alec Oatfield25.602011
15.12Stephen Clevenger25.89a2014
16.11Alex Sida25.802013
17.9Jason Church26.10a2012
18.12Derrick Pedrazetti26.41a2007
19.10Allen Phouthachack26.302010
11Grant Camenzind26.232013
220 Yards
1.12Leo Rubstello22.31942
400 Meters
1.11Brian Schneider50.91986
2.10Cale Halpin52.91998
3.9Elliott Murdock54.84a2013
4.10Alex Vaca55.08a2014
5.9Darol Ratsavongsy55.802011
6.9James Hamilton56.76a2013
7.10Rayce Newman56.94a2013
8.10Terry Broten58.22a2014
9.10Hunter Borden58.34a2012
10.9Ben Meade58.35a2012
11.10Aaron deMontigny59.202013
12.12Neal Riley59.55a2014
13.12Kevin Newman1:00.95a2009
14.12Stephen Clevenger1:01.49a2014
15.12Mitch Hatfield1:01.902010
16.11Aaron Carney1:04.48a2011
17.11Josh Camenzind1:04.75a2012
18.10Izzy Newton1:05.28a2009
19.10Jacob Doyle1:05.602012
9Odisan Sisavath1:05.602011
440 Yards
1.-Mike McKinney51.01969
800 Meters
1.-Ron Lorentson2:00.21983
2.9Alex Vaca2:02.84a2013
3.9Skyler Cearns2:08.82001
4.9Aaron deMontigny2:19.90a2012
5.10Chris Ping2:20.30a2012
6.12Aaron Carney2:21.66a2012
7.10Adam Garcia2:252007
8.10Joe Crow2:29.802011
9.10Izzy Newton2:32.17a2009
10.9Jayce Freeman2:32.302013
11.12Mitch Hatfield2:34.002010
12.9Carlos Cruz2:34.402014
13.10Jordan Reidt2:36.462013
14.9Odisan Sisavath2:39.47a2011
15.12Joey Singharath2:40.332013
16.10Raymond Glover2:42.18a2012
17.9Dane Camenzind2:44.1h2009
18.9Joseph Orkney3:00.002011
19.12Philip Sheary3:11.94a2011
20.11Ethan Gusdal3:362007
880 Yards
1.12Vince Konigsberger1:57.11969
1500 Meters
1.10*Alex Vaca5:00.84a2014
2.11Mitch Hatfield5:22.92009
1600 Meters
1.10Skyler Cearns4:34.26a2002
2.9Kali Garcia4:42.51996
3.9Alex Vaca5:01.572013
4.12Aaron Carney5:03.12a2012
5.10Chris Ping5:27.50a2012
6.11Raymond Glover5:29.86a2013
7.9Mitch Hatfield5:31.72007
8.11Aaron deMontigny5:41.802014
9.9Carlos Cruz5:50.04a2014
10.11Thomas Jakobsen5:56.72a2014
11.10Jordan Reidt6:01.73a2013
12.11Victor Hood6:04.26a2014
13.12Dane Camenzind6:09.0h2012
14.12Josh Camenzind6:11.082013
15.10Izzy Newton6:21.55a2009
16.9Jacob Doyle6:27.0h2011
17.10Chris Metcalf6:28.67a2009
18.9Joseph Orkney6:28.802011
19.9Grant Camenzind6:31.202011
1 Mile
1.12Vince Konigsberger4:34.61969
3000 Meters
1.9Aaron Carney12:12.22009
3200 Meters
1.12Alex Garcia10:13.12a2001
2.11Kevin Tully10:19.82a2000
3.10Rafael Ortiz10:28.01994
4.9Calvin Taylor10:36.61980
5.12Aaron Carney10:40.202012
6.11Raymond Glover11:41.37a2013
7.10Chris Ping12:18.832012
8.11Aaron deMontigny12:26.3h2014
9.12Roger Vongmixay12:29.552009
10.11Mitch Hatfield13:14.302009
11.10Jordan Reidt13:28.44a2013
12.11*Victor Hood13:44.862014
13.10Grant Camenzind13:46.002012
14.11Dane Camenzind14:14.102011
15.10Erik Monson14:14.202013
