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Mens Results

6,000 Meters Men  

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1.Amir Abualanadi20:51UN
2.SoTJ Matthews21:13Maryville (MO)
3.FrJason Dorn21:16Washington U in St. ...
4.SoMike Horn21:19Fontbonne
5.FrMikael Boughdiri21:20Washington U in St. ...
6.JrZach Kassman21:24Fontbonne
7.FrJosh Lewis21:25Washington U in St. ...
8.SoBlake Austin21:26Lindenwood
9.SoTodd Schulte21:29Fontbonne
10.SoDwayne Ferguson21:34Lindenwood
11.FrCasey Humphrey21:35Maryville (MO)
12.SrTim Meahl21:38Washington U in St. ...
13.JrPeter Bush21:45Washington U in St. ...
14.JrRyan Irvine21:52Lindenwood
15.JrChris Brennan21:56Washington U in St. ...
16.SoEthan Blakley21:58Fontbonne
17.SoPatrick Ryan22:03Washington U in St. ...
18.FrNolan Bevirt22:07Maryville (MO)
19.SrBrian Rooney22:09Washington U in St. ...
20.FrDavid Zheng22:10Washington U in St. ...
21.FrSean Bomher22:21Washington U in St. ...
22.JrKenny Fairleigh22:27Washington U in St. ...
23.SoBrian Soule22:34Lindenwood
24.FrJustin Halley22:35Maryville (MO)
25.FrEric Smith22:37Lindenwood
26.FrMichael Richardson22:39Washington U in St. ...
27.SrSamir Chabra22:45Washington U in St. ...
28.SoMatt Rickard22:49Washington U in St. ...
29.SoIan Lindquist22:54Fontbonne
30.SoSarju Pancel23:02St. Louis College of...
31.SoShane Watts23:05Lindenwood
32.SoJonathan Beltzer23:22Lindenwood
33.SoDarren Dodd23:27Lindenwood
34.JrChuck James23:31Blackburn College
35.FrWesley Barger23:32Lindenwood
36.JrSilvio Flaim23:42St. Louis College of...
37.FrJustin Hofmann23:47Lindenwood
38.SoJustin Taylor23:55Washington U in St. ...
39.SoWilliam Forrester24:02Washington U in St. ...
40.??????? ????????24:04????????
41.SoBill Boxdorfer24:06Fontbonne
42.David Baker24:12UN
43.SoJarvis Jacobs24:21Lindenwood
44.SoMatt Peterson24:25Lindenwood
45.FrDillon Klaffer24:29Fontbonne
46.SoNolan McCoy25:06Lindenwood
47.-David Kim25:09St. Louis College of...
48.FrThomas Watson25:20Lindenwood
49.SoJohn Augusti25:57Fontbonne
50.FrJimmy Plackemeir25:59Lindenwood
51.JrMitch Murphy26:30Maryville (MO)
52.SoZac Walter26:31St. Louis College of...
53.JrMarshall Petty26:32Blackburn College
54.-Waites Sam26:42Fontbonne
55.-Adam Schroeder26:54Maryville (MO)
56.SoMark Streitz27:10St. Louis College of...
57.Nick Roediger27:27UN
58.Goher Intesham27:45UN
59.JrBrian Chronister28:45St. Louis College of...
60.JrDavid Orzechowski28:59Blackburn College
62.JrPhilip Ward31:46Maryville (MO)
65.JrMatt Spangler34:45Blackburn College
66.JrMarcus Rich35:09Blackburn College
67.JrDavid Reinhardt36:19Blackburn College
68.Johnny Martellaro36:43UN
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  

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1.JrSangeeta Hardy20:32Washington U in St. ...
2.FrAnne Correll20:51Washington U in St. ...
3.FrBrittany Cronin20:56Washington U in St. ...
5.SoElisabeth Stocking21:19Washington U in St. ...
6.JrAugusta Dunse21:22Washington U in St. ...
7.FrAshley Lane21:28Maryville (MO)
8.SrAllison Bickel21:32Washington U in St. ...
9.JrRachel Hanson21:37Fontbonne
10.SoSarah Britton21:43Washington U in St. ...
11.FrGracie Boelsems21:58Stephens (MO) College
12.SoCatherine Reynolds21:59Washington U in St. ...
13.SoKaitlin Titsworth22:02Fontbonne
14.FrTara Johnson22:13Maryville (MO)
15.-Molly Reissmann22:30Washington U in St. ...
16.SoJessica Banda22:37Maryville (MO)
17.FrAnita Kren22:43Fontbonne
18.FrKelia Hamilton22:45Fontbonne
19.FrErica Garcia23:05Fontbonne
20.SrRachael Maedeker23:19St. Louis College of...
21.JrMarcey Cox23:27Fontbonne
22.SoArvesha Hill23:31Lindenwood
23.SoKirsten Marklin23:33Maryville (MO)
24.FrRachel Hemphill23:40Lindenwood
25.FrKacey Denny23:46Lindenwood
26.SoAirika Tyler23:49McKendree
27.FrKelsi Simpson23:59Stephens (MO) College
28.FrAshley Durbin24:08Maryville (MO)
29.FrStephanie Borinsky24:15Washington U in St. ...
30.SrMelissa Webelhuth24:16St. Louis College of...
31.Jasmine Schmidt24:27UN
32.FrCiera Landolt24:55McKendree
33.FrMelanie Saunders24:58Maryville (MO)
34.FrMadelyn Hereford25:01Stephens (MO) College
35.JrMarissa Buescher25:06Blackburn College
36.JrJessica Jaggie25:19Lindenwood
37.FrVictoria Timmermann25:20Maryville (MO)
38.FrTanyaradzwa Chibanda25:21Lindenwood
39.JrTricia Morris25:28Fontbonne
40.FrAlex Senaldi26:05McKendree
41.SoLaura Ewersmann26:08Maryville (MO)
42.SoKaren Obermann26:17St. Louis College of...
44.SrTessa Valdez26:26Lindenwood
45.SoAmanda Orzechowski26:33Blackburn College
46.SoSiu Jessica Ching26:38Lindenwood
47.SrMonica Engelbreacht26:43Fontbonne
48.SrLindsey Vandersteen27:17St. Louis College of...
43.FrKatie Scott27:23Fontbonne
49.SoAnne Marx27:52Fontbonne
50.SoChristina Lamere27:53Blackburn College
51.JrElle Potter28:15St. Louis College of...
52.SoKira Flanders29:28Stephens (MO) College
53.SrJessi Church30:35Stephens (MO) College
54.FrElizabeth Littler31:48Stephens (MO) College
55.SoAriel Christman31:48Stephens (MO) College
56.SrAshley Mischke32:42Stephens (MO) College
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