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5A District 1 Championships HS

Saturday, October 30, 2010

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Meet Host - Ashland HS
Location - Lithia Park, Ashland, OR - Map
Mens Races

Lithia Park

5,000 Meters Varsity1:35 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity2:10 PM
Womens Races

Lithia Park

5,000 Meters Varsity1:00 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity2:45 PM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Travis Neuman16:51.91Summit
2.12Tyler VanDyke16:54.53Eagle Point
3.11Sammy Naffziger17:02.51Summit
4.11Sam Jackson17:06.78Ashland
5.10Luke Hinz17:09.06Summit
6.11Jake McDonald17:09.36Mountain View (OR)
7.11Riley Anheluk17:10.53Mountain View (OR)
8.11Isaac Schaaf17:10.78Ashland
9.12Cameron Clark17:11.91Summit
10.11Ryan St. Clair17:13.53Summit
11.12Colin Haug17:21.02Ashland
12.12Chase Nachtmann17:28.76Mountain View (OR)
13.12Seth Platsman17:30.00Bend
14.11Nicholas Snider17:34.30Summit
15.11Ben Jackson17:45.02Ashland
16.12Josh Franckowiak17:48.32Ashland
17.9Imran Wolfenden17:51.45Mountain View (OR)
18.10Will Stevenson17:52.52Mountain View (OR)
19.11Angel Hernandez-Ga...18:17.91Mountain View (OR)
20.11Jake Hill18:22.44Summit
21.11Daniel Ewing18:22.70Bend
22.12Alex Bowland18:26.08Ashland
23.11Navarre Herrera18:40.54Ashland
24.11Nicholas Goolsbee18:45.51Bend
25.10Louis McCoy18:46.46Bend
26.10Peter Schwarz18:55.30Bend
27.10Justin Norris19:44.40Bend
28.11Timothy Frandsen20:23.32Bend
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Nick Bowland18:02.71Ashland
2.10Joel Kercher18:08.97Mountain View (OR)
3.11Khiseth Abramvicka18:12.57Summit
4.11Alan Nielsen18:14.20Summit
5.10Ian Hecker18:14.50Summit
6.9Sam King18:23.17Mountain View (OR)
7.10Max Millslagle18:24.78Summit
8.12Erik Farner18:26.86Summit
9.11Mckenna Hand18:29.16Mountain View (OR)
10.11Connor Barrett18:29.96Summit
11.11Ryan Leiphart18:34.66Summit
12.9Griffin Reinecke18:35.20Summit
13.11Caleb Cockrum18:35.66Mountain View (OR)
14.10Logan Myers18:43.54Mountain View (OR)
15.11Jason Dodge18:56.95Mountain View (OR)
16.9Ari Falkner19:02.11Ashland
17.11Jonah Freedman19:02.11Ashland
18.10Nikolas Giannioses19:02.40Summit
19.12Keelin Crew19:02.73Mountain View (OR)
20.10Kyle Wells19:03.94Summit
21.12Andy Archer19:10.37Summit
22.9Cody Maguire19:14.35Bend
23.12Cody Arlint19:18.76Mountain View (OR)
24.9William Dalquist19:23.40Summit
25.9Cole Burford19:23.76Summit
26.9Clayton Crenshaw19:24.13Mountain View (OR)
27.10Jesse Nielsen19:44.95Bend
28.10Steven Drgastin19:45.40Summit
29.9Jack Petersen19:49.10Bend
30.9Conner Stanek19:56.82Ashland
31.11Preston Crenshaw20:01.25Mountain View (OR)
32.10Chad Schoenborn20:05.14Mountain View (OR)
33.11Collin Hickmann20:13.01Summit
34.11Dylan Minor20:17.48Ashland
35.12Trent Russell20:20.51Bend
36.9Colton Brooks20:22.32Summit
37.10Daniel Nase20:25.17Bend
38.11Stephen Schloesser20:28.53Mountain View (OR)
39.9David Hoover20:33.18Bend
40.9Drake Ember20:35.43Bend
41.12Eric Watson20:39.98Mountain View (OR)
42.12Eric Eschelbach20:42.32Bend
43.10Lucas Eschelbach20:42.93Bend
44.10Eddy McVarish21:01.21Ashland
45.9Jerimiah Gagnon21:09.09Eagle Point
46.10Jacob Laurance-Tho...21:12.70Ashland
47.10Brandon Bartlett21:27.27Bend
48.10Matt Murphy21:32.94Mountain View (OR)
49.10Justin Weltman21:33.99Mountain View (OR)
