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Warner Pacific - Cascade Open HS

Saturday, October 11, 2008

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Meet Host - Clackamas HS
Location - Westmoreland Park, Portland, OR
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Mens Races

Westmoreland Park

5,000 Meters Open (Community Race)9:30 AM
8,000 Meters College Men10:30 AM

Westmoreland Park

5,000 Meters Varsity1:00 PM
Womens Races

Westmoreland Park

5,000 Meters Open (Community Race)9:30 AM
5,000 Meters College Women10:00 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity12:30 PM
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Thank you to everyone that participated in the 8th Annual Warner/Cascade Invitational!  We had terrific weather for cross country and were treated to some outstanding performances.  We hope that you enjoyed the race and look forward to seeing you again next year.   Complete results from the College and Junior Olympics races can be found at

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Abel Araya16:18.22Portland Lutheran
2.9Roman Kirkov16:19.03Union
3.12Jeff Hopkins16:41.88Clackamas
4.11Craig Bingham17:01.91Heritage Christian
5.10Ian Burgess17:02.65Franklin
6.9Jackson Baker17:11.59Franklin
7.12Gabe Garza17:16.18Clackamas
8.10Gustavo Cortez17:17.21Marshall
9.12Han White-Duong17:17.57Franklin
10.9Tanner Sork17:21.50Union
11.12Chris Meeker17:21.87Oregon City
12.9Andy Holstrom17:23.18Valley Catholic
13.12Austen Paul17:23.46Westside Christian
14.10Micah Bishop17:24.06Clackamas
15.9Austin Howard17:29.97Clackamas
16.12Adrian Lohr17:48.09Franklin
17.11Jacob Scoville17:51.72Union
18.9Alan Johnston17:54.12Clackamas
19.9Jordan Pfaff17:58.94Heritage Christian
20.9Connor Garcia18:01.03Valley Catholic
21.11Chris McGehee18:01.31Jefferson
22.9John Hanscom18:04.50Westside Christian
23.11Peter Bohrer18:08.97Damascus Christian
24.11Marcus Lindsey18:18.06Clackamas
25.11Chris Tiller18:18.18Oregon City
26.11Tanner Murphy18:22.00Damascus Christian
27.11Allistaire Koons-F...18:23.84Franklin
28.11Alex Hossner18:24.43Heritage Christian
29.10Mitchell Koblitz18:42.34Clackamas
30.11Matt Edel18:45.38Franklin
31.12Nick Kelly18:47.28Clackamas
32.9Zach Lemberg18:47.52Union
33.9Muhammed Yusuf18:51.53Franklin
34.12William Bohrer19:01.56Damascus Christian
35.11Stephen Roach19:02.40Damascus Christian
36.10Damon Erickson19:03.37Union
37.10Brendan Baker19:17.78Oregon City
38.10Damon Hines19:22.31Franklin
39.12Dan Deboever19:33.15Union
40.12James Feist19:38.41Clackamas
41.10Kohei Shintatsu19:40.62Valley Catholic
42.11Daniel McDonald19:44.18Westside Christian
43.11Grant Wilson19:48.31Oregon City
44.10Stephen Chung19:58.34Union
45.10Daniel Rathkey20:04.28Westside Christian
46.10Matt Burr20:09.59Clackamas
47.11Ryan Rau20:13.09Oregon City
48.12Jacob Galash20:15.88De La Salle N Catholic
49.9Kyle VeraCruz20:18.59Oregon City
50.9Aloha Levan20:22.25Franklin
51.12Yohanna Tadesse20:23.94Union
52.12Brian Brown20:25.72Clackamas
53.9Mack Schlief20:26.31Heritage Christian
54.11Orlando Diaz20:26.78Heritage Christian
55.9Kevin Fitts20:28.09Oregon City
56.11Seth VanDerEems20:29.72Heritage Christian
57.10Brandon Gallinat20:30.21Valley Catholic
58.9Anthony Alfieri20:30.78Valley Catholic
59.10Cesar Trejo20:31.12Jefferson
60.11Harry Bayley20:36.38Franklin
61.11Gerad Preston20:41.72Oregon City
62.12Chris Doud20:42.28Oregon City
63.12Tom Haines20:45.56Valley Catholic
64.10Mathew Roach20:48.06Damascus Christian
66.11Nick Haggerty20:51.91Union
67.10John Brady20:52.62Oregon City
68.9Jordan Sebers20:54.06Clackamas
69.9J.P. Rivera20:58.47Valley Catholic
70.9Josh Edel21:06.62Franklin
71.9Preston Edde21:07.78Union
72.12Victor Martins21:14.94Valley Catholic
73.10Tim Jackson21:15.21Clackamas
74.10Matthew Stockamp21:29.28Westside Christian
75.12Patrick Hanson21:50.81Clackamas
76.12Daniel Hoffman21:51.06Clackamas
77.10Hunter Cantrell21:51.34Union
78.10Richard Twelves22:03.84Union
79.9Alex King22:06.31Franklin
80.11Chris Schoon22:19.41Marshall
81.11Cesar Villegas22:19.69Oregon City
82.9Charlie Layton22:26.38Westside Christian
83.11Alex Smith22:30.56Valley Catholic
84.9Daniel Hipshman22:35.12Clackamas
85.12Ben Walsh22:54.03De La Salle N Catholic
86.10Tim Erickson22:57.34De La Salle N Catholic
87.11Connor Fitts22:59.88Oregon City
88.11Dustin Riddle23:02.59Clackamas
