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2014 Season Bests

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1.9Kyle Taylor11:05Oct 8LaPine Invitational
2.11Merle Nye11:19Oct 8LaPine Invitational
3.11Austin Snyder-Jewsbury11:20Oct 8LaPine Invitational
4.12Casey Collier11:37Oct 8LaPine Invitational
5.11Brendan Kirk11:45Oct 8LaPine Invitational
6.12Jack Armstrong11:52Oct 8LaPine Invitational
7.12Graham Lelack11:58Oct 8LaPine Invitational
8.11Phillip Dacus12:01Oct 8LaPine Invitational
9.9Viktor Johnson12:07Oct 8LaPine Invitational
10.12Chase Ricker12:11Oct 8LaPine Invitational
11.9Jacob Rowley12:16Oct 8LaPine Invitational
12.9Seth McGuire12:37Oct 8LaPine Invitational
13.12Alberto Avila12:48Oct 8LaPine Invitational
14.9Alex Houslet12:51Oct 8LaPine Invitational
15.11Ian Churchill12:52Oct 8LaPine Invitational
16.11Raul Sanchez12:53Oct 8LaPine Invitational
17.10Quinten Anderson12:54Oct 8LaPine Invitational
18.10Westley Kessinger13:16Oct 8LaPine Invitational
19.9Rhema Bales13:19Oct 8LaPine Invitational
20.11Dakota Fletcher14:14Oct 8LaPine Invitational
21.9Jordan Hoffmann14:17Oct 8LaPine Invitational
22.9Cyrus Tadjiki14:22Oct 8LaPine Invitational
23.12Sam Nelson14:25Oct 8LaPine Invitational
24.11Josiah Bales14:27Oct 8LaPine Invitational
25.9Dylan Iverson14:33Oct 8LaPine Invitational
9Jasper Ladkin14:33Oct 8LaPine Invitational
27.9Jonah Johansen14:37Oct 8LaPine Invitational
10Victor Rincon14:37Oct 8LaPine Invitational
29.10Brandon Howard14:40Oct 8LaPine Invitational
30.9Nathan Riley14:53Oct 8LaPine Invitational
31.10Cole Fuller15:25Oct 8LaPine Invitational
32.12Brandon Granger15:30Oct 8LaPine Invitational
33.11James Pon15:32Oct 8LaPine Invitational
34.9Kyle Watkins15:36Oct 8LaPine Invitational
35.11Cooper Rychlick15:43Oct 8LaPine Invitational
36.10Donovan Jividen15:51Oct 8LaPine Invitational
37.12Tony Caulderon16:02Oct 8LaPine Invitational
38.11Matt Austin17:33Oct 8LaPine Invitational


