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State of Jefferson Invitational HS

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - Ashland HS
Location - Lithia Park, Ashland, OR - Map
Mens Races

Lithia Park

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity11:55 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity1:10 PM
3,000 Meters Open1:45 PM
Womens Races

Lithia Park

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity11:15 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity12:35 PM
3,000 Meters Open1:45 PM
Last Updated 7:46 PM, Thu, Oct 14



  • We look forward to seeing you in beautiful Lithia Park! Meet Headquarters will be at the bandshell in the lower end of the park.   Coaches Meeting at 10:30 AM
  • Bus Parking:  On Granite Street between Nutley Street and Winburn Way. Buses ONLY are allowed to park in the No Parking zones in this stretch of road.
  • Please reserve the JV race for actual JV runners so awards can be distributed fairly!
  • Spikes are prohibited. 
  • All entries will be downloaded on to Hytek, so you will be able to make changes to your line-ups at any time.  Any adds after October 9 will have to be done day of race, before 11:00 AM!
  • Registration deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 12!
  • Awards Ceremony 30 Minutes after Varsity Boys Race: Trophies for winning varsity teams; plaques for 2nd - 4th and 1st JV teams. Medals for individuals 1st through 3rd Varsity, 4th - 25th ribbons. Ribbons for JV individuals 1st through 15th.  
  • Amenities: Bagels, fruit, music, spectacular fall scenery.
  • Entry Fee:  $100 Per team, $10 per individual.
  •  FREE 3K Fun run for coaches, parents, and fans immediately following the Varsity Boys Race.  No registration necessary.  NO ATHLETES WHO PREVIOUSLY COMPETED THAT DAY ALLOWED IN THE FUN RUN!

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Nick Bowland17:57.00Ashland
2.12Jason Duval17:58.86Roseburg
3.11Aaron Valdivia18:10.80Roseburg
4.10Malachi May18:11.11American Christian A...
5.10Dylan Woodward18:46.19Roseburg
6.9Clayton Bunn18:47.48Yreka
7.10Nathan Hernandez18:53.04University Prep
8.9Cody Griffith18:53.85Yreka
9.11Drew Coughlin18:55.73Roseburg
10.11Jonah Freedman19:02.26Ashland
11.10Lucas Crebbin19:02.63Klamath Union
12.9David Neill19:06.22Yreka
13.10Forrest Eldred19:10.83Grants Pass
14.9Alec Johnson19:11.42Roseburg
15.12Codey Fields19:14.74Roseburg
16.9Michael Folta19:16.45American Christian A...
17.11Justin Haupt19:20.11North Medford
18.9Manuel Castaneda19:22.20Klamath Union
19.9Lars Ferguson-Rock...19:30.99Ashland
20.9Cameron Merker19:32.17Grants Pass
21.11Tyler Roberts19:34.73Roseburg
22.11Eric Stobbe19:38.60Grants Pass
23.9Ian James19:42.19Roseburg
24.9Ryan Raker19:45.02North Medford
25.9Jacob Alvarez19:47.75Yreka
26.9Kevin Martin19:48.04North Medford
27.11Mathew Johansen19:50.85Roseburg
28.11Dylan Minor19:52.11Ashland
29.10Jason Thomas19:55.17Roseburg
30.9Tyler Larsen19:57.22Yreka
31.11Ryan Haney20:02.12Redmond
32.10Joey Donohue20:04.32Redmond
33.10Calen Badger20:06.10University Prep
34.11Cole Mulkey20:06.64Mazama
35.9Nick Brown20:08.34Grants Pass
36.12Hayden Leach20:09.11Mazama
37.11Derek Schwantes20:15.23North Valley
38.9Owen Bankson20:15.53University Prep
39.12Riley Rice20:17.99Roseburg
40.9CJ Ball20:18.61Roseburg
41.11Geoffrey Machado20:22.00Klamath Union
42.9Conner Stanek20:22.34Ashland
43.12Sam Buckner20:22.91Yreka
44.9Timothy Green20:23.23Etna
45.11Brandon Weichers20:23.66Grants Pass
46.9Eric Oliveri20:24.25Cascade Christian
47.9Cecyl Stout20:30.74Etna
48.10Ryan Fitzgerald20:31.68Henley
49.9Luke Davis20:39.72Redmond
50.9Stephen Paul20:40.65Klamath Union
51.10Tristan Morgan20:43.00Gold Beach
52.10Jeff Bierman20:47.09Redmond
53.11Derrick Evans20:50.07Redmond
54.10Riley Cron20:50.58Redmond
55.9Graydon Reed20:53.99Roseburg
56.9Micah Mueller20:54.34American Christian A...
