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FarWest League Championships HS

Thursday, October 24, 2013

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Location - Tugman State Park, North Bend, OR
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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity12:45 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity1:30 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity12:00 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity1:30 PM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Official Team Scores

3.North Bend71
5.South Umpqua139

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Mitchell Butler15:19.00Siuslaw
2.12Mack Marbas15:20.00Siuslaw
3.11Seth Campbell16:05.00Siuslaw
4.11Dakota Pittullo16:09.00Marshfield
5.10Chris Burton16:10.00Brookings-Harbor
6.11Colby Gillett16:18.00Marshfield
7.10Sawyer Heckard16:56.00Marshfield
8.11Nick Hossley17:18.00North Bend
9.11Trenton Berrian17:25.00North Bend
10.9Michael Brown17:27.00North Bend
11.12Randall Greenburg17:31.00Siuslaw
12.11John Hampton17:38.10Marshfield
13.12Anthony Ross17:38.60Marshfield
14.12Devin Ferner17:38.90Douglas
15.11Shane Graham17:39.00Brookings-Harbor
16.11Jonathan Griffes17:43.00Siuslaw
17.10Cody Harkins17:49.00Marshfield
18.11Cody Enos17:54.00Brookings-Harbor
19.12Will Gagnon17:55.00Marshfield
20.11Philip Kuckuck18:02.00North Bend
21.12Kaleb Owens18:05.00Siuslaw
22.11Jon Valdovinos18:10.00South Umpqua
23.12Derek Kennedy18:32.00Siuslaw
24.9George LaGesse18:47.00North Bend
25.12Quade MacDonald18:48.00North Bend
26.11Brian Fairbanks18:50.00South Umpqua
27.10Noah Graber18:52.00North Bend
28.12Sam Gulliford18:53.00South Umpqua
29.11Chris Beeman19:02.00Brookings-Harbor
30.9Braden Chapmen19:18.00Brookings-Harbor
31.9Wolfgang Moe19:21.00South Umpqua
32.11Mason Clack19:27.00South Umpqua
33.9Scott Fry19:46.00Sutherlin
34.11Tristan Allen19:56.00Sutherlin
35.9Brent Collins19:58.00Douglas
36.10Conrad Dethlefsen20:08.00Brookings-Harbor
37.10Haeden Rauh20:33.00Sutherlin
38.11Brandon Smalley20:34.00Brookings-Harbor
39.11Chris Tello21:20.00Sutherlin
40.9Matthew Black21:21.00Sutherlin
41.10Matt Vellines21:48.00Sutherlin
42.10RJ Parker22:04.00Douglas
43.10Zach Caswell23:21.00Douglas
44.12Brad Kincaid23:34.00South Umpqua
45.11Skylor Michaels28:07.00Sutherlin
46.9Thor Black38:12.00Douglas
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.North Bend38

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Jonathan Peterson18:30.00Siuslaw
2.10Alberto Ramirez-Ga...18:32.00North Bend
3.9Jack Pickell18:35.00Siuslaw
4.10Isaiah Burkhalter18:46.00Siuslaw
5.10Tyler Williams19:11.00Siuslaw
6.12Amedee Kirkpatrick19:20.00North Bend
7.10Hunter Niedens19:25.00Brookings-Harbor
8.9Garrett Woody19:28.00North Bend
9.11Taylor Graham19:37.00Siuslaw
10.10Ryder McKee19:40.00Marshfield
11.12Adam Urban19:43.00North Bend
12.9Matthew Hampton19:54.00Marshfield
13.10Evan Vallot20:08.00Brookings-Harbor
14.12Griffin Clark20:10.00North Bend
15.9Sean Burns20:11.00Siuslaw
16.10Charles Grimes20:19.00North Bend
17.11Evan Schreiber20:24.00North Bend
18.10Carter Carr20:25.00Marshfield
19.9Ryan Chase20:38.00North Bend
21.9Ben Daily20:54.00North Bend
22.10Ethan Hodges21:19.00Brookings-Harbor
23.11Devin Olson21:32.00North Bend
24.12Michael Mckinney22:21.00Sutherlin
25.10Jose Ramos22:23.00Brookings-Harbor
26.10Anthony Buck22:56.00Sutherlin
27.12Bosco Yeung23:33.00Siuslaw
28.9Andrew Rannow23:41.00Siuslaw
29.10Colby Hobgood23:57.00Sutherlin
30.10Seamus Fitzgerald24:17.00Brookings-Harbor
31.12Stephen Pettinger24:22.00Brookings-Harbor
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.North Bend61
6.South Umpqua143