1.12Sarah Perkins13:08Oct 8LaPine Invitational
2.10Grace Perkins13:25Oct 8LaPine Invitational
3.12Alexandra Rockett13:43Oct 8LaPine Invitational
4.11Sarah Curran13:45Oct 8LaPine Invitational
5.11Rylee King13:49Oct 8LaPine Invitational
6.10Sophia Burgess14:05Oct 8LaPine Invitational
7.12Janea Schaumloeffel14:42Oct 8LaPine Invitational
8.10Lilliah Pifferini-Carter15:34Oct 8LaPine Invitational
9.12Lexi Morse15:36Oct 8LaPine Invitational
10.9Carmen Park15:59Oct 8LaPine Invitational
11.11Amanda Mahaney16:09Oct 8LaPine Invitational
12.11Sofia Johansen16:19Oct 8LaPine Invitational
9Christina Alexander16:19Oct 8LaPine Invitational
14.12Siena Brody-Heine16:22Oct 8LaPine Invitational
15.9Emily McCulley16:32Oct 8LaPine Invitational
9Jocelyn Erickson16:32Oct 8LaPine Invitational
17.10Marvel Luzell16:33Oct 8LaPine Invitational
18.12Ashley Bruce16:38Oct 8LaPine Invitational
19.9Emma Smith17:17Oct 8LaPine Invitational
20.12Mackenzie McGuire17:38Oct 8LaPine Invitational
21.10Katarina Bublitz17:39Oct 8LaPine Invitational
22.9Alycen Reinhart17:47Oct 8LaPine Invitational
23.11Isabelle Selman17:54Oct 8LaPine Invitational
24.12Lucille Faille17:55Oct 8LaPine Invitational
25.11Remy Ogden17:56Oct 8LaPine Invitational
26.11Tayla Schultz18:20Oct 8LaPine Invitational
27.11Aislin Goldrick18:23Oct 8LaPine Invitational
28.9Molly Hodson18:28Oct 8LaPine Invitational
29.12McKenna Campbell18:35Oct 8LaPine Invitational
30.11Sydney Platsman18:36Oct 8LaPine Invitational
31.10Chiara Iovino18:54Oct 8LaPine Invitational
32.10Paige Hill19:09Oct 8LaPine Invitational
33.9Madelyn Cantor19:36Oct 8LaPine Invitational
34.10Ashley Swegel19:44Oct 8LaPine Invitational
35.12Whitney Penington19:50Oct 8LaPine Invitational
36.10London West19:51Oct 8LaPine Invitational
37.9Lea Brody-Heine19:57Oct 8LaPine Invitational
38.10Annabelle Stodd20:06Oct 8LaPine Invitational
39.11Olivia Schneider20:31Oct 8LaPine Invitational
40.11Annabelle Farina20:36Oct 8LaPine Invitational
41.10Yolanda Cendejas20:37Oct 8LaPine Invitational
42.10Carly Moore21:09Oct 8LaPine Invitational
43.11Alexis Bonn21:15Oct 8LaPine Invitational
44.12Carly Watkins21:43Oct 8LaPine Invitational
45.11Dalia Aita31:08Oct 8LaPine Invitational

4,387 Meters show... | Show only


1.11Caleb Hoffmann15:00Nov 23Nike BorderClash 16

4,500 Meters show... | Show only


1.11Caleb Hoffmann16:26Sep 20Three Course Challenge
2.11Merle Nye16:32Sep 20Three Course Challenge
3.10Westley Kessinger18:50Sep 20Three Course Challenge
4.12Jacob Coats19:10Sep 20Three Course Challenge
5.9Hudson West20:08Sep 20Three Course Challenge
6.11Josiah Bales20:44Sep 20Three Course Challenge
7.9Sam Jadzak20:58Sep 20Three Course Challenge
8.9Dylan Iverson21:30Sep 20Three Course Challenge
9.12Sam Nelson21:33Sep 20Three Course Challenge
10.12Keenan Dodge21:41Sep 20Three Course Challenge
11.9Nathan Riley22:15Sep 20Three Course Challenge
12.9Jasper Ladkin22:20Sep 20Three Course Challenge
13.10Avery Johnson22:54Sep 20Three Course Challenge
14.10Spencer Scott23:10Sep 20Three Course Challenge
15.11Matt Austin24:10Sep 20Three Course Challenge
16.10Wyatt Jacobus30:12Sep 20Three Course Challenge


