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Newport,Ballard,Bothell HS

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

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Location - Kelsey Creek Park, Bellevue, WA - Map
Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Alex Bowns16:52Ballard
2.12Stephen Strozyk17:33Newport-Bellevue
3.11Nathan Conrad17:44Bothell
4.12Blair Scott17:48Ballard
5.11Victor Bailly17:55Ballard
6.12Chris Arneson17:59Bothell
7.10Bryan Quandt18:03Ballard
8.10Ryan Kelly18:04Ballard
9.11Matthew Gabel18:06Newport-Bellevue
10.12Kris Plunkett18:11Newport-Bellevue
11.11Jason Mills18:15Ballard
12.10Daniel Smith18:19Newport-Bellevue
13.10Christophe Chamber...18:23Newport-Bellevue
14.12Tyler Tsujii18:25Bothell
15.12Justin Duerkopp18:28Newport-Bellevue
16.10Amar Kalkura18:33Bothell
16.9James Hamilton18:41Newport-Bellevue
18.10Jordan Harris18:46Newport-Bellevue
19.10Jacob Scott18:52Ballard
20.9Michael Vitz-Wong19:02Ballard
21.12Camden McKone19:09Bothell
21.11Ryan Mills19:12Ballard
22.10Zerian Arango19:15Ballard
24.10Matt Rusk19:16Ballard
25.10Theodore Pierce19:18Bothell
26.11Jeffrey Hoyt19:19Newport-Bellevue
27.9Nicholas Koney19:20Ballard
28.10Sam Horowitz19:21Ballard
29.10Henry Nickerson19:22Ballard
30.10Nick Taylor19:23Newport-Bellevue
31.10Grant Stein19:25Newport-Bellevue
32.11Chris Bell19:26Newport-Bellevue
34.10Zack Quarterman19:33Ballard
34.12Bentley Altizer19:35Newport-Bellevue
35.10Will Johnstone19:36Ballard
36.11Coltan Johnson19:37Bothell
37.11Ricky Villavicencio19:38Bothell
38.9Henrik Mansfield19:39Ballard
39.11James LeGresley19:39Bothell
40.12Steve Brockman19:39Ballard
41.10Eric Cheuk19:42Newport-Bellevue
42.11Jerry Zhu19:43Bothell
43.11Willem Gmaziel19:51Bothell
44.10Jean-Luc LeClair19:54Ballard
45.9Fredrik Mansfield19:54Ballard
46.12Stephen Pedersen19:55Bothell
47.10George White19:58Ballard
48.11Sully Cothran20:01Bothell
49.11David Hirschey20:03Newport-Bellevue
50.11Brandon Cella20:19Bothell
51.12Brian McAfee20:22Bothell
52.12Joseph Brockman20:29Ballard
53.10Julian Davenport20:31Ballard
54.11Christian Huelsy20:34Ballard
55.12William Kirby20:35Newport-Bellevue
56.10Niall Wright20:36Bothell
57.12Brett Bankston20:39Newport-Bellevue
58.10Bryce Petterson20:40Bothell
59.12Chris O'Neil20:41Bothell
60.10Reilly Murphy20:42Newport-Bellevue
61.10Eckhart Chan20:42Newport-Bellevue
62.10Conner Brook20:43Bothell
63.9James Wang20:45Newport-Bellevue
64.12Alex Benson20:45Bothell
65.10Cooper Rickards20:47Ballard
66.11Robert Carter20:48Ballard
67.9Noah Genatossio20:52Ballard
68.10Tyler Troxell20:53Ballard
69.10Wyland Tregear20:53Bothell
70.12Taylor Anderson20:54Ballard
71.12David Mershon20:56Ballard
72.12Ryan Hale20:58Ballard
73.12Robby Brosman21:01Bothell
74.10Dan Tarleton21:01Bothell
75.10Eli Porkka21:03Newport-Bellevue
76.9Nathan Gleaton21:04Newport-Bellevue
77.10Dean Willis21:08Bothell
78.9Harrison Kwik21:15Newport-Bellevue
79.10Jordan Chin21:17Newport-Bellevue
80.12Burke Gibson21:18Newport-Bellevue
81.9John Carter21:20Ballard
83.10Konyong Jung21:25Newport-Bellevue
82.9Spencer Chandler21:30Ballard
84.11Jay Gupta21:44Bothell
85.12Nick Host21:44Ballard
86.9Grey Kumar21:45Newport-Bellevue
87.9Rafael Regan21:46Ballard
88.10Tim Smith21:48Bothell
89.10Jayson Esguerra21:50Newport-Bellevue
90.11Colter Lind22:04Bothell
91.9Jonah Andreson22:05Newport-Bellevue
92.11Per Nyhammer22:10Bothell
93.11Dylan Degiulio22:12Newport-Bellevue
94.10Ryan Hotes22:16Newport-Bellevue
95.9Erik Gabel22:20Newport-Bellevue
96.10Reid Ragsdar22:32Bothell
97.11Moritz Van Laack22:35Ballard
98.9Evan Arends22:37Ballard
