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All Japan High School Ekiden Championships in Kyoto- 

Girls 22nd Annual - check out the great NHK
 Interactive Map                  Course Route Video
Boys 61st Annual - Check out the great NHK 
 Interactive Map
Read Japan Running Blog's recap of girls race in English    
Watch Winning Team Finish
Read Japan Running Blog's recap of boys race in English                                                                                     Watch Winning Team Finish

Click photo on left for video highlights. Longer race video coverage (excerpts of NHK's 4+ hours of live nationwide broadcast) below.

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Courtesy of Japan Running Blog:

Kojokan Wins National High School Girls Ekiden 

by Brett Larner

Thanks in part to outstanding performances from the identical twinAkamatsu sisters on the final two stages,Kojokan H.S. took its second-ever national title at the 2010 National High School Girls Ekiden, holding off two-time defending champion Toyokawa H.S. by 16 seconds after battling the strong Suma Gakuen H.S. throughout the ekiden.

Kojokan's Katsuki Suga got the team off to a good start, winning the 6 km First Stage by a margin of 6 seconds. Suma Gakuen'sRisa Yokoe caught up on the Second Stage, running a stage best to finish the leg dead even with Kojokan's Miyuki Oka. Suma Gakuen's Third Stage runner Mika Kobayashi likewise turned in a stage best, giving the school an 8 second lead after Kojokan'sManami Takehisa finished only 9th on the stage.

Everything turned around on the 3.0 km Fourth Stage. Kojokan'sHiroka Akamatsu, the lesser-known of its star Akamatsu twins, seized back the lead, taking the stage best with a strong 9:35. Suma Gakuen's Natsuki Hara was only 9th on the stage in 9:55. Akamatsu handed off to her sister Mahiro Akamatsu, the Asian junior 3000 m champion and national high school 1500 m champion, with a lead of 12 seconds over Suma Gakuen. Behind the two leading schools, defending champion Toyokawa and powerhouse Sendai Ikuei H.S. handed off to Kenyan anchorsMurugi Wainaina and Mary Wydira.

Akamatsu, who was tripped twice by the same person on the First Stage last year, successfully held off both Wainaina and Wydira to give Kojokan the national title. Wainaina, stage best winner on the anchor leg last year, did her best to bridge the gap but despite again taking the stage best title could not catch Akamatsu. Wydira ran together with Wainaina but lost ground in the final kilometer and finished 6 seconds back with the second best time on the stage. Akamatsu recorded the third-best stage time.

2010 National High School Girls Ekiden
Top Team Results - 21.0975 km
click here for complete results in Japanese
1. Kojokan H.S. - 1:07:50
2. Toyokawa H.S. - 1:08:06
3. Sendai Ikuei H.S. - 1:08:12
4. Kamimura Gakuen H.S. - 1:08:58
5. Kita Kyushu Municipal H.S. - 1:08:59
6. Ritsumeikan Uji H.S. - 1:08:59
7. Tokiwa H.S. - 1:09:02

Stage Best Performances
click here for complete results in Japanese
click stage headers for video highlights
First Stage (6.0 km) - Katsuki Suga (Kojokan H.S.) - 19:29
Second Stage (4.0975 km) - Risa Yokoe (Suma Gakuen H.S.) - 12:44
Third Stage (3.0 km) - Mika Kobayashi (Suma Gakuen H.S.) - 9:51
Nana Fukuzaki (Sendai Ikuei H.S.) - 9:51
Shiho Takeda (Tokiwa H.S.) - 9:51
Fourth Stage (3.0 km) - Hiroka Akamatsu (Kojokan H.S.) - 9:35
Fifth Stage (5.0 km) - Murugi Wainaina (Toyokawa H.S.) - 15:40

(c) 2010 Brett Larner
Click photo for short video highlights.

Courtesy of Japan Running Blog:

Kagoshima Jitsugyo H.S. unexpectedly ran down defending champion Sera H.S. on the final two stages to win a dramatic 2010 National High School Boys Ekiden, its first-ever national title in the event's 61-year history.

Kazuto Nishiike (Suma Gakuen H.S.), who finished 0.02 seconds out of the medals in the boys' 3000 m at last summer's Youth Olympics, took the race out hard with a 29:35 for the 10 km First Stage. Kagoshima Jitsugyo's Takashi Ichida was just 3 seconds back, with another 5 seconds separating Ichida from pursuers Sendai Ikuei H.S. and Kyushu Gakuin H.S. Suma Gakuen's Second Stage runner Yudai Yamamoto lengthened the team's lead over Sendai Ikuei and Kyushu Gakuin, while Kagoshima Jitsugyo fell to 7th.

