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2013 Season Bests

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3,000 Meters xshow... | Show only


1.10Alden Diehm11:39.21Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
2.10Matt Austin13:28.21Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals


1.9Carly Moore14:07.96Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
2.12Mary Pantenberg14:55.67Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
3.12Emma Lodahl15:07.64Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
4.12Logan Kadlecik15:12.46Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
5.11Regan Fehrenbacher15:49.55Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
6.10Justine McClay16:15.77Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
7.9Elizabeth McKnight16:24.55Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
8.11Rona Campbell16:34.73Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
9.11Janessa Ewing16:40.07Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
10.11Whitney Penington16:40.60Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
11.12Madison Cascio17:14.62Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
12.11McKenna Campbell17:18.69Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
13.10Aislin Goldrick17:19.21Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
14.10Annabelle Farina17:21.95Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
15.11Megan Berrigan17:38.30Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
16.11Breanne Hodgson17:40.61Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
17.9Paige Hill18:15.75Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
18.11London West18:24.84Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
19.9Keara Masterson18:32.18Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
20.11Alison Luce18:50.49Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
21.11Shannon Brennan19:14.13Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
22.9Kelly Brennan19:42.03Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
23.11Heather McCoy21:31.86Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals

2 Mile xshow... | Show only


1.10Caleb Hoffmann10:30.12Oct 9LaPine Invitational
2.12Cody Maguire11:30.23Oct 9LaPine Invitational
3.11Russell Taylor11:35.49Oct 9LaPine Invitational
4.11Graham Lelack11:45.39Oct 9LaPine Invitational
5.12Nicolai Spring11:46.99Oct 9LaPine Invitational
6.10Austin Snyder-Jewsbury11:47.79Oct 9LaPine Invitational
7.10Mathew Finney-Jordet12:28.59Oct 9LaPine Invitational
8.10Brendan Kirk12:39.49Oct 9LaPine Invitational
9.10Caleb Wenndorf12:49.59Oct 9LaPine Invitational
10.11Jack Armstrong12:50.49Oct 9LaPine Invitational
11.12Connor Iverson12:52.99Oct 9LaPine Invitational
12.11Elias Pite12:59.78Oct 9LaPine Invitational
13.12Jacob Coats13:04.89Oct 9LaPine Invitational
14.10Merle Nye13:23.79Oct 9LaPine Invitational
15.12Tanner Reeser13:25.89Oct 9LaPine Invitational
16.10Joshua Zachem13:26.39Oct 9LaPine Invitational
17.10Phillip Dacus13:26.99Oct 9LaPine Invitational
18.9Quinten Anderson13:45.99Oct 9LaPine Invitational
19.10Raul Sanchez13:46.49Oct 9LaPine Invitational
20.12Connor Scott13:47.99Oct 9LaPine Invitational
21.10Cooper Rychlick13:48.79Oct 9LaPine Invitational
22.10Alden Diehm13:49.19Oct 9LaPine Invitational
23.10Casey Keller13:49.99Oct 9LaPine Invitational
24.10Israel Hawley13:50.29Oct 9LaPine Invitational
25.9Ethan Elliott13:59.29Oct 9LaPine Invitational
26.12Diego Rincon13:59.49Oct 9LaPine Invitational
27.10Dakota Fletcher14:01.89Oct 9LaPine Invitational
28.10Josiah Bales14:12.29Oct 9LaPine Invitational
29.11Cameron Alwes14:13.99Oct 9LaPine Invitational
30.10James Pon14:15.29Oct 9LaPine Invitational
31.9Donovan Jividen14:33.89Oct 9LaPine Invitational
32.9Avery Johnson14:34.49Oct 9LaPine Invitational
33.9Brandon Howard14:51.25Oct 9LaPine Invitational
34.11Casey Collier15:07.26Oct 9LaPine Invitational
35.9Jake Harrell15:28.46Oct 9LaPine Invitational
36.10Chris Fuller16:10.79Oct 9LaPine Invitational
37.11Brandon Granger16:15.08Oct 9LaPine Invitational
38.10Noah Tigner16:17.53Oct 9LaPine Invitational
39.10Matt Austin16:17.69Oct 9LaPine Invitational
40.10Winter Robinson16:48.48Oct 9LaPine Invitational


