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McKinleyville HS

    Panthers - McKinleyville, CA

Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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40 Meter Dash
1.10Kristian Josang5.54c2010
100 Meters
1.12Bennie Trice11.07a2014
2.11Gage Grace11.24c2012
3.11Garrett Godwin11.51a2010
4.11Jin Yamagami11.52a2014
5.10Nick Moran11.59a2010
6.12Jordan Brummell11.70a2014
7.12Aaron Hathcock11.72a2014
12Christian Legaspi11.72a2010
9.12Travis Witte11.73a2014
10.11Cameron Meng11.88a2009
11.12JJ Price11.94a2013
10Chance Castillo11.94c2009
13.10Thomas Nolan11.96a2010
14.9Jared Smith12.06a2014
11Laine Grace12.06a2013
16.12Mike Larson12.14a2008
17.12Thomas Gunderson12.32a2014
18.10Gavin Pittman12.37a2013
19.10Aaron Friedley12.39a2014
20.12Logan Bailey12.41a2014
100 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Christian Legaspi11.202010
2.12Arrow Walker12.102010
3.10Kristian Josang13.002010
4.10Stanley Gagliano13.802010
200 Meters
1.11Thomas Nolan22.55a2011
2.12Bennie Trice22.62a2014
3.12Chance Castillo23.47a2011
4.12Gage Grace23.60a2013
5.12Logan Bailey23.99a2014
6.12Jordan Brummell24.23a2014
7.12JJ Price24.38a2013
8.11Jin Yamagami24.42a2014
9.11Laine Grace24.44a2013
10.12Christian Legaspi24.94c2010
11.12Mike Larson24.99a2008
12.12Cameron Meng25.14c2010
10Nick Moran25.14c2010
14.11Tanner King25.17a2013
15.12Tyler Henderson25.27a2012
9Jared Smith25.27a2014
17.10Miles Castillo25.34c2010
18.12Thomas Gunderson25.40a2014
19.12Aaron Hathcock25.46a2014
20.11Garrett Godwin25.64c2010
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Chance Castillo24.002010
2.10Thomas Nolan24.202010
3.10Miles Castillo24.302010
4.11Garrett Godwin24.502010
5.10Nick Moran24.602010
6.12Christian Legaspi25.102010
7.12Cameron Meng25.502010
8.9Gage Grace25.802010
9.10Kristian Josang26.402010
400 Meters
1.11Thomas Nolan49.99a2011
2.12Chance Castillo51.17a2011
3.12Bennie Trice52.49a2014
4.12Logan Bailey53.36a2014
5.11Tanner King53.85a2013
6.12Tyler Henderson54.18a2012
7.10Miles Castillo54.32a2010
8.12Travis Witte54.36a2014
9.11Jordan Brummell56.18a2013
10.11Aaron Hathcock56.72a2013
11.12Jesse Montgomery56.81a2014
12.12Stanley Gagliano57.84c2012
13.12Carlos DeLlamas58.84c2011
14.11Michael Joy59.34c2012
15.12Joshua Hostler59.39a2013
16.11John Milender59.64a2014
17.12Christian Legaspi59.74c2010
18.10Daniel Davis60.24c2009
19.11Daniel Thompson60.44c2011
20.11Lane Voyles60.62a2013
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Chance Castillo52.202010
2.11Bennie Trice52.602013
3.10Thomas Nolan53.002010
4.10Miles Castillo54.102010
12Stanley Gagliano54.102012
6.11Travis Witte54.402013
7.12Jon Merrill54.502012
8.11Tanner King55.402013
9.12Jesse Montgomery55.602014
10.12Tyler Henderson55.702012
11.12Christian Legaspi55.902010
12.12Aaron Hathcock56.302014
13.11Logan Bailey56.502013
14.11John Milender56.602014
15.12Jordan Brummell56.702014
16.12Logan Thorwaldson56.902012
17.11Garrett Godwin57.002010
12Arrow Walker57.002010
11Daniel Davis57.002010
20.9Austin Nolan57.402014
800 Meters
1.12Nate Prince1:56.29a2005
2.11John Milender2:01.29a2014
3.9Austin Nolan2:03.58a2014
4.11Miles Castillo2:04.62a2011
5.10Michael Davis2:04.79a2014
6.12Tyler Coley2:05.76a2011
