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Wenatchee Invite HS

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - Wenatchee HS
Location - Walla Walla Point Park, Wenatchee, WA - Map
Mens Races

Walla Walla Point State Park

3 Miles Varsity12:40 AM
3 Miles Junior Varsity11:40 AM
Womens Races
3.01 Miles Wheelchair

Walla Walla Point State Park

3 Miles Varsity12:10 AM
3 Miles Junior Varsity11:00 AM
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14th Annual Wenatchee XC Invite

Saturday, September 27th

Walla Walla Point Park in Wenatchee, Washington

 Please send your roster by Wednesday, September 24th.



     1 Central Valley                                       30    3    4    6    8    9   11   13

     2 Wenatchee                                            71    7   12   15   18   19   22   30

     3 Central Kitsap                                       73    1   14   16   17   25   26

     4 Ephrata High School                              103    2   20   24   28   29   31   44

     5 Eastmont                                            150   10   33   34   35   38   39   48

     6 Cascade HS of Leavenworth               187    5   21   49   53   59   64

     7 Omak                                                188   23   36   40   43   46   47   61

     8 Cashmere                                            218   27   42   45   50   54   56   62

     9 East Valley Yakima                               243   32   41   55   57   58   66

    10 Quincy                                              263   37   51   52   60   63   65


     1 Eastmont                                             46    6    7    9   10   14   15   19

     2 Central Kitsap                                       49    1    2   13   16   17   31   37

     3 Wenatchee                                            66    5   11   12   18   20   29   33

     4 Moses Lake                                          118    4   21   22   30   41   44   53

     5 East Valley Yakima                      166    8   26   42   43   47   52   67

     6 Sunnyside                                           169   23   25   35   38   48   51

     7 Cashmere                                            189    3   24   40   60   62   63   64

     8 Ephrata High School                     190   27   32   36   46   49   50   61

     9 Quincy                                              231   28   34   54   57   58   59   71

    10 Omak                                                297   39   56   65   68   69

    11 Cascade HS of Leavenworth              308   45   55   66   70   72

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Mens Results

3 Miles Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Shane Moskowitz15:45.00Central Kitsap
2.10Zackery Weber16:32.00Central Kitsap
3.12Seth Pierson16:37.00Cashmere
4.12Jeff Marsh16:38.00Moses Lake
5.9Jacob Smith16:39.00Wenatchee
6.12Micah Spaun16:42.00Eastmont
7.12Ross Lindell16:48.00Eastmont
8.11Mason Yates16:57.00East Valley (Yakima)
9.12Christian Eifert16:58.00Eastmont
10.11Dillon Delabarre17:03.00Eastmont