57.9Wesley Woodside20:56.07Mt Shasta
58.12Devon McClaflin20:56.95Yreka
59.9Casey Coulter20:58.08Grants Pass
60.12Andy Girod21:00.00Roseburg
61.10Spencer Ebert21:01.04North Medford
62.10Nathan Dean21:06.99Mazama
63.11Gage Sarrett21:10.94Redmond
64.12Brandon DeWeese21:17.02Redmond
65.10Dylanger Gutierrez21:17.43Yreka
66.11Aaron Costner21:21.90Roseburg
67.10Jacob Laurance-Tho...21:22.31Ashland
68.11Dayton Bridwell21:22.98Yreka
69.11Jorden Dunn21:23.91Yreka
70.9Zane Riggs21:24.65Henley
71.10Kevin Talik21:30.33Roseburg
72.9Colton Goyeneche21:33.75Yreka
73.10Kyle Brooks21:34.04Redmond
74.10Brendon Surgeon21:35.87North Medford
75.10Ben Jungck21:40.29Redmond
76.9Zach Homen21:40.68North Medford
77.9Gabe Kester21:42.44New Hope Christian
78.11Hunter Murga21:44.25Mazama
79.11Jacob Gorenflos21:48.23Roseburg
80.10Scott Kleeman21:48.71Klamath Union
81.12Gunnar Kropholler21:56.87Henley
82.12Mark Vasquez21:58.41Grants Pass
83.12Dalton Hedin21:59.36Yreka
84.9Austin Kirkland22:01.81Redmond
85.11Doug Keck22:02.32Yreka
86.10James Taylor22:04.22Gold Beach
87.9Ameido Mohamed22:06.59Mt Shasta
88.11John Goldsmith22:09.73Henley
89.10Jared Probert22:10.98Redmond
90.10Cody Hawkins22:11.65Gold Beach
91.10Willy Bishop22:15.82Trinity
92.9Leo Choti22:16.32University Prep
93.9Josh Rosbustellini22:16.79Yreka
94.9Max Bakes22:19.22Yreka
95.9Chet Bolstridge22:22.64Mt Shasta
96.10Michael White22:25.62Lakeview
97.12Christoffer Daniel...22:27.22Redmond
98.9Justin Casebier22:28.47Cascade Christian
99.9Justin Park22:32.93New Hope Christian
100.9William Haught22:34.49Henley
101.9Derrick Wierzbicki22:40.04University Prep
102.9Anthony Gonzales22:48.32Redmond
103.10Conner Fitzgerald22:52.21Henley
104.12Mark Delgado22:53.23Illinois Valley
105.12Mike Hector22:57.40Roseburg
106.9Nick Haupt23:20.31Klamath Union
107.10Justin Smoak23:20.89American Christian A...