7.10Thomas Nolan2:06.302010
8.12Jon Merrill2:07.24a2012
9.12Reed Kenny2:07.78a2013
10.12Daniel Davis2:08.64a2011
11.12Logan Thorwaldson2:09.09a2012
12.12Travis Bullock2:09.402011
13.12Jesse Montgomery2:12.20a2014
14.12Nicolas Lockhart2:14.93a2013
15.12Trent McGowan2:15.21a2013
16.12Kevin McTague2:16.16a2012
17.12Carlos DeLlamas2:16.94a2011
18.10Jasen Coley2:17.75a2013
19.9Joe Rieder2:17.77a2014
20.9Max Ludwig2:18.74a2014
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.11John Milender2:03.002014
2.10Michael Davis2:05.002014
3.9Austin Nolan2:06.002014
4.9Joe Rieder2:12.002014
5.11Tyler Coley2:12.802010
6.11Daniel Davis2:15.302010
7.12Jesse Montgomery2:16.002014
8.12Arrow Walker2:20.002010
9.11Travis Bullock2:20.702010
10.10Jon Merrill2:20.802010
11.9Max Ludwig2:24.002014
12.9Trent McGowan2:32.002010
13.10Reed Hutcheson2:33.002010
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Michael Davis3:37.902014
2.9Joe Rieder3:47.002014
1500 Meters
1.12Tyler Coley4:18.06a2011
2.12Jon Merrill4:24.89a2012
3.10Michael Davis4:25.05a2014
4.11John Milender4:29.23a2014
5.11Reed Kenny4:29.50a2012
6.9Austin Nolan4:30.50a2014
7.12Logan Thorwaldson4:30.59a2012
8.12Daniel Davis4:33.91a2011
9.10Connor Trump4:38.41a2014
10.9Joe Rieder4:41.53a2014
11.9Max Ludwig5:01.85a2014
12.11Travis Bullock5:22.10a2008
1600 Meters
1.12Tyler Coley4:32.35a2011
2.11John Milender4:35.05a2014
3.12Travis Bullock4:36.84a2011
4.11Miles Castillo4:38.70a2011
5.12Reed Kenny4:39.55a2013
6.10Michael Davis4:39.71a2014
7.12Logan Thorwaldson4:41.14a2012
8.12Jon Merrill4:41.38a2012
9.11Daniel Davis4:43.99a2010
10.9Joe Rieder4:47.99a2014
11.9Austin Nolan4:50.47a2014
12.12Kevin McTague4:52.14a2012
13.10Jasen Coley4:57.17a2013
14.9Connor Trump5:01.98a2013
15.9Max Ludwig5:06.93a2014
16.12Nicolas Lockhart5:11.11a2013
17.11Reed Hutcheson5:11.36a2011
18.9Tyler Durbin5:14.02009
19.12Trent McGowan5:19.66a2013
20.12Daniel Thompson5:20.93a2012
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.11John Milender4:42.202014
2.11Tyler Coley4:49.002010
3.10Connor Trump5:09.002014
1 Mile
1.12Nicolas Lockhart5:20.002013
2.12Trent McGowan5:26.602013
3.11Conor Mullins6:00.002013
4.-Marcusa Koesterer6:04.002012
3000 Meters
1.12Kevin McTague9:29.19a2012
2.11Tyler Coley9:44.66a2010
3.9John Milender9:58.15a2012
4.10Jasen Coley10:05.32a2013
5.12Travis Bullock10:10.37a2011
6.10Connor Trump10:11.88a2014
7.9Joe Rieder10:28.73a2014
8.9Jon Merrill10:37.07a2009
9.10Daniel Davis10:58.66a2009
3200 Meters
1.12Tyler Coley9:57.83a2011
2.12Kevin McTague10:02.92a2012
3.11John Milender10:19.45a2014
4.12Jon Merrill10:31.802012
5.12Travis Bullock10:32.40a2011
6.9Joe Rieder10:37.05a2014
7.10Jasen Coley10:44.31a2013
8.10Connor Trump10:44.54a2014
9.11Daniel Davis10:44.83a2010
10.10Michael Davis10:52.74a2014
11.12Reed Kenny11:04.08a2013
12.9Tyler Durbin11:33.12009
13.12Daniel Thompson12:10.38a2012
14.12Tim Sheets12:36.13a2011
15.9Austin NolanSCR2014
60m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Chance Castillo9.94c2010
2.12Christian Legaspi10.14c2010
9Thomas Nolan10.14c2009
11Travis Bullock10.14c2010
5.10Will Curry10.24c2010
6.12Cameron Meng10.34c2010
7.10Tyler Coley10.84c2009
8.10Stanley Gagliano10.94c2010
9.10Nick Moran11.14c2010
