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Thurston Hosts HS

Thursday, October 14, 2010

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Meet Host - Thurston HS
Location - Splash 5K, Springfield, OR - Map
Mens Races

Splash 5K

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Splash 5K

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Last Updated 11:37 PM, Tue, Oct 5


This is a brand new course, about 70% grass 20% dirt trail and 10% contrete and gravel.  The race will start at Thurston Middle in the west soccer field and will end at Splash Swim Center. All boys will run at 4:00pm and Girls will run right after at 4:30pm.  Buses will be asked to park in the Splash Parking lot.  There is no parking available at Thurston Middle.  The address for Splash is 6100 Thurston Rd. 97478.  Looking forward to a great meet. 

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Kyle Ruhlin17:04.09Thurston
2.11Jason Mahnesmith17:32.2Springfield
3.10Caleb Baugher18:02.7Thurston
4.12Guillermo Torres-S...18:09.09Thurston
5.10Quinn Wallace18:12.9North Eugene
6.11Caleb Gee18:24.5Thurston
7.12Jarrett LaMeres18:25Thurston
8.11Jack Christie18:46.59North Eugene
9.12Colton Stickler18:47.9Thurston
10.11Zach Stoneburner18:50Thurston
11.12Bo Arnold18:58.59Thurston
12.12Jesse Cargil18:58.8Willamette
13.11Ian Loftis19:04.29Elmira
14.10Zach Nash19:10.7Yoncalla
15.12Nathan Reber19:19.8Sutherlin
16.10Kyle Strasdas19:40.7Willamette
17.10Ryan Smith19:42.3Thurston
18.10Brennan Holmes19:44.7Springfield
19.10Kody Wirth19:45Thurston
20.11Teddy Boles19:46.8Springfield
21.10Chad Graham19:50.7Thurston
22.12David Ward19:52.5Thurston
23.11Keenan Blanchfill19:55.4Yoncalla
24.11Eric Medina19:57.4Willamette
25.9Darin French20:00.2Elmira
26.12Tobiah Meinzen20:01.09North Eugene
27.10Alex Anderson20:02.79Yoncalla
28.11Kyle Kohl20:03.5Thurston
29.10Thompson Rogers20:05.79Yoncalla
30.10Daniel Hovet20:06Springfield
31.12Lamar Visarraga20:07.59Willamette
32.11Thomas Hiura20:10.09North Eugene
33.10Mackenzie Johanesen20:11.09Willamette
34.11Michael Schrum20:11.4Springfield
35.11Austin Black20:12.4Willamette
36.9Garrett Stollar20:22.59Springfield
37.12Landon Fisher20:23.59Thurston
38.11Christopher Ewing20:23.8Willamette
39.11Ben Forrest20:35.65Thurston
40.11Andrew Wagenblast20:38.2Thurston
41.12Alex Payne20:38.59North Eugene
42.10Colton Fisher20:39.3Thurston
43.10Tyler Arch20:40.09Springfield
44.11Noah Cochrane20:43.7Thurston
45.12Josh Wells20:48.09Thurston
46.12Travis Bradley20:49.09North Eugene
47.11Brandon Rodriguez20:49.3Sutherlin
48.11Tyler McCausland21:05Willamette
49.11Kyle Biagi21:14.9North Eugene
50.12Dominick Luna21:21.2Willamette
51.11Jared Hanson21:21.4Willamette
52.12Cody Watson21:35.2Elmira
53.10Sebastian Shanafelt21:36.9Springfield
54.11Tyler Arana21:38.09Springfield
55.10Hunter Lewis21:42.59Thurston
56.9Hunter Frank21:42.8Willamette
57.10Wade Wagonner21:48.59Thurston
58.10Bryan Zimmerman22:03.29Elmira
59.9Austin Dillon22:05.7Thurston
60.9Patrick Kohl22:12.5Thurston
61.12Anthony Svensson22:16.59Willamette
62.9Lucas Erickson22:26.8Sutherlin
63.11Talon Larkin22:35.8Elmira
64.9Matthew Selby22:43.3Thurston
