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Southern Sky Pre-District Meet HS

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - Mazama HS
Location - Dave Steen's Sports Complex, Klamath Falls, OR
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Mens Races

Dave Steen's Sports Complex

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Dave Steen's Sports Complex

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Wilder Schaaf17:40.78Ashland
2.12Paul Schwarzer18:14.15Ashland
3.10Jon Obeso18:39.66Crater
4.12Josh Elliott18:40.06Crater
5.11Max Runia18:40.50Crater
6.10Sam Jackson19:10.66Ashland
7.11Aaron Adams19:12.00Crater
8.12Greyson Dixon19:12.56Crater
9.11Alex Bowland19:15.06Ashland
10.10Isaac Schaaf19:19.25Ashland
11.12Patrick Staton19:23.78Crater
12.12Cord Walsh19:24.28Ashland
13.10Piers Rasmussen19:26.34Crater
14.10Paul Adams19:26.75Mazama
15.12Kirby Garlitz19:27.24Mazama
16.11Colin Haug19:32.06Ashland
17.11Culley Dumbeck20:28.81Klamath Union
18.12Charles Warrington20:29.78Klamath Union
19.10Nathan Snoozy20:32.38Mazama
20.11Aldo Vargas20:39.59Klamath Union
21.10Miles Hanson20:40.40Mazama
22.10Alek Angeli20:48.47Mazama
23.12Cody Warren20:57.94Eagle Point
24.11Alex Dassoff21:14.50Klamath Union
25.12Joey Logan21:42.66Eagle Point
26.11Hayden Leach21:45.53Mazama
27.11Harry Holzgang21:50.28Klamath Union
28.10David Evans21:54.18Mazama
29.10Keifer Pehowic22:46.59Eagle Point
30.9Cooper Wolf22:58.15Eagle Point
31.9Christopher Mann35:00.68Eagle Point
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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1.11Hunter Sanders19:14.72Crater
2.12Tony Barrett19:15.12Crater
3.10Neil Seibert19:15.50Crater
4.12Kade Jensen19:15.96Crater
5.10Nick Bowland19:31.47Ashland
6.10Ben Jackson20:11.12Ashland
7.11Josh Franckowiak20:24.47Ashland
8.9Daniel Stober20:24.90Crater
9.10Dylan Minor20:45.69Ashland
10.10Navarre Herrera20:50.62Ashland
11.11Austin Huerta20:51.06Ashland
12.12Reed Phillips21:18.72Klamath Union
13.9Todd Delaney21:55.53Mazama
14.10Joshua Arntz22:05.47Mazama
15.9Jimmy Marquit22:09.31Mazama
16.11Codey Fields22:36.53Mazama
17.12Beam Blackwell22:37.37Ashland
18.9Lucas Crebbin22:43.00Klamath Union
19.10Bryndon Light22:43.43Ashland
20.11Drew Schiess22:43.93Mazama
21.10Dirks Mathias22:45.20Mazama
22.9John Martinez23:01.06Crater
23.10Jonah Freedman23:12.59Ashland
24.9Thomas Stewart23:28.25Crater
25.9Jacob Laurance-Tho...23:33.00Ashland
26.10Jackson Kintzinger23:40.88Klamath Union
27.12Alex Jaunzems23:44.50Mazama
28.10Cole Mulkey23:45.18Mazama
29.9David Reed23:59.44Klamath Union
30.11CJ McCully24:06.00Mazama
31.12River Holmes24:06.40Klamath Union
32.9Nicolai Luce24:22.56Klamath Union
33.9Alex Sukles24:35.41Ashland
34.11Zach Markovich25:29.53Ashland
35.9Scott Kleeman25:55.75Klamath Union
36.9Tyler Mackey25:58.31Crater
37.10Garrett Ewing26:20.31Ashland
38.9Eddy McVarish26:38.75Ashland