108.10Grant Moss23:30.69Redmond
109.12Ian Larive23:31.00Ashland
110.12Jesse Bethke23:35.18Illinois Valley
111.9Dominic Roach23:37.12Henley
112.10Connor McCue23:51.45Redmond
113.9Nicholis Thomsen24:29.15Henley
114.9Rylan Burum24:54.36Roseburg
115.12Ryan Lucas24:55.47Redmond
116.10Daniel Rossiter24:57.75New Hope Christian
117.9Josh DeFord25:10.97Triad Christian
118.9Jaxsun Gysbers25:17.47Gold Beach
119.11Jonathan Locricchio25:20.22Yreka
120.11Dantae Ochoa25:23.39Klamath Union
121.9Aaron Smith25:24.99Yreka
122.9Tyler Young26:29.18Klamath Union
123.10Garrett Hillier28:44.61New Hope Christian
124.9Brett Todd31:46.84Yreka
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Zorg Loustalet16:07.96Henley
2.12Trenton Kershner16:32.98Redmond
3.11Eric Neill16:38.19Yreka
4.11Hudson Eustace16:39.00Cascade Christian
5.11Paul Adams16:48.39Mazama
6.10John Whelan16:54.93Etna
7.12Salvador Valencia16:58.99Roseburg
8.11Sam Jackson16:59.59Ashland
9.9Kenny Freeman17:00.78Roseburg
10.10Jonathan Cornish17:05.36North Valley
11.9Ben Rodriguez17:06.29Roseburg
12.11Tim Williams17:08.76Yreka
13.10Blake Zufall17:12.16Shasta
14.11John Talik17:15.58Roseburg
15.11Ben Jackson17:22.55Ashland
16.10David Cornish17:26.85North Valley
17.10Christian Huttema17:27.25New Hope Christian
18.11Ryan Schmidt17:27.82Grants Pass
19.9Zach Blanco17:28.21Rogue River
20.12Jonathan Hokanson17:28.95North Medford
21.11Jonny Lightheart17:31.27North Medford
22.12Colin Haug17:32.52Ashland
23.11Jeff Krantz17:36.33Redding Christian
24.10Hunter Jensen17:38.34Shasta
25.12Drew Van Anrooy17:38.86Roseburg
26.12Daniel Lapp17:39.21Shasta
27.10Reed Van Anrooy17:39.58Roseburg
28.12Ryan Wilson17:39.90Redmond
29.10David Johnson17:40.28New Hope Christian
30.12Zack Paterson17:40.75Grants Pass
31.10Andrew Youngblood17:41.62North Valley
32.12Erik Brown17:42.38Grants Pass
33.9Landon Woollard17:44.20Shasta
34.11Garrison Iams17:45.97Henley
35.12Chayse Jackson17:49.86Roseburg
36.12Jared Lambert17:53.08Redmond
37.12Ryan Alcantara17:53.61Cascade Christian
38.11Isaac Schaaf17:54.90Ashland
39.12Sawyer Ducharme18:12.97Mt Shasta
40.9Aaran Fagan18:13.92North Medford
41.10Todd Delaney18:15.68Mazama
42.10Alex Cummings18:15.97Cascade Christian
43.12Alex Bowland18:16.72Ashland
44.10Andrew Davalos18:17.06North Valley
45.11Christian Wichmann18:18.90Covenant Chapel
46.11Kris Wilson18:20.17Yreka
47.11Tyler Parker18:23.18Shasta
48.11Alex Mangan18:26.49Henley
49.11Cody McDonald18:26.76Yreka
50.10Matt Wood18:27.89Yreka
51.11Jacob Jungck18:30.50Redmond
52.10Wesley Jackman18:32.71Shasta
53.12Matthew Buchanan18:33.69Shasta
54.9Joe Dugan18:35.97North Medford
55.11Terryn Downhill18:39.17Rogue River
56.10Connor Lauffenburger18:40.08Grants Pass
57.10Sean Taylor18:40.51Trinity
58.11Nathan Snoozy18:40.87Mazama
59.10Gabe Best18:41.87Yreka