1.10Sophia Burgess21:21Sep 20Three Course Challenge
2.10Erika Vu23:34Sep 20Three Course Challenge
3.9Grace West23:39Sep 20Three Course Challenge
4.9Macy Odiorne24:28Sep 20Three Course Challenge
5.11Sofia Johansen24:46Sep 20Three Course Challenge
6.12Siena Brody-Heine24:54Sep 20Three Course Challenge
7.11Remy Ogden25:20Sep 20Three Course Challenge
8.9Emily McCulley25:25Sep 20Three Course Challenge
9.9Christina Alexander25:34Sep 20Three Course Challenge
10.9Lea Brody-Heine25:44Sep 20Three Course Challenge
11.9Lauren Hough26:25Sep 20Three Course Challenge
12.9Alycen Reinhart26:39Sep 20Three Course Challenge
13.10Marvel Luzell26:40Sep 20Three Course Challenge
14.9Emma Smith26:44Sep 20Three Course Challenge
15.11Isabelle Selman27:16Sep 20Three Course Challenge
16.11Tayla Schultz27:32Sep 20Three Course Challenge
17.12Kate Hodson27:37Sep 20Three Course Challenge
18.11Sydney Platsman28:11Sep 20Three Course Challenge
19.12Whitney Penington28:47Sep 20Three Course Challenge
20.10Katarina Bublitz28:52Sep 20Three Course Challenge
21.10Chiara Iovino29:04Sep 20Three Course Challenge
22.10Annabelle Stodd29:19Sep 20Three Course Challenge
23.10London West30:00Sep 20Three Course Challenge
24.11Annabelle Farina30:14Sep 20Three Course Challenge
25.11Olivia Schneider30:16Sep 20Three Course Challenge
26.10Paige Hill30:22Sep 20Three Course Challenge
27.11Aislin Goldrick30:24Sep 20Three Course Challenge
28.9Madelyn Cantor30:39Sep 20Three Course Challenge
29.10Ashley Swegel32:22Sep 20Three Course Challenge
30.12Anne Lodahl33:21Sep 20Three Course Challenge
31.12Ana Cendejas33:36Sep 20Three Course Challenge
32.10Yolanda Cendejas34:46Sep 20Three Course Challenge
33.9Molly Hodson35:18Sep 20Three Course Challenge
34.12Morgan Williams36:40Sep 20Three Course Challenge

5,000 Meters show... | Show only


1.11Caleb Hoffmann15:50Nov 1OSAA 5A State Champion...
2.12Russell Taylor17:00Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
3.12Casey Collier17:16Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
4.11Austin Snyder-Jewsbury17:16.97Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
5.11Merle Nye17:24.24Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
6.12Graham Lelack17:42.75Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
7.11Ian Churchill17:55.5Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
8.11Brendan Kirk18:10.22Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
9.9Viktor Johnson18:27.3Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
10.9Maitiu Millar-Sanchez18:32.34Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
11.12Joseph Schwarz18:35.28Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
12.10Victor Rincon18:47Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
13.9Jacob Rowley18:47.1Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
14.12Jack Armstrong18:47.81Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
15.10Quinten Anderson18:48.08Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
16.12Chase Ricker18:50Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
17.11Cooper Rychlick18:55.68Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
18.9Seth McGuire18:59.44Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
19.11Phillip Dacus19:05.21Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
20.9Alex Houslet19:09.12Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
21.11Joshua Zachem19:11.0Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
22.9Hudson West19:14.2Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
23.9Ian Ray19:50.15Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
24.9Rhema Bales19:54.8Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
25.9Kyle Taylor19:58.91Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
26.10Westley Kessinger20:02.3Oct 3Oxford Classic
27.12Alberto Avila20:09.22Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
28.11Josiah Bales20:31.5Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
29.11Raul Sanchez20:51.8Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
30.9Cyrus Tadjiki20:57.09Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
31.10Brandon Howard21:07.84Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
32.12Keenan Dodge21:18.7Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
33.11Dakota Fletcher21:28.0Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
34.9Sam Jadzak22:07.7Oct 3Oxford Classic
35.9Jordan Hoffmann22:13Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
36.10Wyatt Jacobus22:24.3Oct 3Oxford Classic
37.9Dylan Iverson22:30Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
38.9Sean Hodgson22:32.4Oct 3Oxford Classic
39.12Cameron Alwes22:40Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
40.12Sam Nelson22:47.2Oct 3Oxford Classic
41.11Winter Robinson22:47.6Oct 3Oxford Classic
42.12John Theobold22:51Sep 20Three Course Challenge
43.9Nathan Riley23:15Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
44.10Cole Fuller23:19.3Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
45.11James Pon23:22Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
46.11Matt Austin23:40Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
47.9Jonah Johansen23:40.7Oct 3Oxford Classic
48.9Jasper Ladkin24:14Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
10Donovan Jividen24:14Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
50.10Avery Johnson24:21.0Oct 3Oxford Classic
51.9Kyle Watkins24:45.6Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
52.12Tony Caulderon24:47.1Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
53.11Chris Fuller24:53Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
54.12Jacob Coats25:30.7Sep 6Jere Breese Memorial R...
55.12Brandon Granger26:13.7Sep 6Jere Breese Memorial R...
56.10Spencer Scott27:17.7Sep 6Jere Breese Memorial R...
57.10Lake Dacklin29:56Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
58.9Riley Aldrich30:01Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
59.9Andre Roberts30:12Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
11Israel Hawley30:12.0Oct 3Oxford Classic