10Kristian Josang11.14c2010
11.10Tyler Henderson11.34c2010
9Reed Hutcheson11.34c2009
11Garrett Godwin11.34c2010
14.12Arrow Walker11.54c2010
15.9Allen Drake11.54c2009
16.9Jon Merrill11.74c2009
17.10Daniel Davis11.84c2009
18.9Trent McGowan12.24c2010
19.11Austin Grissom12.34c2010
20.9Gage Grace12.44c2010
70m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Garrett Godwin10.44c2010
2.12Ross Ward10.74c2009
3.9Will Curry11.84c2009
4.9Ezekiel Lemann13.34c2009
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Travis Witte16.08a2014
2.12Garrett Godwin16.87a2011
3.12Aaron Hathcock17.15a2014
4.12JJ Price17.18a2013
5.9Jared Smith18.34a2014
6.9Will Curry18.64c2009
7.12Reed Hutcheson19.04c2012
8.9Westin McHaney19.23a2012
9.10Bennie Trice21.50a2012
10.10Misa Guzman24.61a2012
110m Hurdles - Relay Split
1.11Garrett Godwin17.202010
2.11Travis Bullock18.702010
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Travis Witte40.53a2014
2.12Garrett Godwin41.26a2011
3.12Aaron Hathcock43.39a2014
4.12Reed Hutcheson45.49a2012
5.10Bennie Trice45.91a2012
6.9Will Curry46.00a2009
7.11Travis Bullock46.34c2010
8.12Cameron Meng47.14c2010
9.12Joshua Hostler47.77a2013
10.11Jordan Brummell48.19a2013
11.11Gage Grace48.54c2012
12.12Ross Ward50.04c2009
13.9Westin McHaney52.42a2012
14.10Jaime Osorio53.74a2012
15.9Drake Allen58.05a2009
16.10Paul Hilton60.28a2012
17.9Ezekiel Lemann72.24c2009
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Aaron Hathcock70.40a2014
2.9Will Curry75.94c2009
3.10Travis Bullock82.34c2009
2k Steeplechase
1.11Travis Bullock6:25.502010
4x100 Relay
1.Thomas Nolan
Nick Moran
Gage Grace
Garrett Godwin
2.Jin Yamagami
Bennie Trice
Travis Witte
Aaron Hathcock
3.Relay Team 44.45a2013
4.Gage Grace
Bennie Trice
Laine Grace
Jordan Brummell
5.Cameron Meng
Gage Grace
Nick Moran
Garrett Godwin
6.Relay Team 46.84c2009
7.Miles Strang
Ren Bettendorf
Chance Castillo
Matt Ware
8.Corey Lee
Miles Strang
Hassib El Bizri
Scott High
4x100 Relay - Throwers
1.Colin Bryan
Stanley Gagliano
Austin Grissom
Arrow Walker
2.Stanley Gagliano
Colin Bryan
Arrow Walker
Cameron Meng
4x110 Yard Relay
1.Aaron Friedly
Thomas Gunderson
Misa Guzman
Isaac Kibby
4x200 Relay
1.Jordan Brummell
Travis Witte
Aaron Hathcock
Bennie Trice
2.Relay Team 1:37.02a2013
3.Nick Moran
Cameron Meng
Garrett Godwin
Chance Castillo
4.Relay Team 1:39.94a2012
5.Cameron Meng
Reed Hutcheson
Thomas Nolan
Chance Castillo
4x400 Relay
1.Thomas Nolan
Miles Castillo
Travis Bullock
Chance Castillo
2.Relay Team 3:33.56a2010
3.Logan Bailey
Aaron Hathcock
Michael Davis
Travis Witte
4.Jordan Brummell
Logan Bailey
Travis Witte
Bennie Trice
5.Relay Team 3:43.63a2012
6.Miles Castillo
Thomas Nolan
Tyler Coley
Cameron Meng
7.Miles Strang
Travis Bullock
Chance Castillo
Ren Bettendorf
4x800 Relay
1.John Milender
Michael Davis
Austin Nolan
Joe Rieder
2.Thomas Nolan
Daniel Davis
Travis Bullock
Tyler Coley
3.Relay Team 9:36.98a2013
4.Relay Team 9:38.03a2012
4x1600 Relay
1.Relay Team 21:50.24a2014
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Garrett Godwin
Shane Larson
Thomas Nolan
Chance Castillo
2.Travis Witte
Jordan Brummell
Bennie Trice
Aaron Hathcock
3.Laine Grace
Aaron Hathcock
Gage Grace
Bennie Trice
4.Gage Grace
Nick Moran
Cameron Meng
Chance Castillo