The 8.1075 km Third Stage, a showcase for the top Kenyan high schoolers in Japan, saw a shakeup to the runner as defending champions Sera H.S.' new ace Charles Ndirangu delivered a big performance. With a 36 second deficit at the start of the stage Ndirangu moved up from 10th to the lead, running dead even with Samuel Wanjiru's stage record and ultimately finishing just 1 second off Wanjiru's seemingly unbreakable mark of 22:40. Michael Getange (Aomori Yamada H.S.) likewise had a strong run to move into 2nd ahead of Wanjiru's alma mater Sendai Ikuei, Kagoshima Jitsugyo, Kyushu Gakuin and 2008 national champion Saku Chosei H.S.

Sendai Ikuei made the strategic decision to put its current Kenyan Bernard Waweru on Fourth Stage, usually the sign of a weaker athlete, but Waweru was successful in moving Sendai Ikuei into 2nd with a stage best run. Sera held a lead of 18 seconds over Sendai Ikuei at stage's end, with Kyushu Gakuin moving up to finish the stage dead even with cross-island rivals Kagoshima Jitsugyo. Kagoshima Jitsugyo pulled away on the Fifth Stage, overtaking Aomori Yamada for 3rd but failing to make dent in Sera's 28 second lead. But Kagoshima was saving its best for last.

Kagoshima Jitsugyo's Hiroshi Ichida, the twin brother of its First Stage runner Takashi, took the stage best to put his team in range. Ichida outran Sera's Takuya Fujikawa by 14 seconds, cutting the lead in half. Kagoshima anchor Koki Takada quickly ran down stunningly named Sera anchor Naruhei Daikuya. Entering the track together for the final 500 m, Takada waited until the very last 250 m to kick away from Daikuya, winning by a margin of 6 seconds and just sneaking under 2:04. Kyushu Gakuin overtook Sendai Ikuei for 3rd, with Suma Gakuen moving back ahead of Aomori Yamada thanks to a Fifth Stage best by Takuma Sano. 2008 winner Saku Chosei, a virtual factory for top high school talent in the last 7 or 8 years, was only 7th.

In a post-race interview with TV broadcaster NHK, Kagoshima Jitsugyo head coach Sadanori Kamioka commented, "When we finished the First Stage in 2nd I was very confident because I knew we had our strongest runners on Sixth and Seventh. With 1 km to go I knew we had it." Anchor Takada agreed, saying, "When I caught up to the leader at 4 km I decided just to take it easy the rest of the way and outkick him on the track. I had planned to outkick him with 150 m to go but could see he was struggling so I went a little farther out." Kamioka thanked the people of Kagoshima prefecture for the school's first national title, saying, "This victory was won by everyone in Kagoshima."

2010 National High School Boys Ekiden
Top Team Results - 42.195 km
click here for complete results in Japanese
1. Kagoshima Jitsugyo H.S. - 2:03:59
2. Sera H.S. - 2:04:05
3. Kyushu Gakuin H.S. - 2:04:24
4. Sendai Ikuei H.S. - 2:04:47
5. Suma Gakuen H.S. - 2:05:26
6. Aomori Yamada H.S. - 2:05:33
7. Saku Chosei H.S. - 2:05:50

Stage Best Performances
click here for complete results
click stage headers for video highlights
First Stage (10.0 km) - Kazuto Nishiike (Suma Gakuen H.S.) - 29:35
Second Stage (3.0 km) - Yudai Yamamoto (Suma Gakuen H.S.) - 8:18
Third Stage (8.1075 km) - Charles Ndirangu (Sera H.S.) - 22:41
Fourth Stage (8.0875 km) - Bernard Waweru (Sendai Ikuei H.S.) - 23:27
Fifth Stage (3.0 km) - Takuma Sano (Suma Gakuen H.S.) - 8:43
Sixth Stage (5.0 km) - Hiroshi Ichida (Kagoshima Jitsugyo H.S.) - 14:40
Seventh Stage (5.0 km) - Koki Takada (Kagoshima Jitsugyo H.S.) - 14:31

(c) 2010 Brett Larner
all rights reserved








Preview of 2010 National High School Ekiden Championships

PREVIEW: The 2010 National High School Ekiden Championships take place Sunday, Dec. 26. Overseas viewers who want to watch 2011's version of NHK's live, commercial-free broadcast via Keyhole TV should try clicking here. If a password is required, enter the letters NHK.The girls' ekiden runs from 10:05 to 11:54 a.m. Japan time, with the boys' ekiden beginning at 12:15 and ending at 2:52 p.m.   ekiden's own website

