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11th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.11*Dante Berggren11.07a2015
2.11Andre Kumar11.73a2013
3.11Nathan Canto11.94c2010
4.11Nam Nguyen12.04c2009
5.11John Orland-Rhodes12.24c2008
6.11Sean Taylor12.64c2009
11Luis Avita12.64c2011
8.11Jose Vega12.74c2009
9.11Larry Byrd12.76a2013
10.11Larry Byrd12.84c2012
11.11Andrew Walker13.04c2010
12.11Rex Hawkins13.34c2008
13.11Michael Erisman13.69a2014
14.11Johnny Becerra13.97a2013
15.11Ezequiel Villa14.14c2012
16.11Mike Simas14.30a2015
17.11Patrick Lunt14.34c2008
18.11Sean Profeta15.12a2015
19.11Logan Shepard15.15a2014
20.11Jeff Montgomery15.84c2009
200 Meters
1.11Dante Berggren22.57a2015
2.11Margarito Figueroa26.23a2013
3.11Sean Taylor26.34c2009
4.11Joseph Johnson26.40a2013
5.11Andrew Walker26.44c2010
6.11Luis Avita26.94c2011
7.11Larry Byrd27.08a2013
8.11Rex Hawkins27.14c2008
9.11Larry Byrd27.14c2012
10.11Michael Erisman27.21a2014
11.11Austin Elliott28.11a2014
12.11Johnny Becerra28.78a2013
13.11Ezequiel Villa29.24c2012
14.11Patrick Lunt29.74c2008
15.11Mike Simas30.10a2015
16.11Sean Profeta31.24a2015
17.11Andrew VelazquezDNS2013
11Nam NguyenNT2009
11Nathan CantoNT2010
400 Meters
1.11Luis Avita56.64c2011
2.11John Orland-Rhodes56.94c2008
3.11Jacob Mebus57.89a2013
4.11Andre Kumar58.13a2013
5.11Margarito Figueroa58.17a2013
6.11Wade Hawkins58.54c2010
7.11Andre Kumar59.02a2012
8.11Daniel Alvarez59.64c2010
9.11Jovani Martinez60.04c2008
10.11Justin Mebus60.74c2010
11.11Giles Domkan61.24c2010
12.11Randy Ortega63.14c2008
13.11Larry Byrd63.56a2013
14.11Andrew Velazquez63.74a2013
15.11Luis Ceron64.09a2015
16.11David Hill65.34c2010
17.11Michael Erisman65.93a2014
18.11Sean Profeta69.86a2015
19.11Anthony Hernandez70.47a2014
20.11Ezequiel VillaDNS2012
800 Meters
1.11Ellis Valdez2:08.39a2010
2.11Bert De los santos2:15.00a2013
3.11Felix Robles2:15.702011
4.11Jovani Martinez2:15.82008
5.11Nicholas Ramirez2:24.83a2014
6.11Margarito Figueroa2:28.802012
7.11Jacob Mebus2:28.89a2013
8.11Andrew Velazquez2:29.96a2013
9.11Matt Profeta2:35.40a2014
10.11Pedro Berber2:38.002011
11.11Margarito Figueroa2:41.82a2013
12.11Pablo Berber2:42.602010
13.11David Hill2:53.402010
14.11Jose Vega2:54.52009
15.11David Delatorre3:04.49a2012
16.11David De la torre3:07.002012
17.11Jeff Montgomery3:10.42009
18.11Ean ValdezDNS2015
1600 Meters
1.11Ellis Valdez4:55.43a2010
2.11Bert De los santos4:57.97a2012
3.11Bert De los santos4:58.96a2013
4.11Bert DelosSantos5:14.30a2012
5.11Margarito Figueroa5:18.402012
6.11Giles Domkan5:32.702010
7.11Devin McCoy5:40.23a2015
8.11Luis Ceron5:43.43a2015
9.11Nicholas Ramirez5:43.51a2014
10.11Matt Profeta5:43.95a2014
11.11Pedro Berber5:46.802011
12.11Ean Valdez5:47.21a2015
13.11Jose Vega5:51.12009
14.11Pablo Berber5:54.102010
15.11Forrest Angle6:01.702010
16.11David De la torre7:09.702012
3200 Meters
1.11Bert De los santos11:04.92a2012
2.11Bert DelosSantos11:28.56a2012
3.11Bert De los santos11:30.62a2013
4.11Nicholas Ramirez12:06.11a2014