5.Scott Lipiec
Jordan Brummell
Gage Grace
Tyler Henderson
Swedish 100-200-300-400m
1.Jordan Brummell
Travis Witte
Jesse Montgomery
Aaron Hathcock
2.Relay Team 2:14.61a2013
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Thomas Nolan
Chance Castillo
Miles Castillo
Tyler Coley
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Michael Davis
Bennie Trice
Austin Nolan
John Milender
2.Daniel Davis
Miles Castillo
Jon Merrill
Tyler Coley
3.Relay Team 11:50.78a2012
4.Relay Team 11:51.10a2013
5.Jon Merrill
Thomas Nolan
Daniel Davis
Tyler Coley
6.Reed Hutcheson
Thomas Nolan
Trent McGowan
Logan Thorwaldson
4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 30"
1.Relay Team 33.64a2014
2.Relay Team 36.13a2010
Shot Put - 10lb
1.11Arrow Walker38' 72009
2.9Stanley Gagliano37' 6.752009
3.12Cory Woffinden34' 2.52009
4.11Cameron Meng33' 62009
5.9Miles Castillo33' 52009
6.10Chance Castillo31' 5.52009
7.10Daniel Davis28' 92009
8.9Nick Moran28' 82009
9.10Franklin Grosch27' 9.52009
10.11Brad Bartlett27' 22009
11.9Will Curry26' 52009
10Tyler Coley26' 52009
13.9Kristian Josang26' 4.52009
14.9Thomas Nolan26' 22009
15.9Reed Hutcheson24' 72009
16.9Drake Allen24' 42009
17.9Jon Merrill23' 72009
18.9Colten Tomlinson23' 52009
19.10Travis Bullock22' 72009
20.11Christian Legaspi21' 9.52009
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12JJ Price49' 1.002013
2.12Stanley Gagliano48' 7.502012
3.12Arrow Walker43' 3.502010
4.12Isaac Kibby37' 1.502014
5.12Mike Larson36' 82008
6.12Jordan Brummell35' 1.002014
7.12Cameron Meng34' 7.002010
12Daniel Bobillot34' 7.002013
9.11Troy Hillegeist33' 11.502013
10.11Buddy Lowery32' 92006
11.11Laine Grace32' 6.002013
12.12Coy Staton32' 4.002012
11Chance Castillo32' 4.002010
14.11Eli Hensher-Aubrey31' 11.002013
15.11Misa Guzman31' 8.002013
16.12Cory Woffinden31' 22009
17.10Gavin Woffinden29' 0.002013
18.12Thomas Gunderson28' 7.252014
19.10Kristian Josang28' 7.002010
20.12Tayjon Lewis28' 4.002011
JV Shot Put
1.9Ryan Ahrens35' 22006
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Stanley Gagliano156' 5.002011
2.12Arrow Walker131' 2.002010
3.12Isaac Kibby127' 2.002014
4.12JJ Price117' 8.002013
5.10Gavin Woffinden101' 2.002013
6.12Austin Grissom100' 0.252011
7.11Buddy Lowery99' 32006
8.11Misa Guzman96' 10.002013
9.11Troy Hillegeist94' 5.002013
10.9Ryan Ahrens88' 12006
11.12Cameron Meng86' 9.002010
12.12John Hall84' 10.002013
13.11Eli Hensher-Aubrey82' 8.002013
14.12Keenan Coelho80' 8.002012
15.12Daniel Bobillot79' 6.002013
16.10Aaron Friedley78' 7.002014
17.11Pat Gallachi75' 11.002012
18.11Scott High70' 102006
19.11Matthew Cooke68' 5.002013
20.9Adam Gunderson67' 0.002012
Javelin - 800g
1.10Laine Grace145' 6.002012
2.11Chance Castillo135' 7.002010
3.12Cory Woffinden132' 52009
4.11Aaron Hathcock121' 10.002013
5.11Arrow Walker107' 02009
6.11Matthew LaBelle105' 0.002012
7.11Daniel Davis100' 4.002010
8.12Cameron Meng99' 6.002010
9.12Miles Strang98' 102008
10.12Daniel Bobillot91' 9.002013
11.12Zach Caldwell82' 02008
12.10Jaime Osorio79' 7.002012
13.11Matt Ware72' 12008
14.12Isaac Kibby71' 8.002014
15.10Derek Woods70' 3.002011
16.9Peter Hunsucker67' 7.002011
17.9Colin BryanSCR2009
High Jump
1.12Cory Woffinden6' 42009
2.12Daniel Bobillot5' 10.002013
