Zach Brown

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Newport HS
2012 Outdoor Season - 12th Grade
110m Hurdles - 39"
1419.24cV FApr 7Marist Track Classic
3*18.77aV FApr 10Stayton vs Newport and...
1219.65aV PApr 14Sandy Invitational
Shot Put - 12lb
439' 6.00V FApr 10Stayton vs Newport and...
237' 1.00V FMay 1The JZ Classic
1*40' 2.00V FMay 8Philomath & Newport @ ...
Discus - 1.6kg
7113' 1.00V PApr 7Marist Track Classic
7113' 1.00V FApr 7Marist Track Classic
491' 1.00V FApr 10Stayton vs Newport and...
3*116' 1.00V FApr 24TRC East Linn/Central ...
21*120' 11.00V FApr 2848th Centennial Invita...
2117' 7.00V FMay 1The JZ Classic
15108' 5.00V PMay 4Stayton Twilight
2*128' 10.00V FMay 8Philomath & Newport @ ...
2128' 9.00V FMay 11Central Invitational
4117' 6.00V PMay 18Oregon West Championsh...
3123' 9.00V FMay 18Oregon West Championsh...
4117' 6.00V PMay 19Oregon West Championsh...
3123' 9.00V FMay 19Oregon West Championsh...
Javelin - 800g
12124' 2.00V PApr 7Marist Track Classic
14107' 0.00V FApr 14Sandy Invitational
14112' 11.00V PMay 4Stayton Twilight
6117' 9.00V FMay 8Philomath & Newport @ ...
High Jump
115' 4.00V FApr 7Marist Track Classic
4*5' 6.00V FApr 10Stayton vs Newport and...
NHV FApr 14Sandy Invitational
2*5' 10.00V FApr 24TRC East Linn/Central ...
NHV FApr 2848th Centennial Invita...
35' 4.00V FMay 1The JZ Classic
95' 4.00V FMay 4Stayton Twilight
NHV FMay 8Philomath & Newport @ ...
45' 6.00V FMay 11Central Invitational
104' 4.00V FMay 19Oregon West Championsh...
Pole Vault
SCRV FApr 14Sandy Invitational
9*13' 0.00V FApr 2848th Centennial Invita...
3*13' 2.00V FMay 18Oregon West Championsh...
313' 2.00V FMay 19Oregon West Championsh...
Long Jump
319' 8.00V FMay 11Central Invitational
319' 7.00V PMay 18Oregon West Championsh...
319' 7.00V FMay 18Oregon West Championsh...
319' 7.00V PMay 19Oregon West Championsh...
419' 7.00V FMay 19Oregon West Championsh...
Newport HS
2011 Outdoor Season - 11th Grade
110m Hurdles - 39"
419.91aV FApr 28Central, Stayton @ new...
5*17.56aV FMay 6Stayton Twilight
7*17.30aV PMay 13Oregon West District C...
4*16.44aV FMay 13Oregon West District C...
Shot Put - 12lb
1130' 9.50Jv FApr 5South Eugene & Newport...
6*32' 4.00V FApr 12Newport vs Taft
Discus - 1.6kg
1493' 7.00V FMar 17Grizzly Bear Open
2*120' 11.00V FApr 5South Eugene & Newport...
17116' 1.00V FApr 9Sandy Invitational
2112' 3.00V FApr 12Newport vs Taft
699' 8.00V FApr 21Philomath at Central
5*127' 5.00V FApr 2311th Annual Prefontain...
2112' 8.00V FApr 28Central, Stayton @ new...
2125' 4.00V FMay 3@ Cascade w/ Stayton a...
2088' 0.00V FMay 6Stayton Twilight
3119' 3.00V PMay 13Oregon West District C...
3119' 3.00V FMay 13Oregon West District C...
Javelin - 800g
6101' 9.00V FApr 12Newport vs Taft
High Jump
DNSV FMar 17Grizzly Bear Open
5*5' 4.00V FApr 21Philomath at Central
12*5' 8.00V FApr 2311th Annual Prefontain...
25' 4.00V FApr 28Central, Stayton @ new...
15' 8.00V FMay 3@ Cascade w/ Stayton a...
65' 4.00V FMay 6Stayton Twilight
3*5' 10.00V FMay 13Oregon West District C...
Pole Vault
NHV FMar 17Grizzly Bear Open
2*12' 0.00V FApr 12Newport vs Taft
NHV FApr 21Philomath at Central
1*13' 6.00V FApr 2311th Annual Prefontain...
112' 0.00V FApr 28Central, Stayton @ new...
312' 6.00V FMay 3@ Cascade w/ Stayton a...
212' 0.00V FMay 6Stayton Twilight
3*14' 1.00V FMay 13Oregon West District C...
414' 0.00V FMay 21OSAA 4A State Champion...
Long Jump
1218' 8.00V FMar 17Grizzly Bear Open
716' 11.50V FApr 21Philomath at Central
Newport HS
2010 Outdoor Season - 10th Grade
100 Meters
12.94cV FMar 27Sweet Home Heptathlon/...
2*12.36aV FJul 23Newport Hep/Dec
400 Meters
59.02aV FMar 27Sweet Home Heptathlon/...
3*56.20aV FApr 3Junction City Invite
1857.01aV FMay 7Stayton Twilight
256.32aV FMay 13Newport On Track
1257.57aV PMay 21Valco District Meet - ...
1257.57aV PMay 22Valco District Meet - ...
