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100 Meters
1.11Nathan Gorman11.48aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
2.12Tylon Lynch11.49aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
3.9Nicholas Stewart11.61aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
4.10Dewayne Winston11.65aMay 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
5.9Leland Girdy11.94aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
6.9Joshua Breece11.96aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
200 Meters
1.12Tylon Lynch22.67aMay 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
2.11Nathan Gorman22.89aMay 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
3.12D'Ante Yarborough23.41aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
4.9Nicholas Stewart23.74aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
5.9Leland Girdy24.29aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
6.10Dewayne Winston24.38aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
400 Meters
1.9Leland Girdy53.60aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
2.11Michael Geary55.60aApr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
3.9Joseph LeMaster57.90aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
4.9David King59.22aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
800 Meters
1.11Michael Geary2:04.38aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
2.10Jack Lynch2:11.72aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
3.10Curt Doescher2:13.19aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
4.12Tyler Brodie2:22.28aMar 22Tim Cook Memorial In..
1500 Meters
1.12Tyler Brodie4:21.84aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
2.10Jackson Morton4:23.66aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
3.10Andrew Matson4:24.03aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
1600 Meters
1.12Tyler Brodie4:40.72aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
2.10Jackson Morton4:43.08aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
3.12Brady Guertin4:47.32aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
4.10Andrew Matson4:48.65aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
5.9Matthew Sapsara4:54.58aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
6.9Eric Casamento5:26.17aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
3200 Meters
1.12Brady Guertin9:54.49aMay 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
2.10Andrew Matson9:56.02aMay 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
3.10Jackson Morton10:21.80aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
4.10Joe Valle10:26.67aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
5.9Matthew Sapsara10:59.76aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
6.12Jon Emch11:32.98aMar 22Tim Cook Memorial In..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12D'Ante Yarborough13.92aJun 15New Balance Outdoor ..
2.11Trevor Bruley16.47aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
3.9Joshua Breece18.58aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12D'Ante Yarborough38.60aJun 7VHSL Group 5A/6A Sta..
2.9Joshua Breece42.66aMay 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
3.11Trevor Bruley44.37aApr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.12D'Ante Yarborough54.86aJun 15New Balance Outdoor ..
4x100 Relay
1.-Dewayne Winston
Nathan Gorman
D'Ante Yarborough
Tylon Lynch
43.44aJun 7VHSL Group 5A/6A Sta..
2.-Relay Team 43.92aMay 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
3.-Nicholas Stewart
Nathan Gorman
Leland Girdy
D'Ante Yarborough
44.84aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
4.-Nathan Gorman
Dewayne Winston
D'Ante Yarborough
Tylon Lynch
44.87aApr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
5.-Nicholas Stewart
Nathan Gorman
D'Ante Yarborough
Tylon Lynch
DQMay 10Southern Track Class..
4x200 Relay
1.-Leland Girdy
Dameon Grayson
Dewayne Winston
Joshua Breece
1:37.40aApr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 3:47.70aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
2.-Andrew Matson
Trevor Bruley
Leland Girdy
Joseph LeMaster
3:48.83aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
3.-Leland Girdy
Michael Geary
Tyler Brodie
Joseph LeMaster
DQApr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 8:32.76aMay 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
2.-Michael Geary
Jackson Morton
Brady Guertin
Matthew Sapsara
9:08.10aApr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
3.-Justin Kniley
Joe Haberlin
Kyle Carter
Curt Doescher
9:38.46aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Cole Carter40' 10.00May 3Gar-Field Invitation..
2.11Tony Gallegos40' 0.50Apr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
3.12Conner Kretlow37' 6.25May 3Gar-Field Invitation..
4.10Jarrett Hastings37' 1.25May 3Gar-Field Invitation..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Conner Kretlow132' 3.00May 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
2.12Jordain Lemaster121' 5.00May 3Gar-Field Invitation..
3.10Andrew Guillory101' 3.00May 3Gar-Field Invitation..
4.10Jarrett Hastings90' 0.00Apr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
5.11Tony Gallegos89' 7.00May 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
High Jump
1.12Tyler Banks6' 9.00May 3Gar-Field Invitation..
2.12Tylon Lynch5' 10.00Mar 22Tim Cook Memorial In..
3.12D'Ante Yarborough5' 8.00May 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
4.10Dameon GraysonNHMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
12Jonathon KasondeNHApr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
Long Jump
1.12Tylon Lynch22' 3.50Jun 7VHSL Group 5A/6A Sta..
2.12D'Ante Yarborough21' 2.25Apr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
3.11Nathan Gorman19' 3.75May 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
4.12Tyler Banks18' 4.00May 3Gar-Field Invitation..
5.9Joshua Breece17' 11.75Mar 22Tim Cook Memorial In..
6.9Leland Girdy16' 2.00Apr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
Triple Jump
1.12D'Ante Yarborough41' 10.50Mar 22Tim Cook Memorial In..
2.12Jonathon Kasonde41' 7.00Apr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
3.12Tyler Banks41' 4.50May 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
4.12Tylon Lynch39' 3.50May 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
5.9Joshua Breece36' 3.25May 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
6.11Trevor Bruley35' 2.00Apr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
7.9Christian McNeil32' 11.00May 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
8.9Julian Perez32' 9.50May 3Gar-Field Invitation..