16.10Josh Camenzind15:02.50a2011
17.10Izzy Newton15:17.53a2009
18.9Jacob Doyle15:21.602011
19.11Sasha Crow16:26.502013
20.9Matthew Boyes16:44.47a2012
2 Miles
1.-Lonnie Hill10:25.91967
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Cale Halpin15.53a1999
2.12Nick Tolkmit15.55a1999
3.11Hunter Borden16.05a2013
4.9Terry Broten16.42a2013
5.12Roger Vongmixay16.302009
6.10*Jayce Freeman16.802014
7.12Adam Montgomery17.602008
8.11Alex Sida19.03a2013
9.9Sean Sath19.33a2014
10.9Grant Camenzind19.76a2011
11.9Darol Ratsavongsy20.84a2011
12.9Mitch Hatfield21.00a2007
13.12Danny Xaysy21.15a2009
14.11Anthony Hua21.12007
15.10Josh Camenzind21.902011
16.11Sasha Crow22.802013
120y Hurdles - 39"
1.11Danny Mee14.41965
180y Hurdles
1.12Danny Mee20.11966
-Rich Runyon20.11975
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Cale Halpin39.61998
2.12Brian Schneider40.71987
3.9Brian Mundy41.61981
4.12Roger Vongmixay42.06a2009
5.11Hunter Borden42.91a2013
6.9Terry Broten43.71a2013
7.12Adam Montgomery44.252008
8.10Ally Phansisay45.37a2012
9.10Jayce Freeman45.76a2014
10.9Rayce Newman48.32a2012
11.9Mitch Hatfield52.56a2007
12.11Josh Camenzind53.85a2012
13.11Alex Sida54.38a2013
14.11Grant Camenzind55.03a2013
15.9Jordan Reidt55.12a2012
16.9Dane Camenzind1:00.54a2009
4x100 Relay
1.Todd Oatfield
Ron Lorentson
Mark Reichmuth
Rance Newman
2.Ally Phansisay
Carte Bisbee
Alex Sida
Rayce Newman
3.Carte Bisbee
Darol Ratsavongsy
Alex Sida
Rayce Newman
4.Ally Phansisay
Darol Ratsavongsy
Alex Sida
Rayce Newman
5.Ally Phansisay
Elliott Murdock
Hunter Borden
Rayce Newman
6.Ally Phansisay
Rayce Newman
Alec Oatfield
Marcus Lundy
7.Ally Phansisay
Elliott Murdock
Carte Bisbee
Rayce Newman
8.Marcus Lundy
Darol Ratsavongsy
Rayce Newman
Alec Oatfield
9.Terry Broten
Elliott Murdock
Hunter Borden
Rayce Newman
10.Andrew Hamilton
Marcus Lundy
Rayce Newman
Alec Oatfield
11.Ally Phansisay
Darol Ratsavongsy
Andrew Hamilton
Rayce Newman
12.Ally Phansisay
Darol Ratsavongsy
Carte Bisbee
Alec Oatfield
13.Ally Phansisay
Elliott Murdock
Alex Sida
Rayce Newman
14.Darol Ratsavongsy
Marcus Lundy
Rayce Newman
Alec Oatfield
15.Relay Team 47.65a2011
16.Brian Mai
Roger Vongmixay
Danny Xaysy
Kevin Newman
17.Darol Ratsavongsy
Marcus Lundy
Alec Oatfield
Andrew Hamilton
18.Anthony Hua
Adam Montgomery
Roger Vongmixay
Brian Mai
19.Brian Mai
Danny Xaysy
Roger Vongmixay
Kevin Newman
Brian Mai
Mitch Hatfield
Danny Xaysy
Roger Vongmixay
4x220 Yard Relay
1.Jerry Sowa
Vince Konigsberger
Mike Halpin
Terry Stark
4x400 Relay
1.Peter Rumbles
Tom Clements
Kali Garcia
Cale Halpin
2.Elliott Murdock
Hunter Borden
James Hamilton
Alex Vaca
3.Elliott Murdock
James Hamilton
Hunter Borden
Alex Vaca
4.Carte Bisbee
Maurice Alfaro