11.9Nicholas Boersma17:03.00Wenatchee
12.11Michael Sauer17:07.00Wenatchee
13.9Michael Thorsen17:10.00Central Kitsap
14.10Mitch Parsons17:11.00Eastmont
15.11Zane Carlson17:14.00Eastmont
16.11Mark Zylstra17:17.00Central Kitsap
17.11John Mackovjak17:21.00Central Kitsap
18.11Brian Nygard17:23.00Wenatchee
19.12James Parsons17:27.00Eastmont
20.10Max Christman17:30.00Wenatchee
21.12Aristotles Santiago17:30.00Moses Lake
22.12David Asfour17:31.00Moses Lake
23.12Jacob Rogers17:33.00Sunnyside
24.10Roman Velazquez17:36.00Cashmere
25.12Gracen Gonzalez17:38.00Sunnyside
26.11Joshua Assink17:40.00East Valley (Yakima)
27.11Eddie Pineda17:41.00Ephrata
28.10Ben Horning17:42.00Quincy
29.12Skyler Tidd17:43.00Wenatchee
30.11Ben Daschel17:49.00Moses Lake
31.9Chas Sperry17:53.00Central Kitsap
32.9Matthew Helsley17:59.00Ephrata
33.11Andrew Carlson18:07.00Wenatchee
34.10Adrian Diaz18:08.00Quincy
35.11Osbaldo Arroyo18:14.00Sunnyside
36.10Steven Monda18:19.00Ephrata
37.11Andrew Thorsen18:29.00Central Kitsap
38.12Jose Alberto Sanchez18:36.00Sunnyside
39.9Michael Goble18:37.00Omak
40.11Robby Godfrey18:37.00Cashmere
41.12Erik Chambers18:38.00Moses Lake
42.11Jacob Assink18:46.00East Valley (Yakima)
43.12Douglas Chartier18:47.00East Valley (Yakima)
44.9Hayden Wise18:49.00Moses Lake
45.11Luke Groen18:56.00Cascade (Leavenworth)
46.11Alex Arvan18:56.00Ephrata
47.10Konner Hopkins19:02.00East Valley (Yakima)
48.11Kennedy Sarmiento19:03.00Sunnyside
49.9Aaron Young19:05.00Ephrata
50.10Ian Westrope19:07.00Ephrata
51.12Shawn Olivarez19:08.00Sunnyside
52.12Andre Uribe19:09.00East Valley (Yakima)
53.9Bradley Nicholas T...19:10.00Moses Lake
54.11Logan Winter19:19.00Quincy
55.9Jake Whitten19:19.00Cascade (Leavenworth)
56.10Kane Pennington19:24.00Omak
57.11Manuel (Jose) Hern...19:30.00Quincy
58.10Luke Grigg19:33.00Quincy
59.10Aaron Lee19:37.00Quincy
60.12Sang Cho19:40.00Cashmere
61.11Sam Scheelke19:43.00Ephrata
62.12Matthew Miller19:50.00Cashmere
63.10Kevin Bailey19:51.00Cashmere
64.10Jacob Brockwell20:18.00Cashmere
65.12Brandon Black20:26.00Omak
66.10Ben Lambuth20:57.00Cascade (Leavenworth)
67.9Conner Schnieder21:05.00East Valley (Yakima)
68.11Dustin Johnson21:07.00Omak
69.11Josh Gray21:15.00Omak
70.10Ryan Rosenau21:19.00Cascade (Leavenworth)
71.12Edgar Rivera21:25.00Quincy
72.9Chase Lemons21:30.00Cascade (Leavenworth)
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3 Miles Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Cullen MacLennan18:05.00Central Kitsap
2.9Brandon Carlson18:16.00Central Kitsap
3.12Kevin Jessup18:17.00Eastmont
4.12Mark Zimmerman18:18.00Wenatchee
5.10Brian Bonafilia18:33.00Central Kitsap
6.9Judd Lewis18:33.00Wenatchee
7.12Gordy Bauer18:43.00Wenatchee
8.9Will Monlux18:45.00Moses Lake
9.10Chris Haas18:45.00Eastmont
10.9Teddy Thorson18:49.00Wenatchee
11.11Shane Delaney18:53.00Eastmont
12.12Chris Jessup18:57.00Eastmont
13.9Peter Collier18:59.00Wenatchee
14.11Joel Alverez19:00.00Wenatchee
15.10Clint Vidano19:06.00Wenatchee
16.11James Mackovjak19:09.00Central Kitsap
17.12Galen Card19:13.00Wenatchee
18.11Josh Ulrich19:14.00Eastmont
19.10Alonso Castro19:15.00Wenatchee