100 Meters
1.9Maya Girdy12.53aMay 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
2.10Kate Haberlin12.72aMay 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
3.10Josephine-An Asumang13.45aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
11Deja Thompson13.45aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
5.11Jordan Trent13.95aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
200 Meters
1.10Kate Haberlin26.16aMay 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
2.9Maya Girdy26.58aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
3.11Deja Thompson28.32aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
4.10Josephine-An Asumang28.80aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
5.9Ryanne Lenderman29.63aApr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
400 Meters
1.9Ryanne Lenderman63.35aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
2.12Meghan Casey64.77aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
3.9Courtney Higgins65.94aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
4.11Megan Dailey66.25aMar 22Tim Cook Memorial In..
800 Meters
1.9Ryanne Lenderman2:24.72aMay 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
2.10Stacey Dec2:27.20aMay 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
3.12Caitlin Bolton2:39.69aMar 22Tim Cook Memorial In..
4.9Amanda Banks2:44.47aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
5.9Hannah Dize2:45.09aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
6.12Megan WinlandDNSApr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
1500 Meters
1.9Elizabeth Mandrgoc5:18.68aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
2.9Meghan Preisman5:24.28aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
3.9Heather Stone5:31.96aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
1600 Meters
1.12Caitlin Bolton5:17.33aJun 7VHSL Group 5A/6A Sta..
2.9Elizabeth Mandrgoc5:38.04aMay 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
3.9Meghan Preisman5:50.59aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
4.9Heather Stone5:52.99aApr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
5.12Rachel Cronin6:07.47aApr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
6.10Emily Snyder6:11.72aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
3000 Meters
1.12Rachel Cronin12:11.73aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
2.10Emily Snyder12:31.82aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
3200 Meters
1.9Heather Stone12:25.52aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
2.12Caitlin Bolton12:34.73aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
3.9Elizabeth Mandrgoc12:48.97aApr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
4.12Rachel Cronin13:08.57aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
5.10Emily Snyder13:36.45aMar 22Tim Cook Memorial In..
6.10Karmel Webster14:30.47aMar 22Tim Cook Memorial In..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Molly McCabe14.94aMay 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
2.12Jordan Horengic17.01aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
3.11Kate Tkach20.05aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Molly McCabe47.65aJun 7VHSL Group 5A/6A Sta..
2.11Megan Dailey51.95aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
3.12Jordan Horengic53.37aMay 3Gar-Field Invitation..
4x100 Relay
1.-Molly McCabe
Maya Girdy
Deja Thompson
Kate Haberlin
48.95aJun 15New Balance Outdoor ..
2.-Relay Team 49.68aMay 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
3.-Molly McCabe
Maya Girdy
Jordan Horengic
Kate Haberlin
51.27aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
4x200 Relay
1.-Molly McCabe
Maya Girdy
Deja Thompson
Kate Haberlin
1:50.34aApr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 4:19.79aMay 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
2.-Meghan Casey
Megan Dailey
Stacey Dec
Ryanne Lenderman
4:20.37aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
3.-Megan Dailey
Meghan Casey
Ryanne Lenderman
Stacey Dec
4:28.93aApr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
4x800 Relay
1.-Stacey Dec
Elizabeth Mandrgoc
Caitlin Bolton
Ryanne Lenderman
9:48.47aJun 7VHSL Group 5A/6A Sta..
2.-Relay Team 9:50.26aMay 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
3.-Caitlin Bolton
Hannah Dize
Amanda Banks
Stacey Dec
10:51.61aApr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
4.-Elizabeth Mandrgoc
Kathryn Schlesinger
Hannah Dize
Heather Stone
11:14.60aApr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Abena Serwaa28' 9.00Apr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
2.10Jesse Hastings25' 8.00May 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
3.9Nicole Ioli23' 4.50May 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
Discus - 1kg
1.12Abena Serwaa80' 0.00May 3Gar-Field Invitation..
2.10Jesse Hastings62' 10.00Apr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
3.9Nicole Ioli54' 0.00Apr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
High Jump
1.9Courtney Higgins4' 10.00May 3Gar-Field Invitation..
2.10Morgan Simmons4' 8.00May 3Gar-Field Invitation..
11Lauren Percherke4' 8.00May 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
11Sarah Vanlandingham4' 8.00Apr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
5.10Julia Weisberg4' 6.00May 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
Long Jump
1.10Maansi Mehta16' 10.50May 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
2.11Jada McFadden15' 9.75Apr 26Cassel's XBC Track E..
3.10Hannah Friedman15' 7.00May 10Victor Cahoon Track ..
4.9Courtney Higgins14' 7.75Mar 22Tim Cook Memorial In..
Triple Jump
1.10Maansi Mehta34' 8.50May 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
2.10Hannah Friedman34' 3.50May 28VHSL Group 5A North ..
3.11Jada McFadden32' 4.75Mar 22Tim Cook Memorial In..
4.9Courtney Higgins30' 9.50May 3Gar-Field Invitation..
5.11Lauren PercherkeNDApr 5Dwight Scott Invitat..
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