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Roosevelt, Inglemoor @ Newport HS

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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Location - Kelsey Creek Park, Bellevue, WA - Map
Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Hart Hornor16:52Roosevelt
2.11Grant Stein17:05Newport-Bellevue
3.11Christophe Chamber...17:06Newport-Bellevue
4.12Chris Wilson17:06Inglemoor
5.10Adam Houston17:06Roosevelt
6.10James Hamilton17:36Newport-Bellevue
7.11Galen Caldwell17:39Roosevelt
8.12Matthew Gabel17:58Newport-Bellevue
9.11Lynden Dowell18:07Roosevelt
10.12David Hamilton18:10Inglemoor
11.11Daniel Smith18:10Newport-Bellevue
12.12Sam Carpenter18:12Roosevelt
13.11Michael Mendenhall18:16Inglemoor
14.12Michael Chun18:33Inglemoor
15.10Nathan Wolfe18:39Roosevelt
16.11Jordan Harris18:52Newport-Bellevue
17.10Sam Black18:53Roosevelt
18.9Kye Dipboye19:00Newport-Bellevue
19.11Mitchell Smith19:02Roosevelt
20.11jack Wamble19:02Inglemoor
21.10Blake Slattengren19:08Inglemoor
22.9Malcolm Roux19:10Roosevelt
23.11Tomas Castillo19:19Inglemoor
24.12Patrick Olmsted19:25Roosevelt
25.10Chandler Olsen19:27Inglemoor
26.12Chris Bell19:30Newport-Bellevue
27.12Liam Madden19:41Inglemoor
28.11Adam Shimabukuro19:45Roosevelt
29.12David Hirschey19:49Newport-Bellevue
30.11Shane Buller19:51Inglemoor
31.11Reilly Murphy20:00Newport-Bellevue
32.10Kyle Williams-Smith20:14Roosevelt
33.12Humza Mangrio20:17Newport-Bellevue
34.12Connor Reichenbach20:53Newport-Bellevue
35.11Eli Porkka21:34Newport-Bellevue
36.12Brendan McGovern22:15Roosevelt
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Jeffrey Hoyt19:37Newport-Bellevue
2.11David Ruggerone19:39Inglemoor
3.12William Carter19:39Inglemoor
4.12Jon Larson19:59Inglemoor
5.11Jackson Palmer20:06Inglemoor
6.11Stefan Rajchel20:07Inglemoor
7.11Ben Gonzalez20:15Inglemoor
8.10Zachary Guay20:20Roosevelt
9.10Erik Gabel20:32Newport-Bellevue
10.10Joshua Smith20:57Newport-Bellevue
11.10Jeffrey Ni21:02Inglemoor
12.11Nolan Price21:07Inglemoor
13.12Larry Arnold21:07Inglemoor
14.10Casey Williams-Smith21:07Roosevelt
15.10Kevin Bi21:09Inglemoor
16.9Austin Petrich21:10Newport-Bellevue
17.9Max Baker21:13Roosevelt
18.11Jordan Chin21:19Newport-Bellevue
19.10Nicholas Yorde21:22Roosevelt
21.11Steven Hung21:32Inglemoor
22.10Chris Dymek21:32Inglemoor
20.11Omari Abdul-Alim21:33Roosevelt
23.11Jonathan McKinley21:38Inglemoor
24.10Ben Synoground21:39Inglemoor
25.11Johnny Xu21:40Newport-Bellevue
26.11Jayson Esguerra21:41Newport-Bellevue
27.9Paul Tomlinson21:42Newport-Bellevue
28.11Alex Choi21:45Roosevelt
29.11Patrick Lu21:45Inglemoor
30.10Alex Shinakov21:55Roosevelt
31.12Alec Swift22:01Inglemoor
33.12Kevin Gray22:17Roosevelt
34.10Sheldon Groh22:17Roosevelt
35.11Mason Bliss22:27Inglemoor
36.10Adam Uppendahl22:32Newport-Bellevue
37.10Rubin Hohlbein22:34Roosevelt
38.10Garrett Fulton22:46Newport-Bellevue
39.10Harrison Kwik22:47Newport-Bellevue
40.12Quincy Brooks22:55Newport-Bellevue