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Mens Results

10,000 Meters Leg One  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.12Kazuto Nishiike29:35Hyogo - Suma Gakuen Sr
3.11Hazuma Hattori29:43Miyagi - Sendai Ikue
4.11Kazuma Kubota29:43Kumamoto - KyushuGak...
5.12Ryodai Matono29:52Nagasaki - Isahaya Sr
7.12Kaname Tada29:55Okayama - Kurashiki Sr
8.12Genki Matsumura29:55Yamaguchi - Saikyo Sr
9.12Tomoyasu Matsui29:56Hiroshima - Sera Sr
10.11Kenya Sonoda29:57Aomori - Yamada Senior
11.12Toshihiro Yusuda29:59Nagano - Sakuchosei Sr
12.12Kei Fumimoto30:02Kyoto - Rakunan Jr-Sr
13.11Kazuhito Satou30:02Fukushima - Tamura Sr
14.12Hideto Kojima30:08Aichi - Toyokawa Tec...
15.12Shinya Iwabuti30:09Iwate - IchinoSeki G...
16.12Tomio Uchiyama30:14Yamagata - Tokai Dai...
17.12Naoki Shimada30:15Shizuoka - Hamamatsu...
18.12Takuya Otani30:16Tochigi - Sano Nihon...
19.11Masato Terauchi30:17Wakayama - Kita Sr
20.11Takuya Tanaka30:18Chiba - Funabashi Mu...
21.11Kentaro Inoue30:19Saga - Tosu Kogyo Sr
23.12Takayuki Saigo30:21Miyazaki - Kobayashi...
27.11Syunya Suou30:25Gunma - Tokyo Nodai ...
28.12Manabu Yamada30:26Ishikawa - Yugakkan Sr
29.12Ryouta Kineshima30:31Fukuoka - Omuta Sr
32.10Koki Takahashi30:37Shimane - Izumo Kogy...
33.11Shoi Ineda30:38Ibaraki - Suijo Sr
36.11Masahiro Kotani30:57Oita - Nippon Bunri ...
37.12Ryouta Watanabe30:59Saitama - Sakae Jr S...
43.11Kazuma Ganaha31:46Tokyo - Jitsugyo Sr
44.12Shougo Nakamura31:48Gifu - Mashita Seifu
47.12Hidetoshi Yamashita32:42Fukui - Mikata Sr
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3,000 Meters Leg Two  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.11Yu Yamamoto8:18Hyogo - Suma Gakuen Sr
2.10Tadashi Isshiki8:21Miyagi - Sendai Ikue
3.11Shouta Miyagami8:23Kumamoto - KyushuGak...
5.12Takahiro Miki8:26Okayama - Kurashiki Sr
5.11Manosuki Ogino8:26Shizuoka - Hamamatsu...
7.10Kazunori Yokoo8:28Chiba - Funabashi Mu...
9.11Kenta Mutou8:30Fukushima - Tamura Sr
10.12Syuji Goto8:31Aomori - Yamada Senior
10Shinnousuke Matsum...8:32Yamaguchi - Saikyo Sr
12.10Issei Miyagi8:33Hiroshima - Sera Sr
12.10Yuusuke Masuda8:33Gunma - Tokyo Nodai ...
12.11Shouya Okuno8:33Aichi - Toyokawa Tec...
15.12Shinya Kikuchi8:34Iwate - IchinoSeki G...
16.12Yusuke Hiro8:35Gifu - Mashita Seifu
16.11Toshiya Agekura8:35Nagano - Sakuchosei Sr
18.12Yuusuke Konishi8:36Miyazaki - Kobayashi...
18.11Keisuke Yoshida8:36Ishikawa - Yugakkan Sr
18.12Yuto Uto8:36Nagasaki - Isahaya Sr
18.11Takumi Wada8:36Shimane - Izumo Kogy...
22.12Daisuke Morimoto8:37Kyoto - Rakunan Jr-Sr
23.10Yuusukata Kumoriiw...8:38Ibaraki - Suijo Sr
24.12Yuuya Daimon8:40Tochigi - Sano Nihon...
25.11Syota Arakawa8:41Saga - Tosu Kogyo Sr
27.12Shogo Takada8:42Saitama - Sakae Jr S...
28.12Keita Kineshima8:43Fukuoka - Omuta Sr
31.11Maseto Takahashi8:45Yamagata - Tokai Dai...
33.11Yuya Nagamori8:46Oita - Nippon Bunri ...
33.12Satoshi Yukawa8:46Wakayama - Kita Sr
39.12Keisa Iwata8:51Tokyo - Jitsugyo Sr
42.10Akihiro Arima8:56Fukui - Mikata Sr
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8,000 Meters Leg Three (8107.5m)  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.11Charles Ndirangu22:41Hiroshima - Sera Sr
2.12Michael Gothinji23:18Aomori - Yamada Senior
3.11Masaki Toda23:52Gunma - Tokyo Nodai ...
5.11Shun Morozumi24:00Nagano - Sakuchosei Sr
6.12Naoki Murakoshi24:03Fukushima - Tamura Sr
7.12Youhei Koyama24:14Kyoto - Rakunan Jr-Sr
8.12Kento Satou24:15Miyagi - Sendai Ikue
9.12Ryouta Watanabe24:17Saitama - Sakae Jr S...
10.-Mizuki Kodama24:19Kumamoto - KyushuGak...
12.11Satoshi Kimura24:28Shizuoka - Hamamatsu...
12.12Aoi Iwasaki24:28Saga - Tosu Kogyo Sr
14.11Shouta Baba24:30Okayama - Kurashiki Sr
14.12Masanori Ikeda24:30Fukui - Mikata Sr
16.12Shingo Hayashi24:31Nagasaki - Isahaya Sr
17.12Yuuki Kimura24:40Yamaguchi - Saikyo Sr
18.12Ryo Nakagawa24:42Gifu - Mashita Seifu
19.11Kaoru Hirosue24:44Miyazaki - Kobayashi...
20.12Shota Saito24:46Iwate - IchinoSeki G...
21.12Satoshi Gorotani24:47Ishikawa - Yugakkan Sr
