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12th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.12Aaron Nadolsky10.89a2009
2.12Dreux Stamford10.91a2014
3.12Eli Mencer10.94a2015
4.12Rafeeq Barnes11.20a2012
5.12Mike Treese11.37a2009
6.12Dj Greene11.42a2009
7.12Uthman Hill11.57a2013
8.12Jake Healy11.83a2012
9.12Corbin Stroh12.09a2014
200 Meters
1.12Brady Gehret21.12a2010
2.12Aaron Nadolsky21.86a2009
3.12Eli Mencer22.07a2015
4.12Dreux Stamford22.46a2014
5.12Mike Treese22.65a2009
6.12Rafeeq Barnes22.89a2012
7.12DERON LEE23.05a2011
8.12Uthman Hill23.33a2013
9.12Killian Steinbugl23.41a2012
10.12Jon Stoltz23.63a2014
11.12Jake Healy24.24c2012
12.12Tyler Romanowicz24.36a2013
13.12Marcus Edwards24.44a2014
14.12Corbin Stroh25.17a2014
400 Meters
1.12Brady Gehret46.39a2010
2.12Rafeeq Barnes51.17a2012
3.12Ryan Steinbugl51.56a2012
4.12Chris Carper51.91a2010
5.12Killian Steinbugl51.94a2012
6.12Marcus Edwards52.92a2014
7.12Joe Reffner53.70a2015
800 Meters
1.12Wade Endress1:53.76a2011
2.12Brad Foust1:57.41a2015
3.12Mitch Endress1:59.85a2014
4.12Tyler Lidwell2:00.45a2011
5.12Patrick Reade2:01.22a2012
6.12Dylan Mountain2:01.302012
7.12Jordan Liberman2:01.56a2010
8.12Zach Price2:02.12a2011
9.12Korey Replogle2:04.402012
10.12Christopher Fischer2:04.88a2010
11.12Colin Lingafelt2:05.24a2013
12.12Ryan Trexler2:06.302009
13.12Mike Harf2:07.99a2010
1600 Meters
1.12Wade Endress4:13.77a2011
2.12Korey Replogle4:20.82a2012
3.12Dylan Mountain4:20.93a2012
4.12Brad Foust4:24.19a2015
5.12Dominic Stroh4:24.92a2015
6.12Christopher Fischer4:31.97a2010
7.12Tyler Lidwell4:33.31a2011
8.12Jordan Liberman4:33.33a2010
9.12Tyler Hileman4:39.89a2010
10.12Jerrod Sunderland4:40.26a2015
11.12Ryan Trexler4:42.04a2009
12.12Terry Futrell4:46.12a2013
3200 Meters
1.12Dylan Mountain9:26.18a2012
2.12Korey Replogle9:26.47a2012
3.12Jordan Liberman9:49.19a2010
4.12Christopher Fischer9:49.73a2010
5.12Dominic Stroh9:51.00a2015
6.12Jerrod Sunderland9:58.78a2015
7.12Terry Futrell10:13.05a2013
8.12Dalen Stroh10:14.64a2012
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Troy Floyd14.72a2008
2.12Chris Carper14.95a2010
3.12Uthman Hill15.06a2013
4.12Jon Carper15.28a2015
5.12Tyler Mandley15.45a2011
6.12Jabril Hill15.70a2013
7.12David Foreman15.93a2015
8.12Jon Stoltz16.10a2014
9.12Jon Graffius17.14c2012
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Chris Carper38.52a2010
2.12Troy Floyd39.53a2008
3.12Tyler Mandley40.64a2011
4.12Jon Carper40.67a2015
5.12Uthman Hill41.28a2013
6.12Jon Stoltz41.63a2014
7.12Tyler Romanowicz41.74a2013
8.12David Foreman42.22a2015
9.12Caleb Angle42.97a2009
10.12Jon Graffius43.12a2012
2k Steeplechase
1.12Christopher Fischer6:23.88a2010
2.12Mike Harf6:42.74a2010
3.12Tyler Hileman6:50.53a2010
4.12Terry Futrell6:51.43a2013
5.12Dalen Stroh6:52.99a2012
6.12Dominic Stroh6:58.27a2015