60.11Mat Blanco18:44.48Rogue River
61.9Duncan Fuller18:44.81Grants Pass
62.10Michael Cook18:48.63Mt Shasta
63.11Ned Corning18:55.43Lakeview
64.10Cheney Hardt18:57.05Henley
65.12Trevor VanDelden18:58.82Grants Pass
66.10Mike Janeke18:59.09Triad Christian
67.11Navarre Herrera18:59.96Ashland
68.11Joshua Lee19:00.29Yreka
69.9Dylan Butcher19:00.59Mazama
70.11William Martin19:04.07Grants Pass
71.12James Bowers19:06.92North Valley
72.12Drew Schiess19:09.26Mazama
73.9Aaron Browne-Moore19:15.87North Medford
74.9Jimi Seeley19:17.26Redmond
75.9Kyle Campbell19:19.80North Medford
76.9Forrest McCauley19:20.21Redmond
77.11Mason Jacobs-Dion19:25.05University Prep
78.12Pierre Densing19:29.54Redmond
79.11Joshua Arntz19:32.55Mazama
80.12CJ McCully19:47.83Mazama
81.12Alex Collins19:58.52Henley
82.11Carlos Hernadez19:58.79Henley
83.9Nathan Iams20:04.24Henley
84.9Sean Hughes20:08.96Mt Shasta
85.11Zachary Smith20:24.07Cascade Christian
86.10Wade O'Conner20:25.59Paisley
87.10Adam Arrington20:35.44Paisley
88.10Brett Marshall20:36.01Cascade Christian
89.9Tommy Hake20:37.07Mt Shasta
90.10Cody Lakin20:38.08Mt Shasta
91.11Brandon Williams20:45.03Weed
92.11David Langston20:49.26Weed
93.10Caleb Diaz21:25.92North Medford
94.10Garrett Shea21:27.53Mt Shasta
95.9Cole Mcfetridge21:28.13Rogue River
96.12Christian Excobar21:28.56Paisley
97.11Daniel Lane21:29.24Lakeview
98.9Nathan Harlan21:58.19Lakeview
99.9Zeb Amos22:01.40North Valley
100.11Gunnar Bier22:05.01Lakeview
101.10Brandon Davis22:13.56North Valley
102.9Christian Roseberry22:23.17Lakeview
103.11Micheal Quaid23:04.85Trinity
104.12Dakota Macedo23:05.30Trinity
105.12Seth Gretz23:49.16Rogue River
106.12Nathan Swearengin23:53.40Paisley
107.12Greg Holguin27:10.00Weed
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Elissa Brouillard21:47.42Redmond
2.11Andrea Scherrer22:06.57Ashland
3.10Kia Parrish-Haim22:08.43Ashland
4.9Megan Hoffman22:11.92University Prep
5.12Lyric Randall22:14.49Ashland
6.12Hannah Ewing22:27.89Ashland
7.9Quinn Blackwolf22:35.95Ashland
8.10Isobel Whitcomb23:10.66Ashland
9.9Aurora Sherman23:24.96Ashland
10.10Deanna Plumlee23:32.85Ashland
11.9Shyonna Leach23:33.79North Medford
12.10Amanda Murray23:38.20North Medford
13.10Leah Ball23:45.68Ashland
14.11Alli Colmanero23:47.67North Medford
15.9Hannah Anderson23:55.39North Medford
16.10Rachele Bedsole24:15.79Grants Pass
17.9Sarah Quaid24:18.25Trinity
18.9Olivia Huber24:19.89Grants Pass
19.11Taylor Cuilty24:43.89Roseburg
20.10Breanna Almond24:45.72Klamath Union
21.12Cynthia Barrie24:50.13North Medford
22.9Claire Wright24:55.40Redmond
23.10Michaela Conley24:57.16Redmond
24.10Morgan Lasota25:00.94North Medford
25.9Violet Bolstridge25:01.42Mt Shasta
26.9Hannah Groom25:19.82Mt Shasta
27.12Vaneza Espindola25:22.09Grants Pass
28.11Amanda Warrior25:24.84Mazama
29.10Elizabet Delval25:25.21Yreka