20.11Justin Valdez19:18.00Wenatchee
21.11Nick Rothwall19:23.00Central Kitsap
22.9Brandon Edmondson19:26.00Eastmont
23.9Christopher Roman19:39.00Sunnyside
24.9Josh Black19:41.00Moses Lake
25.9Robin Ditrich19:42.00Cascade (Leavenworth)
26.10Bryan Da Ponte19:46.00Moses Lake
27.9Nathan Osborne19:48.00Moses Lake
28.10Tim Johnson19:49.00Moses Lake
29.12Alec Wood19:53.00Wenatchee
30.10Steven Beck19:59.00Ephrata
31.10Patrick Smith20:00.00Wenatchee
32.9Michael Northup20:02.00Moses Lake
33.10Kristopher Taz Gad...20:05.00Moses Lake
34.10Tye Walsh20:06.00Sunnyside
35.11Gavin Lane20:11.00Moses Lake
36.11Spencer Jaquish20:14.00Sunnyside
37.11Benjamin Steele20:16.00Moses Lake
38.11Erik Toften20:17.00Eastmont
39.11Alex Mackenzie20:19.00Central Kitsap
40.11Alex Bugert20:21.00Wenatchee
41.10Shaun Harrington20:22.00Ephrata
42.11Virgile Janssen20:23.00Moses Lake
43.11Tyler Mugg20:26.00Wenatchee
44.12Brad Clemetson20:28.00Moses Lake
45.10Guillermo Correa20:29.00Sunnyside
46.11Jacob Kunkel20:32.00Eastmont
47.10Tom Johnson20:39.00Moses Lake
48.11Ricky Schneider20:40.00Wenatchee
49.9Dylan Guilmette20:48.00Eastmont
50.9Jeff Kunkel20:52.00Eastmont
51.9Andy Perez20:54.00Eastmont
52.11William Larsen20:54.00Ephrata
53.9Devin Juarez20:55.00Moses Lake
54.12Justin Hammond20:57.00Ephrata
55.9Eliot Orando20:58.00Central Kitsap
56.9Ethan Tilly21:00.00Central Kitsap
57.11Jef Moss21:01.00Wenatchee
58.10Carl Mayer21:02.00Eastmont
60.9James Stolhammer21:08.00Cashmere
61.12Andrew Wear21:13.00Wenatchee
62.9Canyon Hurst21:15.00Eastmont
63.10Ruben Prado21:17.00Sunnyside
64.10Miguel Barrios21:20.00Sunnyside
65.11Clayton Bracht21:22.00Ephrata
66.9Manny Lopez21:36.00Quincy
67.12Eric Borgholthaus21:38.00East Valley (Yakima)
68.10Adam Tidd21:42.00Wenatchee
69.12Corey Trepanier21:43.00Ephrata
70.10Christopher Chipman21:48.00Cashmere
71.9Barret Gonzales21:51.00Moses Lake
72.11Jose Pena21:59.00East Valley (Yakima)
73.10Christopher Larsen22:01.00Ephrata
74.9Micheal McDonnell22:05.00Ephrata
75.11Ricky Ramirez22:11.00Wenatchee
76.10Freddie Roman22:12.00Sunnyside
77.-Weivoda Josh22:17.00Moses Lake
78.12Andrew Thresher22:19.00Cashmere
79.11Matt Hatfield22:38.00Sunnyside
80.10Trevor Marcusen22:41.00Quincy
81.10Paden Osterlund23:03.00Wenatchee
82.10Eduardo Castaneda23:04.00Quincy
83.10Ian Huxtable23:09.00Quincy
84.9Nic Steitz23:11.00Cashmere
85.10Jorge Montano23:17.00Quincy
86.11Luke Dilly23:24.00Cashmere
87.9Damian Cacchiotti23:25.00Moses Lake
88.9Francisco Mercado23:26.00Quincy
89.9Lance Paul23:40.00Omak
90.9Connor Wytko23:44.00Moses Lake
91.9Marcos Avelino23:51.00Wenatchee
92.9Steven Ohlund23:59.00Moses Lake
93.9Jaden Iwassa24:04.00Eastmont
94.9Alex Rose24:07.00Moses Lake
95.9Cam Winger24:20.00Central Kitsap
96.9Cody Hyer24:32.00Moses Lake
97.9Bryce Young24:53.00Quincy
98.11Luis Magana-Reyna24:56.00East Valley (Yakima)
99.9Makai Barnett25:01.00Wenatchee
100.12Kenneth O'Kelley25:22.00Central Kitsap
101.10Connor Sears26:08.00Ephrata
102.9Brendan Davy28:50.00Eastmont
103.10Jason Hammers28:51.00Omak
104.12Gerry Perez29:00.00Eastmont
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Womens Results