Hunter Borden
Darol Ratsavongsy
5.James Hamilton
Elliott Murdock
Hunter Borden
Alex Vaca
6.Terry Broten
James Hamilton
Hunter Borden
Elliott Murdock
7.*Terry Broten
Jayce Freeman
Alex Vaca
Ben Meade
8.Elliott Murdock
Aaron deMontigny
James Hamilton
Alex Vaca
9.James Hamilton
Hunter Borden
Elliott Murdock
Alex Vaca
10.Carte Bisbee
Stephen Clevenger
Hunter Borden
Darol Ratsavongsy
Relay Team 3:51.65a2011
12.Relay Team 3:51.91a2013
13.James Hamilton
Elliott Murdock
Alex Vaca
Aaron deMontigny
14.Darol Ratsavongsy
Ben Meade
Jason Church
Ally Phansisay
15.James Hamilton
Alex Sida
Elliott Murdock
Alex Vaca
16.Aaron deMontigny
Ben Meade
Josh Camenzind
Hunter Borden
17.Andrew Hamilton
Darol Ratsavongsy
Hunter Borden
Alec Oatfield
18.Josh Camenzind
Ben Meade
Hunter Borden
Jordan Reidt
19.Andrew Hamilton
Josh Camenzind
Darol Ratsavongsy
Hunter Borden
20.Hunter Borden
Darol Ratsavongsy
Josh Camenzind
Aaron Carney
4x440 Yard Relay
1.Jim Adams
Mike Halpin
Mike McKinney
Vince Konigsberger
4x800 Relay
1.Alex Vaca
Raymond Glover
Aaron deMontigny
Elliott Murdock
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Kalin Makaiwi53'61994
2.12Andrew Hamilton50-04.002013
3.11Denny Freeman48'10.51973
4.10John Little46'11975
5.11Darol Ratsavongsy45-06.002013
6.12Dane Camenzind43-00.002012
7.9Randy Henneman42'3.751980
8.11Philip Sheary41-11.002010
9.9James Hamilton41-06.502013
10.12Ethan Gusdal41'62008
11.11Pedro Villegas40-00.502014
12.11Alan Phansisay39-00.002014
13.12Alex Sida37-04.002014
14.12Josh Camenzind37-02.002013
15.10Stefan Latimer37-01.002014
12Neal Riley37-01.002014
17.11Joe Crow36-11.502012
18.11Marcus Lundy34-08.002012
19.11Michael McFadden34-04.002014
20.11Matthew Boyes33-10.002014
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Denny Freeman159'71974
2.12Philip Sheary133-002011
3.12Andrew Hamilton131-072013
4.12Ethan Gusdal127'52008
5.11Marcus Lundy118-062012
6.9George Crow109-052013
7.10Joe Crow107-082011
8.11Alan Phansisay105-102014
9.10*Stefan Latimer102-032014
10.9James Hamilton97-092013
11.12Andrew Olson96-042009
12.10Izzy Newton96'12009
13.11Darol Ratsavongsy94-042013
14.12Josh Camenzind93-012013
15.9Stephen Clevenger87-032011
16.9Aaron Carney83'12009
17.11Matthew Boyes82-032014
18.10Dane Camenzind80-102010
19.10Sam Greenfield80'22008
20.12Brian Mai76-052009
Javelin - 800g
1.11Mike Henrie171'11998
2.12Greg Haerling170'71998
3.11Alec Oatfield164-012012
4.12Kevin Newman159'12009
5.9Jason Church145-072012
6.12Andrew Hamilton143-032013
7.12Danny Xaysy142-112009
8.10Chase Flemetis140-022013
9.11Sasha Crow136-112013
10.9Jason Church132-082012
11.11Maurice Alfaro131-092010
12.11Pedro Villegas124-072014
13.12Philip Sheary123-052011