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Shaylen Crook18:01.00Marshfield
2.9Celie Mans18:53.00Siuslaw
3.10Gabby Hobson19:48.00North Bend
4.12Katelyn Wells20:07.00Siuslaw
5.9Hailey Finnigan20:27.00North Bend
6.10Sierra Potter20:44.00Siuslaw
7.10Mikaela Siegel20:45.00Siuslaw
8.11Courtney King20:52.00Siuslaw
9.11Kennedy Pendergrass21:05.00Siuslaw
10.9Camerin Feagins21:11.00Sutherlin
11.9Janelle LeBlanc21:12.00North Bend
12.11Katelyn Rossback21:16.00Marshfield
13.9Samantha Shook21:36.00North Bend
14.11Brittany Hanson21:46.00Sutherlin
15.10Isabel Groth21:49.00Marshfield
16.10Jane Suppes21:51.00Marshfield
17.9Deberah Lawrence21:52.00Brookings-Harbor
18.10Megan Orosco21:55.00South Umpqua
19.9Kylie Johnson22:09.00Brookings-Harbor
20.11Ricki Mock22:18.00Sutherlin
21.11Elizabeth Wartnik22:22.00Siuslaw
22.10Ashley Orosco22:33.00South Umpqua
23.11Brittany Cook22:36.00Marshfield
24.11Lacey D. James22:37.00Douglas
25.9Darci Schaefer22:39.00Marshfield
26.10Cassidy Bell22:40.00Sutherlin
27.12Shania Wallis22:41.00Sutherlin
28.10Sarah Fairchild22:47.00South Umpqua
29.11Molly Joyce22:56.00Brookings-Harbor
30.9Alyssa Monohon23:07.00North Bend
31.12Lindsay Devereux23:17.00Marshfield
32.11Cassandra Thies23:20.00North Bend
33.9Emma Matteo23:25.00Sutherlin
34.10Brittany Crutchfield23:33.00North Bend
35.12Kayla Mosley23:48.00Sutherlin
36.11Addi Fitzgerald24:07.00Brookings-Harbor
37.12Kristen Beebe24:49.00South Umpqua
38.10Jessie Good24:56.00Brookings-Harbor
39.12Mallory Darger26:40.00Brookings-Harbor
40.12Mikaela Lea27:29.00Brookings-Harbor
41.10Beth Walsh27:57.00South Umpqua
42.9Darian Mitchel30:10.00Douglas
43.10Robin Black35:27.00Douglas
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.North Bend15

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Alissa McCord23:36.00North Bend
2.10Shaelynn Brierley23:40.00North Bend
3.9Hannah Shupe23:42.00North Bend
4.10Meranda Ferguson24:02.00North Bend
5.9Amanda Willis24:23.00North Bend
6.9Kaia Martin24:25.00North Bend
7.9Jenna Cho24:49.00Siuslaw
8.11Kaitlyn Porter25:05.00North Bend
9.11Brianna Coleman25:10.00Sutherlin
10.11McKenzie Gauntz25:19.00North Bend
11.11Stevie Miller25:25.00Siuslaw
12.11Lorien Deyo25:39.00North Bend
13.12Katrina Ratledge25:49.00Sutherlin
14.11Brittany Coleman25:57.00Sutherlin
15.10Brittany Jennings25:57.50North Bend
16.12Isabella Doan25:58.00North Bend
17.10Brilee Sewall26:43.00Siuslaw
18.9Madaline Romito26:57.00Siuslaw
19.12Callie Adams27:30.00North Bend
20.9Whitney Decker27:41.00North Bend
21.12Sara Burns27:58.00Siuslaw
22.9Katherine Dodson28:14.00Siuslaw
23.11Rachel Etzel28:58.00North Bend
24.11Naomi Petrie29:00.00North Bend
25.9Robyn Wales29:25.00North Bend
26.9Clarice Baumbach29:30.00Brookings-Harbor
27.11Lesly Fernandez30:15.00Brookings-Harbor
28.9Carissa Erickson30:50.00Sutherlin
29.11Brittney Lamar31:02.00Brookings-Harbor
30.10Samantha Pletcher32:28.00Brookings-Harbor
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