257.46aV FJul 23Newport Hep/Dec
1500 Meters
5:21.07aV FMar 27Sweet Home Heptathlon/...
2*5:11.41aV FJul 23Newport Hep/Dec
110m Hurdles - 39"
21.86aV FMar 27Sweet Home Heptathlon/...
5*18.70aV FMay 7Stayton Twilight
320.29aV FMay 13Newport On Track
819.22aV PMay 21Valco District Meet - ...
719.94aV FMay 21Valco District Meet - ...
819.22aV PMay 22Valco District Meet - ...
719.94aV FMay 22Valco District Meet - ...
110m Hurdles - 42"
218.93aV FJul 23Newport Hep/Dec
Shot Put - 12lb
33' 1.00V FMar 27Sweet Home Heptathlon/...
31' 1.00V FApr 20Sweet Home and Newport...
Shot Put - 16lb
235' 4.80V FJul 23Newport Hep/Dec
Discus - 1.6kg
96' 5.00V FMar 27Sweet Home Heptathlon/...
92' 9.00V FApr 1Newport All Field Day
SCRV FApr 6Philomath & Taft @ New...
694' 7.00V FApr 13Philomath at Newport
7*98' 9.00V FApr 27Newport/Sweet Home @ P...
Discus - 2kg
290' 9.76V FJul 23Newport Hep/Dec
Javelin - 800g
103' 11.00V FMar 27Sweet Home Heptathlon/...
2*112' 6.79V FJul 23Newport Hep/Dec
High Jump
NHV FMar 18Grizzly Bear Open
*5' 2.00V FMar 27Sweet Home Heptathlon/...
3*5' 6.00V FApr 3Junction City Invite
35' 4.00V FApr 6Philomath & Taft @ New...
55' 4.00V FApr 13Philomath at Newport
45' 4.00V FApr 27Newport/Sweet Home @ P...
NHV FMay 146th Centennial Invita...
115' 2.00V FMay 7Stayton Twilight
15' 6.00V FMay 13Newport On Track
85' 4.00V FMay 21Valco District Meet - ...
85' 4.00V FMay 22Valco District Meet - ...
2*5' 10.08V FJul 23Newport Hep/Dec
Pole Vault
112' 6.00V FMar 18Grizzly Bear Open
11' 11.75V FMar 27Sweet Home Heptathlon/...
12' 0.00V FApr 1Newport All Field Day
212' 0.00V FApr 3Junction City Invite
SCRV FApr 6Philomath & Taft @ New...
SCRV FApr 13Philomath at Newport
312' 0.00V FApr 27Newport/Sweet Home @ P...
4*13' 0.00V FMay 146th Centennial Invita...
612' 6.00V FMay 7Stayton Twilight
213' 0.00V FMay 13Newport On Track
2*13' 6.00V FMay 21Valco District Meet - ...
213' 6.00V FMay 22Valco District Meet - ...
813' 6.004A FMay 28OSAA 4A State Champion...
813' 6.004A FMay 29OSAA 4A State Champion...
212' 0.09V FJul 23Newport Hep/Dec
Long Jump
2917' 4.00V FMar 18Grizzly Bear Open
17' 0.75V FMar 27Sweet Home Heptathlon/...
16' 10.50V FApr 1Newport All Field Day
10*17' 5.50V FApr 3Junction City Invite
2*18' 11.56V FJul 23Newport Hep/Dec
Decathlon Score
104237V FMar 27Sweet Home Heptathlon/...
2*5008V FJul 23Newport Hep/Dec
4x400 Relay
7 3:50.80a V FMar 18Grizzly Bear Open
Theo Puentes
Titus Linzy
Zach Brown
Nolan Dean
SCR V FApr 13Philomath at Newport
Titus Linzy
Nolan Dean
Zach Brown
Trenton Palmer
Newport HS
2009 Outdoor Season - 9th Grade
High Jump
NHV FApr 4Junction City Invite
6*5' 4V FApr 9Stayton / Sweet Home a...
65' 4V FApr 30Newport v Philomath/Ta...
NHV FMay 4Philomath Mini-Meet
215' 0V FMay 8Stayton Twilight
105' 2V FMay 16Valco District Champio...
Pole Vault
NHV FApr 4Junction City Invite
SCRV FApr 9Stayton / Sweet Home a...
3*10' 0V FApr 16Taft/Newport vs. Centr...
*11' 0V FApr 23Newport vs. Central
410' 6V FApr 30Newport v Philomath/Ta...
NHV FMay 8Stayton Twilight
811' 0V FMay 15Valco District Champio...
811' 0V FMay 16Valco District Champio...
Long Jump
16' 7.5V FApr 23Newport vs. Central
6*18' 0V FApr 30Newport v Philomath/Ta...
SCRV FMay 4Philomath Mini-Meet
1817' 5.5V FMay 8Stayton Twilight
8*18' 0.75V PMay 16Valco District Champio...
7*19' 0.5V FMay 16Valco District Champio...
4x400 Relay
3:48.5 V FApr 16Taft/Newport vs. Centr...
Aaron Adamson
Zach Brown
Frankie Hunter
Nolan Dean
3 3:45.86a V FApr 30Newport v Philomath/Ta...
Danny Lekberg
Nolan Dean
Zach Brown
Trenton Palmer
7 3:46.67a V FMay 8Stayton Twilight
Zach Brown
Nolan Dean
Frankie Hunter
Danny Lekberg
5 3:47.03a V FMay 16Valco District Champio...
Danny Lekberg
Trenton Palmer
Nolan Dean
Zach Brown
4x800 Relay
3 9:47.3 V FMay 4Philomath Mini-Meet
Seiji Koike
Theo Puentes
Nolan Dean
Zach Brown

