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Jefferson Invitational HS

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Meet Host - Jefferson HS
Location - Jefferson HS, Jefferson, OR
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Mens Races
3,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:25 PM

Jefferson HS

5,000 Meters Varsity5:20 PM
Womens Races
3,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:00 PM

Jefferson HS

5,000 Meters Varsity4:50 PM
Last Updated 10:43 AM, Sat, Sep 4


Our course is relatively flat with excellent opportunities for viewing the competiton. There is a $50 entry fee. Please have all entries on by Monday Sept 27at 5:00.

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Linwood Madrigal11:34.7Chemawa
2.11Christian Martell11:45.4Chemawa
3.10Jerico Birky12:09.6Western Mennonite
4.11TJ Greenhill12:22.5Willamina
5.10Edgar Mendoza12:34.5Harrisburg
6.12Grant Richardson12:35.6Harrisburg
7.11Brady Borchers12:37.5Harrisburg
8.12Andrew Norman12:47.1Harrisburg
9.9JJ Reams13:02.2Santiam Christian
10.12Tony Lovincey13:19.7Harrisburg
11.10Shane McNees13:20.3Waldport
12.12Tyler Leopard13:20.5Harrisburg
13.11Caleb Hale13:35.6Santiam Christian
14.10Damian Lewis13:46Harrisburg
15.11Alex Martinez14:32Western Mennonite
16.11Jordan Voigt14:32.8Willamina
17.11Nick Goodman14:55.9Willamina
18.9Coty Brown15:01.7Willamina
19.10Liam Silbernagel15:04.6Regis
20.9William Whitley15:29.7Santiam Christian
21.9Tim Wardwell15:59.1Harrisburg
22.10Seth Wayman16:01.89Waldport
23.10Dalton Brown16:25.6Waldport
24.9Mark Anderson16:31.2Sheridan
25.10Basel Al-Madhon16:32.3Harrisburg
26.11Danny Parsons16:39.7Santiam Christian
27.12Blaze Jenkins17:10.5Chemawa
28.10Mitch Price17:21.09Waldport
29.9Patrick Mueller17:48.59Sheridan
30.10Fred Dancer18:37.7Waldport
31.10Logan Allen20:12.4Willamina
32.12Seth Wehr20:13.5Sheridan
33.11Michael Usselman20:14.4Regis
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Corbin Helt17:54.59Creswell
2.12Isiah Nahwahquaw18:40.59Chemawa
3.12Chris Stash18:42.4Sheridan
4.10Taylor Becker18:44.09East Linn Christian
5.10Kody Osborne18:48.09East Linn Christian
6.12Hayden Tedrow19:04.2Santiam Christian
7.12Weston Petewon19:23.3Harrisburg
8.10Preston Banks19:27.7Harrisburg
9.11Kenny Yakes19:35.3Waldport
10.12Matthew Winnett19:38.59Santiam Christian
11.10Andrew Haskell19:49.9Crosshill Christian
12.11Jason Oyer19:50.8Western Mennonite
13.11Matt Hitt19:51.59East Linn Christian
14.11Allen Nickelson20:03.2Creswell
15.11Jacob Howard20:04.09Santiam Christian
16.10Aaron Babcock20:11.8Harrisburg
17.12Bryan Wardwell20:16.2Harrisburg
18.10Brad Dejager20:19.59Crosshill Christian
19.9Travis Gunn20:21Creswell
20.10Eli Carlson20:32.09Santiam Christian
21.12Hector Martinez20:37.4Regis
22.10Elliott Webb20:38.7Waldport
23.9David Gunn20:46.2Creswell
24.9Micah Leutwyler20:47.3Salem Academy
25.11Mike Fanno20:54.8Santiam Christian
26.11Aaron McFadden20:57.5Creswell
27.9Zach Warner20:58.3Santiam Christian
28.12Cesar Trejo20:59.5Jefferson
29.10Bradley Trull21:01.29Crosshill Christian
30.11Cody Coblentz21:04.09Willamina
31.10Andrew Otis21:09.9Santiam Christian
32.10Jonathan Sparks21:18.3Jefferson
33.12Corey Garrett21:22.9Harrisburg
34.9David Haren21:28.5Regis
35.9Michael Whitehead21:34.3East Linn Christian
36.10Sean Champoux21:38Creswell
37.12Austin McQuaw21:38.4Waldport
38.12Taylor Grauer21:49.09Sheridan
39.10Chris Batchelder21:58.9Waldport
40.12Stephen Dodge22:03.09Harrisburg
41.12Payton Moore22:04.2Harrisburg
42.10AJ OBrien22:10.4Crosshill Christian