14.10Hunter Borden122-102012
15.9Joe Crow121-022010
16.10Darol Ratsavongsy117-062012
17.12Andrew Olson116-042009
18.9Luke Hamilton115-042014
19.11Grant Camenzind108-002013
20.11Raymond Glover105-062013
Javelin - 800g-1984
1.12Rance Newman210'51983
2.10Clarke Johnson173'91981
3.9Jerry Cummings153'51975
High Jump
1.10Mike Tully6'41996
11Tony Banadinovich6'41982
3.12Wayne Blake6'3.6251970
4.11Alec Oatfield5-10.002012
9Mike Henrie5'101996
12Anthony Hua5'102008
7.9Kason Koski5'08.002014
8.9Jason Church5-06.002012
9.12Matthew Hanna5-04.002012
9Alex Vaca5-04.002013
11Thomas Jakobsen5-04.002014
11John Syhapanha5-04.002014
9Andrew Hamilton5-04.002010
12Kevin Newman5-04.002009
15.10Allen Phouthachack5-00.002010
11Brian Mai5'00.002008
17.11Maurice Alfaro4-10.002010
11Darol Ratsavongsy4-10.002013
19.9Aaron deMontigny4-08.002012
20.10Grant CamenzindNH2012
Pole Vault
1.12Ken Shortt13'5.51970
2.11Skip Allison12'91969
3.9Keith Drew11'01978
4.10Jordan Reidt9-06.002013
11Ben Meade9-06.002014
6.11Raymond Glover8-00.002013
7.9Tyler Boyes6-06.002010
12Mitch Hatfield6-06.002010
Long Jump
1.11Mike Halpin22'4.51969
2.12Rance Newman22'01983
3.12Carte Bisbee20-10.752013
4.11Ally Phansisay20-07.752013
10Jerry Sowa20'7.751967
6.12Anthony Hua19'10.502008
7.11Rayce Newman19-07.502014
8.9Jesse Buchanan19'41992
9.12Kevin Newman19-03.002009
10.9Alec Oatfield19-00.752010
11.9Rayce Newman19-00.002012
12.12Danny Xaysy18'72009
13.11Brian Mai18'05.752008
14.10Allen Phouthachack18-00.002010
15.11Maurice Alfaro17-05.002010
16.11Alex Sida17-04.002013
11Roger Vongmixay17'04.002008
18.12Joey Singharath16-06.002013
10Andrew Hamilton16-06.002011
20.12Stephen Clevenger16-05.002014
Triple Jump
1.10Ally Phansisay43-09.752012
2.12Alan Brown42'10.51980
3.11Steve Lomsdalen41'41980
4.10Rayce Newman41-02.002013
5.12Roger Vongmixay40-08.752009
6.9Rayce Newman40-04.502012
7.10Cale Halpin39'9.51998
8.10Allen Phouthachack39-06.002010
9.12Carte Bisbee39-02.002013
10.12Danny Xaysy39-00.752009
11.12Kevin Newman38-11.002009
12.11Andrew Hamilton38-06.502012
13.12Brian Mai37-09.002009
14.9Alex Vaca37-03.752013
15.9Darol Ratsavongsy36-11.502011
16.9Alec Oatfield36-11.002010
17.12Maurice Alfaro36-09.502011
18.11Alex Sida36-09.252013
19.11Marcus Lundy36-08.752012
20.11Aaron deMontigny35-11.002014


100 Meters
1.12Brianna Enlow12.51992
2.12Hannah Borden12.76a2012
3.10Paula Iverson12.61987
4.11Hannah Dykes13.24a2013
5.11Jodi Keaton13.31985
6.10Kira Dunsmoor13.702011
7.10Alexa McFadden13.99a2010
8.9Sarah Montgomery14.10a2007
9.11Molly Khammala14.32a2011
10.12Jaylene Jasman14.042008
11.9Cydney Flemetis14.37a2014
12.10Chloe Henneman14.62a2012
13.9Savannah Smith14.62011
14.10Paige Oatfield14.7h2010