5.11Felix Robles12:11.002011
6.11Matt Profeta12:19.70a2014
7.11Devin McCoy12:24.43a2015
8.11Margarito Figueroa12:34.42a2012
9.11Jeff Montgomery14:48.72009
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Nathan Canto16.84a2010
2.11Austin Elliott19.28a2014
3.11David Hill20.54c2010
4.11Johnny Becerra21.55a2013
5.11Wade HawkinsDQ2010
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Wade Hawkins44.74c2010
2.11Austin Elliott48.41a2014
3.11Giles Domkan52.14c2010
4.11Andrew VelazquezNT2013
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Michael Erisman39' 0.002014
2.11Frank Bendzik36' 3.002013
3.11Forrest Angle34' 3.002010
4.11Andrew Goeken33' 02008
5.11Garret Fowler32' 102008
11Patrick Lunt32' 102008
7.11Rex Hawkins32' 02008
8.11Jason Parker30' 8.002014
9.11Evan Goeken30' 4.002013
10.11Logan Shepard29' 0.002014
11.11Juan Villa28' 3.002012
12.11Joseph Johnson25' 2.002012
13.11Miguel Estrada24' 8.002012
14.11Jacob Lamela15' 1.002014
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Andrew Goeken113' 1.52008
2.11Evan Goeken97' 8.002013
3.11Joseph Johnson91' 5.002013
4.11Forrest Angle89' 11.002010
5.11Logan Shepard89' 10.002014
6.11Garret Fowler86' 52008
7.11Jason Parker83' 4.002014
8.11Joseph Johnson79' 11.002012
9.11Michael Erisman72' 0.002014
10.11Miguel Estrada70' 5.002012
11.11Juan Villa69' 7.002012
12.11Jacob Lamela36' 1.002014
13.11Frank BendzikDNS2013
High Jump
1.11David Viss6' 2.002005
2.11David Hill5' 8.002010
11Justin Mebus5' 8.002010
4.11Andre Kumar5' 6.002013
5.11Andrew Walker5' 4.002010
6.11Andrew Velazquez5' 2.002013
7.11Johnny Becerra4' 10.002013
8.11Devin McCoyNH2015
11Miguel EstradaNH2012
11Rhett RiveraDNS2012
11Jacob MebusDNS2013
Pole Vault
1.11Daniel Alvarez8' 0.002010
2.11David Hill7' 0.002010
3.11Forrest Angle6' 0.002010
4.11Johnny BecerraDNS2013
11Andrew VelazquezDNS2013
Long Jump
1.11Nathan Canto18' 10.752010
2.11Andre Kumar17' 9.502013
3.11Andrew Walker17' 4.502010
4.11Justin Mebus17' 2.252010
5.11Andre Kumar16' 6.502012
6.11Giles Domkan15' 10.002010
7.11Joseph Johnson15' 5.502012
8.11Larry Byrd15' 5.002012
9.11Randy Ortega15' 1.52008
10.11Joseph Johnson15' 0.752013
11.11Nam Nguyen14' 11.52009
12.11Larry Byrd14' 9.002013
13.11Andrew Velazquez14' 4.002013
14.11Ean Valdez14' 3.752015
15.11Felix Robles14' 1.502011
16.11Logan Shepard13' 10.252014
17.11Devin McCoy13' 9.002015
18.11Luis Ceron12' 9.002015
19.11Evan Goeken11' 0.502013
20.11Jason Parker9' 0.002014
Triple Jump
1.11Wade Hawkins39' 5.752010
2.11Bert De los santos38' 2.002013
3.11Giles Domkan36' 9.002010
4.11Bert De los santos36' 6.502012
5.11Justin Mebus35' 0.502010
6.11Joseph Johnson34' 1.002013
7.11Andre Kumar33' 3.502012
8.11Bert DelosSantos32' 6.00w2012
9.11Joseph Johnson32' 3.502012
10.11Evan Goeken30' 9.502013
11.11Matt Profeta30' 2.752014
12.11Ean Valdez29' 4.252015
13.11Larry Byrd27' 8.002012
14.11Rhett RiveraND2012
11Logan ShepardDNS2014


100 Meters
1.11Dallas Wallers14.51a2012
2.11Taylor Lima14.68a2014
