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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Mercer Island

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1.12Matt Wotipka17:19Mercer Island
2.11Daniel Mayer17:24Mercer Island
3.10Nick Martin17:29Sammamish
4.11Eric Schulz18:00Mercer Island
5.10Tommy Nguyen18:11Sammamish
6.11Nathan Cummings18:13Mercer Island
7.10Nathan Gallatin18:22Mercer Island
8.10Conor Lanning18:23Sammamish
9.12Zanwar Faraj18:33Sammamish
10.12Kyle Weiss18:38Mercer Island
11.9Tiger McBurney19:02Mercer Island
12.12James Wilson19:11Mercer Island
13.11Brendan Herridge19:16Sammamish
14.12Thomas Brown19:16Mercer Island
15.11Pablo Hernandez-Ro...19:21Mercer Island
16.10Derek Sims19:24Mercer Island
17.10Nathan Rosenstein19:24Mercer Island
18.10Teddy Larkin19:49Mercer Island
19.11Juan Quijada19:56Sammamish
20.9Wescott Sharples20:15Mercer Island
21.10Chris Rorem20:17Mercer Island
22.11Vincent Garcia20:20Sammamish
23.9Jacob Jenkins20:21Mercer Island
24.11Parker Lawrence20:32Sammamish
25.12Jackson Main21:06Sammamish
26.10Alexander Hoffman21:14Mercer Island
27.11Travis Gallatin21:18Mercer Island
28.10Jason McRuer21:19Mercer Island
29.10Ian Schneiderman21:45Mercer Island
30.9Ezekiel Larson21:59Mercer Island
31.11Luke Clancy22:02Sammamish
32.12Nick Seto22:04Mercer Island
33.10Benjamin Shanafelt22:05Mercer Island
34.10Luke Bohlinger22:13Mercer Island
35.10Ephraim Scarf22:14Sammamish
36.10Matthew Look22:15Mercer Island
37.9Noah Talerman22:27Mercer Island
38.10Peter Battisti22:27Mercer Island
39.10Evan Wiederanders23:01Sammamish
40.9Conor King Goldman23:06Mercer Island
41.10Jonathan Costa23:16Mercer Island
42.9Frank Rudey23:18 PRMercer Island
43.9Jonathan Van der v...23:21 PRMercer Island
44.11Samuel Peterson23:35Mercer Island
45.9Simon Snethen23:41Mercer Island
46.11Suhong Lee24:21Sammamish
47.12Cam Richardson24:29 SRSammamish
48.9Brian Stern24:36Mercer Island
49.9Nicholas Richards25:00Mercer Island
50.12Max Rosenberg25:06Mercer Island
51.11Cole Reeves25:09Sammamish
52.12Riley Guttman25:09 SRMercer Island
53.9Joshua Mecham25:20Sammamish
54.9Clement Mooc26:00Sammamish
55.9Justin El-Ghazzawy26:33 SRMercer Island
56.10Alec Bieler27:05 PRSammamish
57.9Nicholas Gordy27:30Mercer Island
58.9Nicholas Daquuila28:10Mercer Island
59.9Patrick Nuckolls28:58Mercer Island
60.11Nolan Conway29:12Mercer Island
61.11Dawson Conway29:12Sammamish
62.11Ryan Murphy29:59Sammamish
63.9Eli Hayne32:28Sammamish
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Mercer Island

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1.11Alida Scalzo20:21Mercer Island
2.9Alexa Bauman20:22Mercer Island
3.10Pascale De Sa E Si...20:49Sammamish
4.11Sarah Bjarnason21:20Mercer Island
5.11Linden Elggren21:46Mercer Island
6.9Ella Green22:23Mercer Island
7.9Elly McMillan22:47Mercer Island
8.11Rachel Van Gelder22:48Mercer Island
9.9Cecelia Rosenman22:56Mercer Island
10.10Rachel Roberts23:20Sammamish
11.9Meredith Beckman23:30Mercer Island
12.9Madeline Zeldes23:31Mercer Island
13.12Julia Davis24:02 SRMercer Island
14.10Rhiannon Holmes24:39Mercer Island
15.10Kristine Melin24:50Mercer Island
16.9Natalie Weaver24:53Mercer Island
17.12Anna Kearfott25:03 SRMercer Island
18.11Hayley Elston25:11Mercer Island
19.12Isabel Christy25:18Mercer Island
20.10Anna Main25:22Sammamish
21.10Sally Carroll25:27 PRMercer Island
22.9Eugenie Morton26:10Mercer Island
23.11Teresa Vu26:12Mercer Island
24.9Katie Lee26:53Mercer Island
25.10Bailey Sheehan26:59Mercer Island
26.11Megan Guedel27:21Mercer Island
27.10Grace Valeson27:27Sammamish
28.10Annie Barker27:28Sammamish
29.10Cindy Au27:31Sammamish
30.12Anna Unutzer27:32 SRMercer Island
31.11Devina Kumar28:40 SRMercer Island
32.10Chelsey Smith28:51Sammamish
33.11Rachel Gallagher29:46 SRMercer Island
34.10Kayleigh Dobson30:06Mercer Island
35.12Abby Jones30:07Mercer Island
36.12Saffron Snethen30:36Mercer Island
37.12Olivia Counihan30:36 PRMercer Island
38.9Claire Moore32:38Mercer Island
39.9Mariana Rivera32:50Mercer Island
40.9Emma VanOrden33:07Mercer Island
41.12Ellen Esteves33:33Sammamish
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