1.11Sarah Perkins12:45.72Oct 9LaPine Invitational
2.9Sophia Burgess13:03.75Oct 9LaPine Invitational
3.10Rylee King13:19.70Oct 9LaPine Invitational
4.10Sarah Curran13:56.35Oct 9LaPine Invitational
5.9Grace Perkins13:59.22Oct 9LaPine Invitational
6.11Alexandra Rockett14:08.49Oct 9LaPine Invitational
7.10Remy Ogden14:10.66Oct 9LaPine Invitational
8.11Hannah Anderson14:10.90Oct 9LaPine Invitational
9.11Ashley Bruce14:13.05Oct 9LaPine Invitational
10.11Janea Schaumloeffel14:17.43Oct 9LaPine Invitational
11.9Carly Moore15:32.33Oct 9LaPine Invitational
12.10Sofia Johansen16:24.32Oct 9LaPine Invitational
13.10Amanda Mahaney16:48.64Oct 9LaPine Invitational
14.11Regan Fehrenbacher16:49.75Oct 9LaPine Invitational
15.11Geneva Diepenheim16:50.47Oct 9LaPine Invitational
16.9Salma Parnell17:04.07Oct 9LaPine Invitational
17.11McKenna Campbell17:18.97Oct 9LaPine Invitational
18.10Alexis Bonn17:26.43Oct 9LaPine Invitational
19.9Elizabeth McKnight17:32.37Oct 9LaPine Invitational
20.9Elise Ryan17:43.73Oct 9LaPine Invitational
21.12Melissa Lorenz17:58.73Oct 9LaPine Invitational
22.12Logan Kadlecik17:59.09Oct 9LaPine Invitational
23.9Keara Masterson18:07.52Oct 9LaPine Invitational
24.10Justine McClay18:25.74Oct 9LaPine Invitational
25.10Christina Nase18:28.78Oct 9LaPine Invitational
26.11Janessa Ewing18:30.39Oct 9LaPine Invitational
27.10Sydney Platsman18:30.64Oct 9LaPine Invitational
28.11Whitney Penington18:30.99Oct 9LaPine Invitational
29.11Alexandra Morse19:05.36Oct 9LaPine Invitational
30.10Annabelle Farina19:17.15Oct 9LaPine Invitational
31.11Isabell Abt19:18.35Oct 9LaPine Invitational
32.11Breanne Hodgson19:18.82Oct 9LaPine Invitational
33.9Soleil Haskell19:19.82Oct 9LaPine Invitational
34.11Rona Campbell19:48.83Oct 9LaPine Invitational
35.12Macey Burgess19:50.04Oct 9LaPine Invitational
36.12Madison Cascio19:50.35Oct 9LaPine Invitational
37.11London West20:00.94Oct 9LaPine Invitational
38.10Erin Munroe20:45.09Oct 9LaPine Invitational
39.10Mandy Stirling21:34.94Oct 9LaPine Invitational
40.11Alexis Rastovich21:53.23Oct 9LaPine Invitational

4,500 Meters xshow... | Show only


1.11Casey Collier18:53Sep 21Three Course Challenge
2.10Alden Diehm19:56Sep 21Three Course Challenge
3.9Ariyah Hansen20:50Sep 21Three Course Challenge
4.10Raul Sanchez21:09Sep 21Three Course Challenge
5.12Tanner Reeser21:10Sep 21Three Course Challenge
6.12Diego Rincon21:16Sep 21Three Course Challenge
7.11Jesse Hindson21:17Sep 21Three Course Challenge
8.11Cameron Alwes22:13Sep 21Three Course Challenge
9.9Wyatt Jacobus22:18Sep 21Three Course Challenge
10.10Mongomery Cowlbeck22:31Sep 21Three Course Challenge
11.10Kenneth Brown22:54Sep 21Three Course Challenge
10Matt Austin22:54Sep 21Three Course Challenge
13.10Winter Robinson23:41Sep 21Three Course Challenge
14.10Noah Tigner24:11Sep 21Three Course Challenge