99.11Connor Reichenbach22:45Newport-Bellevue
100.9Adam Uppendahl22:47Newport-Bellevue
101.9Cody Ng22:50Newport-Bellevue
102.11Nathan Berry23:01Ballard
103.10Zack Tarhouni23:03Ballard
104.10Ben Lennon23:05Ballard
106.11Quincy Brooks23:08Newport-Bellevue
105.10Jaimi Chong23:10Newport-Bellevue
107.10Robert Johnson23:15Ballard
114.10Benjamin Yao23:26Ballard
108.10Aaron Klein23:29Bothell
109.12Kenny Tolbert23:30Newport-Bellevue
110.10Eugene Deng23:31Newport-Bellevue
111.10Dominic Rosato23:31Ballard
113.9Richard Xu23:35Newport-Bellevue
115.12Jacob Hamilton23:52Bothell
116.9Peng Michael Chu24:01Newport-Bellevue
117.10Jacob Kaltenbach24:11Bothell
118.9Sean Adair24:25Ballard
119.9Carlo Carandang24:35Ballard
120.9Michael Witkowski24:45Ballard
121.9Matthew Shin25:10Newport-Bellevue
122.9Austin Woo25:40Newport-Bellevue
123.10Ian McDermott26:15Bothell
124.10Ben Leingang26:56Bothell
125.9Joshua Smith27:01Newport-Bellevue
9Andrew Burrell27:18Newport-Bellevue
127.9David Rufin27:40Ballard
128.11Drew Patterson28:50Bothell
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Alisa Poplawski21:24Newport-Bellevue
2.10Jessica Spray21:26Newport-Bellevue
3.11Venecia Xu21:38Newport-Bellevue
4.12Natalie White21:39Ballard
5.10Michelle Altizer21:48Newport-Bellevue
6.9Allison Lee22:03Newport-Bellevue
7.10Rachel Livengood22:09Ballard
8.12Kareena Dahl22:14Bothell
9.12Alison Coombs22:17Bothell
10.10Anna Mirenzi22:21Ballard
11.11Alyson Fromm22:23Ballard
12.10Gail Jardine22:30Newport-Bellevue
13.10Julia Boone22:36Ballard
14.12Lauren Schuur22:54Newport-Bellevue
15.12Bryanna Woo23:00Newport-Bellevue
16.10Kyrie Rivas23:08Newport-Bellevue
17.12Hannah Murphy23:14Ballard
18.9Marissa Roe23:34Ballard
19.11Paige Wolfe23:34Bothell
20.12Brianna Lacy23:35Bothell
21.11Elise Willey23:38Bothell
22.10Jaye Western23:43Newport-Bellevue
23.10Truly McCone23:52Ballard
24.12Isabella Fabens24:09Ballard
25.10Roni Albrecht24:14Bothell
26.10Cassey Dang24:19Newport-Bellevue
27.10Erica Gwinn24:28Bothell
28.10Laura Olson24:37Bothell
29.9Daniela Rivas24:39Newport-Bellevue
30.12Youny Kuang24:55Newport-Bellevue
31.10Tiffany Van Eaton24:59Bothell
32.12Crystal Liu25:00Newport-Bellevue
33.11Katelyn Clark25:01Ballard
34.10Ruth Wu25:15Newport-Bellevue
35.9Chaewoo Ahn25:33Newport-Bellevue
26.10Megan Codd25:35Bothell
37.12Courtney Hastings25:41Newport-Bellevue
38.12Olivia Pierce25:46Newport-Bellevue
39.10Anna Gallagher25:47Ballard
40.12Grace Park25:56Bothell
41.12Maddie Phillips25:57Newport-Bellevue
42.9Natalie Lofgren26:08Newport-Bellevue
43.12Khuntia Porter26:20Bothell
44.10Mallory McCord26:26Newport-Bellevue
45.10Jennifer Liu26:32Newport-Bellevue
46.12Rachel Harmatta26:38Ballard
47.9Grace Kuffner26:39Newport-Bellevue
48.10Melissa Chan27:03Newport-Bellevue
49.11Jackie Moyer27:10Bothell
50.11Carrina Harms27:22Newport-Bellevue
51.9Stephanie Howe27:28Ballard
52.10Tara Snevoll27:31Ballard
53.10Amy Patterson27:48Bothell
54.10Natalie Doggett27:55Newport-Bellevue
55.12Shirley Qiu28:01Newport-Bellevue
56.11Hannah Yu28:16Bothell
58.12Chehala Andriananj...28:25Newport-Bellevue
57.12Maya Graue28:32Newport-Bellevue
58.11Elle Nelson28:42Newport-Bellevue
60.11Andra Kent29:54Newport-Bellevue
61.11Elise Willey30:00Bothell
62.12Veronika Neshyba-N...30:26Newport-Bellevue
63.12Grace Christensen30:39Bothell
64.9Liana Seglins30:46Ballard
65.10Mia Lints31:22Newport-Bellevue
66.12Rachael Sherman31:25Newport-Bellevue
67.10Alexandra Gore32:00Newport-Bellevue
68.12Stephanie Anderson32:26Newport-Bellevue
69.10Sasha Wallace32:37Newport-Bellevue
70.10Lalita Narayanan35:13Newport-Bellevue
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