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Umpqua Invitational HS

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Meet Host - Roseburg HS
Location - Stewart Park, Roseburg, OR - Map
Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity5:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity5:30 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:45 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:45 PM
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Boys Varsity 1st Roseburg 23, 2nd Marshfield 41, 3rd Grants Pass 71, 4th Crater 104, 5th Yocalla 144, 6th Sutherlin 176, 7th Eagle Point 195

Girls Varsity 1st Marshfield 29, 2nd Grants Pass 47, 3rd Roseburg 51, 4th Sutherlin 107, 5th Crater 139

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12John Talik16:46Roseburg
2.10Kenny Freeman16:53Roseburg
3.11Connor Devereux16:56Marshfield
4.12Sergio Marroquin17:09Marshfield
5.10Ben Rodriguez17:11Roseburg
6.12Brad Ferner17:15Douglas
7.12Zach Hammond17:18Marshfield
8.12Aaron Valdivia17:34Roseburg
9.10Toby Dill17:52Roseburg
10.12Ryan Schmidt17:55Grants Pass
11.11Dylan Woodward18:01Roseburg
12.12Brandon Weichers18:02Grants Pass
13.9Dakota Pittullo18:02Marshfield
14.12Eric Stobbe18:03Grants Pass
15.10Mike Shaw18:10Crater
16.11Zach Nash18:11Yoncalla
17.12Eddie Rodriguez18:12Marshfield
18.9Colby Gillett18:12Marshfield
19.11Connor Lauffenburger18:13Grants Pass
20.10Tommy Dill18:18Roseburg
21.10Cameron Merker18:18Grants Pass
22.12Austin Baker18:35Douglas
23.10Austin Sanders18:42Crater
24.10Darien Andrews18:44Crater
25.9Devin Rodman18:49Crater
26.10Zachary Olsen19:08Crater
27.12William Martin19:12Grants Pass
28.10Lucas Erickson19:44Sutherlin
29.9John Hampton19:52Marshfield
30.12Forrest Minahen19:55Crater
30.10Nick Brown20:00Grants Pass Est. time and place
31.10Ryan Gallagher20:10Camas Valley
32.9Nathan Panagos20:19Eagle Point
33.10Will Gagnon20:21Marshfield
34.10Ryan Milton20:24Camas Valley
35.12Keenan Blanchfill20:31Yoncalla
36.11Alex Anderson20:32Yoncalla
37.11Thompson Rogers20:35Yoncalla
38.11AJ Anderson20:52Sutherlin
39.12Jon Cooper21:22Sutherlin
40.9Bryan Schaecher21:24Crater
41.11Jorge Flores21:45Yoncalla
42.11Jorge Hernadez21:49Eagle Point
43.12John Kim22:09Canyonville Christian
44.11Nate Leu22:30Yoncalla
45.12Austin Hunt22:31Douglas
46.10Caleb Lindsey22:39Camas Valley
47.9Ben Nash22:41Yoncalla
48.12David Culbertson23:01Douglas
49.11Nick Wolfe23:08Eagle Point
50.11Michael Marvin23:12Glendale
51.12Luke Elliott23:15Camas Valley
52.11Jacob Waltrip23:17Glendale
53.11Cameron Wellman23:53Sutherlin
54.10Michael Mckinney24:18Sutherlin
55.12Luis Acedo24:39Sutherlin
56.9Stefan Mikheshkin25:47Canyonville Christian
57.12Steven Ohlund25:50Eagle Point
58.9Colton Duval26:50Eagle Point
59.11Mike Tilton27:37Eagle Point
60.12Jansen Handel31:34Eagle Point
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.9Josiah Burson18:19Roseburg
2.11Andrew Stone18:20Roseburg
3.9David Harker18:32Roseburg
4.11Jason Thomas18:37Roseburg
5.9Arlo Willhoft18:57Roseburg
6.12Ricardo Valencia19:01Roseburg
7.12Tyler Becherer19:05Roseburg
8.12Tyler Roberts19:20Roseburg
9.12Drew Coughlin19:22Roseburg
10.10Blaze Hamann19:38Grants Pass
11.9Chad Jones19:48Roseburg
12.12Mathew Johansen19:54Roseburg
13.10Alec Johnson20:07Roseburg
14.9Nathan Fisher20:08Roseburg
15.9Garrett Wedge20:22Roseburg
16.10CJ Ball20:30Roseburg
17.10Andrew Reichenberger20:33Marshfield
18.10Ian James20:43Roseburg
19.10Andrew Newey20:56Roseburg
20.12Aaron Costner20:59Roseburg
21.10Rylan Burum21:31Roseburg
22.9Kevin Talik21:33Roseburg
23.11Felipe Carrion21:45Roseburg
24.9Wyatt Mahaffy22:08Roseburg