43.12Chris Lorenz22:17.09Regis
44.12Ryan O'Brady22:22.59Willamina
45.12Abe Aaron22:23.59Willamina
46.9John Ray22:26.8Sheridan
47.12Jerry Waterman22:30.7Waldport
48.12Eli Kaspari22:38Jefferson
49.9Ryan DeJager22:42.8Crosshill Christian
50.11Jordan Robertson22:44.9Willamina
51.11Travis Combs22:47.3Jefferson
52.12Justin Ayers22:49Regis
53.11Gavin Low23:31.2Western Mennonite
54.12Marlin Green23:31.2Chemawa
55.9Nick Martinez23:37.5Salem Academy
56.11David Fahlman23:37.7Salem Academy
57.11Alex Hormann23:37.8Salem Academy
58.11Eli Bendle23:41.59Chemawa
59.12Matt Valdez23:46.59Chemawa
60.12Blake Silbernagel24:03.4Regis
61.9Jamin Hooley24:05.7East Linn Christian
62.10Yoshiaki Hirata24:13.7Regis
63.10Jacob Hignight25:30.9Jefferson
64.10Tommy Lanier26:13.9Waldport
65.9Skyler Voigt26:19.2Willamina
66.10Jonah Netland26:37.8Salem Academy
67.9Andrew Weaver26:51.5Willamina
68.9Spencer Cannady28:37.5Regis
69.10Kazuya Hotta28:44.09Regis
70.9Peter Milionis29:03.29Salem Academy
71.12Ben Sriroengla29:09.9Jefferson
72.12Michael Ripp30:03.7Regis
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Amber Sanapaw14:56.4Chemawa
2.11Rachelle Robinson15:22Jefferson
3.10Abbie Adair15:50.3Sheridan
4.12Summer Lukee16:10.9Chemawa
5.11Katherine Brisbois16:11.8Chemawa
6.9Jodi May16:12.9Regis
7.12Talayne Demarrias16:23.5Chemawa
8.10Ida Aaron16:42.7Willamina
9.12Trisha Holmes16:44.7Chemawa
10.12Geneva Rowland17:44.5Chemawa
11.12Natassia Ruse18:06.59Harrisburg
12.9Janie Lonergan18:25.4Regis
13.9Amy Caldwell18:45.09Sheridan
14.12Shelby Milionis19:00.7Salem Academy
15.9Heather Halfman19:01.2Salem Academy
16.12Ellen Dissarz19:34Harrisburg
17.11Becca Tabor19:41.59Regis
17.9Sarah Tabor19:41.59Regis
18.9Brianna Martinez19:57.5Regis
19.9Erica Csintalan20:16.8Regis
20.11Lucy Xue20:19.8Santiam Christian
21.9Hannah Fraser20:20.9Regis
22.9Grace Peter22:31.2Regis
23.9Ally Bochsler23:36.5Regis
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Abbey Roberts22:09.9Santiam Christian
2.12Katelin Renfro22:23.09East Linn Christian
3.11Zoe Engwall22:31.2East Linn Christian
4.9McKenzie Collins22:35.2East Linn Christian
5.12Emma Carlson23:03.7Santiam Christian
6.12Kelsey Hanson23:14.4Creswell
7.11Kim Bender23:25Jefferson
8.10Hannah Scrocca24:21.7Regis
9.12Lisl Ruckert24:28.8East Linn Christian
10.9Tabitha Mueller24:34.2Sheridan
11.10Rachel Wright24:36Salem Academy
12.9Anna Burkey24:51.7East Linn Christian
13.9Hannah Hickenlooper24:59.7Jefferson
14.9Heather Halfman25:27.2Salem Academy
15.11Tracey Hunt25:38.9Waldport
16.12Whitley Garber25:45.09East Linn Christian
17.11Kayla Berg25:46.09Santiam Christian
18.11Sheela Deskins25:57.3Harrisburg
19.12Rachelle Jacobs26:00.09Harrisburg
20.9Madeline Bahner26:05.59Crosshill Christian
21.10Britni Stone26:08.59Harrisburg
22.10Phoenix Null26:16.9Harrisburg
23.10Micole Heater26:32.2Regis
24.12Geneva Rowland26:34.7Chemawa
26.11Kaitie Brawley27:07.79Salem Academy
27.10Joanna Ziminski27:17.5Santiam Christian
28.10Amelia Stieren27:23.09East Linn Christian
29.9Cara Knott27:38.2Waldport
30.12Kaitlin Ray27:45.5Sheridan
31.11Erin Marshall27:59.4Regis
32.12Bethany Reams28:11.59Santiam Christian
33.12Laura Iffland28:38.8Harrisburg
34.12Rachel Hayden28:39.7Sheridan
35.12Amanda Knox29:28Sheridan
36.11Rachel Guzman30:18.5Jefferson
37.12Venla Ylimaki30:55.9Harrisburg
38.12Brandy Gillette33:07Regis
39.9Rebecca Bowers34:07Creswell
40.11Wendie Kelley34:34.3Creswell
41.10Camilla Alvarado36:58Waldport
3.9Sierrah EngwallEast Linn Christian
25.12Laycenda Mayta#VALUE!Salem Academy
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