89.11Jerry Durant23:08.28Oregon City
90.9Ben Stager23:16.88Valley Catholic
91.12Loren Landau23:22.91Westside Christian
92.9Oscar Lehtonen-Har...23:23Westside Christian
93.10Colin McClellan23:30.84Westside Christian
94.11Ryan Kletke23:52.72Marshall
95.9Ryan Gillihan23:56.47Westside Christian
96.9Caleb Walterman24:33.84Clackamas
97.9Andre Martin24:34.28Portland Lutheran
98.11Michael Burton24:57.09Union
99.10Aaron Breeden26:14.44Jefferson
100.10Simon Maschinchi26:14.87Clackamas
101.12Danny Cobb27:05.93Valley Catholic
102.9Alex Feytser28:00.12Union
103.9Alex Batten28:26.72Franklin
104.9Sean Ellyson28:27.15De La Salle N Catholic
105.9Jared Smith32:25.22Valley Catholic
106.10Randall Rystrom35:11.88Heritage Christian
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.11Julia Fonk19:42.47Franklin
2.10Christina Anderson19:46.42Heritage Christian
3.12Joy Shufeldt19:47.27Franklin
4.10Austin Lundin19:49.04Valley Catholic
5.11Kate Jette20:14.77Clackamas
6.12Meghan Blood20:28.34Valley Catholic
7.10Leanne Bingham20:34.43Heritage Christian
8.10Sara Seiwald20:37.17Valley Catholic
9.9Shelby Barter20:53.80Heritage Christian
10.10Madison Hutchinson21:02.93Clackamas
11.11Meg Gilbertson21:10.88Clackamas
12.11Katie Skinner21:11.15Franklin
13.11Allison Young21:13.59Franklin
14.9Patricia Stein21:20.63Portland Lutheran
15.9Lily Mayko21:30.39Valley Catholic
16.10Madison Trowbridge21:45.49Franklin
17.12Jeanette Edel21:49.82Franklin
18.12Lauren Bailey21:53.64Franklin
19.11Alyssa Rowland21:54.04Clackamas
20.10Cassy Bieker22:03.54Clackamas
21.9Zoe Chrisman-Miller22:08.86Franklin
22.10Shelly Bohrer22:11.90Oregon City
23.11Jennifer Tina22:15.65Marshall
24.10Katherine Cochran22:17.33Union
25.11Denell McGuire22:19.09Clackamas
26.12Kirsten Maier22:21.02Portland Lutheran
27.10Colleen Coleman22:21.43Franklin
28.12Lana Brown22:28.53Franklin
29.9Kim Bender22:34.27Jefferson
30.11Megan McInnis22:38.95Clackamas
31.11Karen Keniston22:41.67Union
32.12Hannah Slater22:43.35Oregon City
33.10Missy Tento22:47.11Westside Christian
34.12Rebecca Holding22:48.24Damascus Christian
35.11Tate Keeler22:53.71Clackamas
36.12Amanda Nuss22:56.39Oregon City
37.10Chelsea Folker23:04.29Clackamas
38.9Autumn Davis23:11.23Valley Catholic
39.10Hannah Ott23:14.50Heritage Christian
40.11Kristina Dixon23:15.01Heritage Christian
41.9Ciana Baron23:16.49Westside Christian
42.10Jessica Waltz23:23.91Union
43.10Karina Harper23:29.99Franklin
44.11Melissa Bartmess23:35.06Union
45.11Kiersten Hansen23:37.00Clackamas
46.9Kate Massinger23:47.55Clackamas
47.9Avery Farley23:58.78Clackamas
48.10Anna Harris24:05.03Valley Catholic
49.10Shannon Ritchie24:05.45Heritage Christian
50.10Hope Landsem24:10.50Westside Christian
51.9Tasmin Sickler24:11.22Westside Christian
52.10Elizabeth Paul24:17.09Westside Christian
53.12Rebekah Kuhl24:23.86Oregon City
54.9Rebecca Baglai24:24.47Valley Catholic
55.10Morgan Montehermoso24:30.08Union
56.10Vita Savka24:31.99Marshall
57.10Chieri Naito24:35.10Portland Lutheran
58.11Kathryn Persaud24:35.50Clackamas
59.9Jessica Hammock24:36.21Oregon City
60.9Kathleen Tran24:43.04Clackamas
61.11Jessica Hansen24:45.47Clackamas
62.9Hannah Thurston24:51.40Westside Christian
63.10Maisie Marek24:55.00Clackamas
64.12Emily Watts25:09.00Clackamas
65.10Megan Lockwood25:17.08Westside Christian
66.11Christine Jordan25:21.56Clackamas
67.11Emily Trapnell25:23.31De La Salle N Catholic
68.11Anastasia Bondarchuk25:26.99Marshall
69.11Melissa Wilcox25:29.11Oregon City
70.10Katie Friesen25:37.89Westside Christian
71.11Stephanie Kunkle25:38.45Westside Christian
72.9Lauren Kelly25:48.93Clackamas
73.10Larissa Garcia25:52.82Oregon City
74.12Kelsey Sether25:54.95Oregon City
75.9Bailey Groshong26:14.29Oregon City
76.11Nichole Galloway26:23.95Clackamas
77.10Laree Pfluke26:25.89Union
78.10Dominique Belafsky26:36.78Oregon City
79.9Gabby McBride26:38.39Clackamas
80.11Megan Kuenzi27:30.99Jefferson
81.11Julia Gartner27:47.30Clackamas
82.9Sarah Healy27:57.89Valley Catholic
83.9Madeleine Tomich28:14.21Valley Catholic
84.11Diane Kim28:34.30Clackamas
86.10Emily Bonazzola28:40.09Portland Lutheran
87.11Erika Purcell28:50.92Clackamas
88.10Brittany Divincenzo29:02.09Clackamas
89.11Sarah Yang29:25.83Clackamas
90.9Catherine Lo29:34.60Valley Catholic
91.11Ingrid Bergmann32:52.58Portland Lutheran
92.9Mandy Bender33:06.61Jefferson
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