3.12Cameron Meng5' 8.002010
12Ren Bettendorf5' 82008
5.11Tyler Coley5' 6.002010
6.9Nick Moran5' 42009
7.10Bennie Trice5' 2.002012
10Derek Woods5' 2.002011
10Scott Lipiec5' 2.002011
10.9Austin Nolan5' 0.002014
9Westin McHaney5' 0.002012
9Sam Lipiec5' 0.002013
11Kyle Laney5' 0.002012
14.11Gilles Happi4' 10.002014
15.11Aaron Hathcock4' 8.002013
10Gavin Woffinden4' 8.002013
17.12Nicolas Lockhart4' 4.002013
18.11Matt WareNH2008
12Brett VoylesSCR2008
10Reed KennyNH2011
Pole Vault
1.12Cameron Meng12' 0.002010
2.12Jesse Montgomery11' 0.002014
3.10Gage Grace10' 6.002011
12Zach Caldwell10' 62008
5.11Brad Bartlett10' 02009
6.11Logan Bailey9' 6.002013
7.11Weston Frazier9' 02009
9Chance Castillo9' 02008
9.11Eli Hensher-Aubrey8' 0.002013
10.9Westin McHaney7' 6.002012
11.9Ryan AhrensNH2006
11Travis BullockSCR2008
10Travis WitteNH2012
10Jaime OsorioNH2012
11Tanner KingNH2013
11Michael JoyNH2012
Long Jump
1.11Nick Moran22' 5.002011
2.12Bennie Trice20' 10.002014
3.11Chance Castillo20' 4.002010
4.12Tyler Henderson19' 11.50w2012
5.11Travis Witte19' 3.502013
6.11Jin Yamagami19' 3.002014
7.12Cory Woffinden18' 9.752009
8.12Cameron Meng18' 6.002010
9.11Eli Hensher-Aubrey18' 5.502013
10.11Jordan Brummell17' 9.502013
11.11Gage Grace17' 7.002012
12.12Shane Larson17' 1.002011
13.10Thomas Nolan16' 6.002010
14.12Scott Lipiec16' 1.502013
15.10Derek Woods16' 1.252011
16.9Drake Allen16' 02009
17.11Billy Combs15' 9.52006
18.9Westin McHaney15' 3.002012
19.12Daniel Bobillot15' 1.002013
20.11Asad Ahmed14' 11.752006
Triple Jump
1.12Bennie Trice42' 3.502014
2.11Nick Moran41' 6.502011
3.11Jordan Brummell40' 5.002013
4.11Jin Yamagami38' 11.502014
5.12Tyler Henderson38' 8.502012
6.11Eli Hensher-Aubrey38' 7.002013
7.12Cory Woffinden37' 92009
8.11Travis Witte35' 10.002013
9.12Ren Bettendorf34' 102008
10.11Aaron Hathcock34' 2.752013
11.11Gilles Happi33' 11.002014
12.11Brad Bartlett33' 10.52009
13.10Reed Kenny33' 10.002011
14.11Jesse Montgomery31' 8.002013
15.12Daniel Bobillot31' 3.002013
16.11Logan Bailey30' 6.002013
17.10Derek Woods30' 4.502011
18.12Scott Lipiec29' 5.502013
19.11Misa Guzman28' 4.752013
20.9Derrick Young27' 2.002014


100 Meters
1.11Ali Smith12.54c2012
2.12Brittainy Chown13.01a2009
3.11Sekya Depee13.81a2014
4.9Chloe Tripp13.95a2013
5.9Dakota Carlson14.02a2012
6.10Kayla Templeton14.04a2012
7.12Ashley Egbert14.41a2013
8.10Amanda Nicholson14.45a2013
9.11Caitlin Mann14.47a2011
10.12Tori Laidlaw14.59a2014
11.10Kellie McDonald14.74c2010
12.11Kalianne Turner14.90a2011
13.10Corina Gloor15.01a2012
14.9Marisa Gloor15.20a2013
15.12Heather Lovelace15.24c2011
16.10Cayla Lynch15.52a2014
17.9Madeline Maher15.60a2014
18.12Reba Lockhart15.94c2012
19.9Macy Toroni16.03a2011
20.10Jacinda Daniels16.37a2014
100 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Kellie McDonald14.102010
2.10Maria Morales14.402010
3.10Heidi Gunderson14.802010
4.10Dana Lester15.602010
200 Meters
1.10Ali Smith26.11a2011
2.11Brittainy Chown26.74c2008
3.12Ashley Egbert28.50a2013
4.11Sekya Depee28.95a2014
5.12Carmen Arguello29.37a2014
6.9Chloe Tripp29.50a2013
7.10Dakota Carlson29.57a2013
8.11Caitlin Mann29.92a2011
9.12Tori Laidlaw29.93a2014
10.10Kellie McDonald30.24c2010
11.9Marisa Gloor30.53a2013
12.11Hailey Ford30.59a2014
13.11Kalianne Turner30.84c2011