15.11Aubrey Boyes15.22a2013
16.10Lisa Boggs15.12007
17.10Marissa Crawford15.52a2012
18.9Gabby Oatfield15.62a2013
19.9Joy Phommachanh15.65a2009
20.9Whitney Vaca16.0h2010
200 Meters
1.12Hannah Borden26.70a2012
2.12Karen Flemetis26.81978
3.10Paula Iverson27.11987
4.9Savannah Smith27.462011
5.10Kira Dunsmoor28.202011
6.11Val Krueger28.51983
7.11Hannah Dykes28.85a2013
8.11Alexa McFadden29.102011
9.9Sarah Montgomery29.92007
10.9Talia Johnson30.202011
11.10Aubrey Boyes30.57a2012
12.11Mallory Maneman30.88a2011
13.9Mikayla Collins31.21a2014
14.12Jaymie Hanson31.42a2010
15.9Patricia Rojas31.52012
16.10Marissa Crawford31.76a2012
17.10Aiysha Garcia32.03a2013
18.9Paige Oatfield33.172009
19.9Joy Phommachanh33.92a2009
20.9Whitney Vaca34.79a2010
400 Meters
1.9Julie Jensen60.51982
2.9Savannah Smith1:01.91a2011
3.12Hannah Borden1:02.33a2012
4.11Tammi Lead64.01986
5.10Paula Iverson64.81987
6.12Rebecca Henrie66.21997
7.9Aiysha Garcia1:07.802012
8.10Kira Dunsmoor1:08.16a2011
9.9Alexa McFadden1:08.602009
10.12Jaymie Hanson1:11.702010
11.10Marissa Crawford1:11.87a2012
12.10Aubrey Boyes1:12.202012
13.11Bong Khammala73.05a2008
14.12Courtney Hagain1:13.08a2013
15.10Patricia Rojas1:14.48a2013
16.9*Mikayla Collins1:15.10a2014
17.9Gabby Oatfield1:18.02a2013
18.10Chloe Henneman1:18.15a2012
19.11Micaela Tennant79.02007
20.9Chloe Hatfield1:19.052008
800 Meters
1.11Danette Day2:28.81985
2.12Jessica Jackson2:40.502011
3.12Jaylene Jasman2:43.40a2008
4.10Alexandria Gilbert2:44.002012
5.9Courtney Hagain2:47.402010
6.9Alexa McFadden2:48.95a2009
7.9Aubrey Boyes2:54.102011
8.9Aiysha Garcia2:56.302012
9.9Mikayla Collins3:01.202014
10.12Micaela Tennant3:01.67a2008
11.10Hailee Williams03:11.02012
12.9Shylo Boyes3:11.97a2010
13.9Macy Karlsvik3:14.202010
14.10Iris Heckman3:15.292013
15.11Stephanie Holland3:25.002012
16.10Kassidie Perkins3:29.87a2010
17.10Jaymie Hanson3:35.08a2008
18.12Kayla Lev3:37.62009
19.9Allison Williams3:56.002013
20.9Joy Phommachanh4:02.59a2009
1500 Meters
1.12Micaela Tennant6:12.242008
1600 Meters
1.11Danette Day5:30.71985
2.9April Malone5:37.81982
3.12Jessica Jackson6:02.902011
4.12Courtney Hagain6:06.40a2013
5.12Micaela Tennant6:12.32008
6.10Lisa Spencer6:21.71984
7.9Shylo Boyes6:44.0h2010
8.9Kendra Dunsmoor7:03.902014
9.11Whitney Buck7:25.51a2009
10.9Macy Karlsvik7:27.02a2010
11.10Kassidie Perkins7:42.47a2010
12.12Kayla Lev7:47.67a2009
13.10Madeline Maden8:09.002014
14.12Chloe Henneman8:17.99a2014
3000 Meters
1.9*Mikayla Collins13:42.31a2014
3200 Meters
1.12Courtney Hagain13:00.202013
2.11Stephanie Cearns13:10.11998
3.12Jessica Jackson13:14.902011
4.9Mikayla Collins14:06.01a2014
5.12April Malone14:11.31985
6.9Shylo Boyes14:51.10a2010