41.11Nathaniel Chen23:13Roosevelt
42.10Constantine Kouldu...23:14Inglemoor
43.10Gabe Keehnel23:21Roosevelt
44.12Lorenzo Vigo23:27Roosevelt
45.10Nathan Henrie24:09Roosevelt
46.10Anthony Weinand24:11Roosevelt
47.9Evan MacFarland24:25Newport-Bellevue
48.9Eugene Deng24:28Newport-Bellevue
49.9Issac Miller24:33Roosevelt
50.9Hasan Mangrio24:39Newport-Bellevue
51.9Steven Berggren24:47Newport-Bellevue
52.9Michael Berggren24:49Newport-Bellevue
53.9Joseph Green24:58Newport-Bellevue
54.12Justin Wimmer25:34Newport-Bellevue
55.9Jonathan Ming25:39Newport-Bellevue
56.12David Guan27:40Newport-Bellevue
57.9Nathan Swedberg27:59Roosevelt
58.9Ceyel Clark29:23Roosevelt
59.9Nuo Chen30:44Roosevelt
60.9Andrew Jung31:28Newport-Bellevue
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Hannah Swanson20:18Roosevelt
2.11Michelle Altizer21:21Newport-Bellevue
3.10Elise Stacy22:04Roosevelt
4.12Alisa Poplawski22:04Newport-Bellevue
5.10Natalie Barry22:15Roosevelt
6.9Mia Vanderwilt22:18Roosevelt
7.12Venecia Xu22:18Newport-Bellevue
8.11Kendall Sahl22:23Roosevelt
9.12Josie Rundle22:33Inglemoor
10.11Natasha Popoff22:50Newport-Bellevue
11.11Megan McGrath22:59Inglemoor
12.10Cecilia Burke23:08Roosevelt
13.10Claire Shearer23:09Roosevelt
14.12Jenny Ginn23:28Inglemoor
15.11Cayla Gleaton23:29Newport-Bellevue
16.10Daniela Rivas23:30Newport-Bellevue
17.9Rachael Kuhn23:32Newport-Bellevue
18.11Maddy Austin24:05Inglemoor
19.11Katie Brown24:20Inglemoor
20.10Grace Kuffner24:30Newport-Bellevue
21.12Laura Gillespie24:32Roosevelt
22.11Caitlin Cunningham24:36Inglemoor
23.11Cassey Dang24:57Newport-Bellevue
24.11Mallory McCord25:06Newport-Bellevue
25.9Anne Cheng25:19Newport-Bellevue
26.9Adah Hoffman25:22Roosevelt
27.12Miranda Edwards25:23Newport-Bellevue
28.10Leah McFarland-Ben...25:28Roosevelt
29.12Susie Dymek25:33Inglemoor
30.12Kara Reichenbach25:37Newport-Bellevue
31.10Isabel Dea25:50Newport-Bellevue
32.12Hayley Keenan25:56Inglemoor
33.9Charlotte Hevly26:03Roosevelt
34.11Samantha Jewett26:05Roosevelt
35.9Julia Johnson26:09Roosevelt
36.9Sarah Biely26:11Roosevelt
37.9Jessica Lee26:28Newport-Bellevue
38.9Mackenzie Lew26:30Newport-Bellevue
39.10Claire Teranishi26:38Roosevelt
40.9Caroline Painter26:39Roosevelt
41.10Anne Gale26:39Roosevelt
42.10Renata Daniels26:52Roosevelt
43.9Sarah Lusby26:59Newport-Bellevue
44.11Jennifer Liu27:02Newport-Bellevue
45.10Manya Makey27:03Roosevelt
46.11Melissa Chan27:05Newport-Bellevue
47.11Natalie Doggett27:09Newport-Bellevue
48.10Hannah Sholseth27:12Inglemoor
51.11Mika Perron27:36Roosevelt
49.11Wendy Yang27:45Inglemoor
52.11Ruth Wu27:47Newport-Bellevue
53.9Jayme Montague28:06Newport-Bellevue
54.9Katya Wight28:13Roosevelt
54.11Suna Cheng28:14Newport-Bellevue
56.11Laura Lin28:18Newport-Bellevue
57.12Maria Dawson28:41Inglemoor
58.12Shelby Johnson29:25Inglemoor
59.10Sophie Stevenson29:34Roosevelt
60.10Diana Wang30:52Roosevelt
31.10Yurika Harada31:29Newport-Bellevue
10Merrill PoeppingRoosevelt DNF
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