1.11Anne Lodahl22:58Sep 21Three Course Challenge
11Geneva Diepenheim22:58Sep 21Three Course Challenge
3.10Tatyana Johnson23:04Sep 21Three Course Challenge
4.12Mary Pantenberg23:28Sep 21Three Course Challenge
5.12Emma Lodahl24:31Sep 21Three Course Challenge
6.12Kyriel Butler26:09Sep 21Three Course Challenge
7.9Elizabeth McKnight27:40Sep 21Three Course Challenge
8.10Sydney Platsman27:53Sep 21Three Course Challenge
9.11Regan Fehrenbacher27:54Sep 21Three Course Challenge
10.11Savannah Sternberger28:05Sep 21Three Course Challenge
11.11Rona Campbell28:31Sep 21Three Course Challenge
12.10Christina Nase28:39Sep 21Three Course Challenge
13.10Annabelle Farina29:01Sep 21Three Course Challenge
14.10Justine McClay29:05Sep 21Three Course Challenge
15.11Lucia Charlton29:12Sep 21Three Course Challenge
16.11London West29:21Sep 21Three Course Challenge
17.11Alexandra Morse29:27Sep 21Three Course Challenge
18.11Shannon Brennan29:46Sep 21Three Course Challenge
19.10Isabelle Selman30:51Sep 21Three Course Challenge
20.9Sydney Steckman31:05Sep 21Three Course Challenge
21.9Kelly Brennan32:26Sep 21Three Course Challenge
22.9Keara Masterson32:47Sep 21Three Course Challenge
23.10Mandy Stirling33:28Sep 21Three Course Challenge
24.11Heather McCoy34:01Sep 21Three Course Challenge
25.10Jordan Parshall35:34Sep 21Three Course Challenge

5,000 Meters xshow... | Show only


1.10Caleb Hoffmann15:43.9Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
2.12Cody Maguire17:10.2Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
3.11Russell Taylor17:20.6Oct 4Oxford Classic
4.10Austin Snyder-Jewsbury17:44.1Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
5.11Graham Lelack17:54.3Oct 4Oxford Classic
6.12Nicolai Spring17:54.4Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
7.10Merle Nye17:54.6Oct 26Special District 1 Sta...
8.11Casey Collier17:56.9Oct 4Oxford Classic
9.11Joseph Schwarz18:11.1Oct 4Oxford Classic
10.11Jack Armstrong18:22.2Oct 4Oxford Classic
11.10Caleb Wenndorf18:26.0Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
12.10Mathew Finney-Jordet18:36.7Oct 4Oxford Classic
13.10Ben Brockman18:46.4Oct 26Special District 1 Sta...
14.12Jordan Irwin18:53.1Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
15.10Paul Rogers18:57.4Oct 4Oxford Classic
16.10Brendan Kirk18:59.6Oct 4Oxford Classic
17.12Jacob Coats19:18.2Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
18.9Quinten Anderson19:19.5Oct 26Special District 1 Sta...
19.12Jack Petersen19:24.9Oct 4Oxford Classic
20.10Cooper Rychlick19:25.2Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
21.10Joshua Zachem19:28.6Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
22.11Elias Pite19:46.4Oct 4Oxford Classic
23.10Alden Diehm19:54.9Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
24.12Connor Scott19:55.1Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
25.11Keenan Dodge19:56.8Oct 4Oxford Classic
26.12Connor Iverson20:01.4Oct 4Oxford Classic
27.10Ian Churchill20:11.9Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
28.11Sam Nelson20:19.8Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
29.10Phillip Dacus20:42.6Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
30.12Tanner Reeser20:46.4Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
31.10Josiah Bales20:58.8Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
32.11Cameron Alwes21:08.6Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
33.10Raul Sanchez21:11.6Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
34.12Diego Rincon21:13.5Oct 4Oxford Classic
35.10Dakota Fletcher21:24.1Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
36.9Donovan Jividen21:27.1Oct 4Oxford Classic
37.10Casey Keller21:35.1Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
10James Pon21:35.1Oct 4Oxford Classic
39.9Brandon Howard21:40.6Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
40.10Israel Hawley21:47.5Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
41.12Wyatt Roemheld-Nicklaw21:51.7Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
42.9Ethan Elliott21:55.8Oct 4Oxford Classic
43.9Spencer Scott22:01.6Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
44.11Luke Hogstad22:06.24Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals
45.9Wyatt Jacobus22:25.3Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
46.11Brandon Granger22:27.7Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
47.9Damon Iraggi22:31.8Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
48.9Avery Johnson22:34.0Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
49.10Noah Tigner22:49.6Oct 4Oxford Classic
50.10Winter Robinson23:06.7Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
51.10Chris Fuller23:49.3Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
52.10Kenneth Brown24:01.1Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
53.10Matt Austin24:02.6Oct 4Oxford Classic
54.9Cole Fuller24:05.0Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
55.9Jake Vossler24:16.2Oct 4Oxford Classic
56.9Jake Harrell26:38.77Sep 28Nike Pre Nationals


