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Silver Falls Invitational HS

Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Meet Host - Stayton HS
Location - Stayton HS, Stayton, OR - Map
Mens Races

Stayton HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
3,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Stayton HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
3,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.11Brad Prettyman16:37.65Estacada
2.11Parker Bennett16:50Sisters
3.12Benton Urquhart17:02Sisters
4.11Troy Prettyman17:12.09Estacada
5.12Mike Calavan17:22Sisters
6.11Thomas Guerena17:29Taft
7.11Cody Carter17:35The Dalles-Wahtonka
11Josh Slate17:39Cascade
12Brian Youngern17:43Cascade
10.11Seth Schneider17:45Sisters
11.11Ben Iremonger17:46The Dalles-Wahtonka
12.10Taylor Steele17:46Sisters
13.11Drew Harrison18:00Sisters
10Prajedes Curiel18:21Cascade
15.12Tony Peralta18:24Taft
16.12Cory Marcus18:30.74Estacada
17.11Donnie Coulson18:36The Dalles-Wahtonka
9Ben Lippold18:37Cascade
19.12Zach Middleton18:45The Dalles-Wahtonka
26.12Craig Prine18:56Sisters
9Morrison Chappell18:59Stayton
23.11Harley Wood19:00The Dalles-Wahtonka
26.11Mac Berg19:21.61Estacada
11Sam Wiltse19:37Stayton
28.11Daniel Dunagan19:37The Dalles-Wahtonka
30.10Alfredo Vazquez19:40The Dalles-Wahtonka
32.11Kevin Gile19:44Taft
34.11Travis Hartung19:47.95Estacada
11Brent Hofmann20:02Stayton
9Zack Soto20:03Cascade
37.10Logan O'neil20:07Taft
11Emile Silbernagel20:08Regis
12Lee Miller20:12Regis
40.12Nick Stone20:15Taft
9Karl Dotter20:19Cascade
11Kevin Davidson20:23Cascade
9Tyler Dailey20:25Stayton
11Wade Humphrey20:27Cascade
45.10Cameron Haun20:28Taft
10Austin Smith20:30Stayton
10Hector Martinez20:45Regis
48.12Dylan Hicks20:48Sisters
9Trevor Mack21:01Stayton
53.10Kenny Roberts21:12Taft
12Justin May21:13Regis
11Andre Hall21:14Regis
11Cody Sears21:28Stayton
60.9Ryan Anderson21:56.47Estacada
62.12Jon Howard23:26.85Estacada
11Brett Nusom24:18Regis
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3,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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9Theo Puentes10:50Newport
2.12Michael Kort10:50Taft
11Wade Sproul10:56Newport
12Johnny Dean11:15Newport
6.9Luke Conklin11:22The Dalles-Wahtonka
7.12Ben Patton11:31The Dalles-Wahtonka
8.11Tyler Holeman11:37The Dalles-Wahtonka
10.10Rhett Mullins11:47The Dalles-Wahtonka
11.12Austin Grimm11:53The Dalles-Wahtonka
12.9Sol Ontiverias11:57The Dalles-Wahtonka
13.11Brad Bradshaw11:59The Dalles-Wahtonka
14.10Jonah Powell12:02The Dalles-Wahtonka
17.9Braiden Benjamin12:14The Dalles-Wahtonka
10Ryan Ware12:18Regis
18.9Tony Sam12:18Taft
11Quinton Phelps12:22Cascade
10Taylor Rice12:24Cascade
9Caleb Hawkins12:24Cascade
24.11Anthony Smith12:26.13Estacada
12Noah Kintz12:45Regis
29.10Justin Taylor12:48The Dalles-Wahtonka
30.12Jacob Powell12:56The Dalles-Wahtonka
10Chris Lorenz12:59Regis
34.10Cesar Trejo13:02Jefferson