1.10Grace Perkins20:16.47Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
2.12Sarah Perkins20:19.8Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
3.11Rylee King20:48.81Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
4.10Sophia Burgess20:54Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
5.12Alexandra Rockett21:00.9Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
6.9Dagny Donohue21:07Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
7.11Sarah Curran21:29Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
8.12Janea Schaumloeffel21:33.8Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
9.11Ashlee Schutte22:12.44Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
10.12Ashley Bruce22:24.09Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
11.12Hannah Anderson22:36.6Sep 6Jere Breese Memorial R...
12.10Carly Moore22:49.47Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
13.9Grace West22:50.2Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
14.9Carmen Park23:34.03Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
15.11Sofia Johansen23:54.68Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
16.10Lilliah Pifferini-Carter23:57.6Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
17.11Amanda Mahaney24:01Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
18.9Emma Smith24:25.28Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
19.12Siena Brody-Heine24:28.8Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
20.10Marvel Luzell24:29.3Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
21.9Christina Alexander24:31.5Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
22.10Erika Vu24:45Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
23.10Joren Fettig25:05.18Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
24.11Remy Ogden25:19Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
25.9Macy Odiorne25:20.3Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
26.9Emily McCulley25:36.1Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
27.12Kate Hodson25:39.50Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
28.12McKenna Campbell25:51.3Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
29.12Whitney Penington25:56.1Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
30.9Jocelyn Erickson26:15.6Oct 3Oxford Classic
31.11Aislin Goldrick26:25.6Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
32.11Sophia Cunningham26:28.5Sep 6Jere Breese Memorial R...
33.10Gabrielle Arritola26:30Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
34.9Lauren Hough26:41.1Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
35.11Sydney Platsman26:44.94Oct 245A-4 Intermountain Con...
36.9Alycen Reinhart26:48.7Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
37.12Mackenzie McGuire27:11Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
38.11Tayla Schultz27:54Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
39.11Isabelle Selman28:02Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
40.11Jesslyn Murphy28:06Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
41.10Katarina Bublitz28:45Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
42.10Yolanda Cendejas29:10.6Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
43.11Tlell Wolf29:11.5Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
44.10Elise Ryan29:14.0Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
45.10Elizabeth McKnight29:30.0Oct 3Oxford Classic
46.12Lucille Faille29:51Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
47.9Lea Brody-Heine29:52.3Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
48.12Regan Fehrenbacher30:11.6Oct 3Oxford Classic
49.10London West30:42.4Oct 3Oxford Classic
50.10Chiara Iovino30:44.5Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
51.12Ana Cendejas31:00.0Oct 3Oxford Classic
52.9Madelyn Cantor31:15Sep 27Madras Invite (KAH-NEE...
53.10Annabelle Stodd31:22.3Oct 3Oxford Classic
54.11Olivia Schneider31:31.5Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
55.10Paige Hill31:34.1Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
56.12Carly Watkins32:13.1Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
57.10Ashley Swegel32:44.0Oct 11George Fox XC Classic
58.12Alexis Rastovich33:39.3Sep 6Jere Breese Memorial R...
59.11Annabelle Farina34:33.3Oct 3Oxford Classic
60.12Heather McCoy39:07.4Oct 3Oxford Classic
61.12Morgan Williams39:11.4Oct 3Oxford Classic
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