25.9Ian McGowan22:13Roseburg
26.10Nick Foley22:29Roseburg
27.11Shawn Brandt22:40Roseburg
28.10Erick Wonderly22:42Roseburg
29.11Brandon Buehner22:46Roseburg
30.9Nik O'Hara23:00Grants Pass
31.10Alan Wood23:01Roseburg
32.12Kyle Adams23:02Roseburg
33.11Kody Kinser23:17Crater
34.9Kellen Bogardus23:27Grants Pass
35.9Cameron Friel23:30Roseburg
36.9Logan Boggs24:19Roseburg
37.11Reuban Alvarez24:28Yoncalla
38.10Reilly Kompaniet24:50Grants Pass
39.11Kaden Kinser25:50Crater
40.9Erek Nelson26:00Grants Pass
41.12Shaun Needles26:11Sutherlin
42.9Marco Gutierrez-Be...26:47Sutherlin
43.11Alexander Taylor35:29Crater
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Shaylen Crook20:00Marshfield
2.11Jasmine Meline20:19Marshfield
3.9Katelyn Rossback20:57Marshfield
4.9Charity Schmidt21:18Grants Pass
5.10Tori Sigel21:18Grants Pass
6.11Breanna Hennricks22:05Roseburg
7.11Hayley Girod22:11Roseburg
8.11Haylee Wallace22:13Grants Pass
9.10Hannah Roberts22:22Roseburg
10.10Lindsay Devereux22:35Marshfield
11.9Lacey D. James22:41Douglas
12.11Natasha West22:42Sutherlin
13.11Alexandria Barnes22:44Roseburg
14.10Danica Stys22:50Marshfield
15.10Cece Martin22:50Grants Pass
16.9Brittany Hanson22:54Sutherlin
17.10Arielle Binkley-Mu...22:57Grants Pass
18.12Alexandrea Standri...22:59Roseburg
19.9Abby Lee23:10Roseburg
20.9Lauren Tripp23:12Marshfield
21.10Kira Van Dyk23:14Roseburg
22.11Brittany Blacksmith23:16Grants Pass
24.10Olivia Huber23:23Grants Pass
25.12Lauren Gagnon23:27Marshfield
26.12Tanarae Hopkins23:49Sutherlin
27.10Desi Colley24:22Sutherlin
28.12Gabrielle Desimone24:24Crater
29.12Shelby Higinbotham24:30Crater
30.11Svea Baehre24:31Crater
31.11Amanda Hunt24:33Camas Valley
32.10Kayla Mosley25:12Sutherlin
33.11Shelby Foley25:25Sutherlin
34.10Kathryn Nash25:30Yoncalla
35.9Amanda Forrester25:49Glendale
36.12Christine Flores26:12Sutherlin
37.11Julia Mooney26:48Camas Valley
38.10Scherlynn Robinson27:58Eagle Point
39.11Marielle Durand28:15Crater
40.12Cheyenne Baker28:40Camas Valley
41.12Katherine Alvarez28:49Yoncalla
42.11Nicole French28:57Yoncalla
43.9Jennifer Ohlund29:11Eagle Point
44.11Ashley Johnson29:54Eagle Point
45.11Taylor Colvin30:04Camas Valley
46.11Taylor Woolley30:33Yoncalla
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Savannah Hansen23:16Roseburg
2.11Megan Larkin23:17Roseburg
3.10Anna Swanson23:19Roseburg
4.10Madison Reames23:20Crater
5.10Lilly Bain23:23Grants Pass
6.11Bailey Bradbury23:26Grants Pass
7.11Lauren Jaworski23:38Roseburg
8.11Angela Bonner24:03Roseburg
9.12Natasha Hill24:10Marshfield
10.10Amanda Allen24:11Roseburg
11.11Kelsey Scott24:22Marshfield
12.10Emily Farmer24:43Roseburg
13.11Julia Ma24:48Roseburg
14.10Rose Oakley25:19Roseburg
15.9Harlie Johnson25:45Roseburg
16.10Alanna Lee25:51Grants Pass
17.11Ashley Chambers26:07Grants Pass
18.11Caylin Hobgood26:20Sutherlin
19.12Elvie Weckman26:20Roseburg
20.11Alizabeth Switzer26:30Grants Pass
21.9Alysen Barker26:39Marshfield
22.11Sarah Dole26:42Grants Pass
23.11Emily Harker26:43Roseburg
24.10Katelynn Jenks26:47Sutherlin
25.10Shania Wallis27:17Sutherlin
26.11Brandy Duval27:30Roseburg
27.10Katrina Ratledge27:47Sutherlin
28.11Rebecca Lake28:46Roseburg
29.10Mikayla Carter29:15Roseburg
30.10Jessica Sandoval30:07Roseburg
31.12Kaye Ayran30:22Grants Pass
32.11Tristan Dahl30:44Roseburg
33.9Karla Sandoval32:21Roseburg
34.10Jodi Mork32:42Marshfield
35.9Sarah Zurita34:18Marshfield
36.11Melissa Tello34:26Sutherlin
37.9Maranda Moore35:10Roseburg
38.9Ashley Standridge35:44Roseburg
39.12Betty Ghasedi36:02Sutherlin
40.10Laura Vellines36:43Sutherlin
41.11Monika Pacheco36:56Roseburg
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