35.9Greg Glesener13:03The Dalles-Wahtonka
36.10Derek Shortt13:04The Dalles-Wahtonka
38.10Kane Hill13:08Taft
40.11Chris McGehee13:14Jefferson
41.10Eli Kaspari13:14Jefferson
10Cory Swindle13:20Cascade
47.11Jason Pluemke13:24.86Estacada
48.9KJ Ramsey13:29The Dalles-Wahtonka
9Jake Hale13:37Newport
10Zach Roark13:40Regis
10Blake Silbernagel13:44Regis
10Jacob Graber14:25Cascade
10Justin Ayers14:31Regis
11Zefeng Chen14:38Regis
11Chad Collins14:41Regis
11Cory Miller14:42Cascade
10Ripp Michael14:55Regis
68.9Kenny Gyure15:12.44Estacada
71.9Mathew Gyure15:23.02Estacada
72.10Harry Blakeman15:25Taft
73.10Aaron Breeden15:37Jefferson
12Pomm Khaewratana16:01Newport
10Michael McClain16:01Regis
11JR Beitel16:34Regis
9Michael Usselman18:48Regis
82.11Lucas Broehl20:40The Dalles-Wahtonka
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Emily Hendricks20:41Stayton
2.11Marie Miller21:11The Dalles-Wahtonka
3.10Kirsten Clarke21:28Sisters
4.10Hayden Kaser21:38Stayton
9Alexis Mitzel22:35Cascade
7.10Hayley Palmer22:46Sisters
8.11Claire Kanzig22:47Sisters
9.10Jordan Richerson22:53Sisters
10.10Eva Long22:55Taft
12.11Reice Bennett23:29.37Estacada
13.10Kelsey Hernandez23:33Stayton
14.11Nicolle Meadors23:40Sisters
9Becca Tabor23:46Regis
11Britney Soto23:51Cascade
10Hannah Burks23:53Cascade
19.12Lauren Kromer23:57Taft
21.12Jill Pearson23:59The Dalles-Wahtonka
20.10Katie Peters24:00Stayton
23.12Courtney Johnson24:01Sisters
24.12Roslyn Albee24:11Stayton
10Jessica Soto24:27Cascade
27.9Kim Bender24:30Jefferson
32.11Rebekah Morgan25:02Taft
10Christina Ciampi25:05Cascade
10Jerrica Mack25:10Cascade
39.11Beth Wynn25:46.41Estacada
10Mariah McGill25:52Cascade
43.10Chancey Summers26:24.61Estacada
44.12Sarah Roberts26:44The Dalles-Wahtonka
45.10Anna Morgan27:39Taft
46.10Lita Noland28:13Taft
47.10Anna Moschel28:31Taft
48.11Elisa Simon28:34.02Estacada
10Daphne Van Veen30:13Regis
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3,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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10Sandra Eames14:56Cascade
8.11Megan Kuenzi15:11Jefferson
10Nanami Akita15:29Regis
10Ashley Nusom15:42Regis
10Kana Misona15:49Regis
-Sara Doerfler15:55Cascade
16.11Angela Despain16:12The Dalles-Wahtonka
10Ai Uto16:21Regis
9Erin Marshall16:22Regis
10Jodie Lonergan16:32Regis
11Meagan Fraser17:00Regis
24.10Abby Timmons17:07The Dalles-Wahtonka
12Marissa Bender17:27Regis
27.11Danielle Largent17:27The Dalles-Wahtonka
28.12Chloe Goodwin17:38The Dalles-Wahtonka
12Natalie Bender17:44Regis
12Nicole Bunde17:45Regis
31.10Elizabeth Reise17:48The Dalles-Wahtonka
32.9Mandy Bender17:57Jefferson
12Callie Tabor18:43Regis
12Carly Harrold18:54Regis
11Meagan Usselman19:25Regis
12Heidi Etzel20:21Regis
12Silbernagel Kate22:18Regis
12Sarah Lulay22:19Regis
9Emily Odenthal22:21Regis
10Mattie Howe22:30Regis
10Angie Hall22:35Regis
10Brandy Gillette22:36Regis
37.9Judy SimonEstacada
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