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Florida Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.8Joevon Henry11.40aFLFlorida Jets
2.8Auja Rogers11.86aFLSunny Runner Runner
3.-Rashad Lane11.90aFLSunny Runner Runner
4.9Gerald Robinson12.03aFLFlorida Jets
5.-Phillip Lee12.05aFLOvertake Track
6.8Mike Mcinnis12.10aFLPsl Speedster
7.7Kevin Brunson12.16aFLPsl Speedster
8.-Terrell Wright12.23aFLEpitome Track
9.-Tyler Byrd12.24cFLGulf Coast Runners Youth Team
10.-Rodney Beasley12.34cFLGoldcoast Speed and Athletic Track
200 Meters
1.-Tyler Byrd24.14cFLGulf Coast Runners Youth Team
2.-Rashad Lane24.15aFLSunny Runner Runner
3.13-14Jamil Mobhair24.22aFLOvertake Track
4.8Auja Rogers24.63aFLSunny Runner Runner
5.-Terrell Wright24.89aFLEpitome Track
6.-Phillip Lee24.92aFLOvertake Track
-Issaac Parker24.92aFLSunny Runner Runner
8.-Kevin Toliver24.93aFLEpitome Track
9.8Marcus Tarver25.04cFLPolk County Elite
10.8Mike Mcinnis25.23aFLPsl Speedster
400 Meters
1.13-14Jamil Mobhair53.44aFLOvertake Track
2.8Auja Rogers55.24aFLSunny Runner Runner
3.-Jacob Henderson55.89aFLSunny Runner Runner
4.-Kevin Toliver56.45aFLEpitome Track
5.8Mike Mcinnis56.88aFLPsl Speedster
6.-Anthony Tyson57.15aFLSunny Runner Runner
7.7Tre Dann57.21aFLSunny Runner Runner
-Alex Powell57.21aFLPsl Speedster
9.7Kevin Brunson57.29aFLPsl Speedster
10.8Shemar Stanley57.56aFLSunny Runner Runner
800 Meters
1.-Xavier Mayfield2:26.90FLLightning Bolt Track
2.7Chris Westry2:27.23aFLSunny Runner Runner
3.-Jaylen Floyd2:28.10FLGoldcoast Speed and Athletic Track
4.8Tyler Lawson2:36.73aFLPsl Speedster
5.-Joshua Rivers2:45.39aFLEpitome Track
6.6Alec Nazworth2:46.95aFLSunny Runner Runner
7.6Zachary Hollingsworth2:52.67aFLYellow Jacket Pride
8.6Jaeger Henderson3:05.53aFLYellow Jacket Pride
9.6Jacob Isais3:10.28aFLYellow Jacket Pride
10.6Josh Conley3:14.06aFLYellow Jacket Pride
1600 Meters
1.6Zachary Hollingsworth6:16.30aFLYellow Jacket Pride
2.6Josh Conley6:46.38aFLYellow Jacket Pride
3.6Jacob Isais7:02.84aFLYellow Jacket Pride
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.JrChristopher Grinley14.06aFLFastlane Track
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team47.01aFLFlorida Jets
2.-Relay Team47.17aFLSunny Runner Runner
3.-Vanzel Burnett
Rodney Beasley
Rodney Holmes
Justin Brown
48.04cFLGoldcoast Speed and Athletic Track
4.13-14Jordan Williams
Tiynek Baker
Ogarth Hutton
Marcus Tarver
49.16aFLPolk County Elite
5.-Tyler Byrd
Josh Norville
Michael Walker
Louis Perez
49.84cFLGulf Coast Runners Youth Team
6.11-12Rylee Brown
James Franklin
Jose Gayton
Jaquell Williams
52.50aFLFastlane Track
7.-Relay Team53.52aFLYellow Jacket Pride
8.8UTitus Joiner
De' Quon King
Ja' Quon King
Jevan Prindle
61.97aFLEpitome Track
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team3:48.36aFLSunny Runner Runner
2.-Vanzel Burnett
Jaylen Floyd
Rodney Holmes
Justin Brown