3.01 Miles Wheelchair  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.9Amber Weber14:04Central Valley Course Record
2.9Emily Owens19:52Central Valley
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3 Miles Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Shannon Moskowitz18:58.00Central Kitsap
2.10Danielle Friend19:24.00Ephrata
3.12Eden Lake19:47.00Central Valley
4.10Madi Barnes19:58.00Central Valley
5.9Hailey Ziegler20:30.00Cascade (Leavenworth)
6.10Josie Warner20:32.00Central Valley
7.10Maria Zamora20:38.00Wenatchee
8.12Erin Murphy20:39.00Central Valley
9.9Leah Amsden20:42.00Central Valley
10.9Bekah Waterhouse20:47.00Eastmont
11.10Ashleigh Seely20:51.00Central Valley
12.11Skye Pauly20:54.00Wenatchee
13.12Breanna Barsten21:03.00Central Valley
14.12Tori Johansen21:11.00Central Kitsap
15.11Erinn Kuest21:13.00Wenatchee
16.9Kelsey Rico21:30.00Central Kitsap
17.12Maggie Crow21:30.00Central Kitsap
18.11Chelan Pauly21:31.00Wenatchee
19.11Leanne Thorson21:36.00Wenatchee
20.10Kendahl Hintz21:41.00Ephrata
21.12Hilary Nunn21:44.00Cascade (Leavenworth)
22.12Kristin Budiselich21:46.00Moses Lake
23.9Anna Dye21:50.00Wenatchee
24.12Chiara Rose-Witt21:52.00Omak
25.9Erin Monda21:55.00Ephrata
26.12Brittany Siegrist21:56.00Central Kitsap
27.9Liana Merrill22:12.00Central Kitsap
28.11Diana Fernandez22:13.00Cashmere
29.12Lisa Heer22:15.00Ephrata
30.10Ann Slininger22:20.00Ephrata
31.11Kylie Chapman22:28.00Wenatchee
32.9Jane Mizner22:28.00Ephrata
33.9Azayla Alvarado22:29.00East Valley (Yakima)
34.10Nicole Craig22:36.00Eastmont
35.12Katlen Freimuth22:39.00Eastmont
36.10Kayla Gelb22:44.00Eastmont
37.10Rachael Kraske22:52.00Omak
38.11Dayanna Lopez22:54.00Quincy
39.12Amy Cromer23:06.00Moses Lake
40.12Emily Grant23:17.00Eastmont
41.11Kelsey Grant23:18.00Eastmont
42.9Ashlee Barker23:38.00Omak
43.10Daniela Depaz23:38.00East Valley (Yakima)
44.11Marlene Manzo23:41.00Sunnyside
45.12Danielle Grams23:50.00Cashmere
46.10Danielle Pecha23:58.00Omak
47.9Jordan Larkin24:00.00Ephrata
48.12Taylor Landes24:04.00Cashmere
49.10Marcy Harris24:08.00Omak
50.9Nicole Statler24:10.00Omak
51.11Emily Albrecht24:16.00Eastmont
52.9Dorian Yarbrough24:17.00Moses Lake
53.10Hannah Ziegler24:28.00Cascade (Leavenworth)
54.10Mayra Hurtado24:40.00Cashmere
55.9Katia Perez24:42.00Quincy
56.11Marisol Lopez24:47.00Quincy
57.11Kaley Graybeal24:59.00Cascade (Leavenworth)
58.11Yadira Castaneda25:26.00Cashmere
59.11Teresa Zarate25:49.00East Valley (Yakima)
60.11Mikaela Hoyer26:05.00Cashmere
61.9Brittany Roy26:07.00East Valley (Yakima)
62.10Tori Koenig26:21.00East Valley (Yakima)
63.10Julia Anderson26:28.00Cascade (Leavenworth)
64.9Sarah Martinez26:34.00Quincy
65.10Ilsa (Gus) Rose-Witt26:38.00Omak