7.9Kendra Dunsmoor14:53.93a2014
8.10Mallory Maneman15:32.0h2010
9.10Iris Heckman15:45.85a2013
10.10Alexandria Gilbert16:19.50a2012
11.12Micaela Tennant16:29.00a2008
12.9Macy Karlsvik17:35.102010
13.10Madeline Maden17:45.002014
14.11Sam Metcalf19:03.09a2008
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Hannah Borden15.06a2012
2.10Jill Jensen15.91981
3.12Toni Alton17.21987
12Karisa Makaiwi17.21998
5.9Sarah Montgomery17.64a2007
6.10Patricia Rojas17.77a2013
7.9Molly Khammala18.59a2009
8.10Sam Metcalf19.42007
9.9Chloe Hatfield21.66a2008
10.11Anne Singharath22.54a2013
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Hannah Borden45.16a2012
2.10Jill Jensen47.71981
3.11Briana Enlow48.11991
4.12Christine Phimmasone48.55a2000
5.9Sarah Montgomery49.7h2007
6.10Patricia Rojas51.07a2013
7.9Lisa Boggs52.232006
8.10Molly Khammala55.55a2010
9.11Aiysha Garcia59.45a2014
10.9Sam Metcalf1:02.032006
11.11Rickilee Stepp64.52007
4x100 Relay
1.Hannah Dykes
Kira Dunsmoor
Alexa McFadden
Hannah Borden
2.Toni Alton
Ronalda Dunn
Tammi Lead
Paula Iverson
3.Molly Khammala
Mallory Maneman
Alexa McFadden
Hannah Borden
4.Molly Khammala
Mallory Maneman
Alexa McFadden
Hannah Borden
5.Molly Khammala
Mallory Maneman
Alexa McFadden
Hannah Borden
6.Molly Khammala
Mallory Maneman
Talia Johnson
Hannah Borden
7.Molly Khammala
Savannah Smith
Alexa McFadden
Hannah Borden
8.Abby Maneman
Aubrey Boyes
Kira Dunsmoor
Hannah Dykes
9.Abby Maneman
Kira Dunsmoor
Aubrey Boyes
Hannah Dykes
10.Chloe Henneman
Kira Dunsmoor
Alexa McFadden
Patricia Rojas
11.Molly Khammala
Mallory Maneman
Alexa McFadden
Kira Dunsmoor
12.Patricia Rojas
Cydney Flemetis
Mikayla Collins
Hannah Dykes
13.Molly Khammala
Paige Oatfield
Alexa McFadden
Hannah Borden
14.Molly Khammala
Kira Dunsmoor
Alexa McFadden
Hannah Borden
15.Patricia Rojas
Mikayla Collins
Cydney Flemetis
Hannah Dykes
16.Molly Khammala
Paige Oatfield
Alexa McFadden
Hannah Borden
17.Rickilee Stepp
Micaela Tennant
Bong Khammala
Jaymie Hanson
18.Aubrey Boyes
Kira Dunsmoor
Alexa McFadden
Patricia Rojas
19.Jaylene Jasman
Rickilee Stepp
Sarah Montgomery
Bong Khammala
20.Rickilee Stepp
Sarah Montgomery
Bong Khammala
Jaylene Jasman
4x200 Relay
1.Savannah Smith
Hannah Borden
Kira Dunsmoor
Hannah Dykes
2.Toni Alton
Ronalda Dunn
Tammi Lead
Paula Iverson
3.Savannah Smith
Alexa McFadden
Kira Dunsmoor
Hannah Dykes
4.Kira Dunsmoor
Alexa McFadden
Hannah Dykes
Hannah Borden
5.Abby Maneman
Aubrey Boyes
Kira Dunsmoor
Hannah Dykes
6.Kira Dunsmoor
Abby Maneman
Aubrey Boyes
Hannah Dykes
7.Abby Maneman
Kira Dunsmoor
Aubrey Boyes
Hannah Dykes
8.Hannah Dykes
Kira Dunsmoor
Talia Johnson
Alexa McFadden
9.Jaymie Hanson
Molly Khammala
Alexa McFadden
