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3,000 Meters Middle School3:00 PM
Womens Races
3,000 Meters Middle School3:00 PM

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School  

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7Gabe Wyllie12:31St Francis 2 mile course
6Carlos Rich12:47St Francis 2 mile course
6Leo Lukens12:54Cascade (Bend)
8Camden Stoddard12:57St Francis 2 mile course
7Tyler Jones12:59Cascade (Bend)
7Grant Parton13:03Cascade (Bend)
7Cameron Ficher13:06Cascade (Bend)
4.7Tristan Hollingswo...13:07High Desert
8Max Stamler13:22St Francis 2 mile course
7Eli Pite13:24High Desert
8Augie Brunette13:45St Francis 2 mile course
7Matt Hecker13:52Cascade (Bend)
7Russell Taylor14:00High Desert
6Colin Burdsall14:02Cascade (Bend)
6George Conlan14:02Cascade (Bend)
6Nick Fondiller14:05Cascade (Bend)
6Bryant Jolma14:11High Desert
8Lucas DeCastilhos14:16St Francis 2 mile course
7Teddy Widmer14:23St Francis 2 mile course
7Kyle Alhart14:37Cascade (Bend)
6Elliot Willy14:52Cascade (Bend)
8Tony Watters14:53St Francis 2 mile course
8John Siemens15:02High Desert
9Keenan Naegele15:11Cascade (Bend)
8Jared Schiemer15:13St Francis 2 mile course
8Justin Gillete15:27High Desert
6Kobi Polmanteer15:37 PRCascade (Bend)
6Alex Martin15:40Cascade (Bend)
7Luke Peters16:00St Francis timer messed up
7Marcus Tiktin-Mitc...16:01Cascade (Bend)
6Caleb Iams16:09High Desert
6Seth Leonelli16:23 PRHigh Desert
7Sean Studebaker16:35Cascade (Bend)
8Riley Shelton16:38St Francis 2 mile course
7Royce Gist16:40Cascade (Bend)
6Max Perez16:43Cascade (Bend)
7Trey Bracelin16:48Cascade (Bend)
7Nolan Killgore16:50Cascade (Bend)
7Jacob Kolcun17:43High Desert
7Ethan Shultheis17:50High Desert
6Cooper Rychlick19:16Cascade (Bend)
6Kelli Nicholson19:39Cascade (Bend)
7John Theobald20:52High Desert
62.7Houston Westgate26:19Creswell
8Sam EdwardsHigh Desert DNS
7Jake BuehnerHigh Desert DNS
6Boston BusicHigh Desert DNS
8Max WagonerHigh Desert DNS
8Spencer HolmsHigh Desert DNS
7Keenan DodgeHigh Desert DNS
8Brian HollidayHigh Desert DNS
6Desmond HolmHigh Desert DNS
6Nate LauchlanHigh Desert DNS
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School  

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8Faith DeYoung11:18 PRCascade (Bend)
8Natalie Ambrose12:40St Francis
7Olivia Powell13:04Creswell
6Bedria Williams13:32Creswell
7Jessica Cornett13:43High Desert
7Allie Bowlin13:48Cascade (Bend)
8Abby Tozer13:59Cascade (Bend)
7Camille Stillwell14:01Cascade (Bend)
6Lilian Hanson14:09Cascade (Bend)
6Brittni Weber14:21Cascade (Bend)
8Emily Hyde14:33St Francis 2 mile course
7Madison Odiorne14:46High Desert
6Connor Naegele15:00St Francis timer messed up
6Laurel Johnson15:14Cascade (Bend)
6Allison Boese15:16High Desert
8Jaydra Rotolante15:22Cascade (Bend)
8Tanna Reid15:35Cascade (Bend)
8Macey Burgess15:42St Francis 2 mile course
7Sarah Perkins15:43Cascade (Bend)
7Kelly Weichman16:00Cascade (Bend)
6Scarlett Turfler16:18Cascade (Bend)
7Mikayla Shelton16:28St Francis timer broken
7Lauren Gallivan16:30St Francis timer broken
7Alexis Bonn16:35St Francis timer broken
7Jona Paladijczuk16:45St Francis timer broken
6Eleanor Hobson16:45Cascade (Bend)
6Madeline Williams16:45Cascade (Bend)
6Meri Smiley16:58Cascade (Bend)
6Amanda Rich17:00St Francis timer broken
8Luci Brunette17:15St Francis timer broken
7Tauschia Arneson17:29Creswell
6Caroline Nichols17:30St Francis timer broken
6Sarah Sall17:35Cascade (Bend)
6Olivia Russell17:38Cascade (Bend)
6Caitlin Nichols17:40St Francis timer broken
6Madi McKinney18:00St Francis timer broken
6Erica Nelson18:44High Desert
6Sydney Platsman19:22High Desert
6Nishtah Thomas19:23High Desert
7Carolyn Davio19:30St Francis timer broken
7Marrianne Hawkins19:31Cascade (Bend)
6Ruby Dolezal19:50Cascade (Bend)
7Jamie Fox20:15Creswell
7Peighton Carmichael20:17Creswell
8Casey Apregan21:32St Francis
6Claire Clark22:15Cascade (Bend)
8Kirsten Farner:Cascade (Bend)
7Abigail LangeHigh Desert DNS
8Devon CostaHigh Desert DNS
7Vanessa EizeyHigh Desert DNS
8Miyah NealHigh Desert DNS
6Taryn PeckHigh Desert DNS
8Olivia Coffman SRHigh Desert DNS
8Maria Johnson SRHigh Desert DNS
6Olivia Johnson PRHigh Desert DNS
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