50.12Cole Anderson22:01.61Bend
51.9Bryce Thorton22:02.92Eagle Point
52.10Nick Wolfe22:12.17Eagle Point
53.11Cyle Dale22:20.22Eagle Point
54.12Ian Larive25:07.50Ashland
55.10Christopher Mann25:31.24Eagle Point
56.11Jansen Handel28:40.91Eagle Point
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Megan Fristoe18:43.12Summit
2.10Jenna Mattox19:04.16Bend
3.11Ashley Maton19:21.98Summit
4.12Mikhaila Thornton19:25.16Mountain View (OR)
5.10Melissa Hubler19:27.72Bend
6.11Kira Kelly19:37.50Summit
7.11Hayati Wolfenden19:53.60Mountain View (OR)
8.10Brit Oliphant20:05.28Summit
9.11Sara Fristoe20:07.47Summit
10.11Logan Brown20:24.98Mountain View (OR)
11.11Jessica Wolfe20:28.67Mountain View (OR)
12.10Hailey Hewitson20:32.85Summit
13.9Hadley Schoderbek20:33.26Summit
14.11Marshall Miller20:34.48Ashland
15.11Alex Kiesling20:36.68Ashland
16.11Dana Greenblatt20:40.48Ashland
17.10Krysta Kroeger20:46.33Mountain View (OR)
18.10Makeila Lundy20:46.60Bend
19.11Kelly Odion20:52.67Ashland
20.10Kia Parrish-Haim20:57.38Ashland
21.10Madeline Chaves21:02.20Ashland
22.10Mikayla Cant21:08.82Mountain View (OR)
23.11Ally McConnell21:28.61Bend
24.10Paris Draheim21:30.72Bend
25.12Ayla Rosen21:44.07Mountain View (OR)
26.10Megan Ganim21:49.21Ashland
27.10Maria Sarao24:43.84Bend
28.11Lindy Weddel24:58.62Bend
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Tess Nelson20:24.16Summit
2.11Keelin Moehl20:33.31Summit
3.9Abbey Tozer21:01.90Summit
4.11Melanie Hopkins21:06.28Summit
5.11Sarah West21:38.37Summit
6.12Amy Gieber21:42.29Summit
7.12Taylor Westlund21:44.54Summit
8.12Lyric Randall21:59.17Ashland
9.10Kiersten Hatton22:01.30Mountain View (OR)
10.11Tess Andresen22:04.67Mountain View (OR)
11.11Andrea Scherrer22:05.06Ashland
12.10Amanda Lawrence22:11.58Mountain View (OR)
13.12Taylor Reiter22:12.69Summit
14.9Carly Fristoe22:13.22Summit
15.12Hannah Ewing22:22.07Ashland
16.10RaeAnn Morelli22:29.14Mountain View (OR)
17.9Quinn Blackwolf22:29.78Ashland
18.10Aliza Schloesser22:41.66Mountain View (OR)
19.12Karen Eberle22:44.16Mountain View (OR)
20.9Devon Runion Costa22:46.07Bend
21.10Kennedy McGahan22:54.63Summit
22.9Jaydra Rotolante22:59.45Summit
23.9Tanna Reid23:01.71Summit
24.12Emily Ritchey23:05.40Summit
25.9Emma Su23:06.46Summit
26.10Deanna Plumlee23:12.12Ashland
27.9Kyriel Butler23:14.14Bend
28.9Aurora Sherman23:15.51Ashland
29.11Anna Stenkamp23:17.12Mountain View (OR)
30.12Lucie Petersen23:40.78Mountain View (OR)
31.11Sera Stinson23:43.07Bend
32.9Madeleine Barrett23:46.78Summit
33.10Jessica Zachem24:01.46Bend
34.10Aspen Hassell24:09.06Mountain View (OR)
35.11Kallee Salber24:12.77Mountain View (OR)
36.10Ashley Johnson24:23.23Eagle Point
37.12Kelly Torrence24:26.62Mountain View (OR)
38.10Hannah McCullough24:38.99Bend
39.12Ally Kercher24:41.43Mountain View (OR)
40.11Brooke Walsh24:44.74Summit
41.10Kari Hatlestad24:48.01Bend
42.10Kira Smiley24:58.70Bend
43.10Tristyn Combs25:04.74Bend
44.10Jade Marken25:17.95Mountain View (OR)
45.11Kayla Good25:29.98Bend
46.10Emily Lawrence25:47.59Mountain View (OR)
47.11Chloe Hanks25:53.72Eagle Point
48.9Sara Dunagan26:08.53Ashland
49.11Mika Fristedt26:30.81Bend
50.11Jo Brick26:31.06Mountain View (OR)
51.9Scherlynn Robinson26:40.12Eagle Point
52.12Madison Knox27:13.25Ashland
53.9Emma Parker27:41.68Ashland
54.12Tianna Bushman29:56.67Eagle Point
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