Season Records

100 Meters
2010 Outdoor1012.36a

400 Meters
2010 Outdoor1056.20a

1500 Meters
2010 Outdoor105:11.41a

110m Hurdles - 39"
2010 Outdoor1018.70a
2011 Outdoor1116.44a
2012 Outdoor1218.77a

110m Hurdles - 42"
2010 Outdoor1018.93a

Shot Put - 12lb
2010 Outdoor1033' 1.00
2011 Outdoor1132' 4.00
2012 Outdoor1240' 2.00

Shot Put - 16lb
2010 Outdoor1035' 4.80

Discus - 1.6kg
2010 Outdoor1098' 9.00
2011 Outdoor11127' 5.00
2012 Outdoor12128' 10.00

Discus - 2kg
2010 Outdoor1090' 9.76

Javelin - 800g
2010 Outdoor10112' 6.79
2011 Outdoor11101' 9.00
2012 Outdoor12124' 2.00

High Jump
2009 Outdoor95' 4
2010 Outdoor105' 10.08
2011 Outdoor115' 10.00
2012 Outdoor125' 10.00

Pole Vault
2009 Outdoor911' 0
2010 Outdoor1013' 6.00
2011 Outdoor1114' 1.00
2012 Outdoor1213' 2.00

Long Jump
2009 Outdoor919' 0.5
2010 Outdoor1018' 11.56
2011 Outdoor1118' 8.00
2012 Outdoor1219' 8.00

Decathlon Score
2010 Outdoor105008

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