30.12Emily Fuller25:25.54Grants Pass
31.9Laurel Foster25:27.13Yreka
32.11Shayla Bailey25:38.47North Medford
33.9Brittnee Stevens25:41.05Roseburg
34.10Harlie Johnson25:44.83Roseburg
35.9Natalie Ulum25:47.93Redmond
36.9Leslie Mounivang25:58.48Trinity
37.10Alesha Wolfe25:59.54Yreka
38.10Kristen Case26:12.94Klamath Union
39.10Katherine Holst26:13.82Mt Shasta
40.10Cassie Justice26:33.28Yreka
41.9Stephanie Rey26:38.92Klamath Union
42.12Miriam Cowley26:53.52Yreka
43.9Suzanne Savard27:00.41Triad Christian
44.11Casey Bozzetto27:02.17Grants Pass
45.10Jessica Marthaller27:10.96Redmond
46.11Emerald Pemberton27:22.13Redmond
47.12Allison Moss27:24.05Redmond
48.10Lauren Baque27:24.93Roseburg
49.10Alexandra Malone27:25.89Roseburg
50.9Emma Parker27:41.41Ashland
51.12Emily Long27:44.64Redmond
52.12Hannah Long27:51.27Redmond
53.9Tory Pourian27:54.98Trinity
54.9Bailee Sumner27:55.25Trinity
55.10Laura Hankins27:58.24Henley
56.12Kathryn Reynolds28:08.83Ashland
57.11Kaye Ayran28:12.14Grants Pass
58.12Anna Murphy28:14.57Ashland
59.11Maggie Potter28:20.01Roseburg
60.10Emily Harker28:20.37Roseburg
61.10Jasmine Zangari29:01.03Klamath Union
62.9Blanca Villa29:43.95North Medford
63.12Sarah Humphrey30:10.24Cascade Christian
64.12Lena Hamkens30:17Redmond
64.12Jessica Garcia30:17.54Redmond
65.12Maria Bonner30:19.97Roseburg
66.10Cecilia Espindola30:40.02Grants Pass
67.12Rachel Johnson30:56.45Cascade Christian
68.10Kassie Cummins31:46.98Yreka
69.10Ashley Holder32:18.33Mazama
70.9Kyliegh Kirkbride33:05.33Yreka
71.12Jade Deck33:15.88Mazama
72.12Lauren Hodder33:16.38Mazama
73.12Michelle Downer37:32.20Weed
74.11Sylvial Leal43:18.00Lakeview
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Lora James19:21.33Shasta
2.11Stephanie Rasmussen19:44.66American Christian A...
3.10Tefna Mitchell-Hoegh20:24.91Redmond
4.9Sarah Estabrook20:26.41Triad Christian
5.9Autumn May20:28.39American Christian A...
6.12Emily Loogman20:40.73Etna
7.12Katie Jenista20:41.61Grants Pass
8.11Alex Kiesling20:41.94Ashland
9.11Marshall Miller20:52.21Ashland
10.11Dana Greenblatt20:58.99Ashland
11.9Helen Mino Faukner20:59.86University Prep
12.12Kara Rawlings21:09.03Grants Pass
13.10Julia Ribeiro21:10.90North Medford
14.12Kylie Biondi21:14.40North Medford
15.11Emily Sears21:15.74North Valley
16.11Kelly Odion21:17.53Ashland
17.10Megan Ganim21:29.27Ashland
18.10Ellen Sampson21:35.58Mt Shasta
19.12Michelle Osuna21:36.89Shasta
20.12Lisa Shinohara21:37.37Mt Shasta
21.9Taylor Williams21:41.09Cascade Christian
22.11Danielle Tognolini21:41.94Mt Shasta
23.10Madeline Chaves21:43.09Ashland
24.9Jessica Pettegrew-...21:43.98North Medford
25.9Dakota Steen21:51.88Redmond
26.10Nathalie Avalos22:07.02Shasta
27.9Sara Dunagan22:08.43Ashland
28.9Alyssa Stauffer22:10.21University Prep
29.9Arielle Binkley-Mu...22:12.87Grants Pass