3:55.20FLGoldcoast Speed and Athletic Track
3.11-12Rylee Brown
James Franklin
Jose Gayton
Jaquell Williams
4:17.03aFLFastlane Track
4.-Stephan Jones
Marcus Tarver
Gregory Mathis
Tekendrick Roberson
4:21.50FLPolk County Elite
5.-Provonsha Wells
Eric Marshall
Xavier Mayfield
Craig Watts
4:33.60FLLightning Bolt Track
6.-Relay Team4:40.53aFLYellow Jacket Pride
High Jump
1.RSProvonsha Wells5' 4.00FLLightning Bolt Track
2.8Isaac Brinson5' 2.00FLSunny Runner Runner
7Erick Burch5' 2.00FLSunny Runner Runner
-Zyreke Tobbler5' 2.00FLSunny Runner Runner
-Tyrell Williams5' 2.00FLSunny Runner Runner
6.7Christian Graham5' 0.00FLSunny Runner Runner
7Chris Westry5' 0.00FLSunny Runner Runner
8.-Jeff Irrace4' 10.00FLSunny Runner Runner
-Anthony Stephenson4' 10.00FLSunny Runner Runner
10.8Dalton Albert4' 6.00FLSunny Runner Runner
-Nathan Wine4' 6.00FLSunny Runner Runner
Long Jump
1.-Tyler Byrd19' 6.00FLGulf Coast Runners Youth Team
2.-Josh Norville18' 10.50FLGulf Coast Runners Youth Team
3.8Mike Mcinnis17' 9.39FLPsl Speedster
4.7Erick Burch17' 3.00FLSunny Runner Runner
-Glenn Durosier17' 3.00FLOvertake Track
6.8Shemar Stanley17' 0.00FLSunny Runner Runner
7.8Auja Rogers16' 10.36FLSunny Runner Runner
8.-Deandre Steelman16' 9.00FLSunny Runner Runner
9.-Jacob Henderson16' 2.50FLSunny Runner Runner
10.-Amir Altieri15' 8.00FLSunny Runner Runner
Triple Jump
1.8Shemar Stanley35' 10.00FLSunny Runner Runner
2.8Auja Rogers35' 0.00FLSunny Runner Runner
3.-Albert Dalton32' 8.00FLSunny Runner Runner
4.-Deandre Steelman32' 3.00FLSunny Runner Runner
5.-Paris Ware32' 0.00FLSunny Runner Runner
6.7Erick Burch31' 6.50FLSunny Runner Runner
7.-Shaquille Quarterman30' 8.00FLSunny Runner Runner

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.8Tiara Robinson12.69aFLPsl Speedster
2.-Amoi Jbrown12.86aFLOvertake Track
3.-Victoria Guerra13.14cFLGulf Coast Runners Youth Team
4.-Camille Nugent13.20aFLFlorida Jets
5.-Amber Hopkins13.42aFLFlorida Jets
-Janney Raggins13.42aFLSunny Runner Runner
7.8Osa Obasuyi13.45aFLSunny Runner Runner
8.13-14Ariel Cardine13.54cFLLightning Bolt Track
9.-Roodlyne Henry13.78aFLOvertake Track
10.-shanica Bazile13.84cFLGulf Coast Runners Youth Team
200 Meters
1.8Tiara Robinson25.84aFLPsl Speedster
2.7Aaliyah Pryce26.17aFLFlorida Jets
3.8Lakayla Harris26.63aFLFlorida Jets
4.13-14Axia Booker27.19aFLEpitome Track
5.13-14Ariel Cardine27.24cFLLightning Bolt Track
6.-Amber Hopkins27.36aFLFlorida Jets
7.-Shakera Thomas27.44cFLLightning Bolt Track
8.-Camille Nugent27.47aFLFlorida Jets
9.-Victoria Guerra27.54cFLGulf Coast Runners Youth Team
10.11-12Antownisha Bryant28.31aFLEpitome Track
400 Meters
1.7Aaliyah Pryce57.72aFLFlorida Jets
2.8Tiara Robinson58.03aFLPsl Speedster
3.13-14Axia Booker59.45aFLEpitome Track
4.-Ashley Wilson62.42aFLOvertake Track
5.8Alberta Cooper62.88aFLSunny Runner Runner
6.-Danisha Nicholas63.04cFLGulf Coast Runners Youth Team
7.8Saskia Smith63.68aFLSunny Runner Runner