3.11Brianna Schafer14.79a2013
4.11Sarah Kellogg14.94c2010
11Brenna Moran14.94c2009
6.11Megan Fields15.10a2012
7.11Kassidy Green15.14a2013
11Cassandra Delasantos15.14c2009
9.11Deseree King15.27a2013
10.11Kaylee Burton15.42a2013
11.11Maggie Lunt15.51a2012
12.11Kaylee Burton15.53a2012
13.11Megan Fields15.56aw2013
14.11Alyssa Lyda15.67a2013
15.11Desiree Ramirez15.79a2013
16.11Maggie Lunt15.86a2013
17.11Lakvir Atwal16.00a2012
18.11Reme Rajania16.04c2009
19.11Malesha Kumar16.36a2015
20.11Julie Carter16.69a2012
200 Meters
1.11Julie Carter29.24a2013
2.11Dallas Wallers30.07a2012
3.11Brianna Schafer31.83a2013
4.11Cassandra Delasantos32.04c2009
5.11Megan Fields32.12a2012
6.11Megan Fields32.28a2013
7.11Kassidy Green32.41a2013
8.11Kaylee Burton33.50a2012
9.11Sarah Kellogg33.64c2010
10.11Julie Carter34.04c2012
11.11Desiree Ramirez34.79a2013
12.11Malesha Kumar35.42a2015
13.11Lakvir Atwal36.44c2012
14.11Brenna MoranNT2009
11Taylor LimaDNS2014
11Alyssa LydaNT2013
400 Meters
1.11Dallas Wallers65.61a2012
2.11Dallas Wallers66.50a2013
3.11Danielle Klessen73.44c2009
4.11Taylor Kosky76.14c2010
5.11Kaylee Burton80.57a2013
6.11Desiree Ramirez80.84a2013
7.11Kelsey Lockard80.94c2011
8.11Emily SanchezDNS2015
800 Meters
1.11Dallas Wallers2:45.14a2013
2.11Deseree King3:04.01a2013
3.11Emily Sanchez3:09.07a2015
4.11Desiree Ramirez3:27.50a2013
5.11Maggie Lunt3:28.10a2013
6.11Brenna Moran3:57.32009
7.11Danielle Klessen3:57.62009
8.11Taylor KoskyNT2010
11Kelsey LockardNT2011
11Megan FieldsDNS2013
1600 Meters
1.11Leticia Dominguez5:39.40a2006
2.11Emily Sanchez6:38.10a2015
3.11Kelsey Lockard6:57.902011
4.11Reme Rajania7:07.62009
5.11Taylor KoskyNT2010
11Gesine MeierDNS2013
3200 Meters
1.11Gesine MeierDNS2013
11Kelsey LockardNT2011
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Julie Carter17.80a2012
2.11Brenna Moran19.24c2009
3.11Kaylee Burton20.75a2013
4.11Julie Carter21.77a2013
5.11Kaylee Burton21.85a2012
6.11Dallas Wallers22.53a2013
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Dallas Wallers56.19a2013
2.11Danielle Klessen60.44c2009
3.11Reme Rajania62.74c2009
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Brenna Moran23' 0.252009
2.11Maggie Lunt22' 9.002013
3.11Deseree King22' 1.502013
4.11Lakvir Atwal17' 8.002012
5.11Megan Fields16' 4.002013
6.11Maggie LuntDNS2012
Discus - 1kg
1.11Kaylee Burton71' 4.002013
2.11Maggie Lunt70' 5.002013
3.11Deseree King66' 5.002013
4.11Maggie Lunt59' 4.002012
5.11Megan Fields55' 0.002013
6.11Desiree Ramirez47' 10.002013
7.11Taylor Kosky45' 8.002010
8.11Megan Fields44' 5.002012
High Jump
1.11Taylor Lima4' 4.002014
2.11Maggie Lunt4' 2.002012
3.11Sarah Kellogg4' 0.002010
11Maggie Lunt4' 0.002013
5.11Taylor Kosky3' 8.002010
Long Jump
1.11Danna Jackson14' 72008
2.11Taylor Lima12' 11.002014
3.11Cassandra Delasantos12' 3.52009
4.11Kassidy Green11' 4.002013
5.11Reme RajaniaND2009
Triple Jump
1.11Danna Jackson30' 1.252008
2.11Taylor Lima25' 8.002014
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