14.10Amanda Nicholson30.86a2013
15.12Heather Lovelace31.09a2011
16.10Haylie Henderson31.16a2008
17.9Shala Bianco31.53a2009
18.10Katie Wilcox31.54c2010
19.11Maria Morales31.64c2011
20.9Abby Morgan31.89a2011
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Ali Smith27.402010
2.10Kellie McDonald29.302010
3.10Maria Morales31.702010
4.10Katie Wilcox31.902010
400 Meters
1.12Ashley Egbert63.43a2013
2.12Carmen Arguello64.52a2014
3.12Tori Laidlaw66.34a2014
4.9Chloe Tripp66.76a2013
5.11Hailey Ford68.26a2014
6.10Ali Smith68.64c2011
7.10Katie Wilcox68.72a2010
8.9Marisa Gloor68.97a2013
9.10Kellie McDonald69.59a2010
10.10Haylie Henderson69.86a2008
11.11Caitlin Mann70.81a2011
12.12Heather Lovelace72.24c2011
13.10Margot Oliver73.47a2009
14.11Heidi Gunderson73.52a2011
15.10Sophia Haag74.04c2013
16.9Shala Bianco74.60a2009
17.9Maria Morales75.57a2009
18.9Kayla Templeton76.12a2011
19.11Rosanna Nogara76.82a2009
20.-Sophia Anthony76.94c2009
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Carmen Arguello63.002013
2.12Ashley Egbert65.102013
3.9Chloe Tripp67.002013
4.10Sophia Haag67.202013
5.10Morgin Coonfield67.802014
6.11Hailey Ford68.102014
7.10Katie Wilcox68.202010
8.10Mia Pambianco68.602014
12Tori Laidlaw68.602014
10.12Alysia Lovio69.302012
11.10Kellie McDonald70.002010
12.12Heidi Gunderson72.302012
13.11Corina Gloor73.402013
14.9Marisa Gloor73.802013
15.9Ali Smith74.002010
16.9Dakota Carlson76.002012
17.12Dana Lester76.302012
18.9Madeline Maher76.502014
19.12Maria Morales78.002012
20.10Kayla Templeton80.002012
800 Meters
1.10Morgin Coonfield2:20.81a2014
2.11Carmen Arguello2:23.70a2013
3.12Heidi Gunderson2:32.88a2012
4.11Katie Wilcox2:33.97a2011
5.10Mia Pambianco2:35.84a2014
6.11Alysia Lovio2:36.95a2011
7.10Sophia Haag2:41.27a2013
8.12Maria Morales2:41.89a2012
9.11Hailey Ford2:44.20a2014
10.12Dana Lester2:44.95a2012
11.9Shala Bianco2:46.38a2009
12.10Brenna Coley2:51.33a2012
13.11Alina Seiler2:51.99a2013
14.10Morgan Saveliff2:55.96a2013
15.9Mya Alves2:56.83a2014
16.10Margot Oliver3:05.42a2009
17.12Meagan O'hern3:11.83a2009
18.9Madeline Maher3:19.002014
19.11Michelle Lee3:25.92009
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Katie Wilcox2:49.002010
2.10Maria Morales2:51.002010
3.10Heidi Gunderson2:52.002010
4.10Dana Lester3:01.002010
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Carmen Arguello4:20.002014
1500 Meters
1.10Morgin Coonfield4:47.53a2014
2.11Carmen Arguello5:16.92a2013
3.11Sophia Haag5:34.15a2014
4.11Hailey Ford5:34.74a2014
5.12Heidi Gunderson5:39.12a2012
6.12Alysia Lovio5:39.50a2012
7.9Mya Alves5:40.62a2014
8.11Maria Morales5:43.12a2011
9.9Brenna Coley5:45.28a2011
10.10Dana Lester6:06.20a2010
11.10Heather Kenny6:11.02a2008
1600 Meters
1.10Morgin Coonfield4:58.33a2014
2.10Carmen Arguello5:22.802012
3.10Sophia Haag5:49.21a2013
4.11Alysia Lovio5:51.71a2011
5.11Maria Morales5:55.002011
6.12Heidi Gunderson5:55.18a2012
7.11Katie Wilcox5:56.502011
8.10Mia Pambianco5:58.75a2014
9.12Dana Lester5:59.74a2012
10.9Mya Alves6:09.98a2014
11.11Hailey Ford6:13.00a2014
12.10Brenna Coley6:20.35a2012
13.9Shala Bianco6:30.02009
14.10Kellie McDonald7:30.602010
15.9Echo Vanier7:38.202010
16.9Ali Smith7:40.302010
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Morgin Coonfield5:14.002014