22.11Mitsutaka Tomita24:53Fukuoka - Omuta Sr
23.12Takaysa Satou24:56Shimane - Izumo Kogy...
24.12Masaharu Goto24:57Hyogo - Suma Gakuen Sr
27.11Satoshi Takeda24:58Tochigi - Sano Nihon...
29.11Daisuke Watanabe25:03Oita - Nippon Bunri ...
31.11Teruaki Yuda25:06Aichi - Toyokawa Tec...
32.11Nozomi Tabayashi25:15Wakayama - Kita Sr
32.11Ryuya Satou25:15Ibaraki - Suijo Sr
35.12Tetsuya Watanabe25:20Yamagata - Tokai Dai...
37.11Akihisa Kaneko25:22Chiba - Funabashi Mu...
46.11Ken Haneyama25:44Tokyo - Jitsugyo Sr
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8,000 Meters Leg Four (8087.5m)  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
14.10Hajime Sato22:22Iwate - IchinoSeki G...
1.10Bernard Waoeru23:27Miyagi - Sendai Ikue
2.10Kazuma Watanabe23:32Kumamoto - KyushuGak...
4.11Yugo Muroi23:57Oita - Nippon Bunri ...
5.12Ryousuke Ooya24:02Ishikawa - Yugakkan Sr
6.11Yuta Oyama24:03Aichi - Toyokawa Tec...
7.12Ryo Kurokawa24:04Aomori - Yamada Senior
8.11Hide Kurada24:09Miyazaki - Kobayashi...
9.12Ryo Deguchi24:11Hyogo - Suma Gakuen Sr
10.11Shin Watanabe24:18Hiroshima - Sera Sr
10.11Junichi Fukuzawa24:18Nagano - Sakuchosei Sr
12.12Shigeki Kase24:19Fukushima - Tamura Sr
15.11Syogo Tojima24:26Saga - Tosu Kogyo Sr
16.10Yusuke Nishiyama24:28Gifu - Mashita Seifu
17.12Yuuki Matsumura24:30Shizuoka - Hamamatsu...
18.9Shou Tokunaga24:35Okayama - Kurashiki Sr
19.11Kouhei Satou24:38Ibaraki - Suijo Sr
20.11Hideshi Ikegami24:39Kyoto - Rakunan Jr-Sr
21.12Tomio Uchiyama24:42Yamagata - Tokai Dai...
23.10Soma Ishikawa24:52Tochigi - Sano Nihon...
24.12Yutaro Wakata24:53Fukuoka - Omuta Sr
25.12Takumi Taguchi24:55Saitama - Sakae Jr S...
26.11Makoto Fukue24:56Chiba - Funabashi Mu...
27.11Ryo Degawa24:59Shimane - Izumo Kogy...
30.12 Takahashi25:05Wakayama - Kita Sr
32.11Ryo Aiura25:09Nagasaki - Isahaya Sr
34.12Takayuki Morinaga25:15Yamaguchi - Saikyo Sr
37.12Ayatoshi Haruki25:19Gunma - Tokyo Nodai ...
40.11Fumito Hayakawa25:25Fukui - Mikata Sr
46.11Kose Chida26:15Tokyo - Jitsugyo Sr
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3,000 Meters Leg Five  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.10Yufutoshi Sano8:43Hyogo - Suma Gakuen Sr
2.10Takayuki Tsuchiya8:47Miyagi - Sendai Ikue
3.12Junji Morimoto8:50Tochigi - Sano Nihon...
5.10Yukihiro Hakoda8:52Hiroshima - Sera Sr
6.12Yuuki Murakoshi8:54Fukushima - Tamura Sr
6.11Naoya Abe8:54Shizuoka - Hamamatsu...
8.12Yuusuke Inoue8:55Kumamoto - KyushuGak...
8.11Kazuma Miki8:55Gunma - Tokyo Nodai ...
8.11Naokii Saida8:55Gifu - Mashita Seifu
11.12Ryuuya Itou8:56Iwate - IchinoSeki G...
13.10Kouichiro Yusuda8:57Nagano - Sakuchosei Sr
14.12Mirai Yamashita8:59Miyazaki - Kobayashi...
15.11Koeru Kudou9:00Aomori - Yamada Senior
16.10Yoshinobu Shirati9:01Yamaguchi - Saikyo Sr
16.11Ryo Shirayoshi9:01Saitama - Sakae Jr S...
18.11Kazuki Hayakawa9:04Okayama - Kurashiki Sr
18.10Syouta Fukumura9:04Ishikawa - Yugakkan Sr
22.11Genta Yamanaka9:05Kyoto - Rakunan Jr-Sr
22.11Kouki Takeuchi9:05Aichi - Toyokawa Tec...
24.11Yuta Otuka9:06Oita - Nippon Bunri ...
25.11Satoru Teranuma9:07Ibaraki - Suijo Sr
27.11Yasuhiro Hirano9:09Saga - Tosu Kogyo Sr
27.12Naoki Ito9:09Fukuoka - Omuta Sr
27.10Takayuki Ueno9:09Shimane - Izumo Kogy...
31.12Yuuya Minami9:10Fukui - Mikata Sr
32.11Makoto Taniyama9:12Wakayama - Kita Sr
33.10Hijiri Hoshikawa9:14Yamagata - Tokai Dai...
35.10Yuuki Washiya9:15Chiba - Funabashi Mu...
35.10Junki Higashida9:15Tokyo - Jitsugyo Sr
44.10Yuuki Yamaguchi9:30Nagasaki - Isahaya Sr
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5,000 Meters Leg Six  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
2.12Takayuki Maeno14:42Hyogo - Suma Gakuen Sr
3.11Shunsuke Minami14:46Kumamoto - KyushuGak...
32.10Shouta Kirihara14:52Tochigi - Sano Nihon...
4.12Takuya Fujikawa14:54Hiroshima - Sera Sr
5.11Toshiya Agekura14:58Nagano - Sakuchosei Sr
6.11Tomoki Endou15:08Fukushima - Tamura Sr
7.11Takayuki Fujii15:11Okayama - Kurashiki Sr
8.11Masaharu Sano15:15Gunma - Tokyo Nodai ...
