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Linn County Championships HS

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Meet Host - West Albany HS
Location - Timber Linn Park, Albany, OR - Map
Mens Races

Timber Linn Park

5,000 Meters High School Division4:00 PM
5,000 Meters Fun Run5:00 PM
Womens Races

Timber Linn Park

5,000 Meters High School Division4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Fun Run5:00 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters High School Division  
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West Albany

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1.12Michael Shogren16:57.17West Albany
2.12Eric Holmberg17:46.24Scio
3.12Rudy Sanchez18:02.33South Albany
4.12Josh Bewley18:06.46West Albany
5.11Vladislav Ishenin18:07.07South Albany
6.10Zachary Holloway18:14.46Central Linn
7.12Spencer Cannon18:14.74West Albany
8.12Blake Wimer18:32.86West Albany
9.11Jordan Monroe18:42.3West Albany
10.11Anthony Van Eaton18:51.86West Albany
11.12Jesse Anderson18:59.05South Albany
12.9Taylor Becker18:59.59East Linn Christian
13.12Ralph Leatherman19:00.18South Albany
14.12Alex Russell-Wilson19:07.36West Albany
15.9Kody Osborne19:17.4East Linn Christian
16.11Keith Harry19:20.07West Albany
17.10Joseph Ewers19:22.05Central Linn
18.12Brandan Smith19:32.33Willamette
19.11Alex Hasselman19:35.14West Albany
20.11Wesley Smith19:42.65Central Linn
21.11Jacob Morgan19:45.52South Albany
22.11Jeffy Anderson19:56.02South Albany
23.12Austin Gorham19:56.52South Albany
24.10Jordan Burford19:56.83South Albany
25.12Matt Schueller19:59.99West Albany
26.11Ethan Massari20:07.49Scio
27.11Charles Morgan20:08.1South Albany
28.11Jesse Cargil20:17.49Willamette
29.12Cody White20:17.9Scio
30.12Craig Trask20:30.99Lebanon
31.10John Christensen20:37.86West Albany
32.10Alex Clawson20:41.05South Albany
33.12Dane Anguiano20:44.57Willamette
34.9Jacobi Smith20:49.14West Albany
35.10Garrett Hartman20:53.14South Albany
36.11Anthony Langford21:01.04West Albany
37.11Jorge Contreras21:07.24Willamette
38.10Jessie Jones21:10.8South Albany
39.10Cody Crumley21:12.07Lebanon
40.11Lamar Visarraga21:13.43Willamette
41.10Jared Hanson21:15.65Willamette
42.10Javier Solis-Sanchez21:16.4South Albany
43.9Zach Dreher21:20.8South Albany
44.10Caleb Riley21:23.27West Albany
45.10Ryan Mills21:39.74West Albany
46.9Austin Culver21:41.21South Albany
47.10Philip Dostie21:42.83South Albany
48.12Christian Upmeyer21:45.33Lebanon
49.10Reid Kinser21:46.68West Albany
50.11Will Corliss21:48.99Willamette
51.10Benjamin Huddlestun21:51.52Willamette
52.9Kyle Strasdas21:52.96Willamette
53.12Jake Thompson21:54.05Central Linn
54.12Nathan Zoon21:59.9Central Linn
55.10Lucas Markert22:04.61Lebanon
56.10Matt Boe22:14.3South Albany
57.9Mackenzie Johanesen22:20.57Willamette
58.10Matt Hitt22:27.33East Linn Christian
59.11Josh Carle22:28.46Lebanon
60.11Anthony Svensson22:34.24Willamette
61.10Christopher Ewing22:39.27Willamette
62.12Eric Thomas22:42.02Willamette
63.10Adam Leopard22:44.78Central Linn
64.11Ed McGehee22:55.93Lebanon
65.10Derek York23:00.54Willamette
66.12Alberto Martinez23:24.99South Albany
67.9Cade Burch23:32.83West Albany
68.12Kraig Farrar23:51.21West Albany
69.10Eric Medina23:56.74Willamette
70.9Snowden Bristow24:06.4West Albany
71.9Cameron Dixon24:08.93West Albany
72.11Matt Carrington24:09.54South Albany
73.11Andrew Mason24:31.43Lebanon
74.10Austin Black24:33.33Willamette
75.12Tyler Cone24:34.4Central Linn
76.11Drew York25:07.07Willamette
77.11Brian Vosgien25:24.61South Albany
78.11Patrick Dill25:32.78Willamette
79.11Adam Greenwood25:34.14Lebanon
80.12Aaron Koob26:03.96South Albany
81.11Daniel Tucker26:36.3West Albany
82.9Peter Meyr26:41.1Central Linn
83.9Quinton Liebl26:51.55Willamette
84.9Nicholas Bettencourt27:17.99Scio
85.9Kyle Adcock27:20.3Scio
86.12Serkan Cakmak27:55.4South Albany
87.10Michael Dee28:05.46West Albany
88.9Kyle Simms28:08.71Central Linn
89.10Daniel Ferguson28:46.43Lebanon
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters High School Division  
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West Albany

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1.10Anna Demchuk20:54.99South Albany
2.12Jen Johnston21:21.61West Albany
3.11Katelin Renfro21:22.3East Linn Christian
4.11Sophie Kaplan22:14.86West Albany
5.10Brianna Beckner22:26.43South Albany
6.12Hannah Whitehead22:39.86East Linn Christian
7.10Zoe Engwall22:41.07East Linn Christian
8.12Tiga Evans23:02.51West Albany
9.11Rose Ramirez23:24.68West Albany
10.12Taylor Nelson23:31.1Willamette
11.11Lisl Ruckert23:59.55East Linn Christian
12.10Teal Barrett24:09.74West Albany
13.11Whitley Garber24:20.61East Linn Christian
14.10Marli Corbett24:22.9Lebanon
15.11Heather Matz24:26.36Lebanon
16.12Lisa Payne24:38.05Willamette
17.9Kelsea Josh24:57.49Willamette
18.10Anna Ma25:02.21Lebanon
19.12Mariah Dowless25:04.65South Albany
20.10Rebecca Falleur25:10.27Willamette
21.10Makenna Becker25:22.93West Albany
22.11Monica Huang25:27.57Lebanon
23.9Dara Tillery25:33.61West Albany
24.10Jocelyn Vinson25:35.1Central Linn
25.11Rachel Gerber25:56.52Central Linn
26.12Alyssa Swartzendru...25:57.86South Albany
27.9Rose Gerber25:59.07Central Linn
28.11Kenadee Bargett26:12.07Willamette
29.12Stephanie Bristow26:31.33South Albany
30.9Kelsie Horner26:35.46East Linn Christian
31.10Shana Martin26:42.55Willamette
32.10Xenia Nava-Valdivia26:54.93Willamette
33.12Aimee Crumley27:10.36Lebanon
34.11Amanda Mayer27:17.43Central Linn
35.10Kristin Cox27:27.52South Albany
36.11Natasha Carrick27:48.71South Albany
37.12Autumn Short28:04.93East Linn Christian
38.11Mary Salas28:13.52West Albany
39.10Gabby Lukins28:14.93West Albany
40.12Courtney Martin28:40.74West Albany
41.11Madi Nielson-Binder28:42.57Central Linn
42.9QiQi Liu29:14.4East Linn Christian
43.10Mackenzie Bangs29:38.14South Albany
44.10Bailey Dean30:06.54Willamette
45.10Mckenzie Travernier30:13.43Willamette
46.10Kaylee Engler30:36.99Lebanon
47.10Kimi Gay31:07.9South Albany
48.9Samantha Roof31:53.21West Albany
49.10Chantelle Baum32:34.43West Albany
50.11Sandra Woodworth33:09.21Willamette
51.9Ryan Spires33:10.86West Albany
52.11Michelle Coffman33:45.96West Albany
53.11Laura Grove35:13.55East Linn Christian
54.10Jodie Morgan39:40.21South Albany
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