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Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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Shot Put - 12lb
1.-Jaylen Williams28' 3.002014


100 Meters
1.10Rachel Hlatky12.14a2010
2.11Avery Pacella12.70a2014
3.10Anne Ubbing12.98a2014
4.9Jacquelyn Misencik13.43a2010
5.9Mica Feliciano13.47a2015
6.10Lily Kramer13.52a2014
7.11Brigid Murray13.54a2010
8.12Dana Vasquez13.66a2014
12Molly Sulliivan13.66a2015
10.10Rosalina Naida13.73a2010
11.9Isabelle Haney13.74a2010
12.9Amy Diedrich13.75a2009
13.10Kendall Willard13.90a2015
14.9Bridget Bodner14.14a2014
15.-Claire Plageman14.46a2014
16.12Paige Lenehan14.50a2015
17.11Molly Schmidt14.56a2014
18.10Lexie Thompson14.79a2015
19.9Isabella Piazza14.81a2015
9Caitlin Madden14.81a2014
200 Meters
1.10Rachel Hlatky24.22a2010
2.12Avery Pacella26.33a2015
3.10Anne Ubbing26.92a2014
4.11Brigid Murray26.99a2010
5.9Mica Feliciano27.17a2015
6.11Katherine Kinney27.55a2009
7.11Anne Harter27.71a2015
8.9Kate Dunleavy28.38a2014
9.12Molly Sulliivan28.73a2015
10.9Emily Velten28.92a2010
11.10Kaeley Bush29.21a2014
12.10Lily Kramer29.28a2014
13.-Claire Plageman29.80a2014
14.11Molly Sullivan29.87a2014
15.9Caitlin Madden30.04c2014
16.11Paige Hepner30.44c2014
17.10Lexie Thompson31.16a2015
400 Meters
1.11Anne Ubbing57.38a2015
2.11Avery Pacella57.81a2014
3.10Abigail Marquard58.44a2010
4.11Samantha Birchfield59.49a2010
5.11Samant Birchfield60.81a2010
6.12Rose Horbol61.00a2009
7.10Anne Harter61.75a2014
8.10Bridget Bodner62.58a2015
9.11Kaeley Bush63.10a2015
10.11Lydia Hanicak63.47a2015
11.11Victoria Meyer64.03a2014
12.9Elise Gutierrez65.10a2015
13.10Katie Campbell67.98a2011
14.10Olivia Huber68.56a2015
15.9Erin Sullivan68.93a2014
16.10Bailey Coatoam68.98a2014
17.-Maria De Caris69.23a2011
18.9Brynn Downing72.03a2014
19.9Stephanie Magvas75.68a2014
20.10Giuliana Costanzo80.68a2014
800 Meters
1.12Madeline Chambers2:11.36a2010
2.11Anne Ubbing2:13.23a2015
3.12Erin Riley2:15.71a2010
4.11Katherine Stultz2:18.36a2010
5.12Abigail Marquard2:19.36a2012
6.11Bina Frost2:20.90a2015
7.9Katherine Kerr2:21.27a2010
8.12Mary Whitmore2:21.28a2010
9.11Victoria Meyer2:25.53a2014
10.11Katie Whitmore2:32.82a2014
11.9Katie Dunstan2:33.50a2015
12.11Bridgette Coyne2:36.54a2011
13.11Nadia Vovk2:40.31a2014
14.10Mary Stepanek2:41.47a2014
15.10Maggie Malley2:42.87a2015
16.11Sydney Jablonski2:44.39a2014
17.12Breanne Koelliker2:48.27a2015
18.9Anna Walcutt2:50.04a2015
19.9Erin Kilbane2:55.73a2014
20.9Molly Campbell3:07.03a2014
1600 Meters
1.12Madeline Chambers4:47.23a2010
2.10Katherine Stultz4:58.38a2009
3.11Abigail Marquard5:20.03a2011
4.11Bina Frost5:24.16a2015
5.11Anne Ubbing5:27.45a2015
6.9Madelyn Brindza5:36.71a2014
7.10Anna Marshall5:37.17a2015
8.11Bridgette Coyne5:39.46a2011
9.9Emma Becker5:40.84a2015
10.11Laura Hogan5:40.85a2010
11.10Maggie Malley5:43.87a2015
12.10Jane Platek5:48.93a2014
13.10Sara Paponetti5:52.902014
14.11Molly Van Curen5:59.41a2015
15.10Mackenzie Hunt6:07.42a2014
16.11Juliana Dotson6:12.14a2015
17.9Katie Dunstan6:12.80a2015
18.11Kenzie Hunt6:12.94a2015
19.10Julie Whitmore6:16.86a2014