9.10Damma Hattori15:16Miyagi - Sendai Ikue
10.12Syoya Nishio15:18Aichi - Toyokawa Tec...
11.12Ryouhei Endo15:21Iwate - IchinoSeki G...
11.11Morihiro Higashi15:21Oita - Nippon Bunri ...
11.12Kiyoteru Shimizu15:21Gifu - Mashita Seifu
14.12Yuudai Kozone15:22Miyazaki - Kobayashi...
15.12Yuuichi Wada15:23Kyoto - Rakunan Jr-Sr
15.10Ryo Tanaka15:23Shimane - Izumo Kogy...
18.11Hinoyuki Fujii15:30Shizuoka - Hamamatsu...
18.11Shinya Watanabe15:30Saga - Tosu Kogyo Sr
18.12Kousuke Kamba15:30Ishikawa - Yugakkan Sr
22.11Shuhei Horiai15:34Aomori - Yamada Senior
22.11Hirotaka Segawa15:34Nagasaki - Isahaya Sr
24.11Hayato Kimura15:35Yamagata - Tokai Dai...
27.11Ryou Okabe15:38Fukuoka - Omuta Sr
30.11Shouta Fujii15:39Yamaguchi - Saikyo Sr
33.10Takeshi Ebisawa15:43Ibaraki - Suijo Sr
37.11Takahiro Ogawa15:49Chiba - Funabashi Mu...
41.10Takeshi Tomietsu15:55Saitama - Sakae Jr S...
42.12Takujmi Doi15:56Wakayama - Kita Sr
45.11Chikato Shimoguchi16:10Fukui - Mikata Sr
47.11Shuzo Suzuki16:14Tokyo - Jitsugyo Sr
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5,000 Meters Leg Seven  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
2.11Shosuke Yoshida14:46Kumamoto - KyushuGak...
3.10Naruhei Daikuya14:51Hiroshima - Sera Sr
4.10Kaeda Yoshida14:57Yamagata - Tokai Dai...
2.11Hiroki Itou14:58Miyagi - Sendai Ikue
6.12Kenta Yamashita14:59Fukuoka - Omuta Sr
7.11Yoshitaka Ogawa15:00Hyogo - Suma Gakuen Sr
8.12Kurio Doi15:01Gifu - Mashita Seifu
9.11Daisuke Yamaura15:03Nagano - Sakuchosei Sr
10.12Kazuki Matsumura15:07Shizuoka - Hamamatsu...
11.12Shou Ota15:08Kyoto - Rakunan Jr-Sr
13.11Arata Yamamoto15:09Aomori - Yamada Senior
14.12Yusuke Chiba15:10Chiba - Funabashi Mu...
15.12Shingo Mizota15:12Saga - Tosu Kogyo Sr
16.12Yuuma Sagawa15:13Fukushima - Tamura Sr
16.10Yasutaka Ishibashi15:13Fukui - Mikata Sr
18.11Hirosuka Jousyo15:15Aichi - Toyokawa Tec...
20.12Naoto Konno15:16Iwate - IchinoSeki G...
21.10Hayakaza Izumoto15:18Okayama - Kurashiki Sr
22.12Yuuki Otani15:19Yamaguchi - Saikyo Sr
24.11Tsukasa Aradi15:20Miyazaki - Kobayashi...
25.11Teruaki Akahoshi15:23Saitama - Sakae Jr S...
26.12Yuya Enozaka15:24Wakayama - Kita Sr
27.11Tetsuo Kamehi15:27Ishikawa - Yugakkan Sr
28.11Tomoya Asano15:29Tochigi - Sano Nihon...
30.11Kazuki Ihara15:34Gunma - Tokyo Nodai ...
30.10Shunta Inage15:34Tokyo - Jitsugyo Sr
36.12Syun Fukuhama15:42Shimane - Izumo Kogy...
42.12Yuki Sato15:52Oita - Nippon Bunri ...
43.11Tatsuya Yamaguchi15:55Ibaraki - Suijo Sr
46.10Yutaro Matsumoto16:03Nagasaki - Isahaya Sr
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Leg One  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.11Katsuki Kan19:29Okayama - Kojokan Se...
3.12Mutsumi Ikeda19:38Hyogo - Suma Gakuen Sr
4.11Yuriko Kosaki19:39Chiba - Narita Sr
5.11Rina Nabejima19:40Kochi - Yamada Sr
6.12Makiko Kuroda19:40Kanagawa - Hadano Sr
7.10Nanako Kanno19:41Kyoto - Ritsumeikan ...
8.12Yuuki Hidaka19:41Fukuoka - Kita-Kyush...
9.10Saikei Amou19:45Miyagi - Sendai Ikue
10.10Natsuki Omori19:45Osaka - Kun-Ei Girls...
11.11Yuka Ando19:48Aichi - Toyokawa Sr
12.12Mari Tayama19:49Kagoshima - Kamimura...
13.12Eina Yokosawa19:55Gunma - Tokiwa Sr
14.12Ayumi Ogihara20:04Shizuoka - Tokuha Ki...
15.12Manami Kaneso20:05Saitama - Inagakuen ...
16.11Mihono Kioka20:07Hiroshima - Sera Sr
17.12Saori Noda20:08Kumamoto - Chiharada...
18.11Shiho Mihara20:08Nagasaki - Isahaya Sr
20.11Hikari Yasuhara20:14Nagano - Higashi Sr
21.12Minori Goto20:16Oita - Nippon Bunri ...
22.11Yoshie Fukutani20:18Yamaguchi - Saikyo Sr
24.11Ayaka Kikuchi20:22Tochigi - Nasutakuyo...
25.10Nao Isaka20:27Ibaraki - Christian ...
27.12Rino Ozaki20:35Aomori - Yamada Senior
28.10Miki Sudai20:35Miyazaki - Kobayashi...
30.10Rina Sukumota20:41Fukushima - Tamura Sr
32.11Maki Ashi20:44Iwate - Morioka Girl...
33.11Miyu Modeki20:46Tokyo3 - Junten Jr Sr
35.12Nao Nakagawa21:02Ehime - Yawatahama Sr
43.10Fuyuka Kimura21:33Yamagata - Johoku Sr
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4,000 Meters Leg Two (4097.5m)  