66.12Taylor Twitchell27:07.00Cashmere
67.10Maira Hernandez27:35.00Quincy
68.10Natalie Cowen27:43.00Cascade (Leavenworth)
69.10Daisy Rodriguez27:49.00Sunnyside
70.11Maria Aceves28:20.00Quincy
71.9Ashley Ommen-Nunley28:22.00East Valley (Yakima)
72.11Candice Vela28:54.00Moses Lake
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3 Miles Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Jamie Lambie20:47.00Central Valley
2.10Shannon Hotchkiss21:21.00Central Valley
3.11Ashley Renz21:33.00Central Valley
4.9Allison Yost21:51.00Central Valley
5.10Acacia Smith21:52.00Central Valley
6.9Tegan Chapman21:55.00Wenatchee
7.12Ari Rios22:10.00Central Valley
8.10Grace Pariseau22:17.00Central Valley
9.9Maddy Vincent22:21.00Central Valley
10.9Noel Neumann22:22.00Central Valley
11.12Kirsten Valaas22:26.00Wenatchee
12.10Mackinlie Maynard22:32.00Central Valley
13.12Shanelle Coffey22:34.00Central Valley
14.9Taylor Barnes22:44.00Ephrata
15.12Katherine Termath22:50.00Central Valley
16.10Kaley Fields22:54.00Central Valley
17.12Sarah Faubion23:02.00Wenatchee
18.11Amanda Savage23:13.00Central Valley
19.12Tris Krakenberg23:16.00Central Valley
20.10Ashley Field23:19.00Central Kitsap
21.12Kendra Brown23:23.00Central Valley
22.12Selina Byrum23:31.00Central Valley
23.11Emilie Poirer23:32.00Wenatchee
24.12Emily Juhre23:37.00Central Valley
25.10Elenore Bastian23:43.00Wenatchee
26.12Chelsea Raulsome23:48.00Central Kitsap
27.11Gretha Eifert23:48.00Eastmont
28.9McKenzie Lancaster23:49.00Central Valley
29.12Katie Kolander23:52.00Eastmont
30.9Carrie Taylor24:06.00Central Valley
31.11Carina Viveros24:24.00Ephrata
32.11Taylor Selig24:26.00Ephrata
33.12Jamie Bohnet24:34.00Ephrata
34.10Alexa Glomb24:41.00Wenatchee
36.12Sarah Patterson25:05.00Central Kitsap
37.11Sarasa Partida25:18.00Sunnyside
38.11Kjirsten Lewis25:29.00Wenatchee
39.9Kelsey Yenney25:39.00Ephrata
40.10Ashley Piehl26:14.00Central Valley
41.11Mallory Lotz26:17.00Ephrata
42.11Gabrielle Yelland26:21.00Omak
43.9Jessica Driscoll26:52.00Central Valley
44.11Jordan Cunningham27:08.00Cashmere
45.11Erica Trejo27:26.00Central Kitsap
46.10Caitlyn Law27:30.00Omak
47.10Claire Hanberg27:41.00Ephrata
48.10Brianna Bofinger27:57.00Central Kitsap
49.9Britta Weeks28:00.00Central Valley
50.12Melodie Eloff28:57.00Ephrata
51.9Georgia Lamb29:08.00Omak
52.10Esther Saiz29:35.00East Valley (Yakima)
53.11Paije Balthazor31:33.00Ephrata
54.9Whitney Nordlund31:49.00Omak
55.9Megan Anderies32:22.00Central Valley
56.11Caralee Henry33:22.00Omak
57.10Victoria Sandoval33:41.00East Valley (Yakima)
58.10Whitney Throgmorton38:10.00Cashmere
59.10Ariel Lynch38:10.00Cashmere
60.12Karina Romero38:44.00Sunnyside
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