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3 Miles Varsity
3 Miles Junior Varsity
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3 Miles Varsity
3 Miles Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

3 Miles Varsity  

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12Simon Sorensen15:34Skyline
10Kyle Branch16:02Skyline
12Travis Lund16:07Skyline
8.11Alan Villavicencio16:16Bothell
9.12Trey Parry16:19Bothell
11Mark Frerker16:27Skyline
13.11Kevin Holmes16:32Bothell
11Ben Ressler16:45Skyline
17.11Ashkon Nima16:51Bothell
9Evan Botsch17:20Skyline
9Jay Bowlby17:37Skyline
9Brandon Clark17:39Skyline
12Dallas Dyer17:45Skyline
32.11Cyrus Schaaf17:46Bothell
12Jeff Lestz17:47Skyline
11Joe Chirillo17:47Skyline
35.11Jonathon Wiedemann17:49Bothell
38.12Taylor Chaplin17:51Bothell
10Ryan Rixon17:53Skyline
45.11David deFrates18:28Bothell
9Kevin Tidball18:33Skyline
11Chris Justice18:45Skyline
49.12Chris Brownfield18:45Bothell
50.12Gianni Niolu18:46Bothell
51.11Nolan Hoppe-Leonard18:49Bothell
11Kyle Murphy18:58Skyline
12Brad Freeman19:26Skyline
9Drew Matthews19:31Skyline
11Marty Pletcher19:42Skyline
10Deven Kent-Dobias19:50Skyline
12Grant Watson19:58Skyline
9Grant Waldren20:03Skyline
9Jonathan Hong20:08Skyline
11Jacob Moe-Lange20:15Skyline
12Ryan Rossell20:33Skyline
10Evan Kamber20:34Skyline
11Jean Bordinais20:35Skyline
9Andrew Ishimaru20:49Skyline
10Braden Tegman20:50Skyline
63.11Jacob Sullivan20:59Bothell
10Jeff Helling21:11Skyline
9Jack Pruitt21:13Skyline
10Alan Deweirdt21:26Skyline
9Corey Ching22:12Skyline
9Nick Fuerstenberg22:31Skyline
9Michael Stewart22:42Skyline
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3 Miles Junior Varsity  

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2.11Devin Nakahara18:15Bothell
5.10Camden McKone18:56Bothell
11.10Brian McAfee19:22Bothell
15.12Bryndon Lezchuk19:32Bothell
28.12Austin Amoruso19:56Bothell
30.11Daniel Walton19:59Bothell
31.11Tanor Missler20:01Bothell
34.11Igor Legin20:04Bothell
35.10Conrad Dahl20:05Bothell
38.10Chris Arneson20:09Bothell
40.11Scott Jackson20:13Bothell
46.10Tyler Tsujii20:25Bothell
53.10Matthew Hill20:35Bothell
56.11Seth Harbol20:42Bothell
63.10Max Goeke21:04Bothell
66.10Lane Shish21:17Bothell
67.10Stephen Pederson21:17Bothell
76.11Anthony Ellis21:40Bothell
87.11Ali Haji22:06Bothell
88.11Peter Bacon22:07Bothell
91.11Noel White22:11Bothell
93.11Jeremy Lezchuk22:19Bothell
9Jo Tono22:21Skyline
114.12Justin Iwen23:35Bothell
115.12Zach Jones23:40Bothell
117.11Ed Eichelsdoerfer24:01Bothell
118.11John Jones24:10Bothell
123.10Dae-Hyun Jin25:12Bothell
132.11Riley Donohue28:50Bothell
133.10Jacob Hamilton29:53Bothell
12Dallas DyerSkyline ,
11Marty PletcherSkyline ,
12Travis LundSkyline ,
11Mark FrerkerSkyline ,
10Kyle BranchSkyline ,
11Joe ChirilloSkyline ,
10Alan DeweirdtSkyline ,
9Evan BotschSkyline ,
9Jay BowlbySkyline ,
9Brandon ClarkSkyline ,
9Jonathan HongSkyline ,
10Evan KamberSkyline ,
11Jacob Moe-LangeSkyline ,
9Grant WaldrenSkyline ,
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