20.10Mara Bedell6:16.98a2014
3200 Meters
1.12Clare Fischer10:56.44a2010
2.12Abby Fischer10:59.38a2010
3.12Laura Hogan11:35.82a2011
4.10Macey Walker11:48.20a2011
5.11Bina Frost12:04.99a2015
6.10Jane Platek12:23.46a2014
7.10Maggie Malley12:34.40a2015
8.9Emma Becker12:36.04a2015
9.10Mara Bedell13:29.24a2014
10.11Juliana Dotson13:49.83a2015
11.11Elizabeth Fitzgerald14:46.60a2014
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Kaeley Bush16.57a2014
2.10Erin McCaffrey16.72a2014
3.12Paige Hepner17.24a2015
4.11Jennifer DeSalvo17.34a2010
5.12Allison Schafer18.16a2013
6.12Abigail Geib18.50a2009
7.11Margaret Frank19.14a2010
8.9Elyse Bertermann19.46a2015
9.10Olivia Csiszar20.53a2015
10.11Molly Sullivan20.68a2014
11.12Natalie Castro20.83a2015
12.10Meredith Nortz20.92a2014
13.9Katherine Kerr21.28a2010
14.-Amina Wynne22.23a2011
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Kaeley Bush48.68a2015
2.11Katherine Liutkus49.05a2009
3.9Katherine Kerr49.16a2010
4.9Emily Velten49.79a2010
5.10Erin McCaffrey50.25a2014
6.9Julianne Blamble52.40a2009
7.12Paige Hepner52.46a2015
8.11Molly Sulliivan52.86a2014
9.11Jennifer DeSalvo52.99a2010
10.10Allison Schafer57.20a2011
11.11Margaret Frank58.52a2010
12.11Molly Sullivan58.93a2014
13.11Natalie Castro66.32a2014
14.10Meredith Nortz67.30a2014
4x100 Relay
1.Natasha Samanich
Katherine Liutkus
Bridgid Murray
Casey Rogozinski
2.Jacquelyn Misencik
Katherine Liutkus
Brigid Murray
Rachel Hlatky
3.Mica Feliciano
Paige Hepner
Molly Sulliivan
Anne Harter
4.Isabelle Haney
Jacquelyn Misencik
Brigid Murray
Rosalina Naida
5.Relay Team 52.58a2014
6.Relay Team 55.02a2013
4x200 Relay
1.Samantha Birchfield
Katherine Liutkus
Brigid Murray
Rachel Hlatky
2.Katherine Kinney
Katherine Liutkus
Bridgid Murray
Rachel Hlatky
3.Avery Pacella
Anne Harter
Lydia Hanicak
Erin McCaffrey
4.Jacquelyn Misencik
Brigid Murray
Samantha Birchfield
Rachel Hlatky
5.Relay Team 1:48.96a2014
4x400 Relay
1.Mary Whitmore
Samantha Birchfield
Abigail Marquard
Rachel Hlatky
2.Avery Pacella
Anne Ubbing
Anne Harter
Lily Kramer
3.Samantha Birchfield
Abigail Marquard
Mary Whitmore
Rachel Hlatky
4.Avery Pacella
Lily Kramer
Anne Harter
Anne Ubbing
5.Samantha Birchfield
Katherine Stultz
Rachel Hlatky
Abigail Marquard
6.Katie Whitmore
Katie Kerr
Abigail Marquard
Rachel Hlatky
7.Relay Team 4:23.54a2013
4x800 Relay
1.Erin Riley
Mary Whitmore
Katherine Stultz
Madeline Chambers
2.Erin Riley
Mary Whitmore
Katherine Kerr
Madeline Chambers
3.Lily Kramer
Bridget Bodner
Anne Ubbing
Bina Frost
4.Victoria Meyer
Elise Horning
Katie Kerr
Abigail Marquard
5.Bridget Cooney
Katherine Stultz
Katherine McHenry
Madeline Chambers
6.Bridgette Coyne
Laura Hogan
Abigail Marquard
Katherine Stultz
7.Breanne Koelliker
Bina Frost
Madelyn Brindza
Victoria Meyer
8.Relay Team 10:31.01a2013
4x1600 Relay
1.Courtney Kishbaugh
Lauren Humphrey
Casey Riley
Bridgette Coyne
2.Bina Frost
Jane Platek
Anna Marshall
Madelyn Brindza
3.Maggie Malley
Emma Becker
Anna Marshall
Jane Platek
4.Relay Team 25:13.58a2013
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Avery Pacella
Lily Kramer
Bridget Bodner
