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10th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.10Kendell Reese11.70a2010
2.10Will Totten12.12a2010
3.10Dorian Dilley12.16a2013
4.10Jordan Fleming12.54c2004
5.10James Spangler12.74c2004
6.10Drew Hamlow12.82a2014
7.10Alex Nastasiuk13.01a2013
8.10Bailey Adams13.24c2012
9.10John Thomas Winningham14.04c2011
10.10Kyle Reese14.54c2005
11.10Ricky Espinoza16.54c2014
200 Meters
1.10Kendell Reese24.04a2010
2.10Will Totten24.53a2010
3.10Dorian Dilley25.31a2013
4.10Mike Juden25.50a2006
5.10James Spangler26.04c2004
6.10Jordan Fleming26.24c2004
7.10Drew Hamlow26.60a2014
8.10Bailey Adams27.54c2012
9.10Koby Dundon28.24c2008
10.10Kyle Reese29.85a2005
11.10Scot Willis36.56a2015
12.10Jesse Dundondns2010
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Drew Hamlow25.502014
400 Meters
1.10Lukas Fenley54.94c2005
2.10Austin Willhite55.24c2004
3.10Alex Nastasiuk56.64a2013
4.10Drew Hamlow56.82a2014
5.10David Sherman57.14c2005
6.10Michael Sherman57.51a2008
7.10Mike Juden57.84c2006
8.10Jordan Fleming58.54c2004
9.10Dorian Dilley59.81a2013
10.10James Spangler60.04c2004
11.10Will Totten60.59a2010
12.10Kendell Reese62.64c2010
13.10Brandon Eves62.65a2009
14.10Kyle Reese68.14c2005
15.10Scot Willis75.52a2015
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Drew Hamlow56.002014
2.10Mike Juden57.002006
3.10Michael Sherman58.02008
4.10Sage Lutman59.002006
10Stephen Norman59.02007
6.10Andrew Harbick62.02007
800 Meters
1.10Lukas Fenley2:06.42005
2.10Michael Sherman2:06.62008
3.10Drew Hamlow2:13.18a2014
4.10David Sherman2:13.62005
5.10Sage Lutman2:13.85a2006
6.10Stephen Norman2:17.02007
7.10Bailey Adams2:22.902012
8.10Will Totten2:23.902010
9.10Jon Mahody2:25.05a2011
10.10Koby Dundon2:36.02008
11.10Ricky Espinoza3:05.902014
12.10Dylan GarrDQ2013
1500 Meters
1.10Lukas Fenley4:11.39a2005
2.10Michael Sherman4:14.24a2008
3.10David Sherman4:28.33a2005
4.10Stephen Norman4:41.52007
5.10Sage Lutman4:47.72006
6.10Jon Mahody4:50.03a2011
7.10Drew Hamlow5:07.802014
8.10Bailey Adams5:08.47a2012
9.10Dylan Garr5:34.102013
1 Mile
1.10Lukas Fenley4:43.22005
2.10Stephen Norman5:05.29a2007
3.10Andy Mercer6:01.92005
3000 Meters
1.10Michael Sherman9:22.74a2008
2.10David Sherman9:27.84a2005
3.10Stephen Norman9:58.42007
4.10Jon MahodyNT2011
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Alex Nastasiuk42.48a2013
2.10Stephen Norman48.14c2007
2k Steeplechase
1.10Will Totten10:13.302010
2.10Kendell Reese10:32.702010
3.10Jesse Dundon10:34.802010
3k Steeplechase
1.10Michael Sherman10:17.71a2008
2.10Stephen Norman11:33.94a2007
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Colton Morris37' 82008
2.10Kendell Reese35' 10.752010
3.10John Thomas Winningham34' 10.002011
4.10Koby Dundon34' 8.752008
5.10Jesse Dundon34' 8.502010
6.10Kyle Reese30' 11.52005
7.10Matt Cronholm29' 1.52009
8.10Drew Hamlow26' 3.002014
9.10Andy Mercer24' 02005
10.10Michael Sherman23' 10.52008
11.10Spencer Bryson23' 92008
12.10Josh Seiler21' 02009