30.9Tori Sigel22:15.01Grants Pass
31.11Mattea Tibbits22:17.70Grants Pass
32.11Kat Ponke22:18.48Shasta
33.12Ine Marie Raa22:20.47Redmond
34.9Rose Oakley22:20.92Roseburg
35.9Camille Loustalet22:22.54Henley
36.11Kendall Webber22:23.04Mazama
37.9Cece Martin22:31.85Grants Pass
38.10Katie Muller22:32.16Henley
39.11Makayla Sanders22:37.41North Valley
40.10Janelle Jaegel22:38.27Mt Shasta
41.9Lilly Bain22:38.79Grants Pass
42.10Hayley Girod22:41.58Roseburg
43.9Chantell Fraser22:42.69Yreka
44.9Kayli Hankins22:55.20Triad Christian
45.10Jessica Nelson23:02.13Roseburg
46.12McKenzie Hoffman23:02.47University Prep
47.12Casey Robertson23:04.91Illinois Valley
48.10Lindsay Bills23:20.33North Medford
49.12Sophie Stiles23:25.09Cascade Christian
50.11Jessica Freda23:26.49North Medford
51.11Sara Rogers23:27.90Mt Shasta
52.11Kelsie Cagle23:28.44Shasta
53.9Hannah Roberts23:29.05Roseburg
54.10Margot Mattson23:29.42Mt Shasta
55.12Rachael Robinson23:29.75Redmond
56.12Wendy Stone23:34.75Days Creek
57.10Natalie Stenbeck23:40.33Roseburg
58.9Kiahna Brown23:40.58Redmond
59.11Hannah Fairfield23:48.79Henley
60.10Danielle Duren23:49.06Redmond
61.12Tawna Stancliff23:50.06Lakeview
62.10T'Leah Staggs23:53.72Roseburg
63.10Kayla Looney23:56.03North Medford
64.9Samantha Milner24:02.05Illinois Valley
65.12Tine Simonsen24:02.90Trinity
66.11Michaela Justice24:06.41Yreka
67.10Kyndall Wiley24:14.62North Medford
68.11Morgan Nance24:30.23Shasta
69.12Jillian Dutra24:37.18Yreka
70.12Hannah Gretz24:41.98Rogue River
71.10Eleanor Collier24:47.03Yreka
72.11Brittany Dean24:50.57Etna
73.9Veronica Turner24:54.48Henley
74.12Cadie Cagle24:56.03Shasta
75.9Sarah Wolf24:59.30Henley
76.11Jennifer Rubio25:08.26Mt Shasta
77.11Alexandrea Standri...25:24.86Roseburg
78.11Briana Sandhu25:32.48Mazama
79.12Lanie Johnson25:37.53Trinity
80.9Rachel Wiley25:59.57Yreka
81.10Ashton Weed26:00.31Yreka
82.12Caitlin Hinton26:03.71Mazama
83.10Elana Hampton26:06.42Triad Christian
84.10Brittany Brown26:08.02Cascade Christian
85.11Carson Herold26:13.22Etna
86.11Jessica Nicholes26:14.30Cascade Christian
87.12Emily Tkach26:25.60Trinity
88.12Chelsea Quigley26:32.51Weed
89.11Tiana Besoain26:33.93Etna
90.11Taylor Crawford26:52.49Mazama
91.10Gracie Bevan26:52.88Cascade Christian
92.12Emily Bigelow26:57.46Yreka
93.10Alexis McKay26:57.88Mazama
94.9Amber Webb27:05.14Illinois Valley
95.11Erin Byrne27:18.74Illinois Valley
96.9Star Braeshears27:19.12Illinois Valley
97.11Stephanie Schultz27:44.00Rogue River
98.12Jennifer Garlitz28:00.66Mazama
99.12Brittany Coulter28:05.14Fall River
100.12Ellie DeRoss28:09.14Weed
101.12Sierra Brown28:13.45Trinity
102.12Elisha Donahue28:19.63Trinity
103.9Hailey Natho28:48.85Rogue River
104.11Jasmine Goodson28:59.14University Prep
105.9Makenzee Watt31:55.98Mazama
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