Paige Oatfield
10.Molly Khammala
Shylo Boyes
Jaymie Hanson
Kira Dunsmoor
Shylo Boyes
Abby Maneman
Kira Dunsmoor
Jaymie Hanson
12.Abby Maneman
Jaymie Hanson
Shylo Boyes
Kira Dunsmoor
13.Kira Dunsmoor
Jaymie Hanson
Abby Maneman
Paige Oatfield
14.Paige Oatfield
Jaymie Hanson
Joy Phommachanh
Alexa McFadden
15.Jaymie Hanson
Alexa McFadden
Molly Khammala
Paige Oatfield
16.Abby Maneman
Jaymie Hanson
Paige Oatfield
Kira Dunsmoor
17.Molly Khammala
Jaymie Hanson
Paige Oatfield
Alexa McFadden
18.Relay Team 2:07.53a2007
19.Paige Oatfield
Molly Khammala
Jaymie Hanson
Alexa McFadden
20.Micaela Tennant
Rickilee Stepp
Sam Metcalf
Lisa Boggs
4x400 Relay
1.Val Krueger
Jody Lorentson
Jodi Westerback
Julie Jensen
2.Alexa McFadden
Aiysha Garcia
Kira Dunsmoor
Aubrey Boyes
3.Talia Johnson
Alexandria Gilbert
Jessica Jackson
Kira Dunsmoor
4.Courtney Hagain
Kira Dunsmoor
Aiysha Garcia
Aubrey Boyes
5.Alexandria Gilbert
Kira Dunsmoor
Aubrey Boyes
Aiysha Garcia
6.Courtney Hagain
Kira Dunsmoor
Patricia Rojas
Aiysha Garcia
7.Alexandria Gilbert
Alexa McFadden
Kira Dunsmoor
Aiysha Garcia
8.Courtney Hagain
Kira Dunsmoor
Patricia Rojas
Aubrey Boyes
9.Aubrey Boyes
Kira Dunsmoor
Alexandria Gilbert
Alexa McFadden
10.Courtney Hagain
Jaymie Hanson
Shylo Boyes
Hannah Borden
11.Rickilee Stepp
Bong Khammala
Sarah Montgomery
Jaylene Jasman
12.Jaylene Jasman
Rickilee Stepp
Bong Khammala
Sarah Montgomery
13.Courtney Hagain
Jaymie Hanson
Kira Dunsmoor
Hannah Borden
14.Jaymie Hanson
Sarah Montgomery
Bong Khammala
Rickilee Stepp
Alexandria Gilbert
Kira Dunsmoor
Alexa McFadden
Aiysha Garcia
16.Aubrey Boyes
Aiysha Garcia
Courtney Hagain
Kira Dunsmoor
17.Rickilee Stepp
Sarah Montgomery
Bong Khammala
Jaylene Jasman
18.Jaymie Hanson
Rickilee Stepp
Bong Khammala
Sarah Montgomery
19.Relay Team 4:53.98a2008
20.Rickilee Stepp
Micaela Tennant
Bong Khammala
Sarah Montgomery
Shot Put - 8lb
1.11Lisa Smith43'21976
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Ruth Mafi40'9.51999
2.10Kaelea Makaiwi36'101990
3.10Aiysha Garcia36-00.002013
4.9Angie Wyatt35'101980
5.12Haley Hubbard30-07.002010
6.10Breana Prentice30'04.002008
7.9Jenny Crow30-03.002013
8.10Bong Khammala29'9.52007
9.9*Justine Vaca27-11.002014
10.11Meghan Maxwell27'02010
11.12Hannah Borden26-03.002012
12.11Kirsten Harvill23-09.002011
13.10Samantha Angelovich23-07.002014
14.9Allison Williams22-06.002013
15.10Mikayla Simpson21-05.002010
16.11Sarah Greenfield20'11.52007
17.10Kassidie Perkins20-08.002010
18.9Emily VanBlaricom19-05.002014
19.9Chelsea Duckworth17-10.002009
Discus - 1kg
1.11Kaelea Makaiwi122'2.51991
2.12Brianna Enlow118'8.51992
3.12Bong Khammala105-012009
4.12Haley Hubbard98-022010
5.9Breana Prentice89'112007