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1.10Risa Yokoe12:44Hyogo - Suma Gakuen Sr
2.11Miyuki Oka12:53Okayama - Kojokan Se...
2.11Susan Wylim12:53Hiroshima - Sera Sr
4.10Ayano Ikeuchi12:55Kyoto - Ritsumeikan ...
5.11Minori Suzuki13:00Aichi - Toyokawa Sr
6.11Natsumi Yoshida13:03Miyagi - Sendai Ikue
6.10Misuzu Nakahara13:03Kagoshima - Kamimura...
8.11Rina Yonetsu13:07Kanagawa - Hadano Sr
12Chikako Mori13:08Nagasaki - Isahaya Sr
10.12Yuuko Kikuchi13:16Saitama - Inagakuen ...
11.11Miyuki Gokan13:18Gunma - Tokiwa Sr
12.12kounaga Daichi13:23Kochi - Yamada Sr
13.12Megumi Ito13:24Chiba - Narita Sr
14.12Yuri Takagi13:26Aomori - Yamada Senior
15.11Miyu Ouchi13:29Fukuoka - Kita-Kyush...
15.11Mei Kitano13:29Osaka - Kun-Ei Girls...
17.10Ami Miyanagi13:33Nagano - Higashi Sr
17.10Mio Chijiiwa13:33Kumamoto - Chiharada...
17.12Miki Watanabe13:33Ehime - Yawatahama Sr
20.10Naoka Akutsu13:34Tochigi - Nasutakuyo...
21.12Aoi Karyu13:36Oita - Nippon Bunri ...
22.10Chihiro Nakada13:37Ibaraki - Christian ...
26.10Nanase Kubo13:52Tokyo3 - Junten Jr Sr
28.10Nao Fukase13:54Yamagata - Johoku Sr
29.12Risa Sudai13:57Miyazaki - Kobayashi...
32.10Tomoya Yamamoto13:58Shizuoka - Tokuha Ki...
35.12Asuka Tamura14:00Fukushima - Tamura Sr
36.11Nami Yoshida14:02Iwate - Morioka Girl...
39.11Sayaka Takahashi14:07Yamaguchi - Saikyo Sr
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3,000 Meters Leg Three  

