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MHC Three-Way Gresham St. Mary's Barlow Damascus Christian HS

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Meet Host - Barlow HS
Location - Barlow HS, Gresham, OR - Map
Mens Races

Barlow HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Barlow HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Jackson Haselnus16:37Barlow
2.11Alex Seymour17:24Barlow
3.10Austin Kettleson17:31Barlow
4.12Jordan Hofeld17:34Barlow
5.11Jacob Campbell17:40Barlow
6.9Zach Standish18:08Barlow
7.11Dylan Hanson18:11Gresham
8.11Joeseph Meeko18:13Damascus Christian
9.9Seth Carr18:21Barlow
10.9Josh Ordway18:22Barlow
11.11Daniel Schmidt18:25Barlow
12.9Brenden Clermont18:26Barlow
13.11Morgan Benson18:39Gresham
14.12Alex Vaughn19:02Gresham
15.10Eric Johnsen19:03Gresham
16.10Christopher Roach19:36Damascus Christian
17.9Johnny Bright19:38Damascus Christian
18.12Ian Cummings19:54Gresham
19.9Austin Trickel20:06Gresham
20.11Joeseph Weston20:17Damascus Christian
21.12George Palmiter20:24Gresham
22.11Donnie Osborn25:06Damascus Christian
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Ely Hernandez18:59.35Barlow
2.11Tyler Mcafee19:43.11Barlow
3.11Clayton Holliday20:16.84Barlow
4.12Zach Conklin21:29.54Barlow
5.10Landon Watts21:43.08Barlow
6.12Keath McKenzie21:45.16Barlow
7.11Faubian Johnson21:49.57Barlow
8.10Andrew Hayes22:04.21Barlow
9.9Justin Melby22:17.42Barlow
10.11Mark Shearer25:14.66Barlow
11.12Alex Naraath25:21.68Barlow
12.9Hayden Weaver27:16.08Barlow
13.10Ryan Talley27:16.8Barlow
14.9Joshua Hermans29:56Barlow
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Paige Rice18:17.91St Mary's Academy
2.12Christy Richards19:05.51St Mary's Academy
3.10Ellen Patterson19:27.86St Mary's Academy
4.11Bella Gazzola19:54.93St Mary's Academy
5.12Netanya Beard20:14.47St Mary's Academy
6.12Isa Almy20:27.02St Mary's Academy
7.11Nora Helfand20:57.06St Mary's Academy
8.11Carly Januzzi21:06.91St Mary's Academy
9.11Mandie Maddux21:08.55Barlow
10.11Mickayla Phillis21:17.09St Mary's Academy
11.12Elise Otteson21:21.23Barlow
12.12Emily Schultz21:27.86St Mary's Academy
13.10Rachael Collmer21:44.36Barlow
14.10Ann Jensen21:47.09Barlow
15.12Haley Kruell22:05.27St Mary's Academy
16.10Makena Johnson22:06.54Barlow
17.11Michaela Stevens22:12.22Barlow
18.12Julia Reihs22:16.88Barlow
19.10Kennedy Martin22:28.61Gresham
20.10Haley McDonald22:40.57Gresham
21.12Dannah Martin22:53.47Barlow
22.10Lindi Burgeson23:00.93Damascus Christian
23.10Debra Sumida23:03.03Barlow
24.11Kate Johnson23:10.23Barlow
25.9Madison Stevens23:13.82Damascus Christian
26.11Diana Tovar23:18.33Gresham
27.10Kamrin Sorensen23:22.3Barlow
28.12Laura Damian23:24.95Gresham
29.11Sierra Lindhorst23:26.9Gresham
30.11Hanna Kristensen23:37.96Gresham
31.11Morriah Gifford23:55.43Gresham
32.9Alicia Nunziato23:59.73Gresham
33.9Carrie Osborn24:27.05Damascus Christian
34.9Lydia Marvin27:17Damascus Christian
35.9Keira Burgeson27:27Damascus Christian
36.10Kayla Meeko27:34Damascus Christian
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Rory Kearns20:53.85St Mary's Academy
2.9Leah Norquist21:03.00Barlow
3.11Julia Tawney22:16.92St Mary's Academy
4.10Emma Ordway22:37.28St Mary's Academy
5.10Isabelle Berry22:51.53St Mary's Academy
6.10Iris Dowd23:10.81St Mary's Academy
7.11Katy Henkle23:24.54St Mary's Academy
8.12Greta Lickteig23:38.59St Mary's Academy
9.11Erin Patridge24:01.47St Mary's Academy
10.10Grace Klovski24:21.56Barlow
11.12Krista Leonard24:27.39Barlow
12.9Maddy Hauenstein24:35.2St Mary's Academy
13.11Elizabeth King24:36.73St Mary's Academy
14.9Xiao Pfohman24:37.68St Mary's Academy
15.10Rachel Hynes24:39.89Barlow
16.11Kaylee Church24:48.07Barlow
17.11Erin Murphy24:57.99St Mary's Academy
18.11Kat Carnevale25:08.58St Mary's Academy
19.12Millie Sturtevant25:09.07St Mary's Academy
20.10Tatum Houghton25:22.41Barlow
21.10Sarah Madison25:55.28St Mary's Academy
22.12Catie Lucas25:57.16St Mary's Academy
23.11Rachel Struxness25:57.69St Mary's Academy
24.10Sammy Boldt25:58.29Barlow
25.12Danielle Owenby26:45.69St Mary's Academy
26.9Sophia Cantwell26:51.36St Mary's Academy
27.9Grace Richmond26:56.42St Mary's Academy
28.9Monika Fitzgerald27:04.5Gresham
29.10Brigit O'Sullivan27:09.03St Mary's Academy
30.10Melanie Merlo27:13.54St Mary's Academy
31.10Elaine VanSickle27:14.05St Mary's Academy
32.10Catherine Murphy27:14.73St Mary's Academy
33.10Kaylee Aalbers27:16.77Gresham
34.9Cassie Dempsey27:17.92Barlow
35.11Maria Yerkes27:20.78Gresham
36.10Jenny Blackerby27:21.32St Mary's Academy
37.10Morgan Stark27:21.93St Mary's Academy
38.10Sarah Prom27:31.06Barlow
39.11Emma Milward27:50.73Barlow
40.9Kendra Taylor28:35.96Gresham
41.11Cassie Fellows28:38.22Gresham
42.10Jenna Westover28:41.05Barlow
43.10Katie Brodrick29:12.38St Mary's Academy
44.10Mariah Hart29:13.88Barlow
45.11Katrina Arnold29:23.04Barlow
46.11Kerri Peetz29:34.66Gresham
47.10Elizabeth Shaw29:38.23St Mary's Academy
48.11Meghan Daschel29:56.31St Mary's Academy
49.10Stacy Sherman30:26.43Barlow
50.11Hanna Joyce30:59.05St Mary's Academy
51.10Anya Barnett31:03.84St Mary's Academy
52.9Sophie Goddyn31:21.11St Mary's Academy
53.10Melissa Godshalk31:41.65St Mary's Academy
54.12Nicole Leonard31:46.53Barlow
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