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Kevin Givens52' 9.252015
2.12Neal Huynh51' 82008
3.12Trevor Beiswenger48' 7.002010
4.12Josh Kutz47' 2.752013
5.12Manny Span46' 11.002014
6.12Chuck Hawkins46' 0.002011
7.12Ben Mitchell45' 9.252012
8.12Braeden Luciano44' 11.252011
9.12Nick Eckenrode40' 7.012014
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Terry Bookhamer158' 92008
2.12Neal Huynh155' 102008
3.12Josh Kutz134' 9.002013
4.12Trevor Beiswenger134' 4.002010
5.12Manny Span130' 0.002014
6.12Ben Mitchell125' 5.002012
7.12Connor Hallinan123' 6.002013
8.12Braeden Luciano122' 4.002011
9.12Nick Eckenrode109' 3.002014
Javelin - 800g
1.12Chris Carper223' 11.002010
2.12Neal Huynh198' 112008
3.12Brennan Luciano175' 8.002013
4.12Scott Thompson159' 11.002011
5.12Brandon Weigand159' 1.842014
6.12Dan Moyer158' 6.002012
7.12Nick Lytle156' 11.002015
8.12Andy Scalice147' 1.002011
9.12Cory Becker145' 3.002009
10.12Jon Carper145' 0.002015
11.12Jabril Hill137' 1.002013
12.12Trevor Beiswenger135' 6.002010
High Jump
1.12DeShae Lee6' 7.002013
2.12Anthony Lytle6' 32009
3.12Kevin Miller6' 1.002015
4.12Chris Krepich6' 0.002010
5.12David Foreman5' 11.002015
6.12DERON LEE5' 10.002011
7.12Bert Johnson5' 9.002011
8.12Mike Fouse5' 8.002012
9.12Jermaine Samuel5' 5.002015
Pole Vault
1.12Ryan Steinbugl16' 0.002012
2.12Jared George15' 62008
3.12Kolby Koeck15' 1.002013
4.12Travis Hammaker15' 02008
5.12Evan Falbo14' 3.002011
6.12Mark Stratton13' 3.002011
12Jake Russo13' 3.002014
8.12Dmitry Borissov12' 9.002015
12Ricky Diantoniis12' 92009
10.12Kurtis Adams12' 0.002015
11.12Brandon Lego10' 0.002012
Long Jump
1.12Brady Gehret23' 9.002010
2.12Anthony Lytle21' 92009
3.12DERON LEE21' 6.502011
4.12Kevin Miller21' 5.502015
5.12Brennan Luciano21' 4.502013
12DeShae Lee21' 4.502013
7.12Ryan Steinbugl21' 1.502012
8.12Dreux Stamford20' 8.502014
9.12Brandon Lytle20' 6.502013
10.12Dan Moyer19' 7.252012
Triple Jump
1.12DERON LEE47' 0.752011
2.12Anthony Lytle46' 0.52009
3.12Brennan Luciano43' 10.002013
4.12DeShae Lee43' 8.002013
5.12Brandon Lytle43' 7.502013
6.12Jermaine Samuel43' 4.252015
7.12Chris Carper43' 0.502010
8.12Bert Johnson42' 4.502011
9.12Jon Stoltz41' 5.002014
10.12Chris Krepich40' 4.252010
11.12Kevin Miller40' 4.002015
12.12Brady GehretND2010


100 Meters
1.12Kelly Davis12.34a2011
2.12Brittany Smith12.76a2010
3.12Nandi Meade12.88a2010
4.12Tierra Williams13.12a2013
5.12Abby Wagner13.18a2014
6.12Alyssa Palfey13.19a2014
7.12Shalen Perehinec13.67a2012
8.12Gabby Myrick14.24c2012
200 Meters
1.12Kelly Davis25.49a2011
2.12Nandi Meade26.49a2010
3.12Bethany Lender26.72a2009
4.12Tierra Williams26.78a2013
5.12Brittany Smith26.99a2010
6.12Alyssa Palfey27.11a2014
7.12Shalen Perehinec28.37a2012
8.12Casidy Weyandt30.02a2015
9.12Gabby Myrick30.34c2012
400 Meters
1.12Tierra Williams60.02a2013