1 Mile
1.10Morgin Coonfield5:05.69a2014
3000 Meters
1.10Morgin Coonfield10:07.06a2014
2.9Carmen Arguello11:56.54a2011
3.12Dana Lester12:04.42a2012
4.11Maria Morales12:25.30a2011
5.9Sophia Haag12:37.93a2012
6.9Mya Alves12:58.80a2014
7.11Katie Wilcox13:05.84a2011
8.10Heather Kenny13:59.15a2008
9.9Heidi GundersonSCR2009
3200 Meters
1.10Morgin Coonfield10:37.06a2014
2.10Carmen Arguello12:09.202012
3.11Maria Morales13:02.18a2011
4.9Mya Alves13:03.88a2014
5.11Dana Lester13:09.002011
6.9Heidi Gunderson13:45.03a2009
7.9Brenna Coley14:19.002011
60m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Ali Smith11.64c2010
2.10Kellie McDonald12.54c2010
3.9Heidi Gunderson13.44c2009
4.11Michelle Lee13.54c2009
5.10Katie Wilcox13.84c2010
6.9Shala Bianco13.94c2009
7.10Dana Lester16.04c2010
8.9Maria Morales17.94c2009
9.9Echo Vanier30.34c2010
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Ali Smith15.55a2013
2.12Corina Gloor18.18a2014
3.9Chloe Tripp19.06a2013
4.11Kayla Templeton19.40a2013
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Chloe Tripp52.17a2013
2.12Corina Gloor53.80a2014
3.11Kayla Templeton54.71a2013
4.9Shala Bianco66.54c2009
4x100 Relay
1.Dakota Carlson
Chloe Tripp
Ashley Egbert
Ali Smith
2.Relay Team 53.90a2011
3.Sekya Depee
Tori Laidlaw
Hailey Ford
Carmen Arguello
4.Ryann Weaver
Breah Smith
Brittainy Chown
Jen Smith
5.Carmen Arguello
Dakota Carlson
Corina Gloor
Reba Lockhart
6.Maria Morales
Margot Oliver
Shala Bianco
Rosanna Nogara
4x100 Relay - Throwers
1.Relay Team 56.74a2010
2.Megan O'Hern
Sophia Anthony
Rosanna Nogara
Maria Morales
4x110 Yard Relay
1.Samantha Hooven
Trish Townsend
Cayla Lynch
Madison Johnson
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 1:46.002010
2.Relay Team 1:55.81a2013
3.Relay Team 2:00.13a2012
4.Dakota Carlson
Sekya Depee
Corina Gloor
Tori Laidlaw
4x400 Relay
1.Ashley Egbert
Carmen Arguello
Chloe Tripp
Sophia Haag
2.Relay Team 4:23.09a2012
3.Caitlin Mann
Katie Wilcox
Carmen Arguello
Alysia Lovio
4.No Name
0 Name
O Name
N Name
5.Katie Wilcox
Maria Morales
Kellie McDonald
Ali Smith
6.Shala Bianco
Heidi Gunderson
Margot Oliver
Rosanna Nogara
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 10:09.01a2010
2.Sophia Haag
Morgin Coonfield
Mia Pambianco
Hailey Ford
3.Relay Team 11:16.04a2013
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Chloe Tripp
Dakota Carlson
Ali Smith
Ashley Egbert
2.Kellie McDonald
Maria Morales
Katie Wilcox
Ali Smith
3.Caitlin Mann
Kalianne Turner
Ali Smith
Alysia Lovio
4.Marisa Gloor
Corina Gloor
Sekya Depee
Hailey Ford
5.Relay Team 2:12.77a2012
Swedish 100-200-300-400m
1.Relay Team 2:40.84a2013
2.Dakota Carlson
Sekya Depee
Corina Gloor
Tori Laidlaw
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Katie Wilcox
Kellie McDonald
Ali Smith
Maria Morales
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Relay Team 13:29.34a2013
2.Carmen Arguello
Hailey Ford
Mia Pambianco
Morgin Coonfield
3.Alysia Lovio
Dana Lester
Heidi Gunderson
Carmen Arguello
4.Katie Wilcox
Alysia Lovio
Maria Morales
Carmen Arguello
5.Maria Morales
Kellie McDonald
Dana Lester
Katie Wilcox
6.Sophia Anthony
Megan O'Hern
Maria Morales
Heidi Gunderson
4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 30"