1.11Sarah Perkins19:27.2Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
2.10Rylee King19:47.4Oct 4Oxford Classic
3.9Sophia Burgess19:54.0Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
4.9Grace Perkins20:38.6Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
10Sarah Curran20:38.6Oct 4Oxford Classic
6.11Alexandra Rockett20:51.4Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
7.11Hannah Anderson21:01.9Oct 4Oxford Classic
8.12Macey Burgess21:05.1Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
9.11Ashley Bruce21:08.1Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
10.10Remy Ogden21:15.9Oct 4Oxford Classic
11.11Janea Schaumloeffel21:24.5Oct 4Oxford Classic
12.9Carly Moore22:02.7Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
13.10Tatyana Johnson22:26.8Oct 4Oxford Classic
14.9Erika Vu22:56.1Oct 4Oxford Classic
15.11Anne Lodahl23:33.2Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
16.10Ashlee Schutte23:38.7Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
17.10Amanda Mahaney23:46.8Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
18.10Sofia Johansen23:51.6Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
19.11Siena Brody-Heine23:55.2Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
20.11Kate Hodson23:56.5Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
21.12Melissa Lorenz24:26.1Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
22.12Emma Lodahl24:40.3Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
23.12Logan Kadlecik24:43.8Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
24.12Mary Pantenberg24:50.2Oct 4Oxford Classic
25.12Autumn Elmore25:10.4Oct 4Oxford Classic
26.11Geneva Diepenheim25:34.2Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
27.10Sydney Platsman25:43.2Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
28.10Aislin Goldrick25:47.1Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
29.11McKenna Campbell25:48.8Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
30.12Caitlyn McConnell26:07.1Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
31.9Elizabeth McKnight26:13.4Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
32.10Alexis Bonn26:25.7Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
33.10Justine McClay26:39.7Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
34.11Regan Fehrenbacher26:42.8Oct 4Oxford Classic
35.11Whitney Penington26:46.8Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
36.9Salma Parnell26:52.3Oct 4Oxford Classic
37.9Elise Ryan27:28.2Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
38.11Rona Campbell27:41.2Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
39.12Kyriel Butler28:02.5Oct 4Oxford Classic
40.10Olivia Schneider28:19.7Oct 4Oxford Classic
41.11Janessa Ewing28:28.7Oct 4Oxford Classic
42.11Savannah Sternberger28:46.5Oct 4Oxford Classic
43.10Annabelle Farina28:53.6Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
44.11Isabell Abt29:23.6Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
45.10Christina Nase29:25.6Oct 4Oxford Classic
46.11London West29:26.0Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
47.11Breanne Hodgson29:30.6Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
48.10Tayla Schultz30:05.8Oct 4Oxford Classic
49.9Soleil Haskell30:20.0Oct 4Oxford Classic
50.9Keara Masterson30:58.2Oct 4Oxford Classic
51.11Alexis Rastovich31:06.0Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
52.11Shannon Brennan31:18.7Oct 4Oxford Classic
53.9Sydney Steckman31:37.6Oct 4Oxford Classic
54.10Mandy Stirling31:55.4Oct 4Oxford Classic
55.11Alison Luce32:00.3Oct 4Oxford Classic
56.10Isabelle Selman32:01.2Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
57.11Heather McCoy32:11.3Oct 12George Fox XC Classic
58.11Alexandra Morse32:14.1Oct 4Oxford Classic
59.9Kelly Brennan32:50.9Oct 4Oxford Classic
60.9Paige Hill34:21Sep 21Three Course Challenge
61.11Megan Berrigan35:09Sep 21Three Course Challenge
62.10Erin Munroe35:35.9Oct 4Oxford Classic
63.10Rayna Weinreb35:37.0Oct 4Oxford Classic
64.10Jordan Parshall35:37.3Oct 4Oxford Classic
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