39.9Nik Brewer26:48.75Crater
40.10Jon Niskanen27:10.69Klamath Union
41.10Hunter Murga27:57.56Mazama
42.10Thomas Tappert28:08.15Ashland
43.11Ian Larive29:36.03Ashland
44.12Jon Taylor29:42.62Crater
45.11Jordan Tippin29:43.28Mazama
46.9Nathan Dean30:00.03Mazama
47.9Kaden Kinser30:19.56Crater
48.9Kody Kinser30:21.88Crater
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.10Mia O'Dougherty22:26.22Ashland
2.12Camelia Mayfield22:34.03Ashland
3.10Dana Greenblatt22:56.50Ashland
4.10Jasmyn Andrews23:02.00Crater
5.11Jessica Vig23:03.25Crater
6.10Marshall Miller23:04.91Ashland
7.12Arianne Laferriere23:05.52Crater
8.12Amanda Dalton23:20.22Crater
9.11Esther Olsen23:41.59Crater
10.10Sarah Hastings24:01.81Crater
11.11Damaris Remigio24:02.15Crater
12.11Hannah Ewing24:16.59Ashland
13.12Stephanie Kersten24:35.12Mazama
14.10Morgan Anderson25:12.03Klamath Union
15.10Nicole Mee25:12.43Klamath Union
16.11Erin Westfall25:29.12Klamath Union
17.9Melissa Britsch25:41.97Klamath Union
18.10Andrea Scherrer25:59.31Ashland
19.12Megan Cummings27:56.94Klamath Union
20.10Kendall Webber28:28.91Mazama
21.11Mercadez Cossairt-...28:30.88Klamath Union
22.10Chloe Hanks28:44.62Eagle Point
23.11Halie Budden29:06.75Klamath Union
24.12Brandee McGonagill29:33.12Mazama
25.9Ashley Johnson30:05.38Eagle Point
26.9Jessica Esparza34:02.09Mazama
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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1.10Kelly Odion24:15.22Ashland
2.9Megan Ganim25:25.03Ashland
3.11Kathryn Reynolds25:37.91Ashland
4.12Sarah Britting25:48.84Ashland
5.11Lyric Randall26:41.94Ashland
6.11Lauren Hornbeck27:11.91Crater
7.10Elli Mallory27:14.75Ashland
8.9Cami Hobbs27:31.78Klamath Union
9.10Megan Mortimer-Lamb28:35.00Ashland
10.10Taylor Crawford28:37.15Mazama
11.9Kia Parrish-Haim28:49.97Ashland
12.12Natalie Knight28:53.31Ashland
13.11Beatriz Gutierrez29:18.44Crater
14.9Deanna Plumlee29:21.25Ashland
15.-Jaki Salgado29:24.28Crater
16.12Shaymaa Taha29:27.44Mazama
17.12Clarissa Caicedo29:39.28Mazama
18.10Shelby Higinbotham30:06.84Crater
19.10Jordan Kyzer30:47.97Crater
20.11Anna Murphy30:55.44Ashland
21.12Karly Law31:08.00Mazama
22.11Caitlin Hinton31:28.84Mazama
23.10Amanda Warrior31:30.25Mazama
24.10Maggie Buktenica31:34.06Ashland
25.9Grazia Rutherford-...32:11.62Klamath Union
26.9Samantha Hooper32:11.96Klamath Union
27.9Karina Wahlberg32:39.12Crater
28.10Courtney Todd33:10.18Mazama
29.9Marielle Durand33:18.06Crater
30.10Hannah Treadway35:53.75Crater
31.11Jennifer Garlitz35:59.53Mazama
32.9Ashley Holder36:07.91Mazama
33.9Ashley Cox36:51.44Klamath Union
34.11Kami Hoffheins37:35.50Klamath Union
35.12Brianna Derber37:53.75Mazama
36.-Nicole Rowlan38:11.56Klamath Union
37.12Aspen Mathias38:32.00Mazama
38.9Chelsea Burns40:47.88Klamath Union
39.12Karla Recino42:04.59Mazama
40.12Marisol Ramirez42:54.66Mazama
41.9Jasmine Zangari43:27.66Klamath Union
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