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1.12Nana Fukuzaki9:51Miyagi - Sendai Ikue
1.10Shiho Takeda9:51Gunma - Tokiwa Sr
1.10Mika Kobayashi9:51Hyogo - Suma Gakuen Sr
4.10Saria Kurokawa9:53Aichi - Toyokawa Sr
4.12Kasumi Todaka9:53Fukuoka - Kita-Kyush...
4.10Honoka Yuzawa9:53Nagano - Higashi Sr
7.10Nozomi Nishiyama9:57Kagoshima - Kamimura...
8.10Nanami Aoki9:58Kyoto - Ritsumeikan ...
9.11Manami Takehisa9:59Okayama - Kojokan Se...
10.12Mai Shinoduka10:00Chiba - Narita Sr
11.12Sayaka Abe10:06Tochigi - Nasutakuyo...
12.11Hitomi Satou10:12Kanagawa - Hadano Sr
12.11Mei Yamamoto10:12Nagasaki - Isahaya Sr
14.12Honami Minami10:14Osaka - Kun-Ei Girls...
16.10Fumika Kobayashi10:17Yamagata - Johoku Sr
17.10Anna Matsuda10:20Kochi - Yamada Sr
18.10Riona Murayama10:21Ibaraki - Christian ...
18.10Momoko Horiguchi10:21Iwate - Morioka Girl...
21.11Maya Ozaki10:24Aomori - Yamada Senior
21.11Eri Utsunomiya10:24Ehime - Yawatahama Sr
24.10Asuka Hori10:25Hiroshima - Sera Sr
24.11Haruna Kai10:25Kumamoto - Chiharada...
26.12Misaki Yokouma10:26Shizuoka - Tokuha Ki...
26.11Yuki Iwanami10:26Miyazaki - Kobayashi...
30.11Misa Matsushita10:31Oita - Nippon Bunri ...
31.11Izumi Yoshida10:32Saitama - Inagakuen ...
32.11Miyu Tsuchida10:35Tokyo3 - Junten Jr Sr
33.10Natsumi Ozawa10:37Fukushima - Tamura Sr
35.12Yoshiko Fukuda10:43Yamaguchi - Saikyo Sr
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3,000 Meters Leg Four  