1.Relay Team 38.17a2014
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Kailynn Langer-Kastler30' 4.252014
2.11Maegan Lindsey29' 0.252014
3.10Kellie McDonald27' 11.002010
4.12Breah Smith26' 42006
5.11Michelle Lee26' 22009
6.9Samantha Hooven25' 10.002014
7.12Meagan O'hern25' 7.52009
8.11Ali Smith25' 6.502012
9.11Caitlin Mann24' 11.002011
10Brenna Woffinden24' 11.002012
11.9Madeline Maher24' 8.002014
9Cayla Lynch24' 8.002013
13.11Kalianne Turner24' 0.502011
14.9Latisha Gubaton23' 3.002012
15.10Katie Wilcox22' 3.002010
16.10Heidi Gunderson22' 1.002010
17.-Megan O'Hern21' 9.752009
18.9Dejia Givens21' 9.502012
19.11Madison Johnson21' 9.002014
20.10Lacey Bruhey-Jimenez21' 5.502013
Discus - 1kg
1.11Maegan Lindsey80' 3.002014
2.10Kailynn Langer-Kastler79' 9.002014
3.10Cayla Lynch77' 5.002014
4.9Madeline Maher75' 10.002014
5.10Kellie McDonald75' 1.002010
6.12Heather Lovelace75' 0.002011
7.10Lacey Bruhey-Jimenez72' 0.002013
8.11Brenna Woffinden68' 10.002013
9.9Samantha Hooven64' 3.002014
10.9Latisha Gubaton64' 0.002012
11.11Michelle Lee62' 82009
12.11Madison Johnson59' 8.002014
13.10Johanna Gross58' 0.002012
14.10Dejia Givens55' 11.002013
15.9Abby Morgan55' 1.002011
16.11Kalianne Turner54' 2.502011
17.10Mary Lipiec50' 11.002014
18.10Macy Toroni50' 2.002012
9N'Kala Pryor50' 2.002012
20.12Meagan O'hern47' 102009
Javelin - 600g
1.12Ali Smith94' 0.002013
2.9Cayla Lynch92' 6.002013
3.10Kellie McDonald72' 5.002010
4.10Katie Wilcox70' 0.002010
5.10Lacey Bruhey-Jimenez65' 4.002013
6.10Kailynn Langer-Kastler64' 4.002014
7.11Maegan Lindsey63' 8.002014
8.10Margot Oliver49' 22009
9.11Caitlin Mann48' 5.002011
10.10Haylie Henderson44' 92008
11.9Jojo Labelle42' 82008
12.12Heather LovelaceSCR2011
-Megan O'HernSCR2009
High Jump
1.9Chloe Tripp5' 2.002013
2.9Ali Smith4' 10.002010
10Kellie McDonald4' 10.002010
4.11Brittainy Chown4' 82008
12Alysia Lovio4' 8.002012
6.12Corina Gloor4' 4.002014
11Rosanna Nogara4' 42009
8.12Ashley Egbert4' 2.002013
10Margot Oliver4' 22009
10.10Heather Kenny4' 02008
11Caitlin Mann4' 0.002011
12.12Heather LovelaceSCR2011
12Natalie LindleyNH2009
9Dakota CarlsonNH2012
9Johanna GrossSCR2011
10Brenna ColeyNH2012
Pole Vault
1.10Marisa Gloor7' 6.002014
12Heidi Gunderson7' 6.002012
3.12Breah Smith6' 62006
4.9Brenna ColeySCR2011
10Rachael AultmanNH2006
10Camille SkweirNH2006
Long Jump
1.11Brittainy Chown18' 2.25w2008
2.10Ali Smith16' 9.502011
3.10Katie Wilcox15' 0.002010
4.9Chloe Tripp13' 9.002013
5.11Dakota Carlson12' 11.502014
6.10Amanda Nicholson12' 10.752013
7.9Madeline Maher12' 5.002014
8.12Ashley Egbert11' 2.002013
9.11Anne Guignard10' 11.002013
10.9Trish Townsend10' 9.752014
11.9Samantha Hooven10' 3.752014
12.9Heidi Gunderson10' 2.752009
13.-Sophia Anthony9' 3.252009
14.10Rachael Aultman8' 112006
15.9Echo Vanier8' 9.002010
16.10Maria Morales8' 3.002010
17.9Makenzie Lakey8' 0.002014
18.9Shala Bianco7' 102009
19.11Michelle Lee7' 92009
20.10Kellie McDonald7' 6.002010
Triple Jump
1.11Brittainy Chown35' 0.752008
2.9Chloe Tripp31' 6.502013
3.12Corina Gloor31' 0.002014
4.12Katie Wilcox29' 0.002012
5.10Amanda Nicholson28' 1.002013
6.12Ashley Egbert24' 4.002013
7.11Anne Guignard24' 0.502013
8.10Margot OliverSCR2008
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