13.10Ricky Espinoza20' 2.002014
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Colton Morris105' 92008
2.10Spencer Bryson94' 52008
3.10Kyle Reese81' 82005
4.10Andy Mercer81' 72005
5.10Matt Cronholm77' 82009
6.10John Thomas Winningham75' 7.002011
7.10Scot Willis54' 10.002015
8.10Josh Seiler38' 02009
9.10Will TottenDNS2010
Javelin - 800g
1.10Austin Willhite150' 72004
2.10Kendell Reese145' 6.002010
3.10Colton Morris128' 22008
4.10Mike Juden122' 02006
5.10Koby Dundon121' 22008
6.10Jesse Dundon120' 10.002010
7.10John Thomas Winningham106' 7.002011
8.10Andy Mercer103' 02005
9.10Drew Hamlow97' 0.002014
10.10Brandon Eves96' 12009
11.10Kyle Reese85' 82005
12.10Scot Willis81' 8.002015
13.10Spencer Bryson80' 22008
14.10Josh Seiler76' 112009
High Jump
1.10Jordan Wiley5' 8.002010
2.10James Spangler5' 42004
10Sage Lutman5' 42006
4.10Drew Hamlow5' 2.002014
5.10Dylan Garr4' 6.002013
6.10Scot WillisDQ2015
10Andy MercerNH2005
Long Jump
1.10Jordan Wiley17' 1.252010
2.10Bailey Adams16' 8.002012
10Chanse Hamlow16' 8.002015
4.10Stephen Norman16' 72007
5.10Drew Hamlow15' 5.502014
6.10Andrew Harbick15' 52007
7.10Sage Lutman15' 3.52006
8.10Kyle Reese13' 82005
9.10Andy Mercer12' 5.52005
10.10Scot Willis11' 9.502015
Triple Jump
1.10Sage Lutman36' 22006
2.10Will Totten32' 9.502010


100 Meters
1.10Sarah Hanchett13.74c2007
2.10Katey Totten14.09a2013
3.10Krystle Harbick14.24c2007
4.10Caitlin Estes14.44c2005
5.10Karissa Harbick14.57a2010
6.10Hayley Jackson14.83a2013
7.10Linsey Adams14.94c2006
8.10Alex Nelson15.04c2007
9.10Shyla Harlan15.65a2012
10.10Idgie Glynn15.74c2014
10Sydney King15.74c2011
10Kyla Chapek15.74c2005
13.10Kathy Morris15.79a2005
14.10Miranda Godard15.95a2014
15.10Heather Pattison16.04c2004
16.10Kayte Tompkins16.19a2005
17.10Angie Estepp16.36a2013
18.10Jenise Jones17.34c2006
19.10Breanna Van Pernis17.38a2014
20.10Taylor Quirk19.54c2014
200 Meters
1.10Ashley Miller28.14c2004
2.10Sarah Hanchett29.04c2007
3.10Krystle Harbick29.24c2007
4.10Katey Totten29.51a2013
5.10Karissa Harbick29.74a2010
6.10Sarah Rux30.24c2011
7.10Hayley Jackson31.21a2013
8.10Sydney King31.35a2011
9.10Caitlin Estes31.44c2005
10.10Alex Nelson31.64c2007
11.10Kaili Swetland32.24c2007
12.10Shyla Harlan32.43a2012
13.10Miyanna Hayes32.81a2015
14.10Miranda Godard32.84a2014
15.10Nicole Mark32.94c2006
16.10Linsey Adams33.14c2006
17.10Holly Giorgio33.24c2006
18.10Brianna Eves34.14c2009
19.10Heather Pattison34.44c2004
20.10Kathy Morris35.64c2005
400 Meters
1.10Sarah Hanchett61.01a2007
2.10Ashley Miller63.34c2004
3.10Nicole Fleming67.64c2005
4.10Karissa Harbick68.43a2010
5.10Sarah Sherman69.34c2010
6.10Kaili Swetland70.94c2007
7.10Rachele Mark72.74c2009
8.10Brianna Eves73.14a2009
9.10Nicole Mark75.14c2006
10.10Katey Totten75.84c2013
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Sarah Hanchett62.02007
2.10Krystle Harbick66.02007
3.10Idgie Glynn68.602014
4.10Nicole Mark70.0a2006
5.10Kaili Swetland71.02007
800 Meters
1.10Sarah Hanchett2:29.54a2007
2.10Sarah Sherman2:39.302010