Anne Ubbing
2.Paige Hepner
Molly Sulliivan
Lydia Hanicak
Avery Pacella
3.Relay Team 1:57.70a2013
4.Isabelle Haney
Jennifer DeSalvo
Katie Campbell
Lauren Humphrey
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Abby Fischer
Caroline Samanich
Bridget Cooney
Clare Fischer
2.Katie Dunstan
Bridget Bodner
Olivia Huber
Maggie Malley
3.Shannon Sullivan
Abigail Marquard
Meghan Riley
Macey Walker
4.Madelyn Brindza
Bridget Bodner
Sara Paponetti
Jane Platek
5.Relay Team 14:20.85a2013
4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 30"
1.Kaeley Bush
Molly Sullivan
Natalie Castro
Erin McCaffrey
2.Relay Team 75.74a2013
3.Margaret Frank
Allison Schafer
Isabelle Haney
Jennifer DeSalvo
4.Jennifer DeSalvo
Margaret Frank
Katherine Kerr
Emily Velten
4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 36"
1.Kaeley Bush
Paige Hepner
Erin McCaffrey
Natalie Castro
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Otilia Monteiro38' 10.002014
2.10Adelaide Aquilla37' 7.002015
3.11Morgan Koelliker34' 10.502011
4.12Matilde Santillo32' 0.502010
5.11Melissa Brooks31' 5.002010
6.12Katherine Fazekas30' 7.752009
7.12Maria Mangione29' 11.002013
8.9Olivia Androsik29' 0.502015
9.12Beth Myers28' 9.502013
10.10Maria Kavalec26' 3.002014
11.12Caitlin Scafaria25' 6.502010
12.10Karissa Perez22' 9.502014
13.11Dalya Abu-Shaweesh20' 2.502014
14.9Abby Georgiadis20' 1.002015
Discus - 1kg
1.10Adelaide Aquilla113' 5.002015
2.12Matilde Santillo107' 8.002010
3.12Otilia Monteiro101' 2.002015
4.10Melissa Brooks100' 62009
5.11Morgan Koelliker93' 10.002011
6.9Olivia Androsik92' 11.002015
7.11Maria Kavalec91' 3.002015
8.12Caitlin Scafaria86' 5.002010
9.10Beth Myers82' 0.002011
10.-Sydney Schroen74' 3.002011
11.11Dalya Abu-Shaweesh67' 9.002014
12.10Karissa Perez61' 4.002014
13.9Abby Georgiadis56' 7.002015
High Jump
1.9Sarah Skuhrovec5' 0.002014
2.10Allison Schafer4' 10.002011
10Katie Kuemerle4' 10.002015
4.10Stephanie Magvas4' 9.002015
5.10Bridget Sweeney4' 82009
6.12Abigail Geib4' 62009
7.12Emma Thompson4' 3.002013
9Meredith Foster4' 3.002015
10Patrizia Labate4' 3.002013
10.11Rachel Farnan4' 0.002014
11.-Alicia RussoNH2011
-Amina WynneNH2011
10Meredith NortzNH2014
9Victoria RozenshtraukhNH2014
9Rachel PowersNH2014
9Caitlin MaddenNH2014
Pole Vault
1.11Nicole Samanich9' 4.002010
2.9Katie Wearsch8' 0.002011
12Alicia Russo8' 0.002014
11Paige Lenehan8' 0.002014
5.9Julianne Blamble7' 62009
9Caroline Samanich7' 6.002010
10Carlie Kubit7' 6.002015
8.11Meghan Graham6' 6.002014
9.11Caitlin Stives6' 0.002014
10MaKenzie Erker6' 0.002014
Long Jump
1.12Katherine Liutkus16' 5.502010
2.9Jacquelyn Misencik15' 7.002010
3.11Maddie Baker15' 1.502014
4.9Jacquely Misencik15' 0.002010
9Jordyn Elliott15' 0.002015
6.9Kendall Willard14' 8.002014
7.11Patrizia Labate14' 7.502014
8.9Jillian Vala14' 2.502013
9Anne Ubbing14' 2.502013
10.11Jennifer DeSalvo14' 2.252010
11.12Dana Vasquez14' 0.502014
12.10Tess Ryan13' 11.002011
13.9Anna Walcutt13' 0.502015
14.11Margaret Frank12' 11.502010
15.9Rosalina Naida12' 92009
16.10Lexie Thompson12' 7.002015
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