65.10Nate Leu22:48.2Yoncalla
66.10Josh Morgan22:52.7Elmira
67.11Derek York22:55.2Willamette
68.10Taylor Barnhart22:55.59Springfield
69.12Drew York23:06.2Willamette
70.10Austin Cook23:08.29Sutherlin
71.12Riley Brown23:19.5Thurston
72.9Nicholas Felt23:19.8Willamette
73.10Austin Hoskins23:35.2Thurston
74.12Patrick Dill24:07.79Willamette
75.9Eric Anderson24:37.09Thurston
76.9Derrick Gordon24:37.4Yoncalla
77.10Elliott Ewing24:38Springfield
78.10Ian Cooper24:43.59Elmira
79.9Andrew Anderson24:55.9Thurston
80.9Jorden Klug25:28North Eugene
81.11Mason Locke25:43.2Elmira
82.12Kyle Davis25:57Willamette
83.9Isaiah Harris26:05.9Thurston
84.10Cameron Wellman26:07.9Sutherlin
85.10Patrick Decker26:17.2Elmira
86.10Justin Scott26:40.9Springfield
87.10Skyler Vanderpool32:31Elmira
88.11Drew Thomas35:20.19Thurston
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Chelsea Spencer20:18.8Sutherlin
2.10Macie Gale20:32.59Thurston
3.11Rhonda Costin21:31.9Springfield
4.12Elise Nelson22:13.2Thurston
5.12Mykayla Young22:20.59Sutherlin
6.12Rebeca Silva22:32.3Springfield
7.12Anna Aarons22:39.7North Eugene
8.12Lynette Lewis22:49.7Thurston
9.12Haley Lannom22:56.9North Eugene
10.12Amanda Merrill22:58.2Springfield
11.10Rheanna Williams23:01.2North Eugene
12.9Jessica Sand23:20.4Elmira
13.9McKenzie Hinson23:25.09Thurston
14.10Natasha West23:34.7Sutherlin
15.10Jessica Garcia23:47.2North Eugene
16.9Desi Colley23:49.7Sutherlin
17.11Tanarae Hopkins23:52.2Sutherlin
18.9Kayla Mosley23:55.09Sutherlin
19.10Angela Laliberte24:19.09Thurston
20.11Rebecca Falleur24:25.4Willamette
21.10Helen Cutting24:31.5North Eugene
22.10Elizabeth Mingus24:42.5Willamette
23.10Paige Jeskey24:54.2Willamette
24.10Caylin Hobgood24:58Sutherlin
25.12Rosemary Widenor24:58.59North Eugene
26.12Chelsie Mueller25:10.8Thurston
27.10Alyssa Miller25:21.3Springfield
28.9Anna Avidan25:21.8North Eugene
29.10Brandy Nugent25:24.2Sutherlin
30.11Christine Flores25:27.4Sutherlin
31.9Danielle Jones25:27.59Elmira
32.11Amanda Tucker25:43.2Thurston
33.10Lindi Bradford25:44.7Thurston
34.10Jennifer Cook25:51.4Thurston
35.11Rachael Smith25:57Elmira
36.10Amy Colagiovannii26:16.3Yoncalla
37.9Kayla Hinson26:31.7Thurston
38.9Abby Forrest26:36.2Thurston
39.10Savana Cochrane26:38.8Thurston
40.10Sierra Shaw26:40.7Elmira
41.12Olivia Ponce26:43Elmira
42.9Emilee Russell27:07.79Elmira
43.12Donna Cardenas27:18.2Thurston
44.11Sasha Delean27:32.2Springfield
45.9Hiedi Hall27:51.7Willamette
46.12Brooke Painter28:01.79Sutherlin
47.11Bailey Dean28:07Willamette
48.9Grieta King28:18Elmira
49.11Sierra Stokes28:35.3Elmira
50.9Sydney Jones28:40.5Thurston
51.11Xenia Nava-Valdivia28:48.7Willamette
52.11Amy Goulart29:20Sutherlin
53.9Ashley McAndrews29:36.9Thurston
54.10Meagan Reid30:14.3Thurston
55.11Matti Holt30:21.9Thurston
56.11Nikki Taylor30:25.8Elmira
57.11Meranda Schaffer31:01.29Elmira
58.12Ashley Greenacre31:01.79Thurston
59.12Rachel Stanton32:47Thurston
60.10Hannah Nealy33:26Willamette
61.12Mikayla Mehl33:51.09Thurston
62.11Betty Ghasedi35:18.69Sutherlin
63.9Bree Fowler36:20Thurston
64.10Nicole Buescher36:47.59Thurston
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