6.10Aiysha Garcia83-112013
7.10Kassidie Perkins79-002010
8.9*Justine Vaca78-012014
9.9Talia Johnson76-042011
10.10Jenny Crow74-022014
11.9Abby Maneman68-012010
12.11Meghan Maxwell67'112010
13.11Molly Khammala59-102011
14.10Mikayla Simpson58-042010
15.9Macy Karlsvik57-012010
16.11Sarah Greenfield55'3.52007
17.12Kayla Lev55-022009
18.9Allison Williams55-002013
19.10Samantha Angelovich54-092014
20.9Chelsea Duckworth54-032009
Javelin - 600g
1.11Karisa Makaiwi134'101997
2.11Breana Prentice106-062009
3.12Bong Khammala97-102009
4.11Molly Khammala96-022011
5.12Haley Hubbard95-082010
6.9Cydney Flemetis91-092014
7.11Aiysha Garcia91-002014
8.12Abby Maneman88-092013
9.9Gabby Oatfield85-082013
10.11Angel Paull79-042012
11.9Allison Williams77-102013
12.9Jenny Crow76-022013
13.9Alexandria Gilbert75-112011
14.9Mallory Maneman74-052009
15.9Chloe Hatfield72'052008
16.10Kirsten Harvill71-082010
17.10Hailee Williams70 10.52012
18.9Shylo Boyes65-072010
19.9Patricia Rojas65-062012
20.12Kayla Lev65-002009
High Jump
1.12Ronalda Dunn5'91990
2.10Mallory Maneman5-01.002010
3.10Heather Lunke4'111992
4.9Abby Maneman4-10.002010
5.11Molly Khammala4-08.002011
6.10Paige Oatfield4-06.002010
9Aiysha Garcia4-06.002012
8.11Rickilee Stepp4'42007
10Jaymie Hanson4'04.002008
10.11Whitney Buck4'22009
11Aubrey Boyes4-02.002013
10Chloe Henneman4-02.002012
10Gabby Oatfield4-02.002014
14.10Alexandria Gilbert4-00.002012
15.11Hannah DykesSCR2013
Pole Vault
1.9Savannah Smith8-00.002011
2.12Sheryl Bale7'62000
3.11Patricia Rojas7-00.002014
4.9Kendra Dunsmoor6-06.002014
Long Jump
1.12Ronalda Dunn17'6.51990
2.10Robyn Nussbaum16'51999
3.9Hannah Dykes15-10.752011
4.10Mallory Maneman15-00.752010
5.12Rickilee Stepp14'06.502008
6.10Molly Khammala14-06.002010
7.9Abby Maneman14-00.002010
8.10Alexa McFadden13-07.502010
9.10Paige Oatfield13-07.002010
10.11Anne Singharath13-06.252013
11.10Chloe Henneman13-05.002012
12.11Aubrey Boyes13-00.002013
13.9Mikayla Collins12-09.002014
14.9Cydney Flemetis12-08.002014
9Patricia Rojas12'08.002012
16.11Whitney Buck12-07.002009
17.10Marissa Crawford12-04.002012
18.11Bong Khammala12'02.002008
19.9Hannah Borden12-01.752009
20.9Alexandria Gilbert11-11.002011
Triple Jump
1.12Ronalda Dunn36'101990
2.10Hannah Dykes34-05.252012
3.10Robyn Nussbaum34'11999
4.10Molly Khammala31-10.752010
5.9Mallory Maneman30-09.002009
6.9Abby Maneman30-05.002010
9Cydney Flemetis30-05.002014
8.10Patricia Rojas29-08.252013
9.10Chloe Henneman28-09.252012
10.11Aubrey Boyes28-09.002013
11.10Sam Metcalf28'01.002007
12.9Talia Johnson27-11.252011
13.9Shylo Boyes27-07.002010
14.12Bong Khammala25-11.002009
15.11Jaymie Hanson25-10.002009
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