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1.12Hiroka Akamatsu9:35Okayama - Kojokan Se...
2.11Marina Hosaka9:39Fukuoka - Kita-Kyush...
3.10Chiseto Sekine9:43Gunma - Tokiwa Sr
4.10Kanayo Miyata9:45Aichi - Toyokawa Sr
5.10Michi Horikawa9:50Miyagi - Sendai Ikue
6.11Kasumi Kudou9:53Chiba - Narita Sr
7.11Eri Yoneda9:54Osaka - Kun-Ei Girls...
7.10Mai Unknown9:54Nagasaki - Isahaya Sr
9.11Miki Atomi9:55Kagoshima - Kamimura...
9.10Natsuki Hara9:55Hyogo - Suma Gakuen Sr
11.12Kanako Arai9:58Miyazaki - Kobayashi...
13.12Misaki Kurosawa10:02Fukushima - Tamura Sr
14.12Shiona Suzuki10:03Shizuoka - Tokuha Ki...
15.11Miharu Kutsusawa10:04Ibaraki - Christian ...
18.11Maaya Suzuki10:05Nagano - Higashi Sr
19.12Shiori Satou10:07Aomori - Yamada Senior
20.12Kanna Horiguchi10:10Iwate - Morioka Girl...
21.11Aya Tamura10:12Kanagawa - Hadano Sr
23.12Haruka Nagamatsu10:13Oita - Nippon Bunri ...
24.11Hanako Suginuma10:14Yamagata - Johoku Sr
25.11Ren Shinohara10:15Kochi - Yamada Sr
26.11Nitomi Izumida10:17Tochigi - Nasutakuyo...
26.10Ayaka Sekihara10:17Tokyo3 - Junten Jr Sr
29.12Aya Gotou10:19Kyoto - Ritsumeikan ...
31.12Yuki Matsuoka10:21Ehime - Yawatahama Sr
31.12Yumi Egashira10:24Kumamoto - Chiharada...
36.10Yuri Yoshino10:29Saitama - Inagakuen ...
38.12Aya Hinazumi10:33Hiroshima - Sera Sr
40.12Yukina Tanimoto10:40Yamaguchi - Saikyo Sr
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5,000 Meters Leg Five  

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1.11Wainai Beatrice Mu...15:40Aichi - Toyokawa Sr
2.10Mary Waidera15:43Miyagi - Sendai Ikue
1.12Masahiro Akamatsu15:54Okayama - Kojokan Se...
4.11Irina Maki16:06Kyoto - Ritsumeikan ...
5.12Eri Tayama16:14Kagoshima - Kamimura...
6.10Asuka Nagai16:15Gunma - Tokiwa Sr
16.12Takae' Asou'16:15Tokyo3 - Junten Jr Sr
7.10Shiori Yano16:17Fukuoka - Kita-Kyush...
8.11Rika Saito16:25Chiba - Narita Sr
9.12Nao Hamada16:32Kochi - Yamada Sr
11Jun Winja16:38Aomori - Yamada Senior
11.12Yui Yamazaki16:43Nagasaki - Isahaya Sr
12Tomomi Sano16:48,Shizuoka - Tokuha Ki... ,
13.12Mizuki Amemiya16:50Kanagawa - Hadano Sr
14.12Mizuki Endo16:51Tochigi - Nasutakuyo...
15.12Yukari Ueno16:53Kumamoto - Chiharada...
18.11Shiori Suzuki17:02Yamagata - Johoku Sr
22.11Fumika Sasaki17:09Nagano - Higashi Sr
23.12Saeko Yuda17:12Hyogo - Suma Gakuen Sr
25.12Mai Kudo17:13Ibaraki - Christian ...
28.11Miho Fujishige17:20Yamaguchi - Saikyo Sr
29.12Chiyo Tabe17:21Hiroshima - Sera Sr
31.10Syoko Toriumi17:24Osaka - Kun-Ei Girls...
32.11Mizuki Hirano17:27Iwate - Morioka Girl...
35.12Miki Kikuchi17:38Fukushima - Tamura Sr
36.10Rei Tsukagoshi17:42Saitama - Inagakuen ...
37.10Aya Takano17:43Oita - Nippon Bunri ...
39.12Marie Yamagami17:47Ehime - Yawatahama Sr
40.11Ayano Kubo17:51Miyazaki - Kobayashi...
12Ayumi Ogihara,Shizuoka - Tokuha Ki... ,
12Misaki Yokouma,Shizuoka - Tokuha Ki... ,
12Shiona Suzuki,Shizuoka - Tokuha Ki... ,
10Tomoya Yamamoto,Shizuoka - Tokuha Ki... ,
12Hikari Anma,Shizuoka - Tokuha Ki... ,
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