8.6Brittney Pryce64.19aFLFlorida Jets
9.11-12Antownisha Bryant64.32aFLEpitome Track
10.6Kiovanni Brown66.29aFLStar Athletic
800 Meters
1.7Emma Tucker2:23.41aFLSunny Runner Runner
2.13-14Jessica Brinson2:30.25aFLEpitome Track
3.6Kiovanni Brown2:36.53aFLStar Athletic
4.-Kaitlyn Novak2:36.90FLGulf Coast Runners Youth Team
5.7Samantha Ziegaus2:39.83aFLSunny Runner Runner
6.-Bernita Brown2:40.84aFLSunny Runner Runner
7.7Julia Montgomery2:41.27aFLFlorida Jets
8.-Briana Pollock2:44.10aFLFlorida Jets
9.-Alexa Cruz2:45.70FLMiami Elite Track
10.11-12Daishon Spann2:46.85aFLPlantation Heat
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team51.33aFLFlorida Jets
2.-Relay Team52.04aFLSunny Runner Runner
3.-Victoria Guerra
shanica Bazile
Macy Cartwright
Kayla Puente
52.24cFLGulf Coast Runners Youth Team
4.-Ariel Cardine
Roshima Coffie
Aaliyah Muhammad
Shakera Thomas
52.34cFLLightning Bolt Track
5.-Relay Team54.89aFLOvertake Track
6.-Relay Team59.99aFLYellow Jacket Pride
7.-Relay Team64.44aFLPlantation Heat
8.-Arielle Lode
Sylvia DelleCave
Alyssa Danner
Alexandra Maxson
64.84cFLStingray Running
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team4:12.25aFLFlorida Jets
2.-Relay Team4:24.81aFLOvertake Track
3.-Relay Team4:26.80aFLSunny Runner Runner
4.-Alexis Walbert
Kayla Puente
Danisha Nicholas
Yolanda Garcia
4:30.20FLGulf Coast Runners Youth Team
5.-Ariel Cardine
Malajia Jordan
Aaliyah Muhammad
Shakera Thomas
4:37.10FLLightning Bolt Track
6.-Relay Team5:12.72aFLYellow Jacket Pride
Discus - 1kg
1.7Cecelia Walker88' 8.00FLSunny Runner Runner
2.-Cieara Walker84' 9.00FLSunny Runner Runner
3.7Valesha Watson73' 4.00FLSunny Runner Runner
4.-Camryn De Curnou70' 0.00FLSunny Runner Runner
5.-Sami Sanderson67' 9.00FLGulf Coast Runners Youth Team
6.-Dana Norville66' 3.00FLGulf Coast Runners Youth Team
7.-Jenna Coates55' 2.00FLSunny Runner Runner
High Jump
1.8Rachel Castelli4' 4.00FLSunny Runner Runner
2.8Chelsea Neal4' 2.00FLSunny Runner Runner
3.-Claudia Lode3' 8.00FLStingray Running
-Julia Reisman3' 8.00FLStingray Running
Long Jump
1.-Victoria Guerra16' 8.00FLGulf Coast Runners Youth Team
2.-Alexis Walbert16' 2.00FLGulf Coast Runners Youth Team
3.8Lakayla Harris16' 0.50FLFlorida Jets
4.13-14Axia Booker15' 5.00FLEpitome Track
8Osa Obasuyi15' 5.00FLSunny Runner Runner
6.6Brittney Pryce14' 9.50FLFlorida Jets
7.8Wilisha Griner13' 4.00FLSunny Runner Runner
8.8Danyelle Duckworth12' 7.00FLSunny Runner Runner
9.6Tabatha Weldon12' 6.79FLYellow Jacket Pride
10.7Samantha Stelmazek12' 4.00FLSunny Runner Runner
Triple Jump
1.8Osa Obasuyi31' 4.00FLSunny Runner Runner
2.8Danyelle Duckworth28' 2.00FLSunny Runner Runner
3.-Tennera Posey27' 4.50FLSunny Runner Runner
4.8Chelsea Neal27' 0.00FLSunny Runner Runner
5.8Saskia Smith26' 6.00FLSunny Runner Runner
6.7Kimberly Briley25' 11.50FLSunny Runner Runner

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