2.12Nandi Meade61.72a2010
3.12Morgan Pensyl61.84a2014
4.12Alyssa Palfey62.85a2014
5.12Casidy Weyandt67.57a2015
6.12Gabby Myrick70.88a2012
800 Meters
1.12Alexis Ebersole2:22.20a2011
2.12Morgan Pensyl2:28.11a2014
3.12Carly Port2:29.88a2013
4.12Emily Luciano2:33.54a2010
5.12Breanne Hileman2:37.93a2009
6.12Diana Debernardis2:40.94a2014
7.12Ashley Lidwell2:42.302012
8.12Brianna Geist2:44.56a2014
9.12Nicole Hileman2:45.34a2010
10.12Katerina Parowski2:47.87a2015
11.12Rylee Hatch2:59.41a2014
1600 Meters
1.12Ashley Lidwell5:29.25a2012
2.12Carly Port5:29.87a2013
3.12Julie Hallinan5:35.44a2009
4.12Emily Luciano5:46.09a2010
5.12Sasha Peterman5:46.36a2011
6.12Ellie Sohmer5:53.59a2015
7.12Stephanie Hippo5:54.13a2010
8.12Brianna Geist5:56.04a2014
9.12Diana Debernardis6:05.97a2014
10.12Julia Paule6:42.52a2015
3200 Meters
1.12Julie Hallinan12:13.88a2009
2.12Ashley Lidwell12:25.05a2012
3.12Ellie Sohmer12:32.32a2015
4.12Sasha Peterman12:32.57a2011
5.12Jane Hallinan12:34.19a2009
6.12Brianna Geist12:36.60a2014
7.12Emily Luciano12:42.09a2010
8.12Stephanie Hippo13:25.16a2010
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Nikki Kerns15.17a2012
2.12Chelsea McClellan15.35a2010
3.12Shannon Albright17.14a2014
4.12Grace Baldessaro17.31a2015
5.12Casey Murtagh17.82a2010
6.12Abby Wagner18.29a2014
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Nikki Kerns45.38a2012
2.12Shannon Albright49.62a2014
3.12Chelsea McClellan53.52a2010
2k Steeplechase
1.12Ellie Sohmer9:06.85a2015
2.12Katerina Parowski9:10.52a2015
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Rachel Dibert35' 11.002015
2.12Makenzie Wilt32' 0.002011
3.12Katelyn Goodman31' 2.002013
4.12Rebecca Laich30' 9.752013
5.12Ashley Hazlett30' 5.502010
Discus - 1kg
1.12Makenzie Wilt118' 3.002011
2.12Katelyn Goodman112' 9.002013
3.12Rebecca Laich100' 9.002013
4.12Alexis Mirenda96' 4.302014
5.12Rachel Dibert89' 5.002015
6.12Lauren Neely85' 9.002009
Javelin - 600g
1.12Alexis Mirenda119' 8.002014
2.12Katelyn Goodman114' 4.002013
3.12Aubrey Hileman95' 10.002013
High Jump
1.12Nikki Kerns5' 2.002012
2.12Casey Murtagh5' 1.002010
12Alexa Weston5' 1.002013
4.12Hannah Mulhern4' 11.002014
12Grace Baldessaro4' 11.002015
Pole Vault
1.12Hannah Mulhern12' 5.002014
2.12Grace Baldessaro11' 0.002015
3.12Samantha Strayer10' 0.002010
4.12Julie Pielmeier9' 02009
5.12Lexie Tellish8' 02009
12Andrea Luciano8' 0.002014
7.12Kelsey Oswalt7' 6.002011
Long Jump
1.12Bethany Lender17' 4.002009
2.12Abby Wagner17' 2.002014
3.12Kelly Davis16' 2.252011
4.12Breanna Lender15' 7.252012
5.12Andrea Luciano14' 10.002014
Triple Jump
1.12Abby Wagner38' 8.252014
2.12Bethany Lender37' 4.252009
3.12Chelsea McClellan36' 7.752010
4.12Brittany Smith35' 1.502010
5.12Breanna Lender29' 10.002012
6.12Nia Romanowicz29' 8.752015
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