3.10Nicole Fleming2:41.46a2005
4.10Rachele Mark2:42.42009
5.10Megan Norman2:48.03a2004
6.10Kaili Swetland2:48.61a2007
7.10Nicole Mark2:54.02006
8.10Brianna Eves2:59.62009
9.10Idgie Glynn2:59.902014
10.10Kyla Chapek3:02.82005
11.10Taylor Quirk4:12.702014
1500 Meters
1.10Nicole Fleming5:18.12005
2.10Sarah Sherman5:18.16a2010
3.10Rachele Mark5:43.32009
4.10Megan Norman5:59.02004
5.10Kyla Chapek6:07.92005
1 Mile
1.10Nicole Fleming5:48.86a2005
3000 Meters
1.10Sarah Sherman11:36.52a2010
2.10Nicole Fleming11:45.42005
3.10Kyla Chapek13:36.02005
4.10Megan Norman13:49.02004
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Idgie Glynn18.29aw2014
2.10Kyla Chapek21.64c2005
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Sarah Hanchett52.44c2007
2.10Shyla Harlan57.16a2012
3.10Katey Totten57.42a2013
4.10Kyla Chapek65.64c2005
5.10Heather Pattison70.14c2004
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Mikaila Hiddleston30' 5.502012
2.10Megan Norman28' 82005
3.10Peace Shepherd28' 4.002011
4.10Kathy Morris25' 7.52005
5.10Rachele Mark25' 72009
6.10Brittany Cline25' 5.002010
10Miyanna Hayes25' 5.002015
8.10Breanna Van Pernis25' 2.502014
9.10Karissa Harbick24' 11.002010
10.10Holly Giorgio24' 72006
11.10Jennifer Shumway23' 6.52007
12.10Alicia Broom23' 1.002011
13.10Jackie Smith21' 7.252006
14.10Kristen Lemonds20' 02006
15.10Kayte Tompkins18' 82005
16.10Lea Flint18' 2.52005
17.10Idgie Glynn17' 2.002014
18.10Taylor Quirk16' 10.002014
19.10Zoe Dundon16' 32009
Discus - 1kg
1.10Megan Norman90' 10.52005
2.10Kathy Morris90' 52005
3.10Peace Shepherd78' 10.002011
4.10Lea Flint57' 52005
5.10Kayte Tompkins56' 112005
6.10Jennifer Shumway55' 112007
7.10Jackie Smith55' 22006
8.10Breanna Van Pernis52' 2.002014
9.10Jenise Jones50' 82006
10.10Brittany Cline48' 11.002010
11.10Zoe Dundon36' 92009
12.10Holly Giorgio36' 82006
13.10Alicia BroomND2011
Javelin - 600g
1.10Peace Shepherd93' 7.002011
2.10Mikaila Hiddleston88' 7.002012
3.10Megan Norman83' 92005
4.10Alex Nelson78' 42007
5.10Jenise Jones77' 102006
6.10Sarah Rux75' 8.002011
7.10Miyanna Hayes74' 5.002015
8.10Holly Giorgio74' 32006
9.10Karissa Harbick73' 4.002010
10.10Megan Norman66' 02004
11.10Kayte Tompkins64' 92005
12.10Taylor Quirk63' 1.002014
13.10Kathy Morris61' 92005
14.10Linsey Adams58' 42006
15.10Lea Flint55' 112005
16.10Jackie Smith51' 92006
17.10Kristen Lemonds51' 22006
18.10Breanna Van Pernis49' 8.002014
19.10Zoe Dundon47' 92009
20.10Jennifer Shumway46' 92007
High Jump
1.10Idgie Glynn4' 6.002014
2.10Sarah Rux4' 2.002011
3.10Lea Flint3' 102005
4.10Taylor Quirk3' 6.002014
Pole Vault
1.10Idgie Glynn7' 3.002014
Long Jump
1.10Sarah Hanchett14' 52007
2.10Karissa Harbick13' 8.752010
3.10Idgie Glynn13' 7.502014
4.10Kyla Chapek11' 82005
5.10Shyla Harlan11' 3.002012
6.10Angie Estepp10' 5.002013
7.10Miyanna Hayes10' 1.502015
8.10Lea Flint9' 11.52005
9.10Taylor Quirk7' 5.002014
10.10Krystle HarbickDNS2007
Triple Jump
1.10Idgie Glynn31' 5.752014
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