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East Valley HS

3 Mile VarsityJunior Varsity5:00 PM
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East Valley HS

3 Mile Varsity/Junior Varsity4:30 PM

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Mens Results

3 Mile VarsityJunior Varsity  
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East Valley (Yakima)

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1.12Mason Yates17:30East Valley (Yakima)
2.12Joshua Assink18:08East Valley (Yakima)
3.11Konner Hopkins18:22East Valley (Yakima)
4.9Marcus Lopez18:41East Valley (Yakima)
5.12Jacob Assink18:49East Valley (Yakima)
6.11Eduardo Montes19:17Othello
7.12Christopher Farley19:18Toppenish
8.10Josh Morris19:19Othello
9.11Cameron Kobes19:27Toppenish
10.10Conner Schnieder19:28East Valley (Yakima)
11.12Ian Frank19:36Toppenish
12.9James Himes19:58East Valley (Yakima)
1.11Kenneth Warner20:11East Valley (Yakima)
2.10Benjamin Montano20:23East Valley (Yakima)
13.9Anthony Barrera20:29Othello
14.11Gilbert Villa20:37Othello
3.10Jessie Villarreal20:45Othello
4.11Cesar Sanabia20:56Othello
5.11Greg Porter20:57Othello
15.10Cesar Valenciano21:02Othello
16.11Emelio Gonzalez21:04Toppenish
17.11Francisco Villegas21:07Toppenish
6.9Gavin Osegueda21:10East Valley (Yakima)
7.11Antonio Estrada21:33Othello
8.9Ivan Mendoza21:34Othello
18.10Brandon Medina21:45Othello
9.9Jose Cabrera21:46Othello
10.11Colton Rodriguez22:08Othello
19.12Reuben Lopez22:16Othello
20.10Emmett Clayton22:17Toppenish
11.12Anthony Villarreal22:20Othello
12.10Jonathan Rodriguez22:25Othello
13.9Bridger Hofman22:29East Valley (Yakima)
14.9Christopher Ulmer22:32East Valley (Yakima)
15.11Stevie Garza22:51Othello
16.11Alfonso Guerra23:09Othello
17.10Sergio Montes23:14Othello
21.10John Piper23:16Toppenish
18.12Jose Pena23:17East Valley (Yakima)
19.9Eduardo Mendoza23:18Othello
20.9Conner Black23:19East Valley (Yakima)
21.9Keenan Pass23:38Othello
23.9Austin Mitchell23:40East Valley (Yakima)
24.12Andres Mendoza23:43 SROthello
26.10Matthew Everett23:45Othello
27.10Hector Zurita23:50Othello
22.11Freddy Lustre24:16Toppenish
28.11Alberto Vargas24:42 SROthello
29.9Riker Thiel24:51 PREast Valley (Yakima)
30.10Gilberto Elizarraz25:10Othello
31.11Alex Rekow25:16East Valley (Yakima)
32.9Armando Gonzalez27:08Othello
33.10Erik Ramirez29:13Othello
34.9Becket Hofman29:29East Valley (Yakima)
35.12Angel Alvarado31:34Othello
36.12Tommy Valdez41:16Othello
22.12Paco Gonzalez